After much practicing, rewrites and revisions, I give you the beginning of my original Nanoha fanfiction series. I am TheEmeraldMage and I hope you all have fun with the story but there is just one thing I have to do first:


At a nearby local college on Earth, all of the students were walking to and from the campus grounds. Some were saying good bye while the rest were packing and heading to their dorm rooms. One such young man was walking and made his way to the dormitories. His cold black hair lightly blowing in the wind with each step. His onyx eyes were looking around the area in the campus and smiled briefly. Shiro Nagase will start his life.

Music played somewhere as Shiro walked. "Hmm this sound is getting a bit muffed. I know it's coming from one of those doors but the question is where is it?" He cupped his right ear and tried to hear better however the other sounds made it difficult to pinpoint the sound. So while moving, the young man continued.

He finally found the door where the sound was coming from. The number looked very familiar to him so Shiro takes a piece of paper, looks at the number on the paper and then compared them. "They match. But hold on a second then the sound could be coming my roommate." spoke Shiro with a sigh moving his hand to the doorknob. He stepped inside to find that the living room was fairly huge with two doors in the back and the usual fixings but the focus was on something else.

The sound is from a guitar being played by a person sitting on the couch. Upon a closer look, the man had light red hair on a ponytail and was currently focusing on his guitar and not the young man allowing Shiro to get a good look at his yellow eyes. While this happened, each string on the instrument allowed him to hear the music in detail. After a while, the man finishes his session only to just now notice a new person standing by the doorway. He gets off the couch and puts the guitar down.

"Oh I am very sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. I was trying to find my dorm room but I heard this sound and the music lead me here. Then I looked at the number and I guess you are my roommate."

In response, the man waves his arm in a relaxed way and replied "No no it is fine. I was just finishing up a while ago but I guess I lost track of time. So since we are going to be roommates, why don't we introduce ourselves? I am Hitoshi Ichimoto. And you are?"

Shiro moved his hand in front of him. "Shiro. Shiro Nagase. It is nice to meet you Hitoshi." he said. From there, the two shook hands and smiled. Hitoshi starts to think about someone with that last name as he may have known someone and decides to ask Shiro a question.

"Wait a minute. Nagase? Shiro did you ever have a sister who would try to go after you and another boy when you were a kid?" Shiro puts his fingers on his chin while Hitoshi sat back on the couch as he tries his hardest to think back in a small piece of his childhood. "I think I remember that there was a boy around my age. We were around each other a good amount of time and my sister would chase us..." Then as if he had an idea, Shiro snapped his fingers."Hold on. You really can't be THAT Hitoshi right?"

Once he said that, Hitoshi closed his left eye and smiled a small bit. "Yep I am that same Hitoshi. And you are still forgetful. Good to see that hasn't changed."

"And I can see you have not changed at all since we were kids either." snarled an upset Shiro leaving Hitoshi only to smile allowing the two to laugh happily after seeing each other for so long. After the laughing fit, Shiro then sat on the couch opposite Hitoshi and began to speak with his old friend. "So Hitoshi, how have you been since you moved?"

"Well we went to Korea for a while, came back to Japan to continue my studies and after some arguing with my father, I went to college to take up in music." spoke Hitoshi which left Shiro speechless. Hitoshi took note of this as he openly asked "Uhh Shiro are you ok?"

"Fine just in shock. Someone like you take in music? That just does not sound like you at all since your father had you being trained in martial arts."

Not amused by his friend's response, Hitoshi's face showed a deadpan look replied "Dude just because I take martial arts doesn't mean that it is the only thing I will do with my life. I have other things you know."

Shiro then proceeds to wave his arms in defense and spoke in a very scarred tone "Oh then I am so sorry. I did not know about that Hitoshi. I just thought that you would only take martial arts. It was very insincere of me."

But then Hitoshi crossed his arms and spoke "Dude it is ok. I don't blame you for that. It was a mistake right?" He pats Shiro's shoulder who starts to smile a tiny bit.

To change the subject, while Shiro was looking at the table Hitoshi spoke to him "Apart from that, since I am majoring in music what about you Shiro?"

