DC Civil war

A roleplay story between me and eternal mist.

I don't own Young Justice or any DC characters they have proper owners.

I refused to accept the ending as canon in my story, until season 3 fix the ending if there is a season This will be after young justice season 2 but with many many changes.

Wally and Artemis will be a lot younger than so they are 15 here.

PS in this story Artemis never fake her death and never was Tigress.

Normal thoughts/talk.

Scarab talk, and flash back.

On the TV:

A woman in a purple suit and skirt was appearing in a helicopter, above the ruins of a city. She began to open her mouth and saying, "This is Lois Lane live from the Daily Bugle news helicopter. Behind me is the former city Springfield, Delaware. We got a message from one of the workers at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant sent via Skype to our servers showing Atomic Skull and Supergirl. It unknown what happen, but the military reports is that one of their attacks manage o hit the core causing an explosion. Our analyst estimate over five thousands were kill. It is known that the US government is outrage and the rest of the world governments are horrify. There been a meeting between the Justice League and all of the world majors power either countries at war with each other to decided what to do with the advance individuals." She said.

"This can't be happening." Nightwing, the team's leader, said to himself as he watched the news report. Even with that mask on you could tell that he was nervous, very out of character for a bat. He looked around that the team and show looks of horror on everyone's faces. The league just recently defeated the Reach and save the world. Kaldur have finally return to the team after his undercover mission and return to the team. All that good ruin in one day with one action, the worst part he suggested she go on that mission instead of Superman.

The current boy wonder was also worry. "Is...Is Supergirl ok?" Robin asked, he knew this was bad and if a member died would have made things worst. He needed just a little good news.

Nightwing checked his computer for updates from the league. "She's fine," he said. "In recovery, but the shock of the explosion and the radiation manage to put her in a healing coma but she should be find in a week or two." He said using the term for when Kryptonians are hurt to extreme measures but not killed.

The green skinned girl was hating this. "This is a nightmare," Megan said, eyes tearing up. "All those people..." She couldn't help but have flash back of the white Martians attacks on Green Martians like her uncle or Half Martians like herself.

Suddenly Batman's face appeared on the screen. "Stay in the Watchtower. There's a complication," He told them gravely. Batman was worry about this. "We'll let you know when it's over." And the screen turn off.

The team looked at one another, none sure what to say or do. They were so worry this year was horrid first the Reach invade, the people of the world practical turn their back on them for their invaders. Losing Roy, being imprison on War World, and only just saving Wally life. So they were all justly worry, that could have been any of them. "This is bad." Wally said to his friends and his cousin Bart.

Meanwhile Jaime was in the corner of the watchtower main room having his own issues. "This unit calculated the risk of using the lesser of the Kryptonian for this mission was dangerous."

"It wasn't her fault," Jaime grumbled.

"My calculation suggest other wises," Scarab hummed.

"Shut up," Jaime snapped, still trying to keep his voice low. "That a good enough no for you?"

Bart check up on his friend, "You okay buddy." He asked, he went back in time to make sure he wouldn't go bad and just because the Reach was gone doesn't mean the Scarab wasn't a threat to the world and Jaime.

"Oh, me?" Jaime jumped a little at the sight of his friend. "Just shaken up. This is pretty... Intense." He said, both the event and the scarab showing no sign of leaving his body and him alone.

"Ya," Bart sighed, agreeing with him. "I can't believe this is happening. Just when I thought things were finally going to be ok after the Reach were defeated..." He said, he help end the Reach threat shouldn't things be getting better but they weren't.

Jaime flinched a little, he hated being reminded about the Reach. Part of him wish he could get rid of the scarab and the Reach, so he can move on with his life.

"They are gone," The scarab told him as a matter of fact.

"Just shut up already..." Jaime grumbled unhappy that he had to deal with the bug.

"I'm sure whatever he saying it doesn't matter." Impulse said, the youngest speedster told his best friend.

Wally was scared, that was supposed to be a stealth mission finding out why so many of the Uranium core were missing from Springfield Power Plant. They decided to since it was such a threat that they decided to sent a Kryptonians but Superman was busy dealing with Metallo, they had to choose between waiting for him to show up or have her go out on her own, the team encourage her to do it herself not seeing a possible danger. Now that there was a explosion, the world governments will asked what was going on with that.

The team wound up being left in the Watchtower over night, none of them had the ability to leave the team now of all times. They tried to make the most of it by playing games (the speedsters, Jaime), training (the bats, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, and the archers), and baking cookies (M'gaan, Beast Boy, and Superboy,) but none of them had their heart in it. . Eventually about 3 am he told the teenaged heroes to go sleep and that he was sure everything would be alright in the morning. Nightwing didn't sleep at all that night, how could he. He stayed by the computer the whole time waiting for Batman or someone to tell him what was going on

Finally morning came and everyone got up for morning training, and that was the last time they were as they knew it.

It was lunch by the time Batman appeared on screen again. To Nightwing's trained eyes he could see that Batman was tired, likely having not slept the night either.

"What's going on?" Nightwing inquired.

"We were in a meeting with the United Nations all night," Batman started.

Megan was confused as to what happen. It was confusing to see one of the mentors, especially Batman so worry.

"They were not impressed after what happened yesterday, and they were on the verge of labeling us all as terrorists," Batman explained. "It wasn't easy, and not everyone on the league agreed, but we've found a compromise for the time being. From now on, all Meta humans or those who wish to act as heroes will have to be publicly registered, and reveal their identity to the government officials. Even if they do not wish to be involved, if a meta human in discovered they will be listed." Explaining how the law work in a way they would understand.

