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A branch snapping behind Rin startled him enough that his right arm twitched and made the leaves around him rustle, but a quick scan of his 'nen' had him relaxing once again when the source was too small to be a human. He settled further back in the bushes, hopefully hidden from view enough to go unnoticed, and waited. The black and grey of his clothes would hopefully help with this and were the main reason he chose them. His heart pounding in his chest was loud enough he worried that someone would be able to hear it, and he had a hand clamped over his mouth to quiet his breathing. Rin knew he was already at a disadvantage; he didn't want to make it even easier.

He extended his 'nen' even further out until it started to ripple, shivering and straining against his hold and threatening to snap back to his core. The feeling was starting to verge on painful. It wasn't nearly as bad as when he first tried it, when it led to a massive headache that stayed for days, but it was enough that it had sweat gathering on his forehead and the back of his neck. He forced it to stay put with gritted teeth. Steadily, over time, he learned to send it farther and farther from him than before and hold it for longer, but the drain was still pretty bad.

Then, he felt it: a shift in the air northwest of where he was huddled, heading quickly in his direction at a pace that made him swear under his breath. It was already a lot closer than he expected, making him scowl for not noticing it sooner.

The hunt was on.

He shot out of his hiding spot, already knowing that he'd be found far too easily if he stayed there. Thankfully, it had rained that morning, so the damp leaves kept his footfalls silent as he dodged around tree trunks and ducked under hanging branches. There was no way Rin could beat his opponent in a fight, especially not one-on-one, so he kept his 'nen' focused on the presence behind him as he forced more of it through his body to gain speed, all the while keeping 'in' activated.

The area had become almost as familiar as the forest behind his house, enough so that at this point he was pretty sure he could find his way through it with his eyes closed. The only problem was that his opponent was also used to it. Rin could still use it to his advantage, though, because he didn't need to fight in order to win, only keep away.

The presence was steadily gaining on him, so he needed to act fast. There was water to his right, and he was running down river which meant that the old, abandoned factory should be directly in front of him. If he could make it there, then Rin should be able to hide long enough for the timer to go off. It would be worth the risk of being out in the open for that split second before he would be able to get the door open.

He could just see the top of the building peeking over the treetops when his leg hit something and sent him tumbling. All the air got knocked out of him in a whoosh as his back slammed onto the ground. Rin barely had time to suck in a breath before the presence, which had not paused even once, pounced on him.

"I win~" a voice purred in Rin's ear.

Rin groaned and pushed at the figure. "Oh god, you're heavy. I can't breath." He could already feel the back of his shirt growing damp from the grass. It was an uncomfortable feeling.

"Rude," the voice said, but the person moved so they weren't sitting directly on Rin's chest.

"It's true," Rin gasped, taking in a lungful of sweet, sweet air. He opened his eyes, not entirely sure when he had closed them, to stare at a smug looking Hisoka.

Hisoka's lips pulled into a pout, and a slim finger flicked Rin on the forehead. "Aren't you supposed to be nice to your partner? This is domestic abuse."

"Not when my partner tries to crush me," he deadpanned. Rin didn't even try to get up, knowing it would be a lost cause. He was stuck there until Hisoka decided otherwise, and based on how Hisoka looked rather pleased with himself, that would probably be a while. Instead, Rin took the opportunity to peer around Hisoka to see what exactly he had tripped on. When there was nothing apparent on the forest floor, Rin activated 'gyo' and immediately frowned at the bright pink strand of bungee gum connected between two trees like the perfect trip wire. He stared at it for a long moment. "Seriously?" he complained.

Hisoka chuckled and leaned forward to rub his cheek against Rin's like some giant, lanky cat. It didn't really bother him, though he did scrunch his nose a little, until he felt a swipe of something wet on his cheek.

His head jerked as far away from the other as he could, just so he could aim a disgusted glower at him. "Did you seriously just lick me?"

Hisoka pulled back and pointedly licked his lips, eyes practically dancing with amusement as he purred, "Hm, delicious~"

Rin sighed and let his head fall back to the ground. "Why do I like you again?"

Leaning forward, this time to rest his chin firmly on Rin's chest, Hisoka gave Rin what must have been his version of the puppy-dog eyes—which still ended up looking way too mischievous and kind of creepy, to be honest. "Because I'm adorable~"

Rin eyed him before reaching out to run his fingers through silky red locks. "Of course you are."