"Well I don't really have an idea of my major so I am undecided at the moment. Things have been a far bit stressful at home. Mom and dad had just left a while ago." replied a sadden Shiro leaving his friend to frown at this. Now Hitoshi knew that Shiro had some issues with his father like him but it was a bit difficult for his friend as it had to do with his insecurity of himself as a whole.

Sighing, Hitoshi looked at Shiro and then asked in a serious tone "Your father wasn't smiling wasn't he? I am going to assume that you choose to go to college..."

"I did but dad picked the school behind my back saying that it would prefect for someone who is planing on taking his place. But I don't know what I want to do." uttered Shiro making Hitoshi analyze his friend's problem.

Just as he was about to finish, Hitoshi raised his hand, signaling his close friend to stop letting him to at least get a decent understanding of his problem. "I know Shiro I know. You are still being lost as to what you want to do while your father is trying to make you into his perfect man to take his place. Am I right?" Frustrated, the young man just stares at Hitoshi and was about to say something to counter that statement however; he stops his gaze, sighs and looks down unable to say anything.

This one action made Hitoshi realize that even after all these years since he met him, Shiro still has not gotten over trying to stand up for himself as he still swallow his words causing this to happen. Then Shiro turns away from his friend. "If you don't mind Hitoshi, I want to be alone for a while. Just need to clear my head."

"All right man. I am going to head out myself but we do have to go to that orientation in a few hours. Don't be late all right?" spoke Hitoshi allowing Shiro to nod and with that, he puts his baggage down by the door to his room then walked away leaving Hitoshi to hope that his close friend would be ok. Speaking of which, Shiro was just walking up the stairs until he was able to reach the roof of the dormitories. He lied down on the ground and looked up at the clouds with his hands behind the back of his head.

'It is not because of father that I am afraid to do things. If I wanted to, I could just have said no I am not going to the college that you want me to go Father. But then...'

The young man thought about what would happen if he did decide to tell his father his feelings but it would always end the same way:he would freeze up, not even speak at all and just have his head down and walk away. He turns to the side. "Damn it I am not afraid. I am not!" Shortly after, the young man was out like a light.

Three hours have passed since then as Hitoshi now with the other students are sitting in their desks waiting for the staff to introduce them to the new year. It was there that the young man noticed that someone was missing and was looking around the room to find him. However, nearly all of the desks were either full or not full of students and the ones that were sitting did not match Shiro's description at all forcing him to face palm and growl a bit.

"Oh my god where the hell is Shiro? He is going to be late if he doesn't get here. Maybe I should call him." He searched his cell phone to see if he had Shiro's number. Unfortunately, he forgot to ask for Shiro's number. "Shit! Damn it Shiro you better get here." whispered Hitoshi hoping that his friend would be on time.

Meanwhile, Shiro had just woken up from his nap and was currently running down the stairs, out the halls and to the door leading him to the courtyard in a panic. "Oh man oh man oh man! I am going to be late for orientation. Can't be late!" shouted the young man just running on the road. Then once Shiro reached the halfway point of the courtyard in a split second, he accidentally bumped into two women.

Groaning, the young man got up along with the two women and he spot them both much more clearly. To the left is a woman with auburn hair in a side ponytail. Her eyes were a violet color. To round it off, she wore a white shirt and blue jeans. And to the right the other woman was a blond. Her hair was long but the small detail was the black ribbon on the tail of the hair. Finally she had red eyes along with a black long sleeve shirt and brown jeans.

Shiro then bowed in front of the two women. "I am so sorry ladies. I did not see you there for a second. You see I am in a bit of a hurry so if you will excuse me." With that, he continued on his way leaving the two women behind to move on with their own search.

On the other side of the campus, Shiro had just made it to the classroom where the orientation was held, slowly opened the door and walked to one of the open seats while panting a bit. Once he sat down, the professor's and other higher ups all one by one entered the room and began to discuss the rules and guidelines a student would have to follow in this college. Shiro just sat briefly back and sighed while Hitoshi whispers to his friend "You were this close to being late. What happened? Did you fell asleep and lost track of time?"

