Chapter 1

Broken but not shattered.

Everything I knew, broke…all I remember was the smell of blood and a bright light...



"Ugh…..what happened…" Mikhail awoke with a heavy headache. He could feel the cold of the earth his was laying and the sound and smell of water filled his ears and nostrils "Ohhh….my head….." Still groggy and with a sore body he walked towards the small creek close to him. But when he opened his eyes, to look at his own reflection on the surface of the clear flowing water, Mikhail could gasp and fell on his butt "Holy crap!" He put his hand on his head…..wait a minute "Hand! Ah!" The young dragon shrieked when he noticed his new and rather human limb "Wow…weird…" He moved his new limb and honestly it felt creepy having hands and fingers….and a thumb….Then his eyes widen in fear "My wings!" He looked at his back and screamed "No, not my wings!" As a dragon, Mikhail had pride on his wings, for a dragon there were a symbol of strength and superiority. Especially against Wyverns….stupid low-class dragon wannabies!

He sighed and went back to the creek to take a better look at his new form.

"Am I a girl… Zero said I am pretty much a boy….mmmh." Mikhail took a better look at his face. It was similar to Zero's face….. Mikhail took a better look…..His left eye had still ruby-colored with a slit-like pupil, while his right eye was covered by his snow-white hair….."Like Zero…." A wave of sadness overcame him but he continued to take a better look at his new body….."My horns are gone…." He rubbed his head and was surprised how silky and soft the hair on his head was….."Hmm." Mikhail continued to take a better look at his midriff. "It looks like Cent's tummy…..its hard." The young dragon's body was lean and yet muscular like his friend Cent "What's this?" His eyes noticed something hanging…..on his crotch "Hmm….if I remember…Octa called this…..Junior or something like that…but Cent said that the real name is penis…" Mikhail raised his… and fiddled around with it "It is almost as big as Octa's!" He took a better look and shrugged. He didn't really get it, why all of them bickered with each other and said that with angry faced that size didn't mattered "What's that?" The young one noticed under his penis, something else, "Is that a skin-sack…..Oh if the others were right these are my….balls?" Mikhail literally grabbed his balls but unfortunately he didn't have his strength in control "GAAAH!" As he fell on his knees, holding his new precious family jewels, with tears in his eyes as he screamed in pain "Why do I have such a weak point, oh good my balls!" He rolled several times, as the pain slowly faded away and he could stand up he could feel that his eye, which was covered by his snow-white hair began to itch. The young dragon sighed and moved his hand to rub it…..only to notice that somehow….or rather something was not right….He couldn't feel his eye….instead there was something strange. He could feel something long and smooth…..Strangely those long smooth things felt like his own flesh and skin….."What the….Ow!" He jerked the long and smooth thing which pullulated from his eye socket, but hit really hurt every time he jerked it "Uh-oh." A sense of dread overcame him as he went back to the creek to take a better look…..and what he saw on his face scared him beyond anything "Oh crap!" From his eye, his very eye which wasn't visibly anymore sprouted a ruby-colored flower. But unlike Zero's, this Flower was still closed…..


Mikhail heard a growling behind him, and he turned around to see the source of it.

It was wolf-like beast, with black fur and angular head with prominent ears. Its glowing eyes left a visible trail of red light as the creature moved. Black smoke also seems to emanate from its body.

"Uh…." Mikhail tilted his head and smiled "Hi?" The beast snarled at his casual greeting and somehow the young dragon became slightly vexed by the beast which smelled really funny….well for him…..

"*Rawr*, the beast roared and let a bark like sound out as it lunged at Mikhail, who jerked his upper body backwards and in the right moment forwards, head-butting the beast in the skull.

The head of the wolf-like creature exploded like an overripe melon and it slowly dissolved into black mist…

"Odd," Mikhail shrugged and sighed. It wasn't his first meeting with monsters….normally all creatures, besides the really aggressive and big ones, didn't even came close to him, much attacking him, since they knew that dragons aren't the easiest prey…or rather predators ran away from him, when he turned the tables and tried to eat them. But somehow something was off… this form…in this body he felt stronger….much stronger….but this thought was interrupted by a loud growl from his stomach "Not even a corpse….aww and I wanted to eat him, since he smelled funny!" But then he noticed something…from the dark of the forest, several red and yellow eyes were visible and through the darkness of the woods, growling, snarling and barks echoed through the air.

Again Mikhail sighed and yawned, while the other wolf-like creatures began to lunge at him….again.