Gold eyes glinted playfully. "Oh? Is that doubt I hear, my dear kitten?"

"If anyone is acting like a cat right now, it's you," Rin teased. He yanked on a strand of hair like Hisoka was so fond of doing.

The glint went decidedly darker as the eyes narrowed into slits. They stayed fixed on Rin as Hisoka turned his head to nip at the inside of Rin's wrist, which was still tangled in the man's hair. Rin's breath caught in his throat, and he could already feel his face grow warmer. He shifted in place and had to bite his lip to keep a groan from coming out when Hisoka ground down on him.

"Is sex all you think about?" he asked, voice strained.

Hisoka didn't even bother replying, simply smirked and moved closer so he could press their lips together. The kiss started off slow, just their lips moving lazily against each other, and Rin gave a quiet hum, tugging at Hisoka's hair again and laughing when it earned him another sharp nip. It slowly started to grow more heated when Hisoka licked his way into Rin's mouth, his hands settling on Rin's waist, hot even with the fabric still separating them.

It was when one slowly, sneakily, tried to creep under his shirt that Rin pulled back to give Hisoka a look.

"We are not having sex outside," he stated, voice firm, and dodged the attemped kiss that was aimed for his mouth. "Hisoka."

"Hmm~ That's what you think~" was the response. Hisoka then gave him a pouty stare that would have made him blush bright red before but now only made the eyebrow raise even higher. "I'm sure I can entice you~"

Rin hummed quietly. "I don't know about that," he replied, tilting his head to stare at the sky as if disinterested, and was not disappointed when Hisoka started attacking his throat.

Any further complaints left his mind when Hisoka rubbed against him again. He moaned and arched up, tilting his head even further back, and Hisoka took the chance to hike Rin's shirt under his armpits, quickly switching targets as a warm mouth latched onto a nipple. Hisoka's body pressed him back down when Rin tried to writhe against it, and his other hand moved to squeeze and twist his other nipple, to Rin's moaned approval.

"This is such a bad idea," he gasped, but Hisoka swallowed any more complaints with another deep kiss.

Hisoka pulled back just enough to say, "Who cares~" before diving right back in.

He wasted no time in loosening Rin's pants and slipping them down past his knees, underwear following right after, and held Rin completely still as his hips jerked and he whined. His cock was already leaking with precome by the time Hisoka's fingers circled teasingly around his rim. The tip of it pushed in, then stopped completely, even as Rin whimpered and tried to sink onto it, tried to get it to move.

The finger suddenly caught his rim and pulled, and Rin screamed, barely catching the words, "You're already stretched~" over the sound.

He panted helplessly when the finger stilled again and forced his eyes to meet a smirking Hisoka's gaze.

It held him in place as Hisoka loomed over him. "Well? Was someone eager this morning?"

The memory of Rin stretching himself in the shower, hand muffling any noise he made, came to mind, and he flushed.

"Y-You seemed," his breath hitched when Hisoka trailed his nose along Rin's jaw, "really excited this morning, and I couldn't- I couldn't-"

"Hmm~ I guess I should reward you~"

The finger thrusted harshly, pulling a wordless groan from Rin, and was quickly followed by two other's squeezing past and giving a pleasant burn.

Hisoka leaned close, mouthing along Rin's skin until he reached his ear, purring, "Were you thinking of me when you did it? Did you cum from just that?" He groaned and pressed the fingers in deeper. "Should we find out?"

Rin was a spluttering mess, cock leaking and begging to be touched, hands scrambling to hold onto the back of Hisoka's shirt tightly.

"Hmm~ Maybe another time, when I can spread you out beneath me, begging and writhing, and make you cum on just my fingers again and again~"

Rin almost came right then, back arching with a loud whine, but the fingers pulled out completely.

There was the sound of rustling fabric, and Rin managed to catch Hisoka pulling out a bottle from somewhere.

He raised a brow. "Do you always keep-"

The words quickly fell away when he felt Hisoka's now slick cock press temptingly against his hole, and this time, the hands holding his waist let him press back, groaning as he felt the tip slip past the ring of muscle. Even with all the preparation Rin had done earlier, it still burned almost unpleasantly, but he jerked his hips up anyway, wanting more. It earned him a deep growl pressed into the base of his throat, and if it was any other person, Rin would freak out over having someone that close to such a vulnerable spot.