This made the man blush briefly, glare at him and mouthed the words 'Shut up.' which led the red haired man to laugh as the two continued listening to the orientation.

Back at the courtyard, Nanoha and Fate were back to looking for the device that was currently on Earth but to no avail. No matter where they had looked whether it was by looking in plain sight near some trees, under some small cracks or even by searching through some obscure methods, the two could not find it in the courtyard area.

With a heavy sigh, Nanoha spoke while looking at Fate. "There doesn't seem to be any sign of the device around here. It is not here in the courtyard. We have searched around ever since we got here."

Fate responded back. "Maybe the report we got from mother was wrong?"

"If it was wrong then we would not be back here on Earth right? We can't just give up now." spoke Nanoha.

"Hmm I suppose you're right. Shall we look somewhere else?"

The auburn haired woman proceeded to look at a nearby forest. "Let's try that forest up ahead. We may be able to find something if we continued our search there." replied Nanoha causing Fate and herself to start their trek to the forest by the courtyard in the hopes that they have the mysterious device.

Within the span of four hours and the sun setting, the orientation ended with Shiro, Hitoshi and along with the other students casually walking to the courtyard and discussing about the orientation. Now bored, Hitoshi started a conversion with Shiro. "Man that orientation sure was something huh Shiro?"

"Well yeah. At least we know our classes will be brought up tomorrow online." said Shiro as Hitoshi bobbed his head and walked some more.

Hitoshi decided to further question his friend again. "So dude tell me did you calm down a bit after you know what happened earlier before we went to the orientation?"

In response to the question, Shiro puts his hands in his coat pockets and began to whisper to Hitoshi what happened. "Well I am just fine. Like I mentioned before, I just needed to clear my head that is all. I am perfectly calm." He ends with a sigh leaving Hitoshi to only nod in agreement like before. When they reached the center of the courtyard, Shiro turned a bit to look around for something but as he looked, nothing was there except for some students talking with other students.

'So those women are not around here after all. I thought as much seeing that they did not even show up to the orientation. Still they seem a bit worried.'

He was deep in thought in thinking about the two women he bumped into, wondering what were they here for.

Annoyed, Hitoshi gave a hard stare at Shiro which made him step away for a bit and hold his chest in fear. Once calmed down, he looked at Hitoshi also with an angry stare. "Don't ever do that again! You nearly gave me a heart attack."

Hitoshi held the back of his head with his hands and spoke with a grin. "Sorry sorry Shiro. You were doing your thinking too hard face so I had to do that otherwise you would not move for days or even months. Which begs the question, what is up with the thinking face?" Shiro shook his head and walked past his friend not responding at all.

"Ok ok fine I won't ask why you did your thinking face. But I will ask this: do you still have those fears of yours? You know not speaking up. That about right Shiro?"

"Hitoshi what do you mean?" questioned Shiro with a look of disbelief.

The taller man pats Shiro's shoulder and sighs. "I mean from your body movements, you feel nervous well more so then normal. From your running earlier, I knew that you were late but something else was on your mind. Almost like something that made you a bit concerned but afraid. Afraid that it would make you not follow your father's mantra of only listen to me, you will succeed me. Right Shiro?" Surprised by this revelation, Shiro only stared like a deer while Hitoshi went on. "Since you were raised like that, I can't really blame you for feeling that way. But sometimes you have to drag your feet, move forward and despite your fears or your insecurity, I know that being here can help you in a way. I mean you are struggling inside for a reason." He ends his speech with a smile making his friend to take in the entirely of it.

From that one speech, Shiro took in that his father's way of teaching him was only making things worse as all he did was not take any and all risks in doing anything. Making more friends, experiencing new things and for once in his life do something different. And when he realized that, he shook his fists from the sides in anger and took his eyes on the ground staring at the dirt. Some ants were following their their leader but one of them slouched and fell behind. It tries to move and follow once again.

Upon seeing that, Shiro further grips his hands and now turns to the spot where he ran into the two women. As if while looking at the now darken area, he thought about them. Finally he whispered to himself. "They may still be here. It is a long shot but if they are not by the courtyard, the classroom or lunchroom then the only place left is the forest." He looks at the nearby forest and was about to start to run there while shaking and seeing this, Hitoshi asks his friend.

