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"There is no one busy in this world, it's always about priorities. You will always find time for the things you feel important.

- Nishan Panwar."


Time is limitless, yet limited. Time to all is always moving, never truly ending. Time to one, ends at their last breath.

"If only such a thought was true for me." The words were spoken, yet not truly heard. The voice belonged to that of an elderly man yet if you truly looked you could see he held more life than most others his age. Yet his eyes spoke of wisdom long since lost in the pages of history.

"Sometimes I wonder if it was a gift to exist for as long as I have, to watch my children grow, or a curse to watch the world I left in there hands to fall to the fires of war." His violet rippled eyes gazing into two circular panes of glass defying gravity to suspend themselves right in front of the elderly man.

But what truly caught the eye was what the glass panes held.


The pane on the right held a recorded battle long over. Two individuals stood on towering giants glaring at each other. The left giant had a wooden texture with the body of a man standing a hundred feet in the air. It's eyes were pupil-less, if it weren't for the scowl etched into the wood sentinel it would appear emotionless. Out of its lower lip jutted two tusk-like teeth. The odd thing was it had three arms attached to both sides of the torso. Two eastern dragons made of wood was wrapped around both shoulders with the tails wrapping around the front of its waist. An oddity of the wood construct was the yellow glow that had encased the wooden golem's hands, all six of them.

On it's head was a tall man wrapped in a short sleeved white tunic with a black magatama design on the collar and brown cloth pants tied at the waist with a thin thread. Around his left shoulder a white cloth was wrapped and tied to an empty zanbatou holster. His expression was one of grim determination, his lips pulled taught and his eyebrows scrunched into a half frown. His forehead was wrapped with a white bandage to keep his hair out of his eyes.

On the right was a dark violet semi-transparent priest. Where the eyebrows should be were three linear black dots. It's peaceful smile offset by the dark aura it gave off. Three long strands of braided hair fell from its head, one braid fell over each shoulder with the third falling down the back with each braid being tied around a multitude of rings with all of them attached to the single blade of a large kunai. It's eyes gave off a phantasmal blue glow with white wisps trailing up it's forehead and circling the mind's eye. In the priest's right hand was a long handle tri-bladed kunai with the edges of the two outer blades curved in towards the middle blade, a long black tassel was linked to the butt cap by a long dark violet chain. The three blades were half the length of the handle. The priest's left hand was held in front of its face with the ring, pinky, and thumb curled into a fist while the middle and index fingers were fully extended.

In the forehead of the ghostly priest was a man that bore a striking resemblance to the man he was currently matching glares with. Only his hair was much longer and strangely feminine with both bangs wrapped in white bandages with a tuft of brown escaping the wrappings at his shoulders. Even the clothes they wore were the same excluding the zanbatou holster on his back was swapped with a short tanto blade hanging from his waist. The biggest difference being his eyes were a scarlet red with a black swirl pupil.

The two just continued to stare at the other before they both disappeared with their battle avatars. Shortly after which brown and violet blurs could be seen striking fiercely at each other. Tearing the landscape around them apart from the aftershocks.




The elderly man sighed in disappointment remembering the cause of that battle.

"I should have known that my choice would have caused conflict. Indra did always take losing as an insult to his talent." sighing again the elder gazed at the left pane of glass with a hint of nostalgia mixed with sadness. "They don't even realize they are related. It truly saddens me that my children are locked in this pointless struggle of who is right and wrong."

As he gazed at the second pane he continued his thoughts on the constant problem he had created, albeit unintentionally, through his children.

"Peace through understanding. Uniting the world under one banner through words and heart would urge others to follow. Peace through force and power. Enslaving the world would no doubt lead to more hatred and death. Where did I go wrong?" Even to this day the answer eluded him. Over and over this cycle repeated itself. He would think back on the beginning of this new cycle of hatred and how it started then look at the results of his folly. But no matter how many times he considered the possibility of leaving his will to Indra the more he felt it was wrong. Peace can only be achieved if both sides are willing to look past their past aggressions.

But with Indra he wanted to effectively rule over people as a tyrannical king. Contain the aggression and with time people would stop. But people can only be forced to do things for so long before they get angry, and desperate enough to revolt regardless of the risk involved.

No matter which son he chose the other would still start fighting again. Indra would fight because he feels entitled to being the one to achieve peace. Asura would fight because his brother's idea of peace would ultimately harm his friends and he would without a doubt protect them from all if he could. Even choosing to forgo a guardian of peace wasn't an option. The people would eventually begin to slip back into their desire for control and seek to take it from the masses if there was no one to protect them.

