The camera turns on as a man with a five o`clock shadow sits on a director`s chair with a self loving smile on his face. After a few moments he opens his mouth. "Well hey there. You may not know me yet, but you will very soon. " He gets up and begins to walk through the set motioning for the camera to follow "I`m Chris Mclean and shortly, I will be your host to the greatest reality show you have ever seen in your entire life. And it`s not just the fact that I`ll be the host"

He smiles into the camera as his tooth sparkles. He looks into the camera and speaks directly to the cameraman. "You`ll remember to add the sparkle in post, right? " The camera moves up and down in response. "Sweet. Now, you may be asking me, `But Chris, are you going to host it in this soundstage?` To which I say, `Hold your horses there rushy!` Because no, we`re going to hold it somewhere much different. Somewhere a bit far away from it all."

The camera zooms out to reveal that the soundstage was sitting on an island the entire time. Chris raises an eyebrow with a smirk. "Fooled ya, didn`t I? Here is where 22 contestants will battle for $100,000! We will have every sort of contestant you can think to shake a stick at! We`ve got bullies, nerds, goths, even a home schooler will be joining the mix! So you better set your TIVOs soon for all the action, scheming, and heartbreak, on Total. Drama-" Chris is cut off as his phone suddenly rings.

Chris sighs exasperatedly. "Are you serious!? I was on a roll! " (Picks up phone) "What?" An Inaudible voice is heard on the other line. Chris`s face reflects a look of shock as he finally speaks to the voice on the phone. "What do you mean NONE of them are coming? The show is- " The voice spoke again shutting him up. In time he spoke again. "Well yes, they were under 18 but…No but…(sigh) fine."

Chris annoyingly hangs up his phone and does his best to recover quickly. "As I was saying, we`re waiting for you out there in TV land to send in your audition tapes! All you have to do is tell us WHY you`d be great for Total Drama. Only 22 spots are available so you better get cracking! After all, you never know. You could be the winner of $100,000! So stay tuned for Total. Drama. Island!"

Chris sighs clearly very annoyed. "You`re going to edit all that out right?" The cameraman responds by moving the camera up and down.

"Sweet. " Chris responds simply.

Camera cuts out

Also, there is going to some things that are the same, but a lot will be different too. Just because it`s based off the first season, don`t expect everything to be the same. That being said...have fun!