"Uhh Shiro why are you about to run to the forest? The dorms are that way." He emphasizes his point by pointing at the path opposite of the forest but Shiro turned to Hitoshi and replied back. "Hitoshi, I will be right back. I'll see you back at the dorms. I promise."

Before anymore words were said, Shiro ran to the dark forest ahead letting Hitoshi to rub his hair in utter confusion but smiled briefly as he walked back to the path of the dormitories.

Since the forest was darken due to the trees and the other fauna around the area, it was difficult for Shiro to move around in. Tree thunks was in his way, leaves were in front of him making him brush them aside and with the mud, his running speed was limited. But he still kept going by covering his face with his left arm and along with his right, Shiro took step by step on the path he was currently on and slowly moved on. He heard some noise in the area so like before with Hitoshi, followed the source of sound and in the process Shiro found the two women from before. Now that he found them, asking them what they were here for would be the next step however he instead decides to keep his distance away from them and will just follow in secret.

Meanwhile, the two women were walking around the area, looking for what they were searching for. While this was going on, Shiro was safely moving behind them with each step they took and hiding behind small trees trunks to cover himself.

The two women were still on their journey with Shiro not too far behind until a pink marble flashed on Nanoha's chest allowing her and Fate to stop and see the marble.

'Master. Unknown Device detected. Only a few more steps.' The brunette spoke to the pink marble with a smile

"Thank you Raising Heart. Fate, we are almost there." Her partner sighed as the two went then proceed to the location of the device as Shiro whispers to himself 'Raising Heart? What is that?' But the man shook his head and followed Nanoha and Fate.

The two then reached their location:a set of trees that were in a circle and were around the area where the device was. Unfortunately for the two women, from above the sky almost in front of them stands a robot leaving the two to stand and view the current situation. When Shiro got there a while later, he saw the robot all ready to fight Nanoha and Fate. The robot in the young man's eyes looked to be in a very strange design. It had wires, metal casing with a look of silver and some red over it on the legs and arms and finally blue eyes that were staring into the souls of the two women.

Shiro could only see in awe as he was damn sure that a machine like that never appeared before in his life apart from manga. "Ok what the hell is that thing? Looks like a robot, but why would it be here?" questioned Shiro while looking. The topic at hand was what would two women do against a robot? Well the answer to that question will surprise him as Nanoha and Fate each brought up an item in front of them with the brunette holding the same pink orb as before and Fate, a yellow triangle.

"Well looks we like found the device. Although we may have to fight the machine."

Fate then stared at the machine also, nods and replied "Right the device is being guarded behind it. Luckily, the area is big enough for us to fight and no one is around so we can fight."

Both Nanoha and Fate raised their two objects and shouted "Raising Heart Excellen/Bardiche Assault set up!" causing the two to be wrapped in pink and yellow lights making Shiro shield his eyes.

The light show dimpled down and Shiro saw what became of Nanoha and Fate: Nanoha now had a school girl uniform but more for an adult, a staff with a red marble in the middle which was held in her left hand and her hair was now in two pigtails. To her left, Fate was wearing a black attire with a white cape, a axe with a yellow marble on the center of it much like Nanoha's staff along with what looked to be a metal gauntlet on her left arm and finally her hair was in pigtails as well. With this change, Shiro was even more shocked then he was before with his mouth hanging out, his eyes widen and he was in complete shock as the young man thought,

'Ok did they just transform? Am I dreaming? I must be because that can't happen! But it looks real and...Agh I am so lost!' But despite that, he stayed as he was a small bit interested.

Nanoha began the fight by flying in the air, reading a pink circle underneath her and pink shots were around her as she shouted while pointing her staff "Axel Shoot!" In an instant, the pink shots began to fire at the robot and it was about to move out the way until Fate came from above with a slash from her device, forcing the drone to take a step back while protecting it's arms. It does not end there as Nanoha moved her right hand to summon more spheres and sent them at the drone, not seeing that it's eyes were glowing for a split second as Fate dashed at the drone to clash at it once again only this time she pushed the machine in the direction of the pink shots and when she got in range, she jumped and flew away from them letting her best friend to continue her assault on the drone.

