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The original story is written by Hikari Nova, I have permission to do a Reading the story by Hikari.

All of the students at Hogwarts were in the Great Hall done eating dinner when there was a crash of thunder, Harry Potter was sitting at the Ravenclaw table with his friends Hermione, Fred, George from Gryffindor, Susan, Hannah, Cedric from Hufflepuff, Tracy, Blaise, Daphne from Slytherin and Luna, Cho and Roger from Ravenclaw also, he was just waiting for the floor to hit the ceiling. Because he was entered into the Tournament without his permission.

All of a sudden the doors opened and a series of books flew to Professor Dumbledore with a note that was read outloud. The note said "This is the true story of Arturia Potter a female from a different reality, please read from the first to the last."

Everyone was looking at Harry who was getting ticked off because they expect him to know everything that is happening at the school, they forget that he only has 4 years of schooling that deals with magic. Professor Dumbledore looked around at everyone and asked "Does anyone volunteer to read the first chapter?" Hermione stood up and said "I will Professor Dumbledore."

The first book had the title of Princess of Knights. The book was opened to the first page and Hermione cleared her throat and started to read.

"Lily Potter nee Evans stared as her new born daughter's blonde locks of hair and couldn't help be snicker at the noise her husband James Potter made.

'How does our daughter have blonde hair? I mean I could understand Red or my own almost black brown colouring but not blonde'James says staring at his daughters blonde hair."

Harry looked at his hair and thought 'I could add some red to my hair so people would just stop comparing me to Dad.' Then he realized that the day they were talking about in the book was his birthday. Which everyone knew and he just got presents from everyone that he knew of. And from people that he never heard of.

Hermione continued reading after she took a sip of her water.

" 'She looks like my grandmother James as she had the same golden blonde hair colour and it's only been my mother along with me and Petunia that doesn't have the hair colouring' Lily says softly as hummed to herself though she did find it strange that her daughter didn't have the normal baby blue eyes but instead she had bright emerald green eyes that seem to hold a glow to them.' " Hermione looked at Harry and said "You had the green eyes since you were born then according to this book." Harry replied " This story is from an alternate reality, besides I have pictures that show my eyes as blue when I was born."

Hermione nodded, and started reading again" 'Arturia'Lily says softly breaking James out of his thoughts.

'Come again Lily-flower I didn't hear you' James says as Lily looks up at him from her bed and smiles brightly.

'Arturia Morgana Potter, That is what our daughters name shall be' Lily says before giving James a glare when he opened his mouth that made him shut it with audible click as he did NOT want to be sleeping on the couch.

'How did you come up with that name?' James asks nervously as he did not want to set his wife off.

" Hermione looked at everyone and said "That is why you DO NOT want to tick a woman off." Draco stood up and said "That is the truth and nothing but the truth." Harry stood up and said "See Hermione I told you he wasn't that bad." Hermione looked at both of the guys and told Harry" Okay I get it now can I finish the chapter." Harry nodded. Hermione took a bigger drink of her water. And started to read again " 'Arturia was my grandmothers name and she was given a feminine version of King Arthurs name, and Morgana because I believe she'll be a powerful witch when she get's older'Lily says getting a nod from James as he couldn't fault his wife's reasons.

{July 31st 1986}

Arturia was running not from bullies like one would think but from ghouls, her aunt and uncle had already been killed and turned into the soulless monsters something that had saddened her as while her aunt and uncle didn't outright love her then didn't hate her either the fact that she had been skipped ahead to 4th grade actually brought her aunt pride towards her, her uncle not so much." Hermione lookes at Harry very closely "Do your relatives still treat you like that or do I need to have another talk with them?" Harry answered"Ummm, yes and no Aunt Petunia treats me better, Uncle Vernon and Dudley still treat me like a slave." Hermione took a notebook and wrote 'Need to have a talk with a walrus and a pig.' Everyone looked at Hermione and Harry like they were talking in code except for Harry's friends who knew what his home life was like. Hermione nodded at them. Then after making that note, and telling the others to meet after the chapter was done. She read some more. " 'No,no,no,no,no' Arturia says frantically as she looks at the dead end alley she had accidentally run down instead of the one she meant in order to escape.

Arturia turned around to run to the proper alley only to freeze at the sight of the ghoul that had chased her.

'I DON'T WANT TO DIE!' Arturia yells at the top of her lungs as the ghoul ran at her.

Within the sleeping and hidden castle of Camelot a broken sword glows before reforming and then vanishing.

A bright light appeared in front of Arturia the light itself turned the attacking ghoul into dust as a beautiful sword appeared before it dropped to the ground the blade planting into the stone of the sidewalk, Arturia grabbed the blade and pulled it free her thoughts focused only of survival to the point she wasn't going to question a sword appearing in front of her."

Everyone who knew Harry knew that he was good at swordsmanship and the martial arts that came with using a sword. Hermione sat down and kept on reading so that she can have the meeting with all of her friends that knew her as more than a bookworm. She read " 'Survive now think about magically appearing swords later' Arturia thinks to herself as she runs cutting down any ghoul that got in her way, her body moving on memories not her own and as she neared the edge of little whining she was thrown back as the dead apostle and master of the ghouls that attacked appeared in front of her.

'Well, well a little magus living in such a place...how interesting I may just keep you for a pet until you're older' the Dead Apostle says as he walks towards Arturia who was still clutching the handle of her sword that was slowly beginning to absorb Arturia's magic as she slowly got up and glared at the dead apostle.

'I will not be your pet MONSTER!' Arturia says as she takes a stance causing the dead apostle to look at the young girl curiously." Hermione looked up from the book and said "If any one has a question about the dead apostle we call them vampires." She looked down and continued to read from where she left off. " 'Sword of Selection, grant me power! Cleave the wicked!' runs through Arturia's mind as she thrusts her sword at the dead apostle while shouting 'CALIBURN!' causing a beam of holy fire to be launched almost at point blank range turning the dead apostle to ashes all the while letting out enough magical energy to be detected by the magi in clock tower and the magical monitoring system in the British MoM that monitors the magic of witches and wizards to crash, and it was a very tired and sleepy Arturia that a curious wizard marshal and master of the 2nd true magic by the name of Zelretch .

'Interesting I may have just found my new entertainment' Zeletch says as he scoops the young girl up along with the sword causing him to laugh at seeing the girl having the real Caliburn and apparently also using it.

'A new King of Knights eh? no, no a Princess and future Queen of Knights' Zelretch says with a wide grin as he vanishes with the girl and her sword in a mote of lights as he had a certain Lady of the Lake to visit to get the kid a proper parental figure as he wasn't fit to be a parent a grandparent sure he already had 2 grand-daughters but a parent nope to much reasonability, plus the girl needed to be trained and who knows maybe the girl will be gifted with the true Excalibur."

Hermione finished and said "The next person should have a big glass of water and use some paper to write down the questions or thoughts as you read this."