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Larane: "Next town over she says" she mumbles to herself mimicking her mom's words.

Loki: "Lost, I knew this would happen oh well"

London: "Oh cheer up loves we'll get there...soon enough" she says trying to raise her siblings spirit which would help if she hadn't said so unsure of herself.

Nara: "I'm sure I made the right turn yo guys, please cut me some slack, heheh. I may have exaggerated the truth a bit" she said sheepishly smiling nervously.

Lucas: "About saying that Royal Woods is "Next town over" and saying "We'll be there by 1:00pm?" Yeah, just a tiny bit mom. I mean we were on the road for like a long time."

Laurette: "Hey keep your sarcasm to yourself don't talk to mom like that you peasant!"

Lucas: "Excuse me!? Who you calling peasant?"

Laurette: "Excuse me? EXCUSE YOU!"

Larane: "Will you two SHUT UP! I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!"

London: "Oh goodness me!."

Nara: ((I'm so sorry future neighbors, please forgive me.)) She smiles, sweat going down her face as they finally enter the state of Michigan.

Loki: "So...we finally entered Michigan huh? Well ain't that a sight for sore eyes" she says under her breath as her siblings fight in the car. She cranks up her music and soon begins to sleep.


The Loud family kids gather in the living room to talk about the excitement of getting new neighbors. Fantasising about the adventures they would have.

Leni: Oh this is so exciting!" she squealed.

Lynn: "I know right!?"

Luan: "Do you think they have kids?"

As Luan ask the question everyone gasped at the thought of potential friends they could have.

Luan: "Gee, I knew I asked a question but I didn't know it was going to be a real JAW BREAKER! Get it? Get it?"

Everyone's gasped turned into a tiresome sigh.

Luan: "Oh come on that was PUNny hahaha. Well maybe the new kids will like my jokes more than you guys" she remarked, feeling a little bit unappreciated but plays it off as another joke.

Lana: "WAIT!...what if...they all have the same interests as us!?"

Everyone was on the verge of freaking out. The major possibilities were endless for the kids.

Lola: "We can have tea parties!"

Lynn: "I would finally have someone to play sports with!"

Lana: "Or have mud fights!" she yelled holding mud in her hands.

Lucy: "Or someone I can read my poetry to and talk about vampires."

Everyone looks at Lucy weirdly in an awkward silence that temporarily breaks them from their fantasies.

Lucy: "Sigh, nobody gets me. Which is why I am also very excited for the new neighbors arrival."

Lori: "What about you Lincoln?"

Lincoln: "What about me?"

Lori: "Well aren't you excited too? What do you hope the neighbors will be?"

Lincoln: "Well…..I guess I hope they're boys. I don't know. It would be great to have a guy around here for a change."

Leni: "We could finally have the best we're looking for!" she said excitingly.

Lincoln: "Like I said there better be a boy" he shrugged.

Lori: "Let's not rush to any assumptions, conclusions, or speculations we still need to see what they look like, how they act, and what they are into. We will just have to wait and see" she said, calming down her younger siblings from their own imagination overloads.

Lynn Sr: "That's right Lori you're onto something and it's up to us all to make a good first impression" he said as he entered the house. "So everyone stay calm and let's not panic!" he said, breathing in and out of a paper bag to stay calm.

A loud thud of sliding doors are heard outside the Loud's house. Hearing the noise of men moving heavy objects into the neighbor's new home.

Lynn Sr: "What was that!?" he panicked.

They all look out the curtains window to see the moving trucks parked outside the Corner house while men carried the neighbor's property.

Lincoln: "Look guys! They're unloading the trucks."

Luna: "Aaaw yeah! I see a rockin drum set, and a piano, and...WOW they must all be musicians!"

Lana: "Magicians?"

Luna: "No Lana! MUSICians as in they can play music! That is so cool!"

Lola: "Look a tea set EEEEEE!" She screamed, overjoyed of possible tea parties that weren't stuffed animals.

Leni: "Some of that stuff looks tots expensive even for me!"

Lynn: "Do you think they're rich?"

Lisa: By my calculations of all of what we saw thus far and ongoing it is most logical to say is, yes they do in fact qualify as rich.

Luan: "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my gosh! I gotta work on my rich jokes. I'm not prepared and there's not a moment to lose! Time to make like a banana and SPLIT hahaha!" She says as she bolts upstairs to her bedroom to prepare.


Larane: "Lucas what are you doing?"

Lucas: "Thinking about my awesome first impression to the whole neighborhood heheheh!" he said with a pencil in his mouth and a notepad out.

Laurette: "Going to show off to another neighborhood again? Why am I not surprised?" she said, rolling her eyes.

Lucas: "I don't know maybe it's because you're dead inside. Besides you're one to talk Ms. Drag Queen. HA!"

Laurette: "Excuse me!? How dare you make such accusations. I do not show off I present to to the simple minded, NOT SHOW OFF! There is a difference Hmph!" she turns her head away from Lucas and pouts while looking out the window.

London, eavesdropping on their conversation, couldn't help but to include herself. She leaned towards Lucas a bit and spoke.

London: " Oh dear brother, sis does have a point. It would be lovely to just present ourselves like any normal person...rather than show off how "awesome" we are. I would just love to meet the neighbors without making a scene perhaps over some tea and sandwiches?"

Lucas: "Huh? What was that London? I stopped listening after "Sis has a point". Anyway I know exactly what I'm gonna do yo and it's going to be a real GLASS BREAKER heheh. Hey mom is my electric guitar in the trunk still?"

London: "I've been ignored…"

Nara: "It should be honey"

Lucas: "Cool"

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