AN: So yeah, I apologize, this is something I meant to do over a month ago, but I got so wrapped up in the new season that it completely got away from me. I figure that now's as good a time as any. So here we go. Here's what you would have seen on TV if you lived in Scandanavia, Romania, or Poland.

After a few moments, Chris walks over to both of the campers. "Well, that was an ending, huh? I think we had to have a photo finish on that one!" He steps over to one of the cameras that was covering the race from the side. After a few moments of going over the footage facing away from the campers, Chris nods.

"It appears we have a winner!" Everyone tenses up in anticipation as the look between each other, All of Lisa's friends are holding her hands as Rebecca is holding Gran's.

Chris clears his throat. "And a nose, or in this case, a tip, the winner of Total Drama Island is...






Hearing this, Gran and Rebecca hug in excitement as they jump into the air, Rebecca's supporters cheering along with her. The camera is finally shown to the screen as we see that at the last second Rebecca had tilted her head so that her Fedora eked out over the finish line just ahead of Lisa.

During the cheering, Lisa sighs as all of her friends hug her and pat her on the back giving her words of encouragement and condolences. It doesn't seem to bother Lisa though as she walks over to Rebecca.

After the cheering subsides, Rebecca looks over at Lisa who extends her hand for a handshake. "Lisa, I just wanted to say, that was a great competition." Lisa looks down at her hand and raises an eyebrow. "Yeah, I don't think so Becky!" And she grabs a surprised Rebecca in a bear hug, lifting her off the ground. "Great job Becky!" She says happily as the rest of the contestants laugh at this.

We cut to the dock of shame at night as Chris looks over the campers. "Here we are. At the last bonfire EVER. After three brutal weeks, this competition is finally over and we have our champion, Rebecca Bravo!"

Rebecca stands up and everyone cheers, Lisa putting her fingers in her mouth and whistling.

Danielle leans over to Lisa. "Hey Lisa, I'm sorry you didn't win. It was really close!" Lisa beams back at her. "Yeah, It would have been nice to win, but man, I got in SECOND! Isn't that cool? That's like...silver. I always liked silver more anyway. it brings out my eyes." Seeing her in such high spirits, Danielle smiles at her.

Chris looks at Rebecca. "And now to grant you the ultimate symbol of immunity, the final marshmallow." Rebeeca catches the marshmallow as she gives Chris a smirk.

Slick sighs. "Well, I guess there's only one thing to do now." Christian, Alex, and Nate all nod as they head over to Chris who looks concerned. "Wait. What are you guys doing?" Smiling evilly they creep over to him and pick him up above their heads. "Wait. Guys come on!" Chris screams in vain as they carry him over to the dock of shame and unceremoniously throw him off. He manages to get out a "My hair!" Before he hits the water. Everyone laughs as he resurfaces, looking a tad irritated. However, a moment later there's another splash next to him. He winces from the splash as Lisa resurfaces giving him a goofy grin. He raises an eyebrow before she simply says, "It looked fun!" Chris sighs as he looks over at her and gives her a smile of his own.

22nd: Sarah
21st: Viola
20th: Vincent
19th: Alex
18th: Christian
17th: Curtis
16th: Nate
15th: Danielle
14th: Slick
13th: Koh
Nate and Danielle Return
12th: Alexa
11th: Horus
10th; Ariel
9th: Gran
8th: Nate
7th: Valerie
6th: Harald
5th: Gerdie
4th: Danielle
3rd: Fox
2nd: Lisa

(Party Epilogue)

The party is in full swing. The strobe lights are flickering, the music`s blaring and the decorations are awesome looking as everyone is beyond enjoying themselves. Curtis is busting a move on the dance floor while Slick and Vincent cheer him on. There are a few people who have been walking up to Rebecca, congratulating her.

