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Currently outside of the hidden moon base, while Nanoha and the others were busy dealing with Ixia and his men, Chrono along with Zafira and Yuuno were handling the machines that ambushed them a while back. Originally, the machines were a bit of a small hassle due to the state of the ambush, but when faced against a guardian of the Book of Darkness, a librarian who originally taught the White Devil magic in her younger years and an admiral who had years of training under his belt, the machines were no match for them. And combined with the fact that the enemy force seemed to be getting smaller in the hours, the fight was at the ending point as Zafira had just punched the last one through the chest, destroying it. All around them were the remains of the machines they had fought.

Yuuno sighs while stretching a bit and looked around the battlefield one last time. "Ok, that should be all of them. Since we did not have to deal with an increasing number, this must mean that they have dealt with Saika."

"That is good to hear," Chrono replied with a light smirk, knowing full well that they would not lose to someone like that. Then immediately, he wore a serious face and told the two men. "Zafira, Yuuno, now that we are done dealing with the other machines, we will give the others support in catching Ixia, since he should be the only one left. Let's go!"

Yuuno and Zafira each nodded on the order already in motion and the three began to start their run to the moon base, in the hopes of assisting in the arrest.

While this was going on, Nanoha and Fate were running up the stairs and within a few seconds, the two had finally reached the door leading to the main room. Fate then walks over to the door while Nanoha checks around the area to make sure that there weren't anymore stragglers and as she gives her best friend a thumbs up, Fate was now ready to open the door. However, before she even attempted to do that, a voice screamed out:


The two women turned around and saw Hayate with a wave of her hand, Rein floating next to her and even Hitoshi, all walking up the stairs coming to their general direction. With that, the groups converge and began to wait for the final member of their team. From there, they heard footsteps and they were getting louder. In a distance, they spy Shiro who at this point used the time to heal and rest for a bit, coming onto the scene, smiling all the way.

Once he made it to the others, Fate went to the door and with a push, it slowly opens, allowing the group of five, plus one unison device, to walk to the main area and were now ready to fight the only one left:Ixia.

The room they were currently in was about the same as all of the other rooms they have seen previously, though with some key differences. The first was a window that showed the other side of the moon in all of it's dark emptiness. Along with that, at the center stood a throne chair lightly surrounded at the handles with some small buttons and at the edge of the room, there was another door only it was closed. However their target was not sitting at the throne as the group thought but instead he was away from them, just staring at the window.

Ixia was staring at the side of the moon in what seemed like hours, in thought of what had happened and as he spotted the five intruders, he sighed heavily and touched the window with indifference in his baby pink eyes.

He continued on with this act leading Rein to speak with a stare. "Now all that remains is you Ixia."

Nanoha grips Raising Heart and stares at the man while stating to him the following. "Once Anna, Drav and Saika are arrested, only you will be next and follow suit."

Once he heard that, Ixia held the box which held his project from his pocket with his free hand and a moment surprised the group: he turned to face them but instead of trying to talk or reason, he chuckled a bit. He then preceded to shook his head allowing Fate to ask with a confused look on her face, "May I ask what is so funny?"

Baby pink eyes glares at the group and with a grin, he responded, "Just what you all have said, thinking I am done. I am not done yet. Not by a long shot."

'What the hell could he be thinking? Of course he is done.' the fist user thought also confused while glaring at Ixia. Shiro took advantage of and decided to also ask the scientist himself, "But you have no one else to fight with you. Drav is beaten, Anna is unconscious and Saika has just lost to Nanoha and Fate. I am pretty sure by all accounts, you have no other resources."

"Now it is time to just surrender Ixia." Nanoha said calmly, hoping that would be the point where he realizes that he should just stop struggling. Unfortunately due to the question as well as the command, it only made Ixia laugh even harder, almost to a insane degree. These fools continue to get in his way, especially that damn thief who took his prototype in the first place! All he wanted was just to help those who could not use magic at all and make things easier for those who could in the bureau. But, the higher ups didn't agree with him, said his research was too dangerous and that a lot of people would die because of it. Why else would he leave with his men in the first place; to prefect that research, even if it meant some deaths along the way. But everytime, many roadblocks continue to stop him, even now and so he glares hard at the group and spoke in a tone that was on the break of madness.