Jaime felt a surge of rage. "That isn't fair!" He snapped, this was like being under the Reach all over again. He'd had his own identity revealed by the Reach, and now he can't even go to school, or stay at his home. He didn't want that to happen to anyone else, for something outside of their power.

"Let me finish," Batman glared at him, but understood where he was coming from. "The UN has agreed to only have the registration done once someone is a legal adult in their country. Though once more we had to compromise. From now on all of you, and any other underage Meta humans, we be placed in a special boarder school. You'll get a proper education, but you'll also be trained to be heroes."

"What about the older members?" He asked, looking over towards Nightwing. He knew that the first Boy Wonder did not like the idea of his identity being known by someone who isn't family or a member of the Justice League.

Megan found that odd, she didn't know earth politician aside from their comedy, but government never did anything this fast. So how did they come up with a plan within one day, something didn't seem right.

"I am sorry, but in this country age 21 is an adult so everyone at that age or above will be revealed to the governments of the world, and be force to give up their civilians jobs," Batman sighed. "Myself included." He spent years hiding his identity but in one day he had to give up his identity to save everyone he care for.

"What?!" Everyone gaped at the news.

Batman gave them a hard look. "There are members of the league whom have decided to go against this. I will message Nightwing a list of names along with photos, of both the people who in charge of the school and the students. Memorize them, because from now on you are not to obey them and if you see them you need to report them immediately. No questions asked. "Understood?"

The team nodded wordlessly, in shock.

"Young villains that we capture will no longer go to prison, but to the school to be rehabilitated," Batman said, he then added, "This is the only good thing that has come of this. The school will open in a week. In the meantime you all must remain here. Batman out." He said as the hologram of him disappeared. Another hologram appear that went to all of the heroes to show all the students and teachers. The teacher were all military rank.

None of them got a chance to read it, because once Batman had turned off the hologram, the team was in chaos. Arguing among each other as what to do now. All wishing this was a nightmare, and it would end soon.

Megan was confused, "Wait why wouldn't that be on a need to know basis?" She knew that government of the earth loves their secrets. Why would they revealed the identity to the public, and not just government officials..

Nightwing did find it odd, maybe they didn't want to make a deal. The first Boy Wonder thought about it, was it out of spite to the league.

"Maybe they're punishing us, some cruel streak," Wally guessed, sharing a mindset with his friend.

Feeling overwhelmed, Jaime ran out of the room and decided to spend some time in his room. They would experiment on him to figure out how the Scarab works. "This can't be happening!" He told himself. "What are we going to do? Scarab?"

"Now you want my opinion?" The Scarab said, upset that he annoyed that the human asked for his help after ignoring him for so long.

"Shut up, I didn't mean to ask you," Jaime snapped, vaguely listening to the conversation outside.

"Yes you do, but since you need advice. You should run," The scarab advised. "This 'school' may be hard to escape from. Leave while you can."

Jaime thought about it, "I'm not going rogue just because you say so." He said to the bug, he wasn't meant to be a fugitive." He then figure he would see what the team have to say.

"That explosion wasn't Supergirl's fault!" Nightwing snapped, he was furious about this whole thing. "Besides I think they've been planning this for a long time. Only one week to start a school? They've had one ready for a long time I'd say."

"I can see that." Wally said, he knew that the governments of the worlds and the league been at each other throats for years.

Megan wonder how that would affect people like her who technically in earth year was over fifty in earth years, but probably would choose to go by the hero mental age.

"For now we do as the league tells us," Nightwing said sternly. "Things may be bad but we are still heroes and we will do what's best for the world. If any of you try to run I will personally hunt you down!" Nightwing said, he knew if he didn't threaten them it would end badly.

Jaime shuddered in the his room at the threat.

"Threat acknowledged," Scarab said. "Escape will caution. Danger level red."

There was a silence fallowing Nightwing's threat. Then...the team realized that someone was missing.

Wally wasn't sure how to deal with the fact his secret would be reveal, although the school might be fun with his friends and his pseudo sister Megan, and Beast Boy.

Artemis also was worry, that now she would be separated from her mother, or worst her enemies would go after her out of spite with her and the league busy. Her family have a history of making enemies.

"Where is Jaime?" Nightwing asked, he wondered where the third Blue Beetle was.

"Instruction: Remain in hiding," Scarab ordered.

Jaime rolled his eyes and poked his head out and looked at the team leader. "Things were too loud... so I went in here..."

"The scarab again?" Bart asked, he wanted to find a way to help Jaime knowing what happens if the Scarab take control.

"Why do they always blame me? They were the ones who overwhelmed you," The scarab said harshly. "We should silence them forever." Jaime didn't respond to either, instead he just got out and rejoined the team.

"Let us know next time," Nightwing told him. "Now is not the time to be taking off." He scold the boy, but didn't raise his voice.

"Yes, Nightwing," Jaime said apologetically.

Bart went to his friends side. "We'll get rid of that parasite one day. I promise." He would, if not for his friend then for the world.

"Try and die," The scarab threatened the speedster, even though it couldn't be heard.

Jaime sighed at the scarab. "I would settle for a mute button." Jaime joked.

Wally couldn't help but looked at the roster, and found it to be interested in the other meta the neutrals and villains. He then realized the team will be changing for both good and for ill. He was looking forward to the future.

To Be Continue..