The elder rubbed the bridge of his nose to soothe the migraine that continued to build regardless. "I choose left the right later crosses over left and I'm at crossroads yet again. I choose right I encounter the same problem. I choose to turn back and I'm still on the same road. Three variables in the problem with no change in the end result no matter which variable is used. What am I missing?" His frustrated mutterings went on and on for what felt like an eternity before he went back to the problem.

"Asura or Indra?" His eternal problem was interrupted when he felt something familiar. "It would seem Nakato is using my chakra again. Curse that Uchiha for playing with something he had no business in. What is that fool doing with my chakra this time?" his wrinkled right hand waved the two panels of glass away from him before the water below him shifted and raised in front of him forming a tall mirror as large as the average man. The elder gently tapped the mirror with his index finger causing the surface to ripple before color erupted on the surface.


"Alright Nakato, let's try this again." Spoke a middle aged white haired man. His hair was matted down because of the rain that fell from the dark sky to the barren earth. "Focus on the chakra your body creates in the center of the abdomen." To better explain he placed two fingers on his covered stomach. "Then guide the flow from your core to your eyes." As he was saying this his two fingers were pointing out the direction the chakra should flow. "Then to the palms of your hands. Try to focus the flow to the mark I left on the center of your palms. Then with luck we should be able to recreate that jutsu you used." He finished with a small encouraging smile."

"Hai Sensei"

The man gazed down at the small child that was looking up at him with boundless determination. He took the time to examine the little redhead a bit more.

Despite the voice being a bit masculine the redhead was no doubt a girl. A teen in the epitome of growth evident by the small swelling in the chest area, nothing major but enough for the average retard to know she would no doubt grow to have a model figure. Said figure currently covered with a small black cloak hiding the majority of her body except for her hands and a strand of red hair falling from the hood covering her head. Her eyes were hidden by the hood.

He affectionately rubbed the head of his student before taking a step back. "Alright Nakato, let'er rip!"

The redhead nodded before taking a deep breath before raising her hands just in front of her chest and held them parallel to each other with a three inch gap between them. Then she focused and remembered her teacher's instructions. 'Focus on the chakra in my core.' she closed her eyes and envisioned a small flame she wished to help grow just as her teacher had taught her. Then slowly she felt a reassuring warmth spread through her body before she got a grasp on it. Feeling the warmth response with her hands and other limbs cooling she focused on guiding the warmth up to her neck and head.

She breathed a bit deeper when she felt it respond but kept her eyes close. Had they been opened she would see the rocks around her rising in response to the presence of her chakra. The man watching this all take place with a smirk leaned back on a tree with his arms crossed. 'Come on kiddo, I know you can do it. Just a bit more!' He cheered mentally for his student.

Then he saw the hands of his student start to glow. His eyes narrowed though when he noticed something off about them. They weren't glowing the standard blue for most people. What actually brought up this suspicion was the fact that the color emitting from the girl's left hand didn't match the color of the right. One was a blue several shades darker than the average sky blue and the other was a vibrant red with a white core.

And as he watched on the rocks from earlier were no longer rising, choosing instead to fall back to the earth. Yet the chakra in Nakato's hands continued to get larger and larger until her hands were lit ablaze with the vibrant energy.

Back with Nakato she felt slightly dazed. She had followed her teacher's instructions to the letter but it felt wrong to go through with what she had originally planned to do at this point. Now an itching at the back of her skull was telling her, demanding her, to bring her hands together. Then the itch became an outer while the itch moved to her hands directly. She so much wanted to bring her hands together to extinguish the fire that had started on her palms. Her resolve to deny this feeling became unbearable. Every second she resisted the more her hands burned, and the more she desired to bring them together. Finally her resolve snapped when her hands felt like acid was poured on them. So she did the only thing she could do.

She let loose a blood curtling scream and slammed her hands together unintentionally merging the two flames to create a royal violet.

"Banbutsu so zu!"

The name came out of nowhere but the results were awe inspiring. The violet flame covering her hands exploded out in a magnificent shroom of brilliance. Finally feeling the burning of her hands subside she opened her eyes to see what had become of her hands and what had caused the hellish burning she had experienced.