Any restraint Hisoka seemed to have snapped in that moment, and he gave quick, short thrusts until he was all the way in, making Rin's eyes almost roll back with a soundless scream. Like the asshole he was, he didn't give Rin any time to breathe before he set a gruelling pace, pulling out and slamming back in so harshly that Rin could feel his back slide on the leaves beneath him.

Rin felt like he was losing his mind, breaths coming out in quick pants as he tried to match Hisoka thrust for thrust, snapping his hips back and moaning at the sound of skin meeting skin.

Rin dragged Hisoka down for a kiss and slipped his hand back into the red strands.

When they pulled back, Hisoka rested their foreheads together, and Rin breathed out, "More, deeper, I need you deeper," and watched as gold eyes darkened even further as lips pulled back into a snarl.

Hisoka suddenly yanked out completely, making Rin groan in protest, before he was being flipped over onto his knees. He barely had time to breathe in before Hisoka was draping himself over Rin's back and shoving back inside roughly, almost painfully, and he felt his mouth drop open in a continuous moan as his cock somehow went deeper and deeper until Rin thought he was going to choke on it. Suddenly, he was hitting that spot with every thrust, and Rin couldn't breath. He raised one of his hands to his stomach and pressed hard enough to feel the cock pumping in and out of him, the pressure immediately making them both groan.

The heat was almost unbearable, and his fingers dug into the dirt as he ground back, trying to chase after his release, but it kept dancing just out of reach.

He didn't realize he was begging until Hisoka grabbed his cock in a tight fist and started pumping it.

Air brushed against his ear as Hisoka purred, "Cum for me~"

Rin came with a scream, hole tightening until Hisoka was hissing and growling and pressing closer, body trembling with the force of it even as his vision whited out.

He whimpered weakly when Hisoka kept pounding into him, nerves lighting on fire with how sensitive he was, but his hips still feebly pushed back against the other until he croaked out another groan as he felt cum fill him.

Rin's limbs were practically noodles, so he was glad that Hisoka had the sense of mind to tip them onto their sides. It was with a loud squelch that Hisoka pulled out, and the feeling of it made Rin flinch.

A pale arm slid underneath his head, cushioning it and forming a surprisingly comfortable pillow for Rin to lay on. He hummed contentedly and stared through half-lidded eyes at Hisoka who shuffled closer so that their noses brushed.

"See? Told you I could entice you~"

The smile that had slowly been forming on Rin's lips immediately flipped into a scowl. "You just had to ruin the moment, didn't you."

"It's what I do best~" Hisoka purred and began to aggressively rub their noses together.

It was enough to startle a laugh out of Rin as he tried to get away.

Limping back to their hotel room was an embarrassing and horrifying experience and one that Rin had no intent on recreating anytime soon, no matter how much Hisoka tried to 'entice' him to in the future.

He glared and adamantly refused to be carried when the other had cheerfully offered, despite his back twinging painfully with each step. Goddamnit, Rin knew it was a bad idea.

As soon as the door was closed behind them, Rin whipped around and pointed a threatening finger at Hisoka. "Never again. We are never having sex outside again. I have leaves where there should not be leaves."

Hisoka stared down at the finger aimed at his chest and then back up, a wide, pleased grin on his face. The same one that had been there the entire walk back and made Rin want to smack him. It practically screamed to anyone looking that he had just gotten laid, and that, paired with Rin's obvious painful gait, drew plenty of leering looks.

The glare deepened. "I'm going to take a shower," Rin said, already making his way to the bathroom.

He leaned down to turn on the hot water and stood back up, twitching when he felt arms wrap around his waist.

Rin turned to level him another stern glare. "No, we are not going again. I'm tired and sore, so don't even think about it," he warned.

"Just a shower." Hisoka promised lightly.

Rin eyed him carefully, then sighed and leaned back into the embrace. He could feel the other nuzzle into his hair and heard him take a deep breath.

Rin's nose scrunched. "Did you just sniff me?"

"Hmm~ You smell like me~"

"That's because you insist I use your shampoo," Rin reminded him with a scowl. Apparently, his old one hadn't been good enough for the magician, and one day, it mysteriously disappeared, cue the sarcasm.

Hisoka rubbed his cheek even harder against him and tightened his arms, pulling Rin more firmly to him until Hisoka was practically plastered to his back. "Your hair is so much softer now~"

"It was plenty soft before," Rin grumbled under his breath. He liked his old shampoo. It smelled like the dew in the early morning and was definitely more subtle and pleasant than whatever mint monstrosity he was being forced to use now.

