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Note: Yep, another one of those stories that are crap and so unfruitfully annoyingly boring to you guys. Sorry!

Disclaimer: Wish it was mine, not mine, it's J.K Rowling's, bla bla bla, same old, same old. My plot, my generation. That's it.

Summary: The next generation of Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys, god, what is this world coming to?! Havoc as always, and yeah, you guessed right, an old prophecy that is more than it seems...

Another note: Background information about the names of my own Characters: Xaevus, if you change the 'X' to a 'S', it means Savage in Latin. Sirene comes from Siren, a mythical female creature that lures men to her. Echo is from the Greek myth where Echo falls in love with a man called Narcissus. Circe was a magical being, a goddess in the old ages. Hadrian from the Hadrian wall. Helios from the son of the Sun God. Tyron is my own name, I don't know if it really is a name but I thought it sounded nice when I thought of original names that kinda suck, sorry. Leda is a character in some Greek Legend. Neveah is Heaven spelt backwards. Syrius is my own concoction of Sirius Black and a 'y'. Kyler is just a name I liked. Okay well, I'll stop my constant blabber!

Characters: These are the main characters (I hope, sorry if I add a few more)

Sirene Skye Circe Potter = Only daughter of Harry Potter, no one knows who her mother was except for Harry. She is in her fifth year at Hogwarts. Most people call her by her second name.

Hadrian Helios Malfoy = Son of Draco and Ginny Malfoy, Keiran's cousin and is also 16 years old.

Keiran Syrius Weasley = The middle child of five, son of Ron and Hermione Weasley. Same age as Skye.

Saria Echo Weasley = the eldest of the Weasley's clan of children, she is 20.

Tyron Xaevus Potter (and no, I haven't spelt Xaevus wrong, and in case you didn't know how to pronounce it, it's say-vous, not Xavius.) = He is the son of Harry Potter, 21 years old and the older brother of Sirene.

Leda Charlotte Weasley = second eldest of the five Weasley children. She is 17 and in her last year of Hogwarts.

Kyler Charlie Weasley = Fourth in the Weasley family, he is 13.

Lucy Neveah Weasley = Last of Ron and Hermione's children, she is 11.

The rest of the characters in Harry Potter.

Here we go!

~*~*~*~*Chapter 1~*~*~*~*

"You know I love you, but will you love me back?"

"I - I don't know. Don't ask me." Tears trickled down her beautiful face, she looked away, not knowing what else to say. He gentle turned her head back to him, searching for her green eyes.

"Please, just look at me and tell me. I need to know." He pleaded.

Her eyes widened as she saw a figure enter the dimlit room. She gasped aloud.

"What is it?" He asked.

"Don't touch her, you bastard."


Leda wiped her eyes, she sighed and turned to Saria, Skye and Lucy.

"That was so sad. I wonder what will happen in the next episode. Home & Away is such a good series." Skye laughed at Leda's sensitivity and pushed her thick, black and round glasses up that were slowly inching its way down her slender nose.

"What would we do without television, I can't believe dad survived his entire childhood without it. Poor thing!" Saria said in mock pity.

"Well, uncle Ron couldn't even use a telephone properly, remember when he used to say feletone?" Skye asked.

"Yep, when I was about four, but he stopped when uncle Harry corrected him." Lucy chirped in, with humour in her brown eyes.

Saria snatched the control out of Leda's hands and started to flick through the channels, they had just gotten Sky Digital, much to their mum's dissaproval...

"Oh Ron, you spoil them too much, by the end of the summer holidays they will have never even gotten a book out to read!" Hermione Weasley's voice echoed down the corridor of their beautiful country house on the outskirts of London. The well-known auror scratched his red head and looked pleadingly at his wife, the only person he was frightened of.

"But Hermione, you had Sky when you were a child. I think the children deserve a bit of entertainment." Ron commented uneasily. He was of course, facinated by the square box that still bewildered him after so many years.

Hermione glared at him.

Well, you know how that turned out. The five children were delighted when their mum finally gave in and phoned the Sky Digital company for installation.

"Oh look, there's V Graham Norton on!"

"But I want to watch Friends, it's a new episode!"

Suddenly, the TV blanked out, leaving the four girls staring at a black screen with their reflections on it. Three with bright, flaming red hair and one with a long raven black flop on her head that was messily tied back with a scrunchie.

Hermione Weasley was standing with the remote in her hands, staring at them like she knew that this was going to happen.

"No more TV, it's nearly seven, dinner time!" She commanded and marched out of the room with one hand on the remote and another with a wooden spoon. Sighing, the girls were led into the spacious dining room of the Weasley's house.