Gran walks over to Rebecca who is over by the drink table. Gran poofs and magically appears next to her, leaning. `Well hello there beautiful, how are you doing tonight?` Unphased, Rebecca raises an eyebrow as she tilts up her lip in a smile. `I`m doing all right Gran, but you`re the one leaning in the punch bowl.` She replies, pointing to Gran`s arm which was indeed submerged in the punch bowl. Looking over, Gran lets out a long sigh and pulls it out, his arm drenched. Rebecca can`t hold back a snort of laughter. `Can you do magical dry cleaning as well?` Gran sighs again. `Yeah, that would be helpful, wouldn`t it?`

Looking at him trying his hardest especially being in such a good mood, she snickers. "It's all right Gran. Look, I didn't get a chance to say it before but.." She swirls her drink. "Thank you." Gran, looking at his drenched sleeve, looks back to Rebecca with a raised eyebrow. "For what?" She shrugs. "For everything. You've been sticking up for me this whole time and staying by my side. I never really thanked you for that." Gran smiles warmly at her.

Gazing over at the other side of the room, Rebecca sees Lisa off in the distance. She turns to Gran. "Hey Gran, you sure you're still okay with this?" Gran smirks. "I didn't win Rebecca. It's your call." She nudges Gran with her shoulder. "You're just trying to get on my good side Mr. Bravo." He grins back. "Is it working?" She gives him a seductive smile. "Oh yeah."

After Gran takes his leave, Rebecca walks over to Lisa, who doesn't seem to be the worse for wear. "Hey Lisa! I wanted to talk to you for a sec." Hearing Rebecca, Lisa turns around, beaming. "Hi Becky! Congrats again!" Rebecca chuckles as she puts her head down. "Sometimes I don't get you Lise. Okay, well MOST of the time I don't get you Lise. You lost the competition and yet you're beaming like you won the world." Lisa's eyes glance over to Chris as she smiles. "I still just might."

Rebecca smiles back. "Well, I just wanted to say that after this party and the down payment on the agency...there was some money left and...well, Gran and I think you should have it." She says as she takes Lisa's hands and places a check in it.

Her mouth open in shock Lisa looks down. "Rebecca I...I can't accept this." Rebecca shrugs. "Sure you can. Look, I only won because of this baby here." She flips the brim of her hat. "If you had a hat YOU probably would have won. I don't really consider it fair. My conscience isn't going to let me off the hook unless i'm willing to AT LEAST give you that much." She looks at a conflicted Lisa. Rebecca sighs. "Look Lise, I'll make this easy for you. I'm a detective, Gran's a magician. That money's getting in your account one way or the other. Just make it easy on yourself." Looking back at Rebecca, Lisa laughs. "Okay Becky Okay. I get it." She leans over and puts her arms around her. "Thank you Rebecca." Rebecca blushes slightly. "Hey, don't go making a big deal out of it."

Lisa lets go as some tears as falling down her face. "You really are the best." Rebecca waves away the compliment. "You enjoy the rest of the party. I better go mingle." She adjusts her coat. Lisa smiles and nods.

As Rebecca walks back to the drink table, Gran has just made his way back. He looks at Rebecca. "So, she take it?" Rebecca smirks. "I didn't give her much of a choice." She looks at Gran. "Still, it's amazing how even though she lost, she can still act like she won everything." Looking past her, Gran smirks. "I think maybe she did." As he nods over to the crowd.

Confused, Rebecca turns around, only to smirk a moment later as she sees Lisa and Chris locked in a kiss. "Well, well. Way to go Lisa." Suddenly, Rebecca feels a tap on her shoulder. Turning around a pair of lips meet her own as she and Gran share a kiss. As they part Rebecca smirks up at Gran. "Why someone's forward today Mr. Bravo." He smirks back. "Is that a bad thing?" He shakes her head. "Not at all." And they kiss once more.


AN: So yeah, I know this isn't very long, but I really wanted to show the little differences of the alternate ending. Like I said I'm sorry this took me so long to do, but I felt bad that Rebecca never got her own ending. So yeah, if you were interested to know, these are key differences of how the show aired in those countries that got the alternate ending. Hope you liked this little extra bit!