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BTW: This takes place after MIsplaced, when the world is still getting back together so the trans-dimensions energy is still getting back together.

Because I'm a Hacker. DUH!

Robin P.O.V.

'So I'm hacking the government to make sure everything is still in its place and nothing is stolen. But something is off really off' He looks at his holo-watch confused. ' I never seen these files ever. Better seen what it is" So I click on the file called Shield. 'So it's a government agency, that doesn't sound right I never heard of it before now, what's this other file'

When I click on the file tons of it information comes up about 6 people. 'Who the heck are these people there like the justice league but they're not'.

'So let me get this straight they have a literal green giant, a spy, an archer, a robot, a soldier…..and a God? Ok that's not right Princess Diana would have told us if there was anymore gods on this world, and Doctor fate would have detected it too, this isn't making sense.'

'Unless this is effect of Klarion's plan earlier today. And the dimensions are still getting back together. Ok I can work with this, let's spy on our neighboring dimensions government' I Grin as I think of all the possibilities of advancing our government and our dimension with this information, as I think that I dig more for information.

Nick Fury P.O.V ( in his Dimension)

-Alarms are going off -

"Agent Hill what is going on in here" I say as I walk onto the bridge of the Helicarrier.

"I don't know sir, an unknown source infiltrated our system" Agent Hill, tells me.

"Then flush them out" I say as I reach her side.

"We Can't, we can't even track the source. Theses codes are like nothing we have ever seen before, Sir." Agent Hill says worriedly.

I turn and look at Another Agent " Get Stark in here Now!"

Tony Stark P.O.V

"Hey Eyepatch what you need?" I say as I walk in. " Why is the Alarms going on in here it looks like a disco Party"

"Stark this is not a laughing matter someone is Hacking us and we can't flush it out." Says Eyepatch, I Look at him for a second then I break out laughing.

"Oh, so is Mister almighty Nick Fury worried to the point he had to come get me hmmmm?" I Say this raising an eyebrow missing Fury's angry face

"Stark, if I didn't have another choice I wouldn't be needing to be asking you for help this is majority important" He says Angrily " Now can you get to work or this could bring our nation to it's knees"

"On it Eyepatch" I say as I turn around grinning to a computer feeling Fury glare on the back of my head. When I get into the computer I see a code a code I never seen before from all the times I been on the Shields computer. 'That must be the Hacker digital footprint' I think.

Captain America P.O.V

I walk into the Bridge because I heard something has happen. I see Tony working on the computer, and Fury barking orders something must be wrong because he looks worried. I decide I shouldn't bother them, so I look around to see who would give me information about what is going on. I see Agent Coulson so I walk over to him knowing he will tell me what has happened here.

"Agent Coulson" Coulson turns around to face the Captain.

" Yes Mr. America Sir" He looks at me in the Eye. "What do you need."

"Do you know what is going on here?" I ask him

"Yes Mr. America, about 10 mins ago an unknown user has hacked into the helicarrier. They can't get them out or trace them"

"Not even Tony gotten him out?"

Agent coulson shakes his head "That's what he is working on right now so far he can't even knock him out for a second whoever this person is they must have been hacking for years."

Robins P.O.V.

I cackle as I hack more and more into their systems. ' So someone is trying to kick me out aye. This will be fun' As I think this I leave traps in my digital footsteps. As I finish I get kicked out 'The dimension must have went back to normal' I get up as I see Artemis arriving I smirk as I go terrorize her about what happened at school to her without giving away my identity.

Tony P.O.V

The alarms turn off-

"Tony did you get him out?" Furry asks me as he comes over to see what I just did.

" No more like he just disappeared like he was forced out." I say to him.

"Check for bugs he might have left"

I mock salute him " On it boss" he rolls his eyes can walks over to agent hill

-Time skip 10 mins-

I continue to look over the data not finding anything out of the usually. Til I look over the avengers file and then I burst out laughing. When I do Cap comes to see why i'm laughing. He looks over my shoulder.

"Why does it say I'm the star and stripes man. Why does my picture have a black beard and a eye glass?" he says as I look at the rest of the avengers then he chuckles as he gets to mine description.


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