Already seated was Ron Weasley, with a good-natured grin at his daughters, his two sons, Keiran and Kyler and the Weasley's cousin, Hadrian.

Ron then spotted a slender figure behind his eldest daughter, who was by far taller than her mother.

"Oh hello Skye, I didn't see you there! How are you? And your dad? And hope your brother's well." Ron said quickly, he hadn't had a visit from the youngest of the Potter family for ages. Well, three weeks.

Skye smiled back at him, she loved her uncle Ron dearly, he was always very positive, except for when there was a dark wizard he had to take care of.

"I'm very well, thank you. Dad and Tyron are good and they told me to tell you that they couldn't make it because they had the match against Puddlemere and decided to stay there for a week." Skye answered.

"That's okay, I'll see him soon enough, come and join us, we're having chicken and mushroom pie with potatoes!" He said gleefully, almost like a small child. The thing with Ron was that he was still such a fan of food.

She seated herself between Leda and Hadrian, her father was his Godfather. He smirked at her, but knowing him, Skye didn't take offence, he always was like that.

"Hello Hadrian, haven't seen you in a while. You good?" She asked him while shoveling food into her mouth. He looked at her, disgusted by her manners.

"Oh Potter, close your mouth. The contents inside makes me want to puke." He complained, running a hand through his platinum hair that dropped easily and neatly to the side. His handsome face smirked at her again, showing that he was just joking. Hadrian never minded about 'Potter's' manners, he liked her in a strange way.

Skye twitched her nose and chomped even louder in his face, making him groan at her and throw his head the other way, trying not to laugh.

"You are so immature sometimes." He sighed.

"Well, I wasn't the one that peed in his pants when he was eleven!" She retorted innocently, looking through him and pretending she didn't see the faint blush that appeared on his unblemishedly pale cheeks.

Just then, Keiran Weasley popped into the very intriguingly fascinating conversation.

"Did I just here something about urine, pants and being eleven?" He asked wickedly, eyeing the two. Skye, seeing that she had done her work that day, and succeeding to make Hadrian, the almightly non-blusher to show red, was satisfied and shut up, letting Hadrian say whatever he wanted to cover the pains of the memory up.

"No, we were talking about my friends dog that peed on my house-elf's towel on the eleventh of June. Why ask?" Hadrian said smoothly, not giving a trace of a hint that they were talking about anything else of the matter.

"Oh." Keiran's face dropped from his mischeivous look.

The rest of the evening past by with the Weasley family and their guests in the living room, laughing and chatting about the most random things anyone could say.


Skye went back to the Potter's abode. She was greeted by her father, the Great Harry Potter, defeater of Voldermort, savior of man-kind and her 21 year old brother, Tyron. Giving them each hugs, she entered her grand room and immediately changed into pajamas. Her family didn't care about what she wore, except for being in undies or stark naked. Her father's voice echoed through the many floors using a sonorus charm:

"Skye, lunch is ready, come down!"

"Yeah Skye, get your pretty arse down here, I'm starving and dad won't let me eat until you've come! Hurry up!" Tyron's amused voice strained. Skye new her brother was not being serious. He was always the best bro in the world...

She hopped down the stairs, happy to be home again after a week touring in Hertfordshire. When in the kitchen, Tyron stood up and grinned down at her. He was a good head taller than her and his good-looking features and bright emerald eyes beamed down at her. Why couldn't I be so perfect? Skye asked herself. She had always admired her brother in everyway. Tyron took her in his arms and heaved her up, carrying her on his shoulder. She squealed and slapped his back.

"Ty, get off, ahhh! Ty!" She screamed into his ear. Their father chuckled. Ty grinned even more, her hits just pin pricks to him.

"God Skye, you've put on weight!" Tyron said. But in reality she was really quite underweight.

"Good, I hope I kill you under my weight." She said sarcastically while pulling his bangs of jet black hair.

"Hey, hey, watch the hair, I mean really, I'm meeting Saria today for the first time in bloody ages." That made Skye stop her messing around and her big, dark blue, nearly purple eyes widened in surprise. She immediately matted his delightful hair into place and struggled off his shoulder and onto the floor.

