She watches him constantly. It's getting to be a bit much, she admits, but she can hardly help it. He's like the sun- shining, painful to see, but impossible to look away from.

She's got his magazines, his cell phone number, and dozens of candid shots. She's got his schedule on her wall, she knows his favorite color is bluebell blue, and she knows he's going to be hers one day.

When Marinette meets Adrien, she sees him.


Chat Noir loves listening to Ladybug. Her laugh, her orders, her teasing, and her groaning at his jokes. For her part, she listens to him as well. His terrible jokes, his sincere compliments, his intelligent advice. Their partnership is based on listening to each other, trusting each other.

It slowly dawns on Ladybug that for all she hears, she's never really heard Chat laugh. He's cheerful, of course, and filled with excitement, but there's no laughter. It makes her wonder.

But when Ladybug and Chat Noir are together, they listen to each other.

Scent and Taste

It's what brings Chat Noir to Marinette's balcony the first time, the smell of sweets. She brings him cookies, a knowing look in her eye. "Hungry, kitty?" she asks, smirking. He takes one, happily. She snickers at the look of bliss on his face, as the chocolate chips melt in his mouth.

He starts coming around more often, and she insists he have something sugary every time. It's turned into a ritual of theirs, until she'd be shocked if he didn't come around.

The scent of cookies brought Marinette and Chat together, and taste has bonded them.


Their skin collides, lips crashing, and hearts beating in a frenzy of forbidden adoration. They know that it's wrong, that they're lying to each other, but it doesn't matter when he's running his hand through her hair, when she's gripping his neck, when their bodies are pressed against each other in a passion.

There's nothing else in their moments, other than each other. There's a desperation, and a need in every move. They can't help it, and they don't want to help it…

When Adrien and Ladybug are together, they feel each other.