DC Civil war part 18.

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With Thaddeus and Jinx At HIVE academy.

Thaddeus managed to convince Brother Blood into letting him join H.I.V.E. After a good night's sleep, he talked it over in the morning with Brother blood himself. He'd already warned Brother Blood about how the academy was destroyed so he was is in the brother's good graces.
"Make yourselves at home, I'm sure you'll be glad to be above ground for a change," The man said. "I have business to take care of. I'm sure I'll see you around"
"Thank you." He said, knowing that he had plans already for what he knew from the future but could use the chance to check things out personally. He happily ran through the hallways in a flash.
"Wait up!" Jinx groaned, taking off in his direction hoping to find the speedster.
Thaddeus stopped and turned to see Jinx running after him, "Yes Jinx, how are you enjoying your old school?" He asked she had wanted to come here so badly.
"Apparently less than you," She huffed putting her hands on her hips. "You're acting as hyper as Bart!"
"I am just looking around, this is the first time in years that I'm somewhere by my choice." He said the last part a sigh.
Jinx pitied the boy.
"I admit this place was pretty good before the explosion," Thaddeus said.
"Explosion?" Jinx gaped looking at him in shock.
"Yeah, someone here who has a metal pack, and a green jumpsuit was working on an experiment and it killed everyone." Thaddeus said, "Hey where is Gizmo?"
Jinx frowned. "In my bad books," She told him with a frown.
"What's that?" he asked, as he wasn't used to modern terms.
"Let's just say the idiot is the reason I got caught by the gov," She frowned crossing her arms dismissing the topic.
"Oh, can I come with you? I haven't seen anyone get turned inside out while they're alive in a while." The speedster said.
"Sure," Jinx laughed.
He smiled, "Goodie." he said, not wanting to wander around the place without someone he knew near him, to keep suspicious looks off of him.
The two went off in search of Gizmo, they eventually found him in the video game room. Jinx seeing him in the game room glared as she launched purple flames at him in rage still mad at Gizmo for getting her tangled up and ultimately caught.

"I told you if I saw your ugly face again I'd beat you black and blue!" She cried Gizmo cried out in surprise as he just managed to avoid being hit by the fire but only to be punched in the face instead as Jinx pounded against him.
Gizmo tried to get away but with no avail against the angry Jinx. He used his backpack to make an attempt to get away as he managed to escape from her momentarily but only to be pulled back and kicked in the balls.
"Gah!" He managed to gasp out as he fell to the floor curling up in pain.
Jinx picked him up by his collar ready to keep going at him.

Thad knew he needed to find the girl, but wasn't sure how to convince to Jinx to come with him. Sure, he could leave her behind, but the luck witch was a good teammate to have.
"Please help me," Gizmo asked, covering his face as his backpack was already deactivated. His face starting to swell and bruises starting to form from all the punches Jinx managed to land on him.

"I'm bored now," Jinx huffed as she threw him to the ground. Gizmo managed to slowly back away wincing in pain as he did so.