Hisoka pointedly ignored him and tugged on the hem of Rin's shirt until he sighed and finally lifted his arms so it could be pulled off. When Hisoka then moved to stand in front of him, Rin had to forcefully stare at the wall, because if he had to watch Hisoka unbutton Rin's pants and slowly inch them down, then Rin might be the one to pounce this time. He didn't even need to see him to know exactly what type of look the other man was sending him, and that knowledge was almost enough to make his dick twitch in interest.

Why was he even more horny after just being laid?

A thumb brushed along his inner thigh, getting dangerously close to his hole and making him inhale sharply. "Changing your mind?" Hisoka purred, voice coming out in a sultry whisper.

Rin had to forcefully still himself from lunging, and it made his whole body give a strange jerk like he'd been electrocuted. He bit back the instinctual, yes, that wanted to come out.

"No," he said, strained.

Once he was completely bare, Rin wasted no time in putting his choker on the sink and hopping into the shower, hissing at the first touch of the hot water against his skin but not bothering to turn it down. He was totally focused on getting his hair wet and not the sound of clothes rustling behind him. He was totally not thinking about the toned abs and pale skin that had been pressed against him not that long ago. He was also totally not holding his breath at the sound of the shower curtain moving as Hisoka stepped in.

He grumbled quietly when strong hands pulled him away from the showerhead but didn't try to move away when he heard the cap of a bottle pop open. It had become a fairly familiar routine for Hisoka to wash his hair, because apparently, not only was Rin's choice in shampoo terrible, but he also didn't wash it to Hisoka's standards. The first time it had happened, Rin had honestly been rather stumped. Though, looking back at it now, he probably shouldn't have been, considering the meticulous care Hisoka always put into his own appearance.

Lethal fingers gently worked the shampoo into his hair, massaging his scalp and practically making him melt from sheer bliss. It was only the firm chest behind him keeping him from sliding to the tub floor.

It didn't take them long to wash and rinse themselves off, after that, and Hisoka then began his lotion ritual—again, what the fuck—while Rin went to plop onto the bed to wait until the magician inevitably came to bother him. It usually took him about half an hour, and today was no different.

There was a nudge to his side that eventually had him groaning and sitting up, back turned in anticipation even as his eyes drooped. A towel landing on his head blocked his vision, and then hands were roughly rubbing it against his hair, his head sort of limply moving in whatever direction they did until it apparently met Hisoka's satisfaction. It was with a quiet hum that the towel was removed and Rin could fall forward once again.

That is, until there was another nudge.

"Shirt off~"

Rin bent his neck to look over his shoulder. This was not part of their usual routine. What was going on?

Hisoka's face was also not giving away any of the answers Rin wanted, despite him getting progressively better at reading the other.

Rin squinted. "Why?" he asked slowly.

Hisoka rolled his eyes and put a hand on his hip; the other was suspiciously hidden behind his back. "Just do it."

Rin was almost tempted not to do it just to spite him, but that would cause more problems than it was worth since he'd be forced to do it in the end anyway. It would just be a waste of energy.

Once the shirt was off and laid to the side, a large hand pressed against Rin's lower back until he was laying on his stomach. Weight settling on top of him had him tensing for a split second before relaxing into the bedsheets again. The sound of a cap popping open came from above him, but unlike earlier, Rin didn't know what this one was for.

I swear to god if that's lube, I'll-

He hissed when something cold dripped onto his upper back, but it soon turned into a moan when hands started kneading his muscles with a skill that honestly made Rin salivate. He could smell the faint scent of lavender wafting from what he assumed was some kind of oil, and it was kind of nice, soothing. He wondered if that was why Hisoka had it.

As the hands slowly made their way down his back, pushing and twisting into knots he didn't know he had until they were gone, he almost twitched away from them in pain when they got to the area just above his butt, the muscles there twinging in complaint. However, it didn't take long before the pain turned back into pleasure, and he was a limp and moaning mess.

Hisoka chuckled, but Rin was too happy and relaxed to care.

His mind quickly turned hazy around the edges, and he didn't know how long they stayed like that, Hisoka rubbing smooth skin, hands moving on to his arms, and Rin pliant beneath him. It was long enough that Rin could feel a vague sense of hunger urging him to move and find food.