The moment she did however she finally took notice of her palms being tickled by something between them. When she eyed her now open hands she couldn't help but release a gasp of surprise. Normally she would have thrown something that wouldn't normally be in her hands away. But she just couldn't bring herself to do it. Because sitting right in the center of her hand, was a butterfly. One wing had a black background with white streaks extending from the base of the wing. The other had the opposite.

She stood marveling at the butterfly in her hand for what felt like hours, and would have stared longer. Had it not been for her sensei patting her shoulder getting her attention.


Another pat was his response alongside a broad smile.

"Let's head back Nakato. I'm sure you're hungry after what you just did." Another pat on the shoulder and he began the long trek back to shelter trudging through heavy rain and slick muddy earth. Leaving Nakato to stand there while the butterfly in her hands flew off. Miraculously maintaining flight considering it was raining.

Finally shaking herself from her stupor Nakato finally realized her sensei had left her behind. "Sensei, wait for me!"


All was quiet while the elderly man watched Jiraiya and Nakato walk away from the screen. His calculative look drew him to rewinding the image back to the technique Nakato had used.

"Banbutsu so zu hmmm. Creation of all things. Using the physical properties of yang chakra and the life properties of yin release together to create matter from one's own chakra. Yin and yang. Light and darkness. Good and evil…." The elderly man could almost feel the click in the back of his mind. "Asura and Indra"

He felt a smile tugging at his lips and the migraine fading from existence. "I should never have relied on one or the other, nor should I have left the world unprotected. I should have left them both my legacy." He spoke with rising passion.

"Asura the yin, the light, and Indra the yang, the darkness. Asura leading with compassion and understanding, Indra leading with a firm hand. If Asura was there to curve Indra's decisions and Indra to reinforce order the two would have worked together to create the lasting peace I had worked so hard to achieve. There can not be yin without yang, light without darkness. That is where I made my mistake. That is where I had failed." Then a frown marred his wrinkled face, rippled eyes gazing sadly out into his realm of existence. A floor of an eternally calm sea, and a sky forever without day.

"But even if I now know what I had missed during my time alive there is little I can do now. My time is long over. And until Kurama finds the child of prophecy and gifts him his chakra I am bound here as a silent observer to my past mistake." His rippled eyes closed and he released a breath of resignation.

"Very well, I made this mess. So now it must be me who endures watching events unfold." With that he resigned himself to several more years watching as the results of his negligence continue to scar the world…..


20 years later


"And so the cycle begins again with the birth of Asura's Transmigrant. With hope, within a few years I will be able to intervene in the current cycle." It was here that the elderly man felt a disturbance. Around the elderly man, the water he floated above for the first time since the planes creation, rippled. "What manner of stupidity caused this? What law was broken that could cause this world's soul to quiver?"

Raising a mirror in which to view the current state of the world he felt his heart, or what counted as a heart, nearly skip a beat at what he sees.

"That fool" For the first time since his body died, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the sage of six paths, felt his blood absolutely boil! "That fool broke the oldest and most sacred law of creation! If this world burns because of this man's folly I will drag him here and force him to bear witness to the results of his actions for the rest of eternity!" Finally calming his anger induced rant he felt his mind clear and thought process return to it's proper course.

"Perhaps I can use this." Through the mirror he watched as a weathered old man held in his arms a pair of children with the two carrying a pair of eight pronged seals both of which were glowing an angry red. "Hmmm, I will have to examine the seal used at some point in time. Even with my perspective as is, I can tell that those seals are remarkably complex."

"So that man sealed my child in those two twins. Separate in nature they may be but yin and yang remain part of a larger whole. My son's yang half appears to have been sealed within the boy… yes, this will do nicely." with practiced ease the great sage lifted his shakujo and lightly tapped the waters below forming an expanding ripple that extended far into the distance before it rebounded back with double the speed. When the ripple encompassed the area just around the sage it stopped shrinking before it glowed white. Lifting both hands he lightly clapped them together in a stance similar to prayer causing the glowing ripple around him to glow brighter before in a flash he was gone.


"Grrrr" behind a large copper gate a large cavern obscured by shadows, the light of flickering torches unable to give light to the darkness. "Damn Uchiha, damn yondaime Hokage, damn Konoha! I was so close, so damned close to freedom!" Then a large dark brown blur smashed against the overly large gates only to shoot back when a barrier repelled the assailant. "Only to get sealed into yet another damn Brat! Graaaah!" This time a howl of so much incomprehensible rage broke through the cavern, causing the entire thing to shake and the gate to rattle followed by the sewer water to part from the direction the roar came from. Yet another attempt at the gate was made only to get blasted back with an explosion this time, with the gate still intact.

