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I do own all members of The Proud Family

(This section is skippable, it is only here to give you a more descriptive knowledge of the character's behavior as you further read along. This is more like a cheat sheet of character personality. Only thing not mention is clothes style. Read if you will at your own time)

((Author's note I wasn't so keen on the show at first. I thought it was dumb and a waste of time but when I had family over for Thanksgiving it was on a marathon run, so I had no choice but to watch it. But I actually enjoyed every minute of it. The characters are amazing and the cartoon style of a newspaper funny was amazing. So after being hooked I decided to write this Fanfic I hope you all will enjoy))

A story about a boy name Lucas, a 13 year old, and his family of four sister and their mom move to Royal Woods, Michigan. Where they meet a boy with ten sisters as we see what mischiefs they get into.

Follow the adventures of the Proud Family as they get to know their neighbors better.

See how they change The Loud Family's life.

Things to Know:


13 year old, the Cool Kid, main Protagonist, has blonde hair, that appears to be cow-licked upwards, like ice-cream and hair curved to the side, freckles, as well as eye color that is unknown to those outside the family and always conceals them in Sunglasses (which the eye color will be unknown to the viewers as well).

Loves to show off his skills, irony exaggerate his entrance, being the cool guy, say nonsensical bs. As well as eating honey flavored snacks or pure honey and taking care of his sisters.

A living boy trendsetter, no one knows exactly how he might respond to a new trend or event because he himself don't even know yet. Not until he has witnessed or experienced something fully can you make up your mind…then and only then will something be worthy of your praise, or not. He can not be persuaded by others either. When he decide if something is cool it's cool. Tends to state the obvious but say it in such a way as to sound well-informed and ahead of the curve.

In 8th Grade Middle School.


11 years old, the typical "Rich Snob" she has had many people refer to you as "stuck up", "snobbish", "elitist", or "generally snooty". Laurette is the eldest sister of the family. She has blonde hair that is curled like a rich person. She, like Lucas, has hair curved to the side but more spiky rather than soft looking and one small one going upwards too. She also has hazel eyes and wears special beauty makeup.

Thanks to her still being acknowledged by "The dark side" of the family, she gets all the latest gadgets, doohickey, or thingamabobs before it even able to be pre-ordered than brags about it's coolness. She has this mental rating scale, where she rates from people's clothing, to coworkers performance, to your significant others. She purport to be an expert in certain areas, even with no formal training or education, simply because you like these things and think that you have earned the right to be an "expert." She never does anything that involves manual labor and exclaim that certain duties are not within her "job description." A living girl trendsetter, like her older brother she sets her own trends in technology, makeup, and fashion thanks to the "Dark Side" of her family always giving her wealthy support. She makes the girl rage happen. She avoids tends simply because they are trendy. If everyone likes it then she has reason to believe it must not be very cool.

In 6th Grade Middle School


10 year old, the Musical Savant and only one who is musically gifted, has Strawberry blonde hair that's wrapped in a messy ponytail with three spikes in the front and a bit of loose hair over the eye, which are Hazel.

Loki is what you call those who are gifted with talents since birth, a savant! Her particular special skills relate to music, although she can sing too she would rather stick to instrumental. Her skill is being able to learn any instrument in the world by heart if you let her practice with it for 5 minutes. With that being said, she takes special interests in Electric, house, and dubstep, anything that can be made by scratch and FX. She owns her own website, which was made by her uncle, where she posts albums and soundtracks that are hits to the night clubbing communities under the Persona DJ-10KII to differentiate the media from her normal life.

She's not one for small talk and prefer conversations with substance. She's a thinker, and thrive on heavier conversations about life, ideas, theories and big goals. She find crowds stressful and would prefer one-on-one time, where it's more intimate. Loki is selectively social, as an introvert, she never gets energized by the people around her, and most of the time, it takes her a little while to warm up to someone. Loki won't bother to invest her energy on people she's not completely crazy about. That said, when Loki does find someone she enjoys being around or have an interest in getting to know better, it's special! Loki is extremely observant and mindful of her surroundings. She unlocks her heart for only the most special of souls, so far, that being her big brother Lucas and London.

In 5th Grade Elementary School


8 year old, the Outgoing Introvert, She's the only one in the family to have emerald green eyes and black hair. Her hair is short with bangs covering her left eye, while the front right side is relatively longer, and the back of her head hairstyle is duck tailed.

Despite being the YOUNGEST in the family she is more mature than her sister therefore, metaphorically, is the elder twin. She has an outstanding vocabulary but nothing genius level. Usually has a calm and understanding expression and never loses her cool. She has a habit of fake smiling in bad situations to make it seem like it's not so bad even though she knows it is bad, it's her way of dealing with the situation.

Her energy level is closely tied to her environment and is sensitive to how her surroundings look. She finds people to be both intriguing and exhausting. Certain people and interactions drain her while others actually recharge her. Can be charming but also deeply introspective and reflective towards people. she enjoys small talk when it's expected of her because she knows it can lead to deeper, more authentic conversation. People feel comfortable around her, and she easily get others talking and opening up about themselves. London has no interest in trying to prove herself in a crowd full of strangers. Being an introvert, London like talking about ideas or connecting authentically. She's often confused for an extrovert. When people don't believe she's an introvert because she's so outgoing she would then realize she's an introvert because she play the extrovert so well. Then she would find herself constantly having to explain her introversion and how she gets her energy, but people still don't get it.

She loves people watching. Meeting new people and hearing their life stories is fascinating to her. She also likes gatherings and tea parties, for their quietness and friendly gestures. As well as exploring new areas to further understand her surroundings in the world.

In 3rd Grade Elementary School


8 year old, the worst temper of the family, Has hazel eyes and very long, straight chestnut hair, that it practically touches the ground, and one hair spike in the front.

Larane is the only family member to be diagnosed with having Intermittent explosive disorder which is a behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand (impulsive screaming triggered by relatively inconsequential events). Impulsive aggression is unpremeditated, and is defined by a disproportionate reaction to any provocation, real or perceived.

She i well aware of having this disorder and despite not looking like it, she tries really hard to keep it under control by taking therapy every Saturday, wearing comfy clothes, and carrying a pouch filled with things that give her relief.

Despite that, her personality is affected by the mental disorder, appearing to be usually crabby and evil. But in general she's a good person who is trying to overcome her problems. Do to her attitude and wayward feelings she never makes any friends and the only people that truly get her, is her siblings and mother. Do to the fear of rejection she pushes outsiders away despite wanting to know them. The doctor's say if she keeps trying her behavior will improve with age.

She does have her own set of talents and interests like playing in all kinds of sports that involve fighting or clashing heads, spa days, and herbal baths.

In 3rd Grade Elementary School