A dust cloud appeared shortly after Nanoha's shooting as Fate flew next to her and looked at the cloud, seeing if the drone is either destroyed or at least partly destroyed so they could get information on their target. The dust cleared to reveal the drone completely turned to scrap and a good amount of the parts are around the spot where the drone was. At the sight, Nanoha and Fate each had a smile as they moved to the remains of the machine.

However the minute they got closer, the drone slowly but surely with each of the parts scattered around is able to fully repair itself as with its glowing red eyes.

'REPAIR PROGRAM COMPLETE. CONTINUING MISSION.' spoke the drone in a cold voice and due to this new development, Nanoha, Fate and even Shiro were in awe.

A drone that was able to repair itself was unheard of as this never happened before so with this, Nanoha turns to Fate and spoke with telepathy 'Fate, this is not good. This definitely was not in the report Mrs. Lindy told us. I thought we had it.'

Fate could only look at the newly repaired drone and was trying to think of something. A new idea that would give them an edge against this new problem. As a lighting bolt, the blond snapped her fingers and turned to Nanoha.

'Let's try this instead: you use another spell while I keep it busy. If I can distract it long enoughwhile you are casting, the drone won't be able to attack us both at the same time. And with that, we can win.'

Nanoha began to ready her staff and took to the skies prepared to set the stage for the plan. The drone saw this and was about to attack Nanoha from the air but not until Fate came in to block the drone's advancement and the drone chose to chase Fate.

The two were playing a game of cat and mouse with the drone firing small shots from its cannon arm while Fate was just playing defense with a round shield, blocking the shots and all while still in the air. The drone was closing in on the blond, thinking it has won but Fate smiled as she lowered her flight pattern down and then pointed her staff at the drone which said 'Plasma Lancer.' This caused many lancer type projectiles to appear around Fate and send them directly at the drone, causing it to move it's right arm and touched it with the fist from the left hand to make a makeshift shield on the front of it's body. The lancers from the front were hitting the shield as planned however the other ones were able to attack the drone from the uncovered parts mainly it's back and legs to cause it to free fall from the onslaught of the lancers from the weak points. Happy with the result, Fate looked up to see if Nanoha was ready to go and it looked like she was.

The staff was charging up energy from Nanoha due to Fate playing keep away with the drone and once Fate moved out of sight, she said while praying "I hope this works. Hyperion Smasher!" The huge beam then soared from where Nanoha was directly where the drone is on the ground and the minute it hits the drone, an even bigger dust cloud covered not only the air but with the force of the attack, it even blow around the nearby area which led to Shiro holding on the tree he was on for dear life but was later blown away by the blast and hits his head on another nearby tree.

Nanoha and Fate were floating next to each other admiring the work that white mage of the two did. As they waited, the dust cleared a bit to reveal a large crater and a small spot in the center of it leading them to believe that the drone is gone for good this time. Before they could be done with the fight and get back to getting the device, in the center of the crater was a small blue dome that made Nanoha and Fate be very lost. As if to mock them, the dome disappears to reveal the drone only now it was on four legs like a dog and was staring at the two mages. 'DEFENSE PROGRAM OK. SCANNING DATA AND MOVE ON TO TARGET.' spoke the drone leaving the two women to wonder what could it mean by that.

Shiro was coughing and trying to stand to see what had happened with the battle. What he saw was baffling with a huge crater being on the the place where the once patch of grass was, the trees that were in the area were blown far away including the tree he hid behind was nothing but twigs and the big shocker was that the drone was still standing even after all of that abuse from Nanoha and Fate. His eyes were wide open, his legs were shaking and his brain was stuck as he said to himself,

"What the hell is all of this!?"

Then he took a step back and tried to find anything he could use to try to better balance himself just so he could calm down. However, everything that was in range of the blast was destroyed and all that is left are twigs.