Huffs of frustration could be heard before all was silent again. Only the crackling of flames broke the eerie silence if the ominous cavern. That was before a familiar presence made itself known through a light clack of wood meeting stone. A single blood red slit eye opened in the darkness behind the gate gazing at whosoever was present. Only for said eye to widen at the presence.

"My, my Kurama. I see that time has not been as kind to you as I had hoped." There standing just in front of the man sized eye was the elderly sage. His white priest robes dragging the floor behind him while his crescent moon shakujo clacked with the stone floor. His rippled eyes gazing into the malevolent red. One would easily mistake him for a traveling monk if it were not for the pair of small horns jutting from his forehead.

"Would it be beyond my ability to ask how you have been since my untimely death?" The elder sage smirked lightly seeing the large eyes pupil dilate in shock. His reflection gazing back at him from the single eye.

"T-tou-san?" The obviously large being muttered in undisguised shock.

The elder sage walked up to the bars of the gate with a small genuine smile if a bit sad. "It is good to see you again Kurama. I just wish it were under better circumstances." Tapping the tip of his shakujo to the bars of the being's prison. At the mention of the prison the large red eye became half lidded with obvious sadness. A sigh was heard before the darkness behind the gates receded, revealing the gigantic entity in all it's entirety.

It took the shape of a bipedal fox with human like hands and onyx black claws yet the the back paws of a fox. It's entire body covered in dark brown fur. It's ears though were too large to belong to a normal fox, even one of the same size as the being before the sage, almost rabbit-like. Where the fur around the eyes should match the rest of it's body was black and trailed up the side of it's face to meet the very tip of it's rabbit-like ears. But the most unique trait of the giant bipedal fox was it's set on nine thin tails protruding from it's tailbone.

The massive fox sat on it's haunches using it's knuckles to remain balanced because of the cages inability to hold the foxes full upright size. Gazing down at the man before him the nine tailed fox spoke in a voice rather smooth for a being his size, yet retaining a small guttural tone. "Not that I am unhappy to see you again Father, but how are you here? You told me that only when I gave my chakra to your 'child of prophecy'" The words 'child of prophecy' being spoken with as much sarcasm as possible. "Would you be able to return to this plane of existence." The foxes obvious desire to hear the sages explanation blew away his previous anger.

The sage frowned sadly at Kurama. Yet another victim of his own foolishness. "Yes, that was the case, or so I had believed at the time. But unforeseen circumstances have lead to my early interference. But before that." Here the sages expression was marred with his own guilt and self loathing. "I am truly sorry my son. If I could have seen the results of my choice beforehand, perhaps you would not be locked within this seal." Here the sage gazed up into Kurama's red slit eyes, malicious red meeting rippled violet. "Do not hate the humans for their own insecurities, if anyone deserves your hatred it would be me for not seeing a better path until it was too late."

Kurama gazed down at the sage with barely hidden shock. It isn't every day someone with enough power to challenge the gods bows to you asking for forgiveness. "Do not bow to me Father." He gave a huff at the thought. But what he says was true. If he had chosen to leave the peace of the world in the hands of both Indra and Asura then his sealing may not have come to pass. "Despite what you think, it was not your choice to seal me here. It was that damned Yondaime that sealed me. But if you still feel it was your decision, then you are forgiven."

Smiling softly the Sage allowed a single tear of happiness to drip from his closed eyes before reopening them to meet Kurama's gaze. "Thank you Kurama, that is one less weight I am now forced to carry. I just hope your other siblings can be as understanding."

As soon as the tension had been broken with those words the Sage retained his aged expression. "However, now that I am here I intend to make sure that I amend my mistake. As for your earlier question. I was allowed entry into this realm again because of the broken law of yin and yang. When you were separated from your yin half the chakra that I had safeguarded within you, the yang half, became accessible to me once again. This allowed me to anchor myself to this realm through my dormant chakra that resides within you. I will explain more later, but first allow me to examine that pesky seal."

His gazed immediately focused on the paper with the kanji for seal in the center of the gate. Without thought the sage was lifted off the ground by an unforeseen force and left dangling right in front of the paper. His eyes though seemed to glow though as he eyed the slip more closely.

