Pairing: Light/Early Lapidot

AU: Human

Warnings: N/A

Summary: How to win Peridot's heart; cosplay Percy.

The Percy to My Pierre

There was always one thing Peridot always believed in, and that was that she was just average. Average at basically anything. She exceeded in the mathematics and engineering departments, but that was about it. Oh, and playing games too; she was alright at that.

But being good at those things and average at everything else didn't make you popular. Or likeable really.

People judged you on what you could give them; whether good looks, entertainment, or a decent personality to enjoy.

She had contemplated many times starting a Let's Play channel on Youtube, but whilst she was a decent gamer, she didn't have the social butterfly personality to effectively commentate. Nor was her voice desirable to listen to.

So she didn't really have anything boasting for when she first made her Instagram account. She had no idea what propelled her to make one in the first place. Maybe it was the fact that a lot of people she knew online had made it big on Instagram or Tumblr. But the latter was… well, had some toxic regions to it, more so than any other site she had encountered.

Peridot's first posts were simply selfies. Now, she didn't think she was anything but average in looks, but that was good, because that didn't mean she was bad looking either. Her face was narrow and long, with a small pointy chin and somewhat defined jawbone. Her nose felt too small for her face, but it wasn't freakishly tiny. Then there was the massive glasses propped on her nose, something she literally couldn't live without. She didn't know whether that hindered or boosted her attractiveness - probably both, depending on personal types.

On her good days, she reminded herself that an average was still a pass on a test.

But there was someone out there that was definitely not an average.

It had been roughly a month ago when Peridot first found the user. She had just posted a selfie of herself with her blonde hair tousled in a different fashion and wearing a camo green unbuttoned shirt. An attempt to cosplay as one of her two favourite characters from Camp Pining Hearts; Percy.

She wasn't very popular on Instagram. At all. But that selfie of her attempted cosplay gained her a few more followers.

One of them had the alias water-witch.

Peridot scanned through their profile. It seemed this person was a girl who looked roughly her age, perhaps a few years older, and was also interested in Camp Pining Hearts. A few of her selfies were of her own Percy cosplay, and Peridot shrunk in on herself. This girl had a way better cosplay of him, save for her dyed cobalt blue hair.

This girl was super popular compared to Peridot. She hated resorting to comparing follower amounts, but she couldn't help the pang of jealousy. Yet… this girl was now following her own selfies, and her sense of pride swelled.

Her name was Lapis. That was a month ago.

Peridot arrived home from an exhausting day of work. She needed as many hours as she could get before her next semester of university started again. Save up to support herself and whatnot. So, what better job than working at a small but busy cafe? (Cue sarcasm.)

Peridot collapsed into her sofa face first, groaning into the cushions. She would need several cups of bitter, dull coffee to keep her awake for the night. Or coke. Soft drinks were always preferred for her.

"You okay there buddy?"

Peridot jerked up and squinted at the onlooker.

A short woman with fawn skin, clad in her loose pyjamas, leant against the wall and sent Peridot a tantalising smile.

"You try working for eight hours on your feet, Amethyst," Peridot snapped, then flopped back face first into the cushions.

"Tried it; didn't like it."

"You can't just decide if you want to work or not," came Peridot's muffled reply.

"Ugh, whatever, don't need a lecture." Amethyst sunk into the cushion beside Peridot's head, her dyed lavender hair tangling with Peridot's blonde mess. "Why don't we watch that show of yours? That always makes you feel better."

Peridot raised herself from her compromising position and sat on the couch properly. "No, I'm okay. Plus, I've watched all the episodes at least four times, and it get's repetitive by the fifth time over."

"Never thought I'd hear you say that."

Peridot rolled her eyes. "I'll just take a shower and rest for a bit."

Amethyst had a habit of arguing, and living in a room of literal garbage, but she wasn't bad as far as roommates go. Despite all the teasing, she was quite supportive, and when she wasn't lazy she could be really helpful around the apartment. Plus, she was a big help with Peridot's cosplays, being a natural at hairdressing and cosmetics despite her own untamed mane.

Peridot wasn't meant to end up with Amethyst, or with anyone at all, but she was quite happy to have a roommate. It meant less money to give out to rent. Pearl was supposed to home Amethyst, but Rose took her spot in the house when she couldn't live with her boyfriend. Garnet would've stayed with her parents if the university hadn't been so far away. It turned out three was a big enough crowd.

Peridot finished her shower after twenty minutes and dressed in her alien boxers and oversized black hoodie. She pocketed her phone and returned back to the lounge room, where Amethyst was luxuriously lounging on the only couch. Peridot nudged her short legs, giving her enough room to lean back into the couch.

"Ugh, you're watching this show again?" Peridot jeered, frowning at the small old man playing as a butler on the television.

"Says you, watching the entire five seasons of Camp Pining Hearts four times," Amethyst retorted and returned to indulging in Little Butler.

She had a fair point, but at least Camp Pining Hearts wasn't trash. Peridot didn't dare say that out loud.

