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The original story is written by Hikari Nova, I have permission to do a Reading the story by Hikari.

After Hermione got herself a big cup of hot chocolate. Because of how sore her throat was. Professor Dumbledore stood up and said "Thank you Hermione for reading the first chapter of this new story, who wants to read next?"

Draco stood up and said "Professor Dumbledore I want to read the next chapter." Professor Dumbledore nodded and Hermione brought the book over to Draco so he could read.

Draco made sure that he had a big cup of water with lemon so he could take sips when his throat got dry, and some paper and a quill for his thoughts and questions.

Draco read "Nimue the Lady of the Lake stared at Zelretch then the child in his arms who was holding a magically reformed Caliburn in her grip as she slept.

'Just what in the name of everything holy did you do you trolling bloodsucker?' Nimue says not even bothering to use her more polite and noble way of speaking as she had yet to forgive Zelretch for the last time he got bored and picked her for his target of entertainment.

' Why Nimue that's not very nice thing to say to an old friend' " Draco told everyone that Nimue was the person who kept Excalibur in her lake and was a person that Merlin liked. He kept on reading after those words of thought were spoken " Zelretch says in a mock hurt tone of voice only to get a flat stare in return.

'Ruin my fun why don't you' Zelretch says with a put out sigh before he grins widely at Nimue.

' I'll make you a deal I won't bother you or any other version of you while this young girl is alive if you raise her as it's pretty clear that Caliburn has chosen her as the next 'king' of Britain'Zeretch says as he lays the young girl down on the ground near Nimue."

The minsiter of Magic Mr. Fudge was shivering because he knew that if this happened in his universe he would be out of his job and all the money that he got for keeping certain people out of jail. Draco noticed that Fudge was shivering and kept a close eye on him while he took a sip of his water with lemon.

Draco read " Nimue stared at Zelretch before she began casting medical spells and magecraft on the girl before hissing as she takes the child into her arms before saying 'Stay here Apostle I have a abomination to purge from this girl before it can take ahold' before she and the girl vanishes into the lake though Zelretch did hear the Lady of the Lake mutter about soul shards and purging the filth to do such a thing as splitting their soul."

All of Harrys friends looked at him, as they knew all about how much his scar was hurting during the reading of the story. Harry was paying attention to the story and not his friends. Hermione looked at her friends and wrote down 'Voldemort? Soul splitting apart with curse?' They all nodded so that was added to the list of discussions that they were going to have at the end of the book. Draco looked at the group and thought 'I should tell them about Fudge.' Draco nodded to himself and wrote that thought down after taking a big sip of his water with lemon.

Draco read "It's would be 2 days later that Nimue would appear to the bored of waiting Zelretch who upon seeing her started smiling.

'I'll raise the child of Gaea as Gaea has asked me to do so when I purged the abomination that had attempted to anchor itself on the child's soul and magic'Nimue says getting a blink from Zelretch.

'Child of Gaia?' Zelretch asks not understanding what Nimue meant.

'Gaea not Gaia, for Gaea is the mother Earth while Gaia is more equal to a type that tries to keep the unnatural from the planet and it is Gaia that corrodes Magi magecraft as it's see's Magi as unnatural but protected by the spirit of humanity, While the magic of the child's people who are children of Gaea are seen as natural and so their magic is preserved and even strengthened, it is why Magi feel pain when they first unlock their magic while the children of Gaea are born with their magic unlocked' Nimue says though from what she understood the past thousand or so years Gaea and Gaia have been mistaken for the same being, heck that Magi think that the Age of Gods is over since the Gods have all but retreated to their own realms and rarely interact with the humans anymore like they did thousands of years before.

'Well then...' Zelretch stutters out in surprise having been caught off guard that that this world was different from the ones that normally have Magi in it.

'I guess I'll say have fun raising her and that I will be popping in every now and then to see how she is as now I'm a lot more curious about her now outside of the fact that she somehow reformed Caliburn' Zelretch says before he vanishes via Kaleidoscope as he had ALOT of thinking and research to do, oh well at least he isn't bored anymore."

Draco got done reading and everyone had questions about the Gods and Goddesses that were talked about.

Professor Sinstra stood up and said "Please everyone, I know you have questions just write them down, and after this book we will be having a special class where we will be just talking about the Gods and Goddesses."