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Title: Fine By Me

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~*~*~*Chapter 2~*~*~*~
The Potters, the Weasleys, the Malfoys were all under one roof on the last day of the summer holidays. Ginny Malfoy (formally a Weasley) had invited everyone to a barbecue at their luxurious Malfoy Manor on the coast of an unknown land in an unknown place, much to Mr Malfoy's paranoia and his wanting peace.

All assembled in the enormous garden, or would you say park? Acres of luscious green, that by magic, was evergreen even in winter. Lavender scented everywhere gave it a sweet smell and the large variety of flowers made the 'garden' even more spectacular. At first, Ginny Malfoy was very impressed when her husband showed her the place of her dreams. 'It is your marriage present,' he had said. And after she had their son, he had extended the grounds even further.

House elves littered the patio, where all the benches and wooden tables were. They prepared the delicious barbecue food; chicken drumsticks, mini sausages, corn on cob, pork cubes on sticks (A/N: don't know where the pork cubes came from, thought they would be traditional wizards barbecue food?), chicken wings, sweet potatoes and much more. Kyler Weasley and Ginny Malfoy were the only ones sitting down on the mahogany benches, Kyler was stuffing himself with chicken, his mouth full of the meat while Ginny laughed whenever she met with his comical face bloated with food.

"Kyler, you'll get a stomach ache if you don't stop with all that chicken." She advised.

"No I won't Aunt Gin, don't worry, I've had much more to eat than this, I once finished seven bowls of rice and nine scoops of ice cream, not to mention the other things that added to the bill and I'm not fat at all!" He boasted, thinking of the time when he freaked out and did a dare to eat 10 pounds of food in one hour. (A/N: pounds as in weight pounds, not money.)

Ginny laughed, "You're exactly like your dad, he used to eat up the whole Gryffindor table's dinner every evening, and he's still as lanky as ever!"

"What's this about me, his oh so perfect dad?" Ron Weasley said as he walked nearer to the two.

"Nothing dad, and no one is perfect, remember, you were the one that told me that!" Kyler told his dad with a triumphant smile, proud of his good memory. Kyler was a bit of a craze, he was the hyper kid of the family and very unlike his brother, his only love was sport, and none for girls.

Ron Weasley, looking beaten by his second son, refused to be bad-natured and picked up a chicken drumstick.

"You two are duplicates, I tell you!" Ginny commented, looking at the father and son chomping loudly on the food. They grinned back at her.

"No, we are not, I'm the genuine copy!" Ron Weasley said in furious humour.

"I'm nothing like my dad, I'm a chaser for the Gryffindor team, dad used to be Keeper." Kyler said logically to his loved Aunt.

This went on for another hour or so, much to Kyler's delight of arguing with his two elders.


Hadrian was in his room, locked out from the rest, wanting to have time alone. The eerie silence was a comfort to him. Hadrian never liked to be anywhere noisy, except for his Uncle Ron's, which he was so used to, with all his friendly cousins laughing at the silliest things. He looked out of the window to see Keiran and Skye running around, Skye with a water hose in her hand and Keiran getting soaked. The funny thing was that, Keiran had worn white shorts for the barbecue as it was quite hot and when the water contacted his clothes, he had nearly become nude. Hadrian laughed, looking at the sight of Keiran running quickly and hiding himself in the bushes. Skye turned red at the sight of her friend. She turned to face the opposite way so that Keiran could find some time to hide himself properly.

Outside, Skye was burning with embarrassment.

"You can bloody turn around now Skye." Keiran's voice echoed from behind her. She swung around slowly, her midnight blue eyes fell upon Keiran to see him with a towel around his waist. He looked very cute, his flaming red hair fell all over the place, wet and sloppy. His square jaw twisted into a smile when he saw Skye looking down at the towel.

"Yeah, I kinda forgot that my khaki shorts went a weird colour when wet. Sorry."

"Um, that's okay."