When the hands finally stilled and simply rested on his back, Rin let out a whuff of breath and somehow managed to turn onto his back despite the other's weight still pinning him to the bed. Hisoka was staring down at him with that almost-gentle expression that Rin only ever saw when they were alone. It was, Rin knew, an expression that was reserved only for him, and didn't that thought make his heart feel like someone was squeezing it.

That feeling was also why Rin gripped the front of Hisoka's shirt and pulled him down so their lips could meet. It was a rather chaste kiss, for them, just a slight movement of lips against each other, but it was mostly just them enjoying the pressure and closeness it brought.

Rin leaned back just far enough to rest their foreheads together, smiling.

"What are you in the mood for?" Rin asked.

They were walking side-by-side down the street in search of food. It was around lunch time, so unfortunately, there were a lot of people rushing around and making it harder to find anything.

Hisoka shot him a quick glance and appeared to be about to answer when he suddenly froze midstep. It made concern course through Rin as he tried to follow the other's gaze, but both the crowd of people and Rin's height disadvantage made it nearly impossible.

Then, it was Rin's turn to freeze, watching as a slow, unholy grin crept onto Hisoka's face, because holy shit, that made him even more worried. He was very, very tempted to just turn around and go back to the hotel, if only to avoid whatever situation this was about to become.

However, just like the creepy mind reader that he was, Hisoka nipped that thought in the bud almost as soon as it had formed by grabbing and pulling him forward.

Well, guess Rin was probably going to have to keep someone from dying, he thought with a sigh.

Suddenly being yanked forward hard enough to send him tumbling into someone made him yelp, the sound mirrored by the person he had collided with.

"What the hell, you basta-"

Rin looked up and met the very confused eyes of Leorio.

They stared at each for a long moment before Rin threw his arms around his waist.

"Leorio!" he exclaimed, beaming so hard it was starting to hurt his cheeks. He quickly let go to look over the other, taking in his now rumbled suit, ever present briefcase, and gaping mouth. Rin, on the other hand, was practically vibrating where he was standing, he was so happy. "How have you been? Have you been eating alright? How are your-"

"One question at a time!" Leorio shouted, cheeks suddenly turning a ruddy color.

Rin laughed. "Sorry, sorry, I'm just so happy to see you. How have you been?"

Leorio put the hand not holding the briefcase on his hip and puffed his chest out. "I've been great, actually!"

"I'm glad," Rin said. His smile turned softer as the excitement waned to more manageable levels. "How'd you end up in Dasson City?"

Now, it was Leorio's turn to grin excitedly, and his hand left his hip to gesture in the air. "They have a humongous library here! And with my hunter's license, I can check out as many books as I want!"

"Let me guess, medical books?"

"Yup! Still working on getting my degree." Leorio rocked back on his heels and raised a brow. "What about you? Why're you here?"

Rin blinked at that. "Oh, um, I'm…" Ah, shit, Rin had completely forgotten about Hisoka.

He glanced over his shoulder with a wince.

Hisoka had, somewhat surprisingly, hung back a little ways and was staring in their direction with a rather blank look that usually did not mean anything good for Rin or whoever else was nearby.

Rin could tell the instant Leorio noticed the magician when he heard a loud gasp. He almost lost his footing once again when Leorio quickly spun him back around.

"Why the hell is Hisoka here?!" he whisper-yelled.

Rin winced even harder and played with the hem of his shirt to give his fingers something to do that wasn't running them through his hair. "We're traveling together," he eventually managed to say, body practically sinking into itself at the reaction he knew that would cause.

Suddenly being shaken was both expected and annoying and made his neck hurt.

Leorio seemed to give up on trying—and utterly failing— at whispering, because he yelled, "Why are you traveling with him?! Rin, you know how crazy he is!"

Rin stepped back and managed to escape the hold. "He's not…Alright, yeah, he can be a lot to deal with sometimes, but I knew what I was getting into."

Leorio didn't appear to hear him. He was staring at Hisoka like the other was going to suddenly lunge forward at any moment and take a bite out of him, which, okay, was honestly valid but still.

"Leorio," Rin said and waited until he had the other's attention again. "He's not going to try anything."

Hisoka then decided it would be an excellent time to insert himself into the conversation, because of course he did. He prowled closer with what Rin's mind had taken to calling his 'hunting mode, and it was definitely not helping his case.

The warmth at Rin's back was familiar and soothing, but he forced it to remain straight and not lean back into it like he normally would because he thought Leorio might have an actual heart attack if he did.