"You fools don't understand! While you were all busy with fighting my supporters, I was able to gather so much more information from all of those fights. At the very least, it proved that those fools were useful for something. Now I understand how you all fight!"

The group were in awe at the fact that he just called his supporters, his loyal ones, fools despite all they have done for him. But still something was a little bit jarring with his line of thinking as Shiro spoke to him again, "You did this last time, so what makes you think this time will be different?"

In response, Ixia now had a dark grin on his face as he stares at the group, digs into his pocket and reveals a simple box. Then he opens it and a white gem was inside, almost like a device and he throws the box away, holding the white gem. When everyone just assumed that he will do the same thing as last time he used a device, immediately that thought was thrown out the window with what really happened. The professor held the device and ate it.

He was trying to push it inside in his body for it to work while everyone was in complete shock and awe at what just went on. No one EVER in Nanoha, Fate, Rein and Hayate's career done anything THIS insane and Fate fought Jail who even he would never do this. Meanwhile Shiro and Hitoshi, being the newcomers to this world, were just as baffled with the swordmage's eyes nearly out of his body and the long haired man thinking that this guy has completely lost it! After a few seconds, Ixia was able to push the device inside the body and then raises his head to stare at the confused and baffled group. He smiled and said this:

"Awaken, Type 00!"

Then the room shown in a very bright light, blinding the group. After a while, the light started to dim down, bit by bit, and each of the group lower their arms to see what became of Ixia. What they saw could only be described as...very shocking.

Now the scientist is fully decked out with a barrier jacket of a white color scheme, with jagged edges around the vest part. Plus, the pants were of the same color as the jacket, only one pant leg was looked to be ripped off and the other was still in tact. The weapon he held on his left hand was a sword but unlike the last weapon he used, this one was more like a chainsaw blade and there was no jewel to indicate the device. Finally, Ixia himself raised his head, all while smiling at the people in front of him.

Immediately after seeing this, Nanoha ordered the others while Rein looked to Hayate, who nodded and merge back with her. "Everyone, we have to take him down now. I don't know what effects eating the device gave him, but he is the last one left. Just give it your all and don't let up!"

"Right!." spoke the others as they began the fight to stop Ixia once and for all with Hitoshi immediately rushing at him and Shiro and Fate not too far behind.

As Hitoshi got to Ixia, he raised his right fist to try and get a hit on him, but Ixia smirks at the act and not only counters with the sword but also the sword starts to glow a bit, causing the man to say, "Shine Spark!" allowing him to create a light construct at Hitoshi, making the red haired man in question to jump out of the way. However, that small window gave Shiro the chance to fire with a Shot Barret while Fate comes in with a strike. While this was going on, in the mest of the confusion, Nanoha fired Divine Shooter and Hayate coming in hot with an ACS Drive, dashing towards the scientist in question. It looked as if things was running smoothly and the gang could defeat Ixia right then and there. However, the others neglected to see a smirk on Ixia's face and the words when he said "Crystal Fangs." He began to stab the ground with his sword and out came many, many shards of what looked like crystals. In this moment, Nanoha's blasts as well as Shiro's shot were stopped and one of the shards blocked Fate's incoming attack.

In shock, the blond mage flew out of the way but Ixia, in a mindless move, jumped on the remaining shard and 'flew' straight at Fate. She shifted her blade to scythe form and yelled. "Haken Slash!" allowing the blade to attack the man, which leads Hayate to dash at the man, Hitoshi jumps up again to try and grab him, Nanoha ready to fire and Shiro to ready his spell on the rebound. With the explosion caused by the spell, the brunette continued her dash, getting closer and closer to her target and does indeed crash into Ixia, leaving him disoriented for about a few seconds and Hitoshi grabs the scientist, but not before Shiro's Shot Barret and Nanoha's Divine Buster hit their marks and attacked Ixia's body. Each shot was going through as much of the barrier jacket as possible, hoping that this will finally be it.

