Pairing: Light Polygems (Garnet x Amethyst x Pearl)

AU: Human

Warnings: N/A

Summary: Apparently setting up a pool peacefully is impossible.

Moisturise Me

It was a rather sunny and pleasant summer day, the sun's rays bright and hot, but not overbearing. Lately, the weather had been a bit iffy, due to summer only beginning. But after a few days of on and off raining, the sun finally decided to make an appearance. According to the weather forecasts, the summer weather was here to stay.

Which meant it was time to set up the pool.

Despite the fact that they had a beach down the road.

The three of them were at Garnet's parents house; studying at university meant compromising living situations, but Garnet had no problems living with her mums. However, they were out, Ruby at work and Sapphire shopping, which meant less hands to set up.

Not like Amethyst and Pearl were helping much anyways.

Pearl was pulling out two sun lounges, one from the undercover and the other from the shed, so that was some help. Amethyst, however, was wandering between Garnet and Pearl whilst licking her newly opened ice-cream.

"Amethyst, are you going to help or what?" Pearl bitterly asked as she dragged the second seat out of the shed.

Amethyst looked Pearl up and down, taking in the fine details of her back muscles as she pulled the seat. Pearl was as skinny as a stick, yet somehow had some muscles to those bones.

"Nah," she grunted, and flopped down on the first sun lounge. She pointed to her ice-cream with her free hand. "I've only got one hand and I ain't sacrificing my ice-cream."

Pearl rolled her eyes and sighed, dropping the second sun lounge a metre away from the first. As she went to sit down, Garnet interrupted her.

"Pearl, come help me with the pool."

She sighed again and sauntered back to the shed, where Garnet had her face stuck into the darkness.

"What do you need me to do?" she asked as Garnet pulled out a deflated pool.

"I'll need you to find the air pump - please."


"Don't worry, Amethyst isn't off the hook." Garnet winked and flicked down the shades resting in her afro over her eyes.

Whilst Garnet brought the pool onto the grassed backyard, Pearl searched through the junk in the shed until she found the pump after a few minutes.

"Do you want me to get Amethyst to pump the pool?" Pearl asked as she dropped the pump by Garnet's feet.

Garnet hummed. "Yeah, that'll be good."

Pearl strolled back to the sun lounges where Amethyst was still lying around. She eyed the half-eaten ice-cream in her hand; Amethyst never took her time eating. Her style was more shove-it-down-her-throat-in-two-seconds.

"You're eating slowly to get out of helping us," Pearl observed in annoyance.

"What? No, of course not," Amethyst lied, but didn't bother convincing Pearl.

"Go on, help Garnet. You can pump with one hand."

Amethyst groaned. "Pearrrrrl, I don't want to drop my ice-cream."

Pearl plucked the confectionery from Amethyst's hands. "I'll hold it for you. Now go help set up the pool."

"It'll melt."

"It won't if you do your job fast."

Amethyst pouted in defeat and kicked the ground, before running off to pump the pool. Pearl grinned victoriously and laid back in the lounge. She grabbed the sunscreen she left beside it and began rubbing it over her pale skin with her free hand.

Eyeing the melting ice-cream beginning to dribble over her fingers, she yelled out, "Amethyst hurry up! It's melting on me!"

As if on cue, Amethyst abandoned her post and leapt onto Pearl lap, taking the ice-cream with her chubby fingers and shoving half of it in her mouth. That was more her style of eating.

Pearl grimaced and flicked her fingers, eager to get the liquid off her fingers, when Amethyst grabbed her hand and began licking her fingers like a dog. Pearl's grimace increased, horror etching on her face, but it contradicted the fast-growing blush on her cheeks.

"Amethyst!" she scolded, ripping her hand away from her grasp. "Your saliva isn't any better than the ice-cream."

Amethyst grunted, but a cheeky smile curved her lips. "You don't seem to mind when we're making out."

The heat in her cheeks burned furthermore. "That's… different! Now go finish helping Garnet."

"I did." Amethyst grabbed Pearl's hand with the sunscreen in it. "Moisturise me."

Pearl frowned, ignoring Amethyst's chosen words. "I'm not done putting it on myself yet."