Frustrated, the young man grabbed his hair in anger as he looked at the drone, Nanoha and Fate in the sky and the small jewel a few feet away. Currently he is at a lost when he saw the things he saw, trying to take everything in and sees this type of power. Combined with him being curious and wondering more about all of these going on and Shiro at the moment wishes to see this through. "But I am scared. I should never have followed them and went back with Hitoshi." replied a frighten Shiro leading him to unconsciously pick up a broken stick. With his shaken hands, he starts to run and say in his mind 'I can't just pretend that I did not see two girls flying around and shooting beams. I may be afraid but I wish to branch away from Father!' And to that end, Shiro ran to the battlefield ahead.

Then in a split second, footsteps were heard so the robot turns to see Shiro trying to hit it with the broken piece of wood and tries to stab it in the back leg. However for him, the drone was able to drag Shiro around the now empty battlefield where he was trying to hang on for dear life. While he held on, the man would not let go and was still hanging on to the drone. Knowing that the human would never let go no matter what, the drone decided to jump around the trees, dragging the soon to be tired Shiro through the air and finally the drone then kicked the young man to the trees below leaving him sore all over.

Meanwhile Nanoha and Fate who was seeing the whole thing were surprised. "What a minute. Nanoha is that guy from before? The one who ran into us?" spoke Fate.

Still analyzing the situation, Nanoha then nods her head to say. "Yeah it is him. But why would he do that? He would die if he tries to fight without a device. Either way I welcome the help but we need to get him out of here."

Without warning the drone rushes to the device with Fate flying to the area to try and protect the jewel. 'I will try and stop the drone. You take the guy away from here. Take him somewhere safe.' Nanoha nods and flew to where Shiro was while Fate keeps the machine at bay. The brunette was lucky as she was able to find the poor man completely unconscious. She lifted him up to lightly shook him awake and Shiro opened his eyes to see Nanoha. "Are you ok?" asked the woman causing Shiro to slowly stand up but then holds his stomach in pain.

"No I am not but thank you for worrying."

Then Nanoha gives him a bright smile as she helps him again but carefully that time and while this was happening, Fate and the drone was zipping through the air clashing with each other. Witnessing the fight made Shiro even more sick as the speed made him unable to keep up with the two batters and Nanoha while seeing the fight spoke to the confused man.

"Why are you here?" The very question made Shiro to snap his head to look at Nanoha as she continued. "This type of thing you are seeing is something that no normal people can see. It is something very dangerous, bystanders should not be involved and lastly you should have looked away from this before you saw this fight. Now I am giving you a chance to leave and pretend that this never happened."

Just before she could say anything more, Shiro stares at her and spoke "But you two are in trouble right? That robot thing is giving you trouble. I know that this is not my fight and that I should move on, however I wish to help. Please just tell me what I have to do."

Nanoha was speechless for a bit as the man who was clearly scared still wanted to help regardless despite seeing everything. He will not move at all and had a small little fire in his eyes giving him a little push on his current way. As such, the brunette then pats Shiro's shoulder, giving him a warm smile again and said "Ok if you want to help you can. However, I need you to do this. You see that jewel there?" She points at the jewel where Fate and the drone were still fighting in the air prompting Shiro to nod as Nanoha went on with her plan. "I need you to get the jewel there and I want you to protect it. Never let go of it until the end of the battle. Think you can do that?"

Confused by the plan, the young man said while carrying the broken piece of wood "Well I think I can but problem. I can't really defend myself if that robot thing attacks. Then I may die from this and oh yes how am I supposed to get over there!?"

Nanoha only had a smile on her face as she grabs Shiro's hand and in a odd method, she dashes through the air with Shiro screaming in fear when she throws the poor man directly at the stone and he hits the stone with his face. Due to the action as well as the increased speed, the jewel fell off the stone and landed next to Shiro. When the drone saw that it tries to sprint over to it but is stopped by Nanoha and Fate who got in between the two. 'Nanoha what was that about? I thought the plan was get him away from here?' said Fate taking a side glance at Nanoha to which said woman replied.

'Well that was the plan until he said that he wanted to help. Don't you see Fate, he was afraid, frighted and was trembling all over. But despite that, he stayed and wishes to help us. Plus that look in his eyes. A look of courage however very small. I say give him a chance.'

