Choices and Chances

Summary: Only foolish 'superhero vigilantes' are so extremely foolish that they think that they can do everything alone. They grab the chances and choose through choices, but they never get what`s unity.

Only a foolish child would go swimming in the river that swallowed his father. Only a foolish child would follow his father`s footsteps, a path leading to destruction. Only a foolish child would continuously lie, wearing disguises and fooling people even when he knows the ability of truth. Only a foolish child would be the result of his heart-break, of his own death.

Only a foolish person will lose himself, making it impossible to find his true place, his true face.

Only a foolish person will keep others before him, for his love is so oppositely selfish, that it is considerate for others but not himself. Only a foolish person forgets himself, for he is oblivious about his importance, about how precious he is, about how his loss would shatter others. Only a foolish person unknowingly hurts you so much, while claiming to be protecting you, while claiming to be giving you abundant happiness.

Only a foolish person suffers so much alone, making it impossible to traverse his wall of indifference.

Only such foolish 'superhero vigilantes' are so extremely foolish that they think that they can do everything alone. Fight crime syndicates, dodge bullets, hide their identity, treat their wounds, everything alone.

So, it is perfectly understandable when such foolish people, who are vigilantes, who are superheroes but don't claim to be one; it is impeccably reasonable for them to end up in hospitals, to require extreme medical treatment.

Broken ribs, fractured bones, smashed skull, shredding muscles, numb mind and a slow beating heart. That's what remains; a breathing but dead foolish man.

Those two foolish men lay side by side in adjacent ICU rooms, rooms plated as Shinichi Kudo and Kuroba Kaito.

Those two were foolish and stupid and crazy and rash to think that they could conquer 'them' alone. And now, the near and dear ones of these two foolish men would make it sure that they would comprehend the extent of their foolishness.

'They would wake up right?!' No questions about it! 'Foolish men are idiots, and idiots don't die so easily, wasn`t it so?'

Now, was time to be wise, time to unite, time to teach 'them' the lesson.

A solemn voiceless oath filled the air,

The fire in their eyes making it clear.

Rest now, dear foolish juvenile,

We together, will pass through all trials.

May you live, and we all,

Long together, peaceful till the call.

A/N: Pardon the angstiness (if this is a word?), but I just felt like writing one. Besides, it`s about time that this should happen..And I know it`s not as good.."sigh"

PS: I am extremely grateful to all of you reviewed! It means a lot to me! Thanks for giving me such an encouraging upstart. I am working on my other comparatively beautiful ideas, but life just keeps happening. Anyways, what I mean is that I never expected myself to write this. But at times we think something but something else comes out!