Last night was a blur. Weiss only remembered bits and pieces of what happened. The music and lighting were vivid. Loud and pulsing, that stuff got on her nerves and probably the only reason why she remembered it. There was a karaoke machine, a blue blur that annoyed the shit out of her and fire? Why was fire in her hazy memory?

As she was slowly starting to wake up, she saw familiar surroundings. Good, she was able to make it home. Sighing relief before settling down to go back to sleep. Not yet registering movement behind her and one strong arm came to wrap around her waist.

'This is nice. We should do this more.. Of..ten?' Weiss's eyes shot open and she hurried away from the foreign body in her bed. Flailing and falling over onto the carpeted floor. Heart beating fast and finally seeing she's naked. Letting out a scream, she grabs covers to hide her form.

The surprised cry startled the man in a hurry to sit up. "Wha!? What's happening?" he asks, panic on his face.

Weiss's eyes took in the man she had shared her bed with last night. Short black hair with red tips, messy from her hands playing in the short strands. His neck and chest had hickeys and bite marks painting his skin. All of them dark and noticeable as well as the abs she definitely didn't go back to more than once, not at all. Though her blush deepened when she saw him turn away to check the surroundings. His back looked like a battle zone, her manicured nails had raked down those sculpted shoulders and arms more than once.

The man sighs relief before flopping back down onto the bed. "Geez, what a terrible way to wake up." Having avoided whatever rude thing had awoken him in his sleep. Though before he could fall asleep again, he gets hit with a pillow. Jumping again as he sits up, "AH! Why?" He whines, looking around before seeing a stunned and very red Weiss Schnee peering over the edge of her bed at him from the floor.

He gives a sleepy grin and waves, "G'morning, Weiss."

It was cute, in a way, that he knew her name and his sleepy self was also a little endearing. Shaking her head and pinching one arm, she had to reign in those thoughts. "Come on. Time to get up and out of here. I don't want my roommates knowing you're here!"

He frowns a bit, "Really? No good mornings? Just wham bam thank you, Ruben?" He sighs as he moves to get up and leaves himself bare to the world.

Weiss's blush only grew deeper. Abs, a taut ass, muscles and holy hell, how did that thing even fit in her!? What is this man made of? "Y-y-you n-need underw-wear!" she screeches as she hides her eyes.

Ruben looks to Weiss and laughed at that, "After what you did to me last night, I wouldn't think you'd get embarrassed so easily." he teases and gets a pillow thrown at his head.

"JUST!" She huffs and looks away, "Find your clothes and go away!"

Ruby shrugs, teasing had failed horribly. He walks around the room and blinks, "Uhm, Weiss?" He asks, rubbing the back of his head.

"What?" She was annoyed that he wasn't getting dressed still.

"My clothes aren't in here." Ruben keeps looking around then under the bed.

Weiss almost looked ghost like from that realization, "no.." Whispering before eyes shot wide open, "NO!" She tightened her sheet gown around her body before throwing open her bedroom door and seeing the remains of his clothes and some of hers across the living room. Heat rose up to her cheeks as she then sees one of her roommates just staring at her with knowing looks.

"Good morning, Weiss." Cinder says, wiggling long fingers at her in a wave.

Weiss tried to stutter out a response before Ruben peeks out from the room, "Morning!" He answers for her and she screams again.

Though from a room that was still closed off from the mayhem. A woman with long black hair was on top of a very muscular blonde. Nails digging into his chest and enjoying his hands going over her slender frame to grope roughly. Though when she was about to straddle him all the way, Weiss's scream made them both jump at attention. "Weiss?" Blake turns around towards her door, confused.

"Wait… Isn't that the lady my little brother was set up with last night?" Yang sits up, rubbing his head to look at the door too.

"Definitely not the same screaming from last night." Blake grins. She regretfully removed herself from his presence to seek out clothes. "Better make sure she's not trying to kill him." She sighs, throwing on the large man's shirt as a cover before grabbing some shorts. "Stay there. I doubt this will take long."

Yang shrugs, stretching and yawning. "Fine. I'll be limbering up for whatever you have in mind."