Keiran was relieved she didn't make fun of him. "You, er, didn't see anything, right?" He turned a bit pale, even if he was a bit annoying randy most of the time, he certainly didn't like anyone seeing his privates like that.

"Er, no, of course not. If you mean like that." At this, Skye blushed. "I have to go to the bathroom." She ran up to the manor and entered the back door.

Hadrian saw all of this from above and smirked. Well, what a sweet couple they make, he thought and went down to look at the very flushed face of the Potter girl.

He gracefully decended the stairs and saw the slim girl at the bottom.

"You really didn't see anything?" He said.

Skye jumped at this, she didn't expect Hadrian to be up at the manor, she thought he was with the others in the patio.

"For Pete's sake, please don't do that, Malfoy."

"Do what, I was merely greeting you in the way that I've done for nearly sixteen years. What, does it still offend you?" Hadrian asked sweetly.

Skye pushed her heavy glasses up and pulled her huge trousers up to her waist, which was too narrow to support the large cords. Then, with an air of dignity, stalked away, her usually geeky self.

"Geez, what a strange girl." And with that, he slammed the door to his heavily decorated room.


The whistle blew, signalling the Hogwart's express's departure in a few minutes. Skye kissed her brother and father goodbye.

"Luv ya dad, I'll write to you every week! And tell Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus I'll miss them dearly!" She hugged her dad tightly and let go, moving onto her brother. Still, many students were having peeks at the famous Harry Potter and his quidditch star son. None ever heard much about the daughter though. Tyron smiled tenderly at her, showing his pearly teeth.

She made him bend down so she could whisper in his ear.

"See you soon Ty. Tell me when you and Saria are planning to have the wedding. It better be in the holidays."

"Of course, Skye. Never without you. I'm going to tell dad today, after you leave. Saria's staying over. Bye, and have fun at Hogs. Don't get into too much trouble though!" He kissed her on the cheek, much to the other female students peering out of the compartment windows jealousy, even if she was his brother!

She dragged her trunk into the train and waved back to her family.



Skye went to sit with Leda and a few of her seventh year friends. Leda looked very happy.

"Skye! I found out I'm Head Girl! I'm so happy, dad's going to be so proud!" Leda remarked gaily.

"Congratulations Leda! I knew you had it in you. Uncle Ron will be pround, a second Head Girl in the Ronald Weasley family." Responded Skye, genuinely happy for the seventeen year old, who was one of her good friends.

The train journey went on as normal, she did not bump into either Keiran or Hadrian though, and thought it quite a relief to be with people that weren't so up themselves or completely ignorant. It was also Lucy's first year at Hogwarts and her sister and brother was giving her advice on how to act. Skye occasionally gave some advice to her little companion who she had stayed 2 weeks of the summer with.

"So, when the hat asks you what you think about the houses and which one you want to be in, just answer him/her truthfully as the hat knows if you're lying or not." Skye advised.

"Yeah, it's okay. Don't look at the students when you have the hat on, it's frightening with all those eyes on you. Just concentrate on the hat, and everything will be fine." Her sister told her.

Lucy seemed utterly terrified when the ride ended. They changed into their school robes and pulled on their pointy hats that was a trademark of Hogwarts.

A few minutes later, the door burst open to reveal a model like, bleached blonde with three other girls standing by her side. It was obvious who she was; Silva Lemare, daughter of the billionaire, Charles Lemare. It was said that her mother was a veela, as her complexion and resemblance of a veela was so distinguished it was hard not to look at her twice, especially if you were of the other sex. She was Skye's supposed arch enemy and everyone knew of the feud that went with the two.

"Oh, hello Potter, fancy seeing you here." She greeted in her usually manner, looking down on her like a flee. When Skye was small framed and petite, she was tall and sylphlike, they were opposites in everyway.

"Lemare." Skye acknowledged by nodding her head.

