I woke up after a normal night which I was dealing with my Darkness inside of me and waking up due to hearing my voice at like 2 am and no one awake at the time.

I look around and almost freak out due to I see different surroundings than I went to sleep and where I wake is a Pod in a facility which looks more modern than the time I woke up to.

All I see is some scientist talking about a great find and they point to me too and then I go back to sleep randomly after. I wake up in a bedroom that looks more like a cell for every minute I think about.

Then I Hear a voice saying Subject Zero has now been official captured and I was Subject CLASSIFIED according to the room and what I was now wearing.

I then remember the Mass effect books and games and think THIS IS ALL A FUCKING DREAM AND I need to wake up but I can't and am not waking up.

The next Day I get experimented on to the point where they are training the hell out of me and I know if I say anything, they'll get pissed and then I am fucked. I hear, the wolf shall obey its Alpha and they were training me into that Alpha.

I have been training to the point where I am more buff and I also have biotics over the bounds of Subject Zero and that is scary because we meet about a week ag


Who are you Said Zero, I said Wolf because if I say my real name, I am seriously fucked, We meet during a training season with our biotics and well that ending with me on top of her in a very sexual way and the scientist enjoyed it too, you know before I threw a guard into a way and got electrocuted to the point where I went out like a light.

I woke up in the "CELL" with myself about to try to destroy the walls of Telin but I stop and remember what could happen if I do and all of the anger that would be released if I do and well that could create a Biotic electrical storm that could destroy more that the guards but the other subjects too which would suck.

Subject Zero or JACK, We have learned to get along but we know if we fight it's going to be a standoff and no one would win and well we would escape due to the destruction. I also yelled CERBERUS really loud just to see the guard reaction and one almost punched my lights out due to it and well it was hysterical but the pain would not is.

I know I was falling into the point where I was saying this set of words, "Work in Darkness, Serve the Light", although Cerberus is most definitely not the light.

I have assassin blades with that saying engraved on it which is only used for training and hunting in the area as well as a sword and bow kitted out for war it seems like but you know some pieces were probably to have JACK Harper approve.

I have yet to meet him, but I believe it will be soon due to what it sounds that I may be forced to be his personal assassin.

Author note: another story I may continue, but I guess just ideas I want to get out.

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