Blake smirks and opens the door into the living room area of the apartment, "What's happening…" She stops to see Weiss covering her face and looking ashamed and Cinder was teasing her from her spot on the couch. Ruben just stayed in the room and sees Blake.

Smiling and waving to her, "Hey Blake!"

Blake waved and then started to laugh. Holding her sides with one arm and hiding her mouth with her hand. "M-morning-pft."

Yang peeks through the door and waves to Ruben, "Morning bro!"

"Morning, Yang!" Ruben gave another enthusiastic wave while Weiss was dying.

"Stop! How can you be so calm about this!?" Weiss butts in and glares at everyone. "I don't even know him!"

Ruben pouts and Yang acted as if he just got burnt, "Damn. That's harsh, Ice Queen." The blonde says, "From what I heard last night, I thought for sure you wouldn't have forgotten the amazing red wonder."

Ruden went red from that and Weiss stammered at it. Cinder smiles, "I know I wouldn't have if I got my hands on him." She gave him a wink and he had to look away, embarrassed or afraid. He wasn't sure.

Weiss glares at Yang, "Shut it, brute!" She then turns to Ruben, "Please get clothes on!"

He nods as he steps out of the cover of the bedroom, much to Weiss's dismay. She couldn't stop her roaming eyes from taking in his figure. He found his underwear and slipped it on in a little shimmy and both the brothers gave a thumbs up to each other before he went to find the rest of his stuff. Of course, Cinder didn't mind the show either.

Yang soon saw his back and his eyes went wide. Smirking and looking to Weiss, "And I always thought Blake was a beast in bed."

Blake elbows him playfully, but had to hide a grin. Weiss turned her look to Yang, if only looks could kill. Ruben pulled his shirt over his head and shakes up his hair a bit. Perfect and ready for another day. Yang sighs and moves to get dressed too, "I guess I'll walk out with ya, bro."

Blake's eyes went wide and looked to Yang, "Please don't go. I bet you both would like breakfast at least!" that and she really wanted another round with the surprising sensual man.

Yang grins and kisses Blake full on the lips, "Another time since Weiss seems to hate at least two of the people in this apartment. But I'll call you tonight. Does dinner sound okay?"

Blake smiles at that, "Dinner sounds perfect." kissing him again, "Do you want your shirt back?"

"Keep it." Yang smiles and walks out of her bedroom. "Ready, Rubes?"

"Yep!" popping the 'p as he spoke before looking to Weiss and rubbing the back of his neck. "I-I mean. We didn't get off on a good start-"

"But I'm sure you both got off at least once."

"Yang!" Ruben shouts and the blonde holds up his hands in defence. Sighing as he looks back to Weiss, "A-anyways. Would you mind if I call you sometime when you're not busy? I wouldn't mind starting off on better terms than in a bar and getting drunk..."

Weiss stares at him for a long minute before sighing with a lazed head tilt, "Give me your phone."

Ruben smiles as he pulls it out and hands it to her, "Though, I hope you don't mind texts now and then too." Yang was smiling ear to ear as well, seeing his little brother get someone. Finally.

Weiss hands him back his phone, which he giddily takes and she had to look away from the puppy of a man in front of her. "You better keep to that promise or I'll hunt you down and neuter you."

Ruben gives a salute, "Yes, Weiss!"

An arm comes forward and wraps Ruben in a headlock, "Let's go bro! That way you can text Elsa sooner so she doesn't kill you." Weiss growls at him and Yang used his little brother as a shield, leaving the apartment. "See you tonight, Blake!"

"Bye~" She waves until they closed the door. Soon the raven haired woman glares at Weiss, "You just had to ruin my morning with your screaming."

Weiss glares back, "I-I can't help it! There was a stranger in my bed."

"Didn't seem that much of a stranger last night." Cinder mentions, taking a sip of water.

Blake sits on the backside of the couch, "Weiss. How much of last night do you remember?"

Weiss sits down in a plush chair, arms crossed protectively over her. "The beginning mostly…" She mumbled, closing her eyes to really think about it. "I remember going to that bar you suggested because Yang worked there that night. Something about him in a tank top that showed off his muscles really well." Eyeing Blake and seeing that the woman was looking elsewhere from that part. "Then Cinder got us flaming shots and more shots after that…"

"Vodka is a real knockout of a woman." Cinder smirks from her spot, ignoring Weiss's glare.