Hisoka did not have that same worry, since, in the next second, he draped his arms across Rin's shoulders, chin propped on black hair.

Leorio's face was turning an alarming shade of red, almost as red as Hisoka's hair, which was concerning.

"I see you caught us some lunch, little kitten~" Hisoka purred, but it wasn't his usual teasing tone. No, this one had a hint of steel and something else, something Rin wasn't quite sure of.

Leorio's choked squeak would have made Rin laugh in any other situation. Instead, he sighed and jabbed an elbow into Hisoka's ribs—not that it was noticeable, considering the jerk didn't even twitch.

Rin wanted to give him a stern look but couldn't because of their current position. "Please behave. You're the one who practically tossed me into him in the first place, so you obviously wanted me to talk to him."

"Is that so? Maybe I changed my mind~"

Rin was so confused. What exactly was Hisoka playing at? He tried to wiggle out of the grip to actually get a look at Hisoka's expression but the arms merely tightened around him.

He huffed and looked at Leorio, who's face had gone rather pale since the last time he checked. "Ignore him, he's being difficult. We were actually going out for lunch before all this. Do you want to come?" he asked.

The hold turned painful for a split second but relaxed before Rin could even make a sound, and it left him feeling even more confused.

When Leorio's eyes kept going back and forth between them without him saying anything, Rin hesitantly added, "Um, only if you want to?"

"Oh, um, sure, I guess? If it's not too much trouble?"

Rin smiled, eyes brightening. "Nope, it's fine. We can finish catching up while we eat."

Hopefully, the promise of food would keep anyone from dying.

The moment they sat down at the restaurant, Rin knew this was going to be the most awkward meal he'd ever had the displeasure of being a part of. If Hisoka wasn't staring blankly at Leorio and tauntingly licking his lips every time they accidentally locked eyes, then Leorio was trying to catch Rin's attention with less and less subtle movements of his hands.

He sighed internally. Think happy thoughts, he reminded himself.

The waitress coming to their table was an absolute blessing, and Rin sent her what he hoped was a grateful smile but felt more like a grimace.

The moment she wandered back to the kitchen with their order, Leorio pointedly cleared his throat. He looked determined to say something right up until he met Hisoka's dead-eyed stare for the upteempth time that afternoon, and it turned into him choking on his saliva. His eyes darted around the sitting area as he thumped a fist on his check until his breathing went back to normal. It was such a sad sight that Rin decided to take pity on him.

"How have your classes been?"

It was exactly the kind of segue that Leorio seemed to be looking for, and he lept on it with a desperate sort of eagerness. "Good! Great, really, I've been enjoying them." His shoulders seemed to relax now that they were on a familiar topic. "I won't lie, they're difficult, but it's worth every moment." He stared down at the table with a soft smile, finger running absently along the edge of the table cloth. He looked content, happy.

Rin's chest felt warm as he gave an answering smile. "I'm glad, Leorio."

Leorio's smile fell slightly when he glanced between the two of them again. "So, um, what's the story? How'd you two end up traveling together?"

Ah, there it was.

A quick glance at Hisoka didn't reveal anything about how the man was currently feeling or even indicate how Rin should answer. Rin certainly couldn't tell the truth, that was for sure. If Leorio freaked out over them simply being around each other, then he would probably shake Rin's head into oblivion if he found out exactly who they were looking for.

He worried his bottom lip between his teeth for a moment, thinking.

Semi-truth it was.

"Hisoka's looking for someone and offered to let me tag along. It's been a while since I've really traveled, so I agreed. It's been," he hesitated before deciding to go with, "interesting."

There, that was a vague enough answer that still kind of answered the question.

Still, he could tell that Leorio wasn't satisfied, that he could probably hear all the million little things that Rin left out, because Leorio's brows furrowed, deepening the lines on his face and suddenly making him look far older than he was. Rin hated that he was the cause.


The waitress honestly had the timing of a god when she interrupted Leorio's next question with their food because the suited man was too much of a gentleman not to acknowledge her.

Rin tried not to make it too obvious when he slumped in his seat, but this confrontation, even if Leorio never meant it to be one, suddenly left him feeling bone-tired.

A soft brush against his leg had him tilting his head to the side. It seemed Hisoka had finally taken his fixation off Leorio and was now watching Rin with such a subtle look that he would have missed it if he hadn't dedicated so much time trying to learn the ins and outs of Hisoka's expressions.