Then Hitoshi was about to let him go until something didn't feel right and he was proven right as Ixia's face shown a very creepy grin and struck the red haired man all while Shiro and Fate rushed in to help. At this point, sword and scythe each clashed with a very crude version of a shield while fist clashed with the equality crude sword and at this moment, the scientist proceeded to fight all three of them, not giving them a lick to do or even counterattack with their long range spells. Hitoshi was doing back flips as well as counterattack whatever sword swings he would do as Shiro and Fate would also attack together to try and push him away. Mid attack, Ixia grabs Shiro's sword and stared at the man.

"You know, it is a pity that my prototype is still in your hands." spoke a very disappointed Ixia but Shiro immediately head butt the scientist in the head and jumped back, readying himself. "Sorry, but this is not your prototype anymore. It is my device and I will not let you do however you like ever again!"

Ixia then dashes at the man only to be stopped by Hitoshi and Fate who clash with to freeze his advance at the man. "All of these fine specimens, people who already linker cores in their bodies...maybe I should continue my research on you mages instead!"

Then Hayate and Nanoha both shot at the man, just as Fate flew away and Hitoshi jumped away from the blasts. In a split second, Ixia used the Crystal Fangs spell again, only this one was a bit different. Now the spell spread all around the battlefield, causing the gang to move away how ever they could. Nanoha, Fate and Hayate were lucky as they were able to fly around and dodge some of the shards with some ease, but for the two men in the group it was a bit hard as well, with Shiro using his Exceed Boots to increase his running speed as much as he could and Hitoshi only using his martial arts training just so he could catch up to his best friend. The shards were growing bigger and bigger with no end to them and even if they were to attack, more shards would be growing in their place, thus negating their chance to attack.

For the past few minutes, this was all they could do for a while, until Hitoshi, now being fed up with the whole running away, was about to try and attack the shards in front of him. However, much to his and the others surprise, the shards were stopping and seem to be getting smaller. With this golden window of a chance, Nanoha, Hayate and Fate wasted no time and began to charge their spells while Shiro did the same and Hitoshi was charging his mana, just enough to break the shards. A yell echoed in the air from all five:

"Divine Buster/Plasma Smasher/Hraesvelgr/Full Powered Shot Barret/Crush these damn shards!

And then three colored beams of pink, yellow and white all shot from the air with their destination being the shards that was around the battlefield. Meanwhile on ground level, a neo colored shot pierced through as much as the shards as possible, but with a little help from a mana powered gauntlet, Shiro and Hitoshi were able to remove much of the shards from the ground. Within seconds, the entire battlefield was caked with dust shards which came from the shards and only a small crater which housed the scientist, who was laughing to himself, all while Nanoha, Hayate and Fate floated next to Shiro and Hitoshi but still kept their guard up, ready for anything Ixia could have in store.

The white haired scientist meanwhile, could not believe what just happened. No matter what he did, no matter how well developed his Type 00 was, it was still not enough to beat these five. He thinks to himself while readying himself, after chuckling.

'I have never felt this angry before in my life! If it wasn't my tools failing me, my prototype taken from me by a lowly human from Earth and the bureau stating that my research was not right or unorthodox, it's THIS!'

He once again looks at the group who on a repeated basis, stopped him again and again. He found himself breaking on the edge of insanely for a while at this point, but now a twisted thought entered his mind. 'Wait a minute, if I defeat them, then maybe I can use them as a new basis for my research! Anna and Drav may have been mages too but these five would be great! INCLUDING THE THREE ACES AND THAT WORM!'

With his new plan in motion, he prepares himself and behind him was a magic circle. The gang readied themselves as Ixia began to laugh manically. "This will be the end foryou all! Once I defeat you, I will continue on with my research and I will not be denied my dream! Prepare to say good bye!"

The circle starts to expend and get bigger, while creating more crystals at the base of it. He was about to do it. He was about to use the basis of his work to defeat the fools standing in front of him and everything was suppose to go well...until he stopped and coughed for a bit. Once he did stop, he noticed something in his hand:blood. He was in shock for a bit but went back to business, not letting this stop him now. However, the others saw what happened.