"Hmmm, this Yondaime as you call him certainly was a good seal user. I cannot clearly see the formula because of the soul containment seal that was placed under this seal slip as a safeguard. I cannot more closely examine the seal without the soul guarding it being notified of my presence here. That is something I wish to avoid for the time being if my plan to break the cycle of hatred is to work. I am sorry Kurama, you must stay in the seal for the time being."

Although unhappy about being unable to leave the seal Kurama nodded in understanding. Laying himself down in an attempt at becoming more comfortable Kurama eyed his father with obvious interest. "How do you plan to do that tou-san?"

The sage smiled softly in return. "That will depend on young Naruto. My mistake stemmed from the fact that I thought I would have to choose between Indra and Asura. But in doing so led to war. But twenty years ago an unintended holder of my Rinnegan unknowingly used the banbutsu so zu. The use of the technique led me to thinking about it more in depth. Yin and yang are forces that should never be separate from the other. To do so would be disastrous. So I applied this ideology to my mistake with Asura and Indra. I came up with a solution. While Asura is a very compassionate person at heart that is also his greatest weakness. He would never be able to discipline those who needed to be disciplined. Indra would negate this weakness."

"Then there is Indra. He was always the strongest of the two yet he was very reclusive. He didn't understand that people will do terrible things for the ones they love. He was cold, reclusive, and very powerful. His power led him to believe that he could strong arm the people into peace. Mercilessly throwing good people into prison that didn't deserve to be put there. Asura would act as a counterbalance to Indra's colder personality." Here the sage held up both of his hands leaving his shakujo to balance itself on the floor.

"Indra possessed the calculative mind and hardened heart needed to punish people who deserve punishment. Asura possessed the compassion needed to know when a punishment is too harsh on an individual but lacked the firm hand of a ruler. Asura the light, and Indra the dark working together to create balance." The sage ended my bringing his hands together in a symbol of prayer.

"My solution is to guide young Naruto down both the path of Indra, power, intelligence, and darkness, and the path of Asura, compassion, understanding, hard work and light. While he may be Asura's transmigrant it is not set in stone how he will develop mentally." The sage smirked at Kurama's wide eyed look.

"You should be able to tell Kurama. Asura's presence is here, subtle as it may be." Eyes widening at the implications Kurama stayed silent as the sage continued. "This is an opportunity I can not let be wasted. I have decided to mold this boy into the harbinger of peace the way I should have done with Asura and Indra. I shall teach him differently than I did my two sons. I shall pass onto him my teachings of Ninshū, and guide him to the best of my abilities."

Eyes hardening into an intense focus not seen on his wrinkled face since his confrontation with the Juubi he let out a passionate proclamation. "The cycle of hatred will end at this boy's hand, and he shall be the harbinger of a true ever lasting peace. Even if I must give up my immortality to ensure it happens. Will i have your aid, Kurama?"

Kurama sat stunned at his father's claim. He hadn't heard him this passionate since the telling of the child of prophecy. While he may still have his doubts, he couldn't stop the nostalgic feeling that had nearly overwhelmed him. Hardening his resolve the great fox straightened his back and huffed.

"You will have my aid father. But do not expect me to freely give my chakra to this child without proving himself to me first. If he wants my power he will have to pry it from my body with his own two hands. Transmigrant or not."

The sage chuckled at Kurama's claim. "I wouldn't expect anything less. Now, onto business. If I am to teach him properly I need to change this place. From what I gathered from what I could see of the seal this place is a physical representation of subconscious thought. So while he develops a conscious personality this place should represent the two aspects of Indra and Asura that is needed. It will take some time to think of a more proper setting so I will do that after I have made the necessary changes to young Naruto's DNA."

Having his curiosity peaked Kurama spoke his desire for more information. "What do you mean father? Why would you change his DNA, unless…" while his silence belayed the connection being made the sage merely confirmed it.

"I will be granting him the Rinnegan. Not right away, but I will give him the dormant ability to unlock it. The only reason I did not give Asura or Indra the Rinnegan was because it was not needed. Peace had already been achieved, and I had foolishly thought it would stay that way. But I will not make such a mistake again, when I deem him ready I shall grant him my eyes. But for now, I shall only grant him a sliver of my chakra."

Taking a firm hold of his shakujo the great sage lifted it in the air before bringing its end down with a mighty *clack*. With that the entire cavern was lit in a blinding light.


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