"I didn't know you were going to Saria's. You better make a good impression of yourself with her, she's expecting something from you, you know." Skye ordered, looking him seriously in the eye. She had taken the whole date thing with Saria very serious and was hoping that they'd get married soon. Tyron had already started earning a very comfortable, even luxurious living in playing quidditch in the international squad for England and had been seeker when they won the world cup for the first time in fifty or so years and had been shot to famedom in the one and final match of the world cup against Italy. Being only 21, his fans(mostly girls around the age of 10- 28, maybe even older) would crowd around the large mansion that his family and him lived in and rattle the metal fence to get his attention. Tyron would just laugh at this and return to whatever he was doing. But Skye wasn't the same, she felt pity for the fans and how they would camp night and day just to watch him go to the front lawn and feed the Hippogryff or when he would go to the humungous quidditch pitch that the family owned as he flew around it a few time with his FlameThrower, the newest on the market. So Skye would print out old pictures of him from a year ago and give them to the fans. Then after all of them were satisfied with the personal goodies, they would leave. But after a few months Skye got tired of printing so she asked her dad if they could have a ward around the mansion. Her father agreed compliantly, he himself wanting to have some peace around from time to time.

"Come on Skye, don't make a fuss, I look fine." Skye did stop and she had to agree with her brother, he was just drop-dead gorgeous and didn't even need her to fix his tie (which most men would be handicap at doing!) She pouted a bit, looking at him in dismay. Stupid perfect brother, annoying prat, evil little sibling who gets everything right. She shook her head no, musn't think that, he's the best brother ever. Skye had always been in the shadow of her brothers, he who was famous and everything, and her, the geekish little sister with the messy black hair and big glasses.


Well, after lunch, Tyron headed to Saria's, confident and very calm, although he hadn't seen her for two months now.

"Good luck Ty, make her happy! Do you have the present?" Skye asked him. He protruded from his pocket, a small red velvet box, the symbol of love.

"Oh Ty, really, I hope you succeed, what I'd do for Saria as a sister-in- law!" She said happily.

"Shhh! Skye, really, dad's just in the other room for gods sake. He doesn't need to know yet."

"Sorry, well hurry then, she's not going to be there forever!"


Hadrian and Keiran were playing one on one quidditch on the public pitch five minutes away from the Weasley's house. The breeze ruffled Hadrian's hair as he shot down the pitch and pulled a goal. Punching the air, he went back over to Keiran who was looking a bit 'miffed' at the goal.

"That was good."

"Yep, a triple jump, throw back goal. My own concoction." Hadrian grinned arrogantly. He lay on his Firebolt 101 and drifted softly in the air, looking up at the blue cloudless sky.

"That Patil at school is quite a hottie you know." Keiran said thoughtfully, stroking his chin is a serious way.

"I don't really care." Hadrian truthfully replied. He played with his silver pendant that hung over his neck. It was of a winged fairy, the gossamer wings glinted in the light and glowed in the night.

"Okay, so out of the girls in our year and house, who's the fittest?" Keiran asked interestedly. He was a playboy at heart, and asked the most randomest questions instantly after he thought of them. although of course he didn't know. ; )

"Why would I care." He had started to adopt his 'I don't care' act. This was for when Keiran started his randy comments.

"Oh stop it Hade, you know what I'm talking about, stop acting like a nine year old." Keiran whined, eager to hear his cousin and best friend's opinion of the hotties at Hogwarts.


"That Camryn Browm...Yeah, nice looking if you did an acne spell and weight loss charm." Keiran snorted, trying not to picture the girl.

"I going to go home soon, dad will flip with I get home at 1 again." Hadrian countered him. Not liking his cousin being so hasty to decide what people were about with their looks and trying to get away.

"Hey, what about that Claire Brown, she has the nicest legs." Keiran said, licking his lips.

"I don't know her very well, so I can't say." Hadrian was still not used to Keiran's horny antics that started only a year ago when he had started year 5

"You don't have to know them, man. You just look." He said simple. Hadrian twisted his face in disgust. Keiran looked like he was thinking properly for the first time when he said:

"That Skye is such a, how would you say, bomb under disguise. She has a great body, and a firm arse, you know, but with that hair and those glasses and the very uncanny baggy clothes which hide her, she is just wasted, wasted man, cus I would really just wanna fell her-"

"-Keiran, please, she's our friend, even if all the others aren't. I am gonna punch you soon if you don't shut up. It's gross, I really don't bloody wanna know about her arse."


Okay, so Keiran is a horny bastard, he's sweet inside though, little playboy that he is. Skye is determined but innocent. Hadrian is a bit arrogant but very sensitive when it comes to dirty stuff. Hello, i'm so crap at writing! I'm so sorry, okay well, that's the first chapter, i promise the next chapter will be more interesting, just that this chapter is the first and i have to introduce everyone. Anyway, I'll be updating soon and there will be a plot!

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