"That must have been fun," Thaddeus said, he was completely unaware of the danger he was currently in.
Jinx giggled as she had an evil idea pop into her, the idea being, to scare both Gizmo and Thaddeus.
"Thad, come with me," She grinned evilly at him.
"Okay," Thaddeus said, not liking the way she was smiling but knew that she was too useful to say no to.
Jinx led Thad to her old room and pulled out a frilly pink dress.
"What is that for?" Thaddeus asked, not liking where this was going with the bad luck witch smiling at him.
"In our time, it's called hazing."
"And what does that do with me. I mean I heard a little about it like some members of a group have to take a paddling, or kiss their teacher or something like that." Thaddeus said, fearing what she wanted to do.
"Well, you're in our school now, so you gotta wear this dress all day long," She chuckled darkly. "Don't worry. We all had to do it."
"Do I have to?" He groans he was going to do it if he needed to, but he was going to complain about it frequently and loudly.
Jinx smirked at him. "We have a shorter dress if you'd prefer that," She offered happily.
"No, can I put it over my clothing?" he asked, wanting to save any of his pride.
"Cheater, you can't do that." she stuck her tongue out at him and tossed the dress at him.
"I take that as a no, can I at least keep my boxers on, I don't want to walk around with nothing on...," Thaddeus said, from apocalypse survivor to drag queen, this was not how he thought time travellers work would be as he caught the dress.
"Fine, only because I don't want to watch you cry," she rolled her eyes dramatically.
"Okay, I guess that's far. Besides the only girl who could give me panties is you." He said, sighing the things he does for what he believes is right. "Please leave, I need to change," he said.
She laughed as she left the room.
Thaddeus glared at her as she left, already planning on some creative uses with some fish guts, a funnel, and an eel.
"Cheer up, maybe you can do it to somebody else one day!" She laughed, then she shut the door.
Not likely, he was planning on escaping this place once he found who he was looking for. He started to strip his clothes off and reluctantly pulled the dress over his head and on to his body. Looking in the mirror, he scowled, hating how he looked in the frilly dress.
When Thad left the room Jinx smirked at him. "Looking good future boy."
"I hate you, I really do," Thaddeus said, knowing that the mission comes first, revenge second. "You have to get strong enough to kill Bart," he repeated to himself, using the reason that Zoom gave him instead of his real reason.
"Thad, I hate to say it," Jinx told him as they walked. "You would make one heck of a girl. Seriously."
"If you call me Thaddeus, I will replace all your hair products with green paint." Thaddeus threatened.
Jinx rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she said. "So where do you want to go?"
"Do we have class today?" he asked, worried that someone might see him if he leaves his room.
"It's the weekend," She told him as if it was obvious.
"So I can just go to my room and stay there all day?" He tried but really he would explore to find the basement he'd found in the future.
"No, we're going to hang out all around campus!" Jinx exclaimed. "It would be boring if you stayed here all day! Waste of such a great dress."
"Okay, the least you can do is show me around," he said, wanting to see if there any easy way around to find the place.
"Excellent," She chuckled darkly, dragging him behind her through the halls.
"I truly hate you," Thaddeus said, more out of annoyance than any real hatred of the bad luck witch, but he wouldn't admit it.
Jinx stuck her tongue out at him. "I love you too."
"Hey, we are both train criminals since we were children. Both done more crimes than we can count both have prices on our heads, probably kill a few people yet we both have still had childish tendencies." Thaddeus said, noting how weird it was.
"I'm sure the teachers at the Gov's school would be all 'it's how you cope with the trauma of being forced to do evil', or something sappy like that," Jinx snickered.
"I do find it weird." he said, "Probably best not to think about it." He said, hoping to distract her long enough for him to escape without her noticing. He looked in a mirror in a hallway, "she would have loved a dress like this." he said, remembering his past.
"Who would have?" Jinx asked him.
"Oh, no one just an old friend." He said an old friend from the future was on his mind, he recalled that she loves reds and pinks.
Jinx giggled at him. "Your girlfriend?" She teased poking him, then remembered something. "You wait here. I need to talk.

"Nope, her first birthday is next week so not likely. Okay, I wait." He said he wonders if he would care about this stupid hazing thing.
Jinx left him. She felt compelled to speak with Brother Blood.
Thaddeus was leaning against the wall wanting to avoid standing out any more than he already does in the dress.
Thaddeus heard footsteps as someone saw him and came over, he was so going to make Jinx pay for this.
Thad turned to glare at the person. Some Meta-human with one eye.
"What are you looking at?" Thad crossed his arms.
"Jinx didn't tell me about a new student." He said, "A blond too, I like that." He said, his voice wasn't very muscular.
Thad raised an eyebrow at him.
"So what's a pretty lady like you doing in a place like this." He said, thinking that this blonde would be a good date.
Thad almost threw up. "Who are you calling a LADY?" he snapped.
"You ma'am." He said, putting his arm around the speedster shoulder.
"I am a fourteen-year-old boy," Thad told him, deadpan.
"What, "You looked better in a pink dress than Jinx does." See-More blurted out. "No way." He said, using another more sensitive eye that he that great detail.
"Yep," Thad droned.
Thad punched him, right in the eye.
Jinx heard this, "What happen here?" She looked at the Cyclops, then at Thad, then See-More again, "He flirted with you didn't he?" She asked, rubbing her forehead feeling the need for an aspirin.
"Yep," Thad replied. "But I think he learned his lesson."
"You know you have to carry him now." She said, she would help out, but didn't feel like it, "you knocked him out, he's your problem now." The way to the medical base was in one of the more busier hallways.
"Can't we just leave him here?" Thad complained loudly.
"Nope, them the rules sure suck don't they," Jinx said, surprised that he wasn't told about it. "It's how Brother Blood wants it," she said, with fear in her voice.
Thad's eyes narrowed when he heard her fear. He'd have to investigate into Blood further.
"Just do it, I'll help," she said, not wanting Blood to be mad at her.
"Fine," Thad rolled his eyes dramatically. Really he was analyzing her behavior, and he didn't like what he was seeing.
Jinx grabbed his feet, and let Thad grabbed his hands, "You got him?" She asked, not wanting to do permanent damage to the eye based villain.
"Ya, ya," Thad grumbled, walking backwards.