Instead, she let Amethyst watch her crummy show and pulled out her phone. She couldn't help herself and took a quick picture of herself in her pyjamas. As she went on Instagram to contemplate posting the selfie, she spotted a new post from water-witch. After a month of planning, she had finally released her full Percy cosplay, and Peridot was enamoured.

Her usual deep blue hair was dyed sandy blonde, her fringe swept out of her eyes, and she donned the perfect Camp Pining Hearts yellow team attire. Under the picture read the caption, "Going to the BCC in three days! Will be cosplaying as Percy, meet me there [heart emoticon]".

BCC. Beach City Convention.

Peridot flinched in excitement and her phone slipped out of her grasp. Amethyst sent her a curious look.

"What's got you so hyped up?"

Peridot turned to her with a giddy grin. "Ams! I need your help!"

"So what are you hoping to do when you get to BCC?" Amethyst asked, threading a needle through an embroidery and into the green fabric behind it. "Woo her with your extreme dorkiness?"

"No!" Peridot spluttered, squirming into the black cargo pants. "Just meet her, say hi, get a picture with her."

"And then woo her?"

Peridot watched Amethyst's fingers work the needle. "… No."


"Just hurry up and finish sewing that! I have to leave in an hour!"

Amethyst snorted. "I get your enthusiasm man, but if you want a time limit, do it yourself!"

"I'm sorry! Sorry. You know if I try to stitch I'll stick the needle through my own finger."

"Yeah, I know. I'm almost done."

She wasn't lying. A minute later, and the collared jacket was tugged on Peridot's arms and over her back. It was a little big, but they only had two days to go shopping, and beggars couldn't be choosers.

Peridot bolted to the mirror and spun around in front of it, admiring the full attire. The cargos, the camo jacket, the white tank top underneath, and the black combat boots looked really good on her. The cosplay was a rough job, but it surprisingly looked decent for a short time limit. She tied a yellow sash onto her left thigh and stood up proudly. Of course, a lot of the work was done by Amethyst, and she had to thank her for that.

"How do I look?" she asked as she whirled around again to face Amethyst.

"Like a professional dork," Amethyst teased, then brought over a light brown wig. "C'mon, let's get you into this and you'll be all ready."

Peridot stood patiently in front of the mirror, watching Amethyst fit the wig over her defiant hair. After a few attempt's, Peridot's hair finally yielded and the wig was fitted comfortably on her head. Amethyst combed through the fake hair with hair gel, getting it to the right style of the picture on her phone.

"Alright, I know you're cosplaying as a dude, but some eyeliner wouldn't hurt," Amethyst suggested, pulling out her bag of make-up.

Peridot shrugged. It didn't make much of a difference for her.

Amethyst gently tugged off Peridot's glasses and quickly applied eyeliner to her face. Placing the glasses back on her face, she grinned proudly.

"Well, aren't you the cutest lil' Pierre," she taunted half-heartedly. "If only you had contacts."

"They're a bit too uncomfortable for me," Peridot admitted. "But hopefully Lapis will recognise me with my glasses!"

Amethyst hummed. "Well, my job is done. It's time for you to take off to the big city."

Peridot wrapped her arms around her friend. "Thank you for helping me Ams. I will make sure to repay the favour!"

"Yeah, whatever nerd," Amethyst replied sheepishly. "Now go get yourself a girlfriend! Cosplaying as a guy… Does that mean it's yaoi?"

"Save the existential questions for another time. I'll see you tomorrow, alright?"

Amethyst smiled as she leant back into the couch. "See ya P-dork."

Peridot borrowed Amethyst's cheap car and took out of the car park. Only two hours until she arrived at BCC.

By the time Peridot reached Beach City, she was feeling drowsy. Driving for two hours straight had that effect, but she was determined to reach the convention as soon as possible. She navigated the streets for a ten minutes until she reached the backpackers she'd seen online. Being organised, she'd booked a night there two nights before, not wanting to risk sleeping in the car for a night because of the lack of rooms.

She reached the front desk, signing into her room and trying to ignore the glances her way because of her cosplay. She quickly dropped her bag of clothes and other necessitates, opting to only take her small Camp Pining Hearts styled backpack for her wallet, phone, and other things. Before she left, she took a quick selfie and posted it on Instagram with the caption, "On my way to BCC as Pierre!"

Peridot left the backpackers and made her way to the host building for BCC. When she arrived, her mouth dropped at the size of the place. She expected a small building, with no more than 1000 people attending, but it seemed much bigger than that. From what she could tell, there was an inside and outside area for the guests. She had no idea how she would find Lapis.

A few of the stalls caught her attention, and she drifted away from looking for Lapis for a while as she navigated the different fandoms she was currently and had been apart of. She nearly fell over in shock when she saw one for Camp Pining Hearts.

The stall wasn't too big, with two people managing it, and unfortunately neither were from the cast. Peridot gazed over the merchandise and such, eyes gleaming in awe. With her limited supply of money, she had tried to buy as much merch as possible, but everything at this stall she'd never seen before. She couldn't help but indulge in buying something.