"What is that smell?" Silva asked, looking around, acting very surprised when she walked over to Skye and saw her messy mop of unkempt hair. She took out a manicured finger and lifted a piece of Skye's raven black hair. "Oh, it's Potter's hair. You should try using shampoo next time you wash your hair. No, waaaait, you don't wash your so called hair, do you? My mistake."

Leda stood up.

"Could you take your moronic comments outside please?" Leda commanded in an authorised voice. Silva studied the red-head for a moment, taking in her Head Girl badge. The 'moron' motioned with her hand and her and her followers glided out slowly.

"Thanks Leda, couldn't have got her out without you." Skye thanked the taller girl and slumped, this was going to be a hell of a year with that Lemare slinking around with her too blonde hair and sly emerald eyes glaring at her the whole time...


"Yes! You little sweet-pie, give me a hug! I'm so pleased with you, mum and dad with be too." Leda said, giving her little sister a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Her younger of the two brothers crowded around her, congratulations streaming everywhere. It was tradition for a Weasley to be put in Gryffindor, but Keiran broke that rule and was now in Slytherin.

"You'll be very happy in Gryffindor, Lucy, I promise." Skye told her and gave the girl a hug and ruffled her hair.

"This'll be so fun!" Lucy and the other new first year Gryffindor chorused.

Lucy and Skye looked over to the Slytherin table to see Keiran giving her the thumbs up and Hadrian smiling slightly at her. Lucy beamed.

Hadrian never smiled at people much and even the slightest hint of a smile made the girls melt and the boys felt popular under his gaze. Hadrian and Keiran were the rulers of the school, the most sought-out of the lot. Girls wanted them and boys wanted to be them. Along with Silva and her girls, they were the generally the school's royalty and everyone normal bowed down to them.-Well, except for Skye and the Weasleys.

But Hadrian didn't care what other people thought of him, they could admire and praise him if they want, or they could hate and loathe him. As long as they left him alone and gave him personal space, he completely ignored them and did not divulge into anything with the school. The only person he would willingly talk to was Keiran and occasionally the other Weasleys and the Potter girl.

Skye diverted her attention to the teacher's table, in the middle sat Professor McGonagall, the headmistress, she had the trademark stern look on her face as she observed the students in the Great Hall, aware of any rules broken. Skye new that inside, McGonagall was a nice lady, as she had remembered the time when her dad and McGonagall were talking. She seemed to be very fond of her father and acted as a strict mother to him.

Snape seemed to be as surly as ever, you could see the thin strands of white on his head amisdt all the mass of greasy black. Skye shuddered at the sight of his hair, it was much worse than hers and that was saying something.

A boring looking ghost sat at the side of the table, that was Professor Binns, he was pearly white and all the food he was eating was somehow deposited in the bin at the end of his nearly-transparent body.

Suddenly, the great halls entrance opened and a hooded figure walked in. The person walked straight to McGonagall and told her something that only the teachers could here. McGonagall nodded and stood up, signalling for the hall to be quite. Silence met her ears when all set themselves intently for the announcement she was about to make.

"To all of you who are observant, we have a missing teacher among us. She will be our new Defence against the dark arts professor at Hogwarts. I welcome Miss Flora Delivere!" Polite applause rang throughout the room. The new professor turned to face the students and slipped off her hood. The hall fell quiet again, they met with one of the most beautiful creatures in the world. She was strikingly beautiful and her straight silver hair shone out in the light. The only dark part of her was the colour of her eyes. Framed with long, curled lashes, it was a midnight blue colour that tranfixed any that looked too closely. Clad in dark blue robes, this angel of beauty sat herself down next to Snape, who was looking at her in slight wonder. Snape was known for his wanting the DADA position very much but this time, looking at the new professor, he showed no sign of loathing, just surprise at the you woman sitting beside him.

After a few minutes of excitment of having the veela-like professor teaching them defence against the dark arts, the hall went into its usual noise and clamor. It ended only when the headmistress herself retired and so the rest of the school population followed suit.


End of Chapter 2.

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