She walked and giggled when they turned around a corner as several of the H.I.V.E. students were there to see Thaddeus in the hazing dress.
"Anyone says anything and they get to join eyeball over here!" Thad threatened the students.
Mammoth chuckle at the boy, "He probably hit like a girl." he said since he knew that the speedster couldn't be too strong.
Thad let go of See-More and punched Mammoth in the face, catching See-more before he hit the ground again.
Jinx's eyes widened Blood is going to skin her alive, "Stop it both of you." She said, their fun would get Brother Blood angry at them.
"Oh whatever, lighten up," Thad teased her. "This is a villain school after all."
"Yeah, but the leader doesn't like fighting in the halls." She said, outside of training combat that is.
"Well, I LOVE fighting," Thad laughed.
She tries to reason with him not wanting to get into trouble, "Brother Blood won't like it." Blood didn't care how they treated each other as long as they didn't physically hurt each other if they did that they were weaker soldiers.
"Then why did you think it was a good idea for us to come here?" Thad hissed, technically he wanted to be here so he could find the girl, but he had let Jinx think it was her idea all along. "Going from being oppressed from in one place to another?"
"I have friends here, I get to do what I want and I am not surrounded by enemies. The place does have a high enough profit." She said, she didn't like being here but it was the only home she ever knew.
Thad rolled his eyes. As soon as he found the girl, he was out of here.
"I think this place is a lot better than with the govs." she said.
"I'd say on-par," Thad shrugged. "This place just seems easier to escape."
She didn't tell him the truth, about the extra security he had.
Thad frowned, knowing something was up.
"We best get See-More to the nurse soon," she said dismissing him as she started to walk again carrying See-More.

Thaddeus was almost down the hallway knowing that he'd have to wear this godforsaken dress for a few more hours at least, when a speaker announced: "Will Inertia, See-More, and Mammoth report for combat training."
Thad rolled his eyes but made his way to the combat room.
See-More's hoped he wasn't in trouble, Mammoth was a force to be reckoned with. Mammoth didn't want to fight anyone that much wasn't worth the trouble, but it was what Blood wanted.
"Hey ladies," Thad greeted, glaring at See-more.
"You're the one in pink," See-More said, looking at the boy still in the pink dress.
"And I still kicked your ass in it," He winked. "You're just jealous because I can pull it off and you can't."
The iris disappeared from both See-more and Mammoth eyes as the two got ready to attack.
"Umm, guys?" Thad frowned looking at the two. This was not normal...
"Attack." the speaker said, as Mammoth charged at him, and See-more began to charge up a laser attack.
Thad went running but suddenly found himself unable to move.
"Hold still Thad." a voice said.

Thaddeus couldn't move, as Mammoths giant fist landed against his gut.
"What's going on?" Thad thought to himself since he couldn't speak.
"Poor kid." See-More thought sending a blast of energy to the kids' side, making a hole in the dress.
Thad tried to move. Feeling panicked as he started vibrating his molecules as fast as he could so he couldn't be hit again.
"Stop that." the voice said, he did.

Mammoth hit him again, bruising him this time.
Thad fell unconscious from the hit.
See-more was told to hit him in the left leg breaking it. "That will do." The two iris on Mammoth and the one on See-More. "Take him to the nurse's office." The voice said.

By the time Thad woke up, he was in the nurses' office. His leg was in a cast and that pissed him off, but not as much as what had happened. He was going to find who did it to him and gouge their eyes and then choke them to death with them!

To be continue…


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