"He was coughing blood just now," spoke Nanoha with a whisper, allowing Shiro to speak in response. "What could this mean, that something is wrong with him?"

Hitoshi tsked his tongue in complete disgust as Hayate also nodded while saying. "It must be due to the fact that he ate his device. Since he doesn't have a linker core naturally, it must be due to some kind of feedback kicking his body."

"Meaning...the device is rejecting the body since it has no magic power to supply!" responding the blond haired mage allowing the white mage to come up with a plan. "We have to stop him now before anything worse can happen, to him or us!"

Each of the gang nodded in order to stop the mad man from doing anything more and the best way to go about doing it was using high level spells. Fate looked at Shiro's direction and told him along with Hitoshi, "Guys, now is the time to use those cartridges on each of your devices."

Shiro looked at the cartridges on the sheath while Hitoshi did the same for his gauntlets. He then asked. "I was just about to ask how do we use these in battle for a while now."

"Now you have your chance to use them. They are used to boost the power of any spell you choose depending on how many you use. I don't recommend using all of them at once." told Fate, causing Shiro to nod in understanding her and Hitoshi gave her a thumbs up, indicating that they both got it. After that, Nanoha, Fate and Hayate all flew up in the air, readied themselves to end Ixia's goal. Nanoha, Fate and Hayate each have a magical circle and or triangle appear underneath them and the White Devil and lighting mage each say:

"Load cartridge!"

In a flash, two cartridges are loaded into Raising Heart and Bardiche, the latter of which gathering electric energy from Fate's mana and the cartridges being channeled to the blade. The same was happening with Nanoha and Hayate as well, only the mistress of the Night Sky unioned with Rein and a white triangle appeared in front of her while Nanoha raised her staff over her head as a pink ball was forming in front of her. On the ground, Shiro put Reginleif back in his sheath and Hitoshi moved his right arm back with Burning Sun as they both said the same thing their friends said:

"Load cartridge!"

Like them, they each had a neo colored triangle and sliver colored triangle underneath them and within the sword and gauntlet, two cartridges were installed like bullets in a gun and Shiro felt the difference greatly while the marital artist just brushed it off as best he could. Meanwhile Ixia saw what they were all doing and muttered to himself, "No matter what spell they have, they will not stop me." as he was readying his spell. Sadly, this was proven to be a no go as not only did he cough again, this time more violent then normal but he also noticed that his body was covered in pink binds, ultimately making him lose his concentration and the focus of the spell. He looks up and eyes widen in horror.

It was time, all of the spells were ready to go and Ixia was held down. Nanoha, Fate and Hayate all said with determination:

"Triple Breaker!"

Then in order, Nanoha shoot her pink ball, along with her beam which was her Starlight Breaker, followed by Fate, who sent her sword slash along with her beam as this was her Plasma Zanber and finally Hayate's Rangarok, her huge white beam alongside the other beams.

The boys joined on the fun as Hitoshi fired his sliver beam:

"Eat this you damn psycho! Beam Knuckle!"

While that happened, Shiro unsheathed his sword and then said as he slashed one long neo blade:

"This is a spell I made in order to show the path I am now on:Horizon Cutter!"

Then with one huge beam from the air, one beam coming at him and a sword beam from the ground following him, Ixia in a desperate attempt, tries to stop the blasts, but unfortunately for him, much like Saika before him, any shards he made from what little power he had, could not stop any of the attacks and were destroyed like cheap crystals and with the last of his energy spent, he yells for one last attack, hoping the shard would destroy at least one of the beams. Sadly, it doesn't and as the shard disappears, Ixia screams in pain from the blunt of all the attacks in point blank range at him.

A huge explosion appears where Ixia was and all of the devices that have cartridges in them blew stream, leaving the others to wait as the dust clears. Once it does, all they see is Ixia trying to get up to fight again but fails, falls face first and pukes out the device, causing it to roll out of his reach. When he tries to reach out for it, the device shutters and he closes his eyes.

Ixia has been defeated.

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