She ends it with a smile as Fate only looked on as the drone got closer.

Once it reached a certain step, a green light flashes in the area where Shiro was and the light was shinning bright. He groggily gets up, looking at the jewel and then at the two women along with the robot. Shiro holds his head and picks up the jewel. 'I could just run and hide while they fight but that would not be fair to them. I am afraid but I want to help no matter how risky it is.'

With that thought in mind, Shiro spoke "I may not have any idea of what is going on, what this thing is or even why those two girls are after it. However, I know one thing..." He puts the jewel in front of him and yelled "I won't let you hurt them!" This one act made the jewel shown even brighter then before and a voice rang in Shiro's mind.

'Match set. You are now My Lord.'

Shiro just turned around wondering where that voice came from, confused out of his mind and asked "What was...?" Then the voice spoke again 'Stand by ready. Set up.' and with this, a bright light is shown around the young man and covered around him, causing both Nanoha and Fate to cover their eyes and the drone to analyze this new development. The bright light died down and in it's place stood Shiro only very different then how he was originally.

He now has a basic sword with lines on it and a blueish green orb on the base of the handle. Along with that, his outfit changed as well for now has him wearing a vest with runes around the base of his torso and silver pants with a belt. Shiro looked at himself and while shocked said "What the hell is this? Where are my clothes? And how did I get this sword!?"

Nanoha and Fate were just as shocked as the device was a prototype but this man was able to do that. "But wait it can't have changed him and chose him unless...but that would mean."

Nanoha then whispered "Fate, he must have a linker core meaning he has potential to be a mage."

The drone then rushes to Shiro who tries to defend himself with the sword he has and the two clash with the robot holding the blade. The young man tries to push the machine back and is unable to as he is still afraid of what to do. As he was defending, the man then tried to push back but the drone then decided to punch him in the stomach, causing him to stagger back and hold his stomach while on the ground. The drone slowly crawled over to Shiro to take the device off his hands until the human took the sword and in an act of defense, clumsy sliced one of the drone's arm giving him enough time to get up and step away from it. The drone while still staring at Shiro, raised it's arm to bring up it's arm cannon making the man to raise his sword in defense. As the machine was about to bring volleys of magical gun fire at Shiro, he closes his eyes and asked "Ok now what am I suppose to do? I can't fight. Maybe Father was right."

A voice rings in his head 'Don't worry. You are doing fine. Just stay as far away from where you are as much as possible. We will take care of this.' And just as Shiro is about to ask, he looks up and sees Nanoha and Fate, now decently recovered charging up their spells one more time. As he saw this, Shiro moved far away, allowing Nanoha to fire Divine Buster and Fate to fire a volley of lighting shots thus causing a small explosion to happen.

Nanoha and Fate landed back to the ground to see the result of the fight. Once the dust settled, the drone was about to repair itself again until Fate stabbed the recover part with Bardiche. "So that is why it recovered the first time. That part was the problem as it may have moved around at random." spoke Nanoha leaving Fate to survey what was left of the battlefield.

"Right and the fact that it copied my speed and was able to make a barrier must have been a higher model. However now because of the battle, we only have a small amount of parts to bring back. Not much to go on."

Nanoha crossed her arms and frowned a bit but replaced it with a warm smile. "Well look on the bright side at least we protected the device." Fate looked at Shiro who was still shaking as the two walked to him.

Now that the fighting was over, Shiro puts the sword down, looks at Nanoha and Fate and wipes his head from all of the nerves and sweat that were in his body at the moment. He holds his heart and tries to ask. "Now that the madness is over, can you two please explain to me what was that all about..."

However before he could get more words out of his mouth, he faints but is caught by Nanoha. "Yeah about that...that will wait until later. Right now, we need to get some medical attention. For us a good amount and even for him."

Fate nods in agreement "Right and we should also send the parts back up to the Arthra as well as scan him to see if he does have a linker core." With that, the two women left with Shiro still unconscious and along with that came new questions which hopefully will come with answers as things just got more and more mysterious.

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