Private Conversation

They suck, suck, suck, suckity, suck. She grumbles to herself as she stomps back to her lair. Friends, ha! My perfect posterior they are!

Slamming the door to her office, she drops in her chair and blows out her bangs, she's not even sure how to react to this. How dare they accuse me of not keeping private conversations private! How many secrets of their have I kept? I don't always go around blabbing, there are situations where I need to protect them and this could be one of them!

Turning on her chair she sees the collection of photos she has of the team. Hurt and angry, she flips them down so she doesn't have to look at them. Wouldn't it figure, a day when I don't actually want my team around and it's a day where there's no case. And HIM, just when things were moving somewhere for the two of them, he goes and has to torment her even more! Grr, I could just strangle them all right now, she fumes. The loud ringing of her phone jarred her from her ramblings. Not wanting to answer it, but on the fifth ring she realizes it is her office and she really should be working.

"Penelope Garcia Technical Analyst speaking" she answers. If they want professional, they'll get professional.

"Hi Chica, I just wanted to call and make sure you're okay." Luke's soft, deep voice floats through the line. After and extended amount of silence, he chuckles. "Really? You're going to give me the silent treatment? Somehow, I thought you'd be a little bit more mature about this."

"Moi? Immature? How dare you say that to me, you pompous newbie you! All of you turned me into a joke. How else am I supposed to feel about this?" She continues softly "How am I supposed to trust you when you chose the team over me?"

"Sweetie, seriously, it was no big deal." He tried to calm her down. "They were bored and needed a diversion. You're so trusting, you fell right into it. Listen," He continues. "Roxie hasn't seen you in a couple of days, why don't we take her to that dog park again tonight? It'll be good to be outside for a while and you can love on every adorable dog in sight. Sound good?"

She can hear the smile in his voice, sighs loudly and teases "Of course, if anything can turn my smile upside down, it's that sweet Roxie."

"Hey there Chica," he growls, "I'm the one who should be changing that frown."

Giggling she responds "Well, maybe you being there might help. We'll just have to see how inventive your cheering up technique is. Catch ya later Newbie…...but thanks." She whispered at the end before hanging up.

Maybe this isn't going to be such a bad day after all, she muses.