Naruto never knew that he could feel so enraged before. He knew one thing better than anyone, those who were cursed lived a harsh life. Iruka was proof of that and hadn't been able to find true happiness until Kakashi came into his life. Now, Hinata had to suffer the same fate as Iruka and it made Naruto angry. He had never wanted to kill someone so badly before in his entire life.

Rushing to Hinata, he watched as Kakashi fought against the man that took away his friends. "Hinata!" Shouted the blonde as he checked her shoulder over.

"Naru… to?" Hinata whispered softly, looking up at the blonde. Her eyes were filled with pain as she gazed at him. "My shoulder… it hurts." She whispered.

"I know Hinata, I'm so sorry. Maybe… maybe it won't work? Maybe he can't curse you because he wasn't a wolf now! Maybe…" Tears filled his eyes, no, he knew that something had changed. Her scent was a little different but not overly so. Tightly shutting his eyes, the blonde knew that he had to do something. That he had to be able to stop his uncle once and for all before he hurt anyone else. He had cursed Iruka, killed Kakashi's friends and not only kidnapped Hinata but also cursed her now too.

Snarling a little, the young man looked at her as he gave her a soft smile. Hoping to ease her spirits. "I'll stop him Hinata, just… just stay here okay?" Hinata just blinked her lavender coloured eyes before nodding slowly. God, had the scratch drained her of all her energy so she had to go through the semi-change? Wait, was that even a thing?

Never mind, back to the task at hand.

Shaking his head, Naruto howled before his body shifted into his wolf form. His black fur glistening in the dim light from above the trees. 'I won't let him hurt another member of my family, of my pack!' thought the wolf as he rushed forward. He should have felt physical strain, should have felt his mind trying to tear and knit itself back together but he felt nothing. He didn't feel anything but the rush, the feel of being a wolf. The thrill of running and the desire to fix his mistakes.

About the desire to protect his chosen, to help those in his pack that would need help in fighting the one thing that would dare threaten their safety. Naruto knew that he felt all of it, that it became one with his very being.

Snarling in anger, the man rushed forward and attacked. Daisuke howled as he tried to fight off Naruto and Kakashi. He would twist his body around and bite into the older man's neck before swinging his back legs at Naruto.

As for Naruto, he managed to jump back before jumping onto Daisuke's back, digging his fangs into the scruff of the man's neck. Daisuke howled and tried to roll around to get Naruto off of him. Yet, before he could even get that far, Naruto shifted into a half wolf, standing on his back legs as he grabbed a hold of Daisuke's neck and toss him like a rag doll.

Kakashi shifted into a half-wolf as well, snarling as he said "You killed my best friends. I'm going to make sure you feel everything that they felt!"

It seemed that the man had given himself into rage and revenge. Though, he couldn't blame the man for that, Daisuke was the cause of all his problems. His friend's deaths and of course what had happened to Iruka all those years ago. The pain and torment was going to be put to an end tonight.

"I did you a favor though. They would have held you back." Daisuke said, half-shifting as he gave the two men a crazed yet insane smile. "Think about it! You have amazing control because of me! You are an amazing wolf and you could join my pack!" Daisuke laughed like a mad man before smirking down at Naruto and Kakashi.

Kakashi snarled before rushing forward and swiped his claws at the man. There was no way that Kakashi would let this man get away with any more pain. Anymore death or anymore suffering. He would make sure that this man would never hurt another living being. Naruto snarled as he rushed forward as well and jumped at the man. Kicking him in the chest, and sending him flying away from the two of them.

Daisuke yelped out in shock before he landed on his legs, digging his claws into the ground blow him to slow him down before rushing at the two wolves. Naruto snarled as he rushed forward, as did Kakashi. Both moving side to side as if trying to confuse the older wolf, Naruto knew that this may or may not work, but he had to hurry up and knock the man off of his feet.

He had to hurry and get Hinata to a hospital.

Gritting his teeth, the young man saw Kakashi getting ahead of him, seeing the man's expression told him everything that he needed to know. Smirking as well as one can with a muzzle, Naruto saw Kakashi kneel down, Naruto jumped and landed on his back before jumping in the air. "You're going down Daisuke!" shouted the blonde before he swung himself and slammed his leg into his uncle's face. Knocking him down and landed on the man's chest. "You won't get away with all that you have done. I won't let it!" shouted Naruto as he snarled.

Daisuke smirked a little before he reached up and dug his claws into Naruto's leg, causing the blonde to howl and fall over. Grabbing onto his leg, he looked up and saw Daisuke glaring down at him. "Too bad, I was hoping to have some kind of family in my pack. But I guess I'll have to settle with taking the girl and having children with her as she'll soon be a cursed one." Daisuke said with a smirk.

"Fuck you." Naruto snarled. He wouldn't allow such a thing to happen, he would make sure that Hinata is never mistreated. He wouldn't allow her to live a life as anyone's breeder! She would live a life where she is loved!

Naruto's eyes glowed brightly before he managed to jump back up onto his feet and slam his claws through his uncle's chest. The man looked down at Naruto in shock before looking at the hand that had managed to ram itself through his chest. It seemed that he hadn't been prepared for that. Looking back up, he whispered "A young man… took me down."

Naruto ripped his hand away from his uncle's chest as the man fell over onto the ground. The blonde young man breathed heavily as if the whole thing had just exhausted him, though really, it had mostly just mentally worn him out. He never knew that he could have killed anyone, but the one thing that he hadn't expected was to feel bad about it afterwards. He knew that at some point, he may have to kill another wolf should the need arise, which it had.

But it still didn't make him feel better even though he had every right too. This man, his own uncle had cursed Iruka, killed Kakashi's friends and now cursed Hinata.