Amethyst squished the bottle in Pearl's hand, dripping some into her other hand. "I'll help."

"Thank you, but you don't need to."

Amethyst shrugged and began rubbing circles of the sunscreen onto the exposed part of Pearl's back, thanks to her tank top. Honestly, Amethyst liked to feel Pearl's bones and muscles and to massage her skin, so it was more of a favour to herself than to Pearl.

Once Pearl's pale skin was covered thick in sunscreen, Amethyst tried her tactic again, hoping to gain a better reaction.

She thrust the sunscreen into Pearl. "Moisturise me."

Pearl rolled her eyes amusedly, but played along. As she rubbed sunscreen onto Amethyst, she murmured, "I've always admired your skin. It's such a nice tone, and soft."

"Oh, uh, thanks?" Amethyst replied, unfamiliar to sporadic compliments.

Pearl hummed in response and finished massaging the last of the sunscreen into Amethyst's skin.

"I really like it when you moisturise me," Amethyst teased, winking for effect.

Pearl rolled her eyes and shoved a hand into Amethyst's face playfully, pushing her off her lap. She landed on her back in the growing grass, and Pearl couldn't help giggling at the surprised look on her face.

Pearl knew all too well if she extended a hand to help Amethyst up at this time, she'd just be dragged down, so she left her on the ground. Pearl sent a coy smile over her shoulder as she sauntered away.

Garnet had the hose in the pool, and the water was almost reaching the brim. She wrapped one arm around Pearl's shoulder as she stopped by her side, observing the water level.

Pearl had stuck her finger into the water, testing the temperature, when Garnet asked, "Is Amethyst being overbearing?"

"Nothing I can't handle," Pearl answered proudly.

Amethyst bounded over to the both of them after recovering, cuddling into Garnet's side, opposite Pearl. She reached up on her tippy toes and whispered into Garnet's ear.

"Moisturise me."


Garnet reached her hand into the pool and briskly whipped out the hose, pointing it at Amethyst. The water splashed against her face, drenching her clothes and wild hair.

"Hey, no fair!" Amethyst cried out as she shielded her face with her arms, growling at the hysterical laughter of Pearl in the background.

"You asked me to moisturise you," Garnet deadpanned.

Amethyst pushed against the stream of water and grabbed Garnet's wrist before leaping into the pool, dragging the both of them into the water. They flopped in with a large splash, the water splotching Pearl's clothes as she flinched back (though she was still laughing at it all).

Garnet stood up, the water rising as high as her hips, whilst Amethyst only kept her head above the water. They sent each other a scandalous look, and after spending a year with them, Pearl knew what it meant.

"Oh no no no no," she repeated in a guarded tone, backing off from the pool as Amethyst's snickers filled the air.

Garnet hauled herself out of the pool and Pearl darted behind the sun lounges. Unfazed, Garnet leant over the lounges and wrapped her arms around Pearl's waist, the latter still repeating her pleas. Pearl was no weight for Garnet, and she easily hefted her to the pool.

"Garnet, no! Don't do this!" Pearl insisted, trying to claw out of her grasp.

"It's only fair that we all get moisturised," she reasoned, grinning smugly as she dropped Pearl into the pool.

Pearl resurfaced immediately, scowling at her wet clothes clinging to her body, Amethyst howling with laughter next to her. In a last desperate attempt to ward off her attackers, she grabbed the hose still filling up the pool and flicked it in Garnet's direction.

"Oh, is it a water fight you want?" Garnet asked through helpless chuckles as the stream of water suffocated her vision.


Garnet grabbed a part of the hose close to her feet and tugged it, slipping it out of Pearl's hands. Water went flying everywhere, splashing all three of them, but Garnet got her bearings and armed herself with the hose.

She aimed the hose at her counterparts. "You better run."

A/N: prompt - "Imagine Person A muttering "Moisturize me." to Person B. Bonus: Person C uses a hose to spray A, with B laughing in the corner." from otpprompts on tumblr

Little Snuggle: the title certainly is a reference to Feint - Words ! and that is a very tempting prompt omg, might have to write it out soon!