"Hey look, it's a Pierre," the guy at the stall greeted, leaning onto the desk. The woman beside him sent a gleeful grin at Peridot.

"Hi!" Peridot chirped, gazing more at the merchandise than the people. "You guys have such cool merch! I haven't seen any of this stuff before."

"You lookin' to buy something?"

"I'd love to!" Peridot scanned the stall and rested her eyes on the collection of jewellery. She pointed at a necklace with the official Camp Pining Hearts logo carved in sterling silver hooked to it. "May I get this necklace?"

"Sure thing," the woman answered, grabbing the necklace from the rack. "That'll be $25."

Peridot hesitated, then payed the money and lunged for the necklace. She had plenty of money to spend, no need to worry.

"I'll probably be back later for more," Peridot bashfully admitted. "Oh! And who are you guys?"

"Oh! We're two of the story boarders. Jeff and Hilary," the guy answered. "Please to meet you little Pierre!"

Peridot shot them a grin. "You too!"

As she went to walk away from the store, someone behind her questioned, "Camp Pining Hearts fan, huh?"

She spun around with a proud smile. "Yeah, only the bes— Lapis!?"

"You know me?" the woman in question asked, raising an eyebrow and her mouth twitching into a smile.

In person, Lapis looked a hundred times more stunning, even cosplaying as Percy. Blonde was surprisingly a good colour on her, though Peridot did prefer her unique blue dyed hair. She stood a couple of inches above Peridot, but that was merely because Peridot was a short person.

"Um, y-yes! I follow you on your Instagram water-witch!" She fiddled with her hands nervously. "Y-you follow me too. I'm Peridot, or space-dorito on Instagram."

"Oh my stars, really?" Lapis knelt to Peridot's height, gazing her over and checking out her cosplay (or checking her out, Peridot didn't want to assume). "That's such a great Pierre cosplay that I didn't even recognise you!"

"Heh, well, my friend and I made this in three days. It's nowhere near as good as your cosplay though," Peridot admitted, rubbing her arm sheepishly.

"Aw, thanks! I would've thought you'd have cosplayed Percy as well."

"That was the original plan, but since you cosplayed as him I thought better of it."

"Just because I'm Percy, doesn't mean you can't be Percy as well."

"W-well…" Peridot bit her lip. "It's more than just that. I thought it'd be c-clever to be Pierre if you were Percy, because they're objectively the best ship!"

Lapis snort-giggled, and Peridot felt herself swoon at such a unique and gorgeous laugh.

"Oh man, you're a Piercy shipper as well?" she asked through snorts.

"Well of course! Wait, you ship them too?"

"Obviously. Paulette is no match for Pierre. C'mon, let's walk and talk."

Lapis guided them away from the stall and through alleyways of other stalls, some of them Peridot recognising.

"So from the sounds of it, you came here to see me?" Lapis asked, resting her hand on Peridot's shoulder.

She blushed at the contact. "Yeah, drove for two hours."

"Really? Wow, I'm flattered."

"I'm flattered you follow me on Instagram."

"What can I say, you're cute."

Peridot's blush deepened. "I am not c—… wow, thanks."

Lapis smiled deviously and stopped in front of a small, empty stall. "So is cosplaying as Pierre and coming two hours to see me as Percy your way of flirting?"

"N-no!" Peridot stammered. "I just think you're really… cool."

Lapis entered the stall and sat on the chair in the centre of it. "Well, welcome to my stall! I'm with a friend, but they've gone elsewhere at the moment."

"D-do you have to stay here?" Peridot asked, glancing around the alleyway.

"What are you suggesting?" Lapis questioned, raising an eyebrow. Peridot avoided her skeptical look.

"W-well, I haven't been here long, m-maybe we could look around together?"

Lapis hummed. "That is a tempting offer. I would like to look around with little Pierre."

Peridot frowned at the reference to her height.

"How about we exchange numbers? I can call or text you when I've packed the stall up and we can check out around the place. After all, I do have people who want to visit me."

"That would be cool!" Peridot dragged her phone out of her backpack and opened her contacts, giving the phone to Lapis to write her details in. Lapis handed her phone to Peridot for the same. Peridot wrote her details seriously, but when she received her phone back she chuckled at the name Lapis had given herself; Lapis (spicy™ + the new bae).

"Go have fun, I'll call you when I'm finished here," Lapis remarked, sending an odd smile at Peridot. "And maybe if you're free tonight, I can show you around Beach City."

Peridot's face reddened and she nodded vigorously. As she sauntered away from the makeshift stall, her heart thundering in her chest, she thought of Amethyst's comment, "So what are you hoping to do when you get to BCC? Woo her with your extreme dorkiness?"

Perhaps she was.

A/N: prompt - "Imagine Person A of your OTP has been following Person B on social media for a long time. They're mutuals who post about similar things, but Person B is way more popular. Then Person B posts a picture of themself in cosplay, saying they're going to be at an event and people can drop in to say hi and take pictures. Now imagine Person A driving for several hours to meet Person B at the event. Bonus: Person A cosplays as the love interest of Person B's cosplay." from otpprompts on tumblr

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