"Naruto, how are you feeling?" asked Kakashi with a frown on his face.

"Besides bad for killing my own uncle? Fine…" Naruto whispered before turning back to Kakashi, who had… changed back with another set of clothes? Where did those come from?

"Come on, I'll carry Hinata home. You change back into a wolf alright? I'll explain everything later, for now I think we should treat her injury and let her rest." Naruto sighed softly before nodding his head. Turning back into a wolf, the young man looked up at Hinata as he watched the blue haired woman shake and tremble in the other man's arms. It hurt him to see her like this.

It had been a while since the attack. Naruto of course had his parents help with Hinata's injury. The scratches were deep, but didn't hit any nerves thankfully. Yet, it would scar much like Iruka's had. Yet, at least she could easily just get clothes that should cover her shoulder. Yet, it was the aftermath that was the most difficult for her to adjust too.

Everything would set Hinata off, much like it did for Iruka. Though, it seemed that compared to the both of them, it was much easier for her.

Hinata was still her, though a little stronger, faster and her senses were much stronger than the average human. Though he couldn't help but be concerned about her.

Her eyes, they changed as well but not overly so. It seemed that much like Iruka in that aspect. Only changing colour when she was angry, but even now it was still a struggle for her to adjust too. Hinata used to cry over losing her temper, and it made sense. It would scare anyone really, though she was adjusting thanks to the help from Naruto, Kakashi, Minato, Kushina and Iruka. Mostly Iruka though as he was a cursed one.

Giving a small smile as he found his girlfriend in the courtyard at school. Watching as she just laid on the grass reading a book as she ate her lunch. It seemed that she was trying to shelter herself again.

He let out a soft sigh before making his way over to her and plopped down next to the blue haired woman. "Hey." He whispered softly.

Hinata looked up and gave him a small smile before leaning closer to him and let out a soft sigh. Nuzzling his shoulder before looking up at him. "Hey." She whispered softly.

"Hinata, how are you feeling?"

"I'm fine, but… I want to avoid people for now. I'm scared of wanting to bite their heads off." Hinata let out a soft sigh, her hand reaching up and grabbed a hold of her shoulder and frowned a little. Naruto couldn't help but frown with her, it hurt him to see her like this. To know that, even though it wasn't him that scratched her, it still felt like it was his fault for it.

"Hinata, I am so sorry." He whispered softly before kissing her forehead. "If it wasn't for me, if I wasn't a werewolf, if only I hadn't involved you in my life then you wouldn't-"

"Naruto, stop it. I love you, and nothing will change that." Hinata whispered, having placed her index finger on his lips to silence the man. She gave him a soft smile before removing her finger and gave him a loving smile. "I love you Naruto, nothing will change that okay?" Giving him a sad smile, she went on. "I know this wasn't what we both had in mind for our future. But, you also mustn't blame yourself for what happened. It wasn't like you planned all of this to happen did you?"

"Well of course not but-"

"But nothing. This will never be your fault, it'll never ever be your fault." Hinata gave him a small smile before kissing his cheek and just cuddled up with him. Letting out a soft sigh as she nuzzled his shoulder, letting out a soft sigh of content. Naruto blushed darkly but he couldn't help but give her a soft look. His eyes, having been haunted for days by the cries of pain that Hinata would let out, by the whimpers of her injuries burning… It almost seemed to have vanished in that moment before letting out a soft sigh.

"How did I get someone like you in my life Hinata? I feel like this is nothing more than a dream and you are what I worked so hard to be with." He whispered softly before kissing her forehead. It had felt everything was nothing more than a dream, a dream that he never wanted to wake from yet, at the same time he hoped that Hinata hadn't been cursed to such a life.

But, he would make sure that no matter what, she would never regret being with him. He would always make sure that this life, the life that she had now will be nothing but happiness and joy. Closing his eyes for a brief moment, Naruto turned his head as he gazed at the woman he loved. She gazed up at him with soft yet loving eyes. "Hinata, I love you so much. I promise, I'll never stop loving you."

Hinata blinked as she stared at Naruto, only to smile at him. "I love you too Naruto. Nothing will change my love for you." She said with a giggle before kissing his cheek. Naruto turned himself, gently cupping her cheek against his hand before he kissed her gently. He loved the feel of her lips against his. It felt amazing, made him feel complete and whole. A thing that he never knew he was missing until Hinata came into his life, and loved him in return.

He stuck to his vow though, he would make sure that no one would ever hurt her. That he would make sure that she was loved and happy. Though, he just hoped that their lives would always be happy.

That nothing would ever try to come between them ever again. That though, was something that they could never be sure of. Letting out a soft sigh, the young man pulled back as he gazed lovingly at Hinata. A soft smile growing on his face as he gazed at her. "Hinata, you are the one. The only one that I could ever love in my life. You are my chosen, and nothing will change that. I promise, I will do everything in my power to love you, to cherish you and to make sure that should you ever lose control over your temper until you learned to control it then I will do everything."

Hinata blinked at him before tears streamed down her face. Tears of joy. "You mean like how you learned to control yourself finally?"

"Far from it. I only learned control, because I felt like I had failed you that shock I guess was similar to what Kakashi went through." He whispered before kissing her gently.

Yup, life was the way it should be. Happy, filled with life, joy and love. A life that Naruto knew he'd never take for granted ever again.

this is the end, though there will be a bonus chapter, I don't know when it will be, but there will still be a bonus chapter of Iruka's past to the moment he was scratched, to his troubles with the curse and so on, though I don't have it thought of yet so I'll be working on it piece by piece while I work on another story, I'm sorry!