Chapter 16

Red Like Roses Part 2

"Excuse me," A young girl, with fairy, silver eyes and black hair that faded to dark red at the tips cut in an asymmetrical bob, followed by red petals, appeared before Zero on the counter "I would like to buy this!" Her voice implied that she was in good mood.

The young dragon took a better look on her. She wore a long sleeved thick black blouse with a high collar and red trim on the sleeves, a black waist cincher with red lacing up the front, and a black skirt with red trim. On her legs were a pair of thick black stockings and black combat boots with red laces, red trim around the top and red soles.

Yet what made Zero more conscious of her, was the weapon behind her back 'Scythe, Sniper Rifle, neither custom-made nor bought…she made it…interesting.' While he would love to look more at the girl's weapon, Zero rather stopped, before other people would think, that he would stare on the young girl's rear…'She has some nice legs, though….probably through her Semblance….'

"Of course." The older man on the counter nodded and scanned the product "That would be 119,99 Lien, please.

"Hmm!" Confirming with a hum, the scythe-wielding girl grabbed into one of her pockets…yet her face faulted when she….suddenly felt nothing but air in them "Sorry!" Becoming flustered and gaining also a red tinge on her cheeks she continued to search in her other pocket…only to become more and more embarrassed. Shortly the girl began to put her hand into every space on and in her clothes, only to become redder than before "Oh no….." She muttered "On all days I forget my wallet…" Gaining a sad look….which was also a slight bit comical due a disappointing pout which followed, Zero smiled refreshed. What? A little bit schadenfreude isn't forbidden?

"What's the matter?" The old man asked.

Now realizing that she hadn't anything to buy it, the girl's eyes widened and she smiled awkwardly "Y-yeah…I kind forgot my wallet…Hehehe…" She rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment.

Being understandable the old man smiled "How about it, you go back home and I will put it on the side?"

The girl responded, by shaking her head "I….Sorry I live in Patch….it would kinda take hours to go back and here again….."

The old shopkeeper smiled wryly "And tomorrow I am not here….Oh dear." He put it back "I am sorry, but this part is popular and I can't lay it down longer than a day, since my shop is so small." He tilted his head "I am sorry."

Now shaking her head and hands in front of her, the girl answered nervously "I-it's okay…." She slumped her shoulders down in disappointment "And spared my money for this scope….." She let her head hang, together with whine "Haw….."

Normally Zero would already be on his way…. seeing something like this….didn't stir anything in his black heart, yet he could see and feel that this young girl….caused him to feel a little bit pity. Maybe it was a little kinship for weapon love…or some other thing. Again sighing Zero walked forward towards the counter and put some Lien Cards on it.

"My part and that scope please." Inwardly he asked himself why he was doing this.


Okay the look of disappointment and shock that girl suddenly had, was so adorable and cute, that he felt right doing such a thing, even though he wanted her to help.

Seeing what Zero wanted to do, the old man nodded and took the Lien and handed the parts over.

When the young dragon took them, his eyes wandered to the side, where the black dressed scythe-wielder was.

He was greeted by teary puppy-eyes and a quivering lip "Aw…." Again letting her head and shoulder slump, the girl left beaten and defeated, but….

"Hey, munchkin!"

"Huh?" Raising her head and turning around, she was greeted by the sight of a flying scope, which she caught in her hands. Confused she tilted her head and looked back at Zero who smiled gently at her.

Before passing her, Zero halted for a second "Good eyes with the scope." He patted her on the shoulder and left the perturbed girl standing, on the same spot, with a surprised look carved on her face.



Musing about his good deed, Zero, hummed merrily while walking on his way back home.



Turning around, when he heard the girl calling out to him, the host of the Flower turned around "Huh?" Only to be tackled by something red and black which was engulfed by red petals "Ufh!" He was so surprised that he fell backwards on the ground.

When the flurry of flower petals dwindled, Zero noticed a light weight on his chest followed by a murmur "Oh…..did I hit a wall again..guuhh."

Clear silver eyes met vivid ruby-eyes.

"Um…..hi?" Awkwardly greeting the girl, lying on top of him, he felt a little bit funny….That girl felt….soft….and warm….and she smelled like strawberries, which was somehow pleasant, yet unpleasant for the young god.

"Oh…." Noticing him and his greeting, the girl smiled merrily and waved her hand "Hi!"

Some second passed and Zero raised a brow and began to speak up "Um….you kind of sitting on my chest….sooo…"

Finally noticing what she has done and what she was right now doing, the girl in action blushed, which was strengthened by her pale skin. When both of them stood up, they looked at each other.

"So?" Zero crossed his arms over his chest "What do you want?" His ruby-colored eyes bored into her causing the young girl, to look uncomfortable. She was probably not a people-person, less than even one bit of sociable. Well not that he really cared for, since his ascension, Zero didn't really had one ounce of interest in other people, if they weren't at least a bit interesting in the first glance.

"Um," The girl looked nervously up and down and right and life, fiddling with her forefingers "Uhm, well…."

Rolling his eyes, Zero huffed "Missy, I've got no time for hesitation, spit it out, you're already a grown girl.

Hearing his frustration, the girl panicked and didn't know what to say. She became stressed to the point where she began to breathe heavily.

'Me and my…..' Sighing again, they infant god spoke up "No problem, the scope is yours, have fun with it, don't worry I've got more money that I need. A good day to you, too." Finishing everything, he turned around only to be engulfed by red rose petals again. As he could even comprehend what just happened, he was greeted again by the sight of the young girl, right in front of him.

"Wait!" Shouted the girl with

'Fast!' Was the thing that had Zero thought. This girl was not normal. Perhaps he underestimated her.

Well back to the weird little girl.


Again being asked in a stern voice the girl froze for a second, yet she regained her composure and took a deep breath.

"Why did you buy me the scope?" She asked but then the young girl became slightly shy, again "I mean not that I am grateful, but you know, you know, ehm…" She began to put her fingertips together and glanced between him and her shoes.

Sighing Zero began to massage his temples "Scroll."

"Ehm, sorry?"

"Scroll, now!"

The girl nodded and immediately took her scroll out of her pouch and gave it to him.

Zero took it, and synchronized it with his own. He heard a gasp from the girl, probably seeing his custom made one.

"I put my number in it, if you have the time and the money," He looked at her and threw her scroll back, which she barely caught in the heat of not understanding what just happened, "Call me," He made the call sign with his thump and pinky "And we meet up." He then put his scroll back "Got it, 'Ruby'?"

"What?" She shook her head and to realize what just happened "O-of course, eh…." She looked at her scroll and red the new name on her call list "Zero?"

"Yep, now, see you soon." He raised his hand and held it in the air "Now give me high-five."

"What?" Again the girl, named Ruby was perplexed.

"High-Five, now."

She nodded "O-okay." The girl gave him a high-five.

"Good," Mikhail nodded "Have a nice day, munchkin." He then passed by her, leaving Ruby alone in a rather confused state.

After some seconds, the girl regained her composure and looked at her scroll "Zero, huh…..Nice guy…." A smile formed on her face, as she now realized that she also had the long awaited scope, for her weapon, in her hand. Yet a sudden revelation came to her mind "Did….did I just exchanged contacts with a boy!?" She flushed red at the realization for having now the number of a boy in her contact list "Guh….should rather not tell Yang about it. She will then never stop teasing me…..and Dad would probably ground me like, forever….."