"Then I remember you guys got me to sing karaoke in the corner, I remember stumbling off and seeing this blue haired guy."

"Neptune and Sun were there. Let's just say that Neptune wouldn't take no for an answer after we told him to leave. Yang had to throw him out cause he was being a butt head." Blake mumbles and sighs, "Since you were newer to the bar, he thought he had a chance."

"It definitely wasn't to show off that Yang can carry screaming men and toss them like they're ragdolls." Cinder laughs and gets a pinch on her arm, "Ah! Hey!"

"Sounds charming. Doesn't explain how Ruben got in my bed."

Cinder holds up her hand, "I can explain that part." Something about the smile that appeared on her face made Weiss dread deeply. "So you had a few by that point in the night and a lot looser and less… you." She blocks the pillow from hitting her, "Anyways, Blake and Yang have been flirting all night but that's when Ruben came in. He just got off of work and it seems the bumbles decided that maybe he'd be good at melting your cold heart."

Weiss glares at Cinder, "You seem to want me to smother you with a pillow."

"No but this story gets better." She leans back into the couch cushions. "Ruben can't handle his liquor but was able to stay alert to things surprisingly. Then you started to really warm up to him. Enough to where you decided to do shots on his abs and peel lime wedges from his mouth."

Weiss's face was on fire and looked horrified through all the blushing, "W-WHAT!?"

"Yeah! You enjoyed licking at his abs and he enjoyed it too." Cinder hums thoughtfully, " He actually wanted to let you take a cab home and he'd just walk back to his own after he escorted you back safely. That was the last we saw of you both."

Weiss rubs her temples as she takes it in. Things are slowly starting to come back, "I'm never drinking again."

"That's what everyone says until they remember how fun it is." Cinder says and grabs her glass to drink again.

"Great. I made a complete fool of myself!" Weiss sighs and slumps in her spot.

"Which part are you talking about? The bar part or the man walking around naked to dress himself in our living room part?" Cinder looks to her, curious.

"Shut up." Weiss stands up and goes to her room.

Blake sighs, "Should we tell her about the strip tease outside of the bar?"

Cinder laughs, "God no."

Yang and Ruben had made it to the bottom floor of the apartment building. Yang dragging his little brother as he went since it seems he's distracted with the new number in his phone. Ruben was never one for large groups or wanting tons and tons of friends. He was fine with their small group of Sun, Neptune, Jaune, Ren, Pyrrha and Nora. A wholesome group that stood up for one another but definitely didn't let each other get away with dumb stuff.

Though it seems it's growing again in the case of Weiss and Blake. Hopefully depending on if the brothers can keep from scaring them away at least.

Yang yawns and fishes out keys to his motorcycle. Ruben trotting behind him, "Sorry I ruined your morning." he mumbles, finally putting his phone away.

Yang stops and looks towards him, "What? you didn't ruin my morning." he chuckles. He ruffled his hair before earning an elbow to the ribs. "I can always make it up to Blake tonight. Don't worry."

"Gross. But okay. I'm sure I'll have another late shift today too. Just don't expect me to come drop in too soon but I doubt I'll have anywhere to stay tonight if you need privacy."

Yang taps on his chin in thought, "Well, there's always bunking with ice queen again if she's feeling merciful."

Ruben glanced to the side, cheeks tinted, "I doubt that's gonna happen again any time soon after this morning."

Yang gives a hearty laugh, "True thing little bro. But hey, look on the bright side! You finally lost that virginity of yours."

Ruben grumbles, "That never mattered to me, Yang. The fact that I was never a man cause I hadn't had sex yet is dumb and really destroys a guy's self-esteem." he sighs and felt a pat on his back.

"Right. Sorry again." Yang looked guilty about that, rubbing the back of his neck, "Anyways! Let's go back home and get changed. I'm sure the smell of sex is off putting to people around us." he tries to lighten the mood again.

Ruben groans, "Yang! Not so loud!" he scolds the blonde, pushing him to his motorcycle so they could finally leave. "Take me to my car please."