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This one takes place in season one

I don't get it

Tacos! (•-•)

Superboy P.O.V.

'I don't get it why is Robin name Robin when he doesn't have wings and is human, it doesn't make sense! Don't get me started on Batman! Also, kids are mostly 5-11, right? Then why is Wally name Kid Flash shouldn't be Teen Flash or Flash teen because he is 16? Also why flash, he isn't a light, why not speed teen or something that is logical, ahh why is it so confusing!'

Because I'm a hacker DUH!

Robin P.O.V.

'I'm so bored, I just finish hacking the government 16 times! They kept kicking me out and changing the password so I just kept hacking them again and again. I'm gonna go see what the others are doing.' I flip off my bed and walk out into the hallway and walks to the kitchen. The first thing I notice is the smell of burned cookies and Wally eating tacos like a madman. Then I look over toward the couch and see Artemis working on homework for Mrs. Thompson, Kaldur is reading Twilight, and Superboy is looking at the Tv with a confused face. Decide to go see what, wrong with Supey. So I flip over the couch and sit next to him. "Hey, Supey got something on your mind?"

Team Jacob?! Why not Edward?

Superboy P.O.V

Why I was thinking about why the superhero names are like that Robin came over, more liked flipped over. He then interrupted my thoughts. "Hey, Supey got something on your mind?"

Nods, " Yeah , why is your name Robin, you're not a bird."

Robin blink then laughs "That's what's bothering you, I thought it was something serious."

"You didn't answer my question?"

Robin looks down sadly and sighs " My Mom called me that" Sad smile goes on his lips slowly. "She used to say you soar like a Robin on the Trapeze, so she called me her little Robin. My family was acrobats and we worked on the Trapeze."

Doesn't notice anything wrong with the little bird " So you're called Robin because of that?"

" Ya, I decided to become Robin honor my mother. I miss her" Small tears goes down Robin's face unnoticed by me.

"So your name is Robin because you miss your mom?" ' This isn't making sense at all.'

"Superboy my family is dead, I became Robin to get justice for their murder. My name is Robin to honor them." I look at his face and notice the tears and decides to change the conversation.

"So do you know why Wally's names Kid Flash. It's really a confusing name like he isn't a kid, so why isn't he teen Flash?"

Robins look's at me and grins. " Because he thought everything else is stupid." Then he yells " Isn't that right Flash teen!"

Wally then yells from the Kitchen " My name is Kid Flash!" Says with a mouth full. Robin gets up and starts to walk over to Wally.

'Never ask Robin about why his name is Robin again, or he looks heartbroken.'Gets up and follows the little bird to makes sure he is ok.