This one was a gentle, inquiring look that filled his stomach with a warm, fluttery feeling. He didn't realize he was smiling until his cheeks started to ache a bit, so he shoved the feeling down until he could analyze it later, preferably when they were alone in their hotel room. Rin looked up and just barely caught Leorio looking at his throat—his choker—before the other averted his gaze and frowned down at the table. It suddenly made Rin feel off-footed and unsure of what had caused this new bout of distress, and it was such a contrast to what he had been feeling for the past couple of weeks that Rin could only sit there as his mind ran in circles over what to do.


"Let's eat!" The unexpected yell had Rin jumping in his chair, but Leorio carried on as if he hadn't noticed. "Man, this looks delicious! Is this what you've been eating lately? I'm so jealous!" The bright grin was a more familiar sight, so Rin forced himself to untense his shoulders.

His smile was shaky, but it was there, and it grew more confident as he talked. "Yeah, the food in this city is really good. There's this one place over by our hotel that has the best croissants."

They continued on like that, talking about aimless things that popped into their minds. Hisoka seemed content to spend the meal in silence, but he would occasionally nudge his knee against Rin's during certain parts of the conversation.

Leorio ended up walking back with them, claiming that he was staying nearby and had to come that way anyway so why not go together.

A soft tug on his arm stopped Rin from following Hisoka through the front doors. The magician stopped, glancing back at them, but eventually kept walking once Rin gave him a nod.

"Hey, Rin," Leorio started, voice surprisingly soft. "Um, are you…" His shoulders slumped and they stood there in silence before he visibly gathered himself. "Are you together?"

The question had Rin blinking and his mouth falling open slightly. "Yes," he said, slowly, gently.

Leorio jerked his hand back as if Rin had slapped him. "Oh, I see, haha. I saw the way you two, um…I-" He cleared his throat, face red and hands playing with the handle of his briefcase. "Nevermind, forget I said anything." He seemed to struggle with something for a long minute. "Tell me if he ever hurts you, okay? I don't care how strong he is, I'll beat his ass."

The randomness of the comment had Rin giggling, and it seemed to help clear the air of any lingering tension. "I believe you."

Leorio nodded. "Good." He gave another long pause, then raised a hand in the air, his smile tight but genuine. "Be seeing you, Rin. Stay out of trouble."

"I can't make any promises," he deadpanned.

Rin waited until Leorio disappeared from sight before making the now familiar trek back to their room. The door had barely latched behind him when he was grabbed and thrown onto the bed. Hisoka wasted no time following him onto it and immediately attacked his mouth, his tongue plunging inside before Rin could so much as complain about the rough handling. There was a certain ferociousness in the other man's movements as he practically tore Rin's clothes off him, barely breaking from the kiss unless it was necessary, and it set his nerves on fire everywhere they touched. He arched up when one clever hand started kneading his half-hard erection, practically mewling a sound that made him want to drop dead in embarrassment.

Hisoka slid down Rin's body till he could mouth at him through his pants, eyes peering up at him so intensely that his toes curled against the sheets. The sudden shock of cold air on his cock had him gasping as the remainder of his clothes were thrown from the bed, but it soon turned into a choked groan when wet heat surrounded him, his hips twitching before a firm hand pushed them back down.

"God, Hisoka-" Rin shuddered and squirmed and tried to move against the hold, but it held firm.

Hisoka seemed to take a certain joy in devouring him, his tongue moving along the underside of Rin's cock with every movement of his head, his free hand running up and down Rin's now sweaty thigh before resting on his knee.

No amount of swearing or begging got him to go faster. If anything, it only seemed to make Hisoka slow down. He appeared determined to drag Rin to the edge and then ease him back again and again and again until Rin was sobbing and had tears streaming down his face.

"Please…" he gasped, chest heaving for breath. He couldn't stop trembling, so he tangled his fingers in red hair to try and anchor himself.

A finger pushing just past his rim and Hisoka hollowing his cheeks finally sent him over the edge with a silent cry. His whole body tensed so much that he thought he felt something pop.

Hisoka swallowed everything with a pleased rumble coming from his chest, and he kept sucking even when Rin's cock went limp and a weak hand tried to pull him off.

Rin was trembling for a new reason now as sparks of pain replaced the pleasure. "No more- I can't-"

After what felt like an agonizing eternity, his cock was mercilessly teased back to hardness, but it was still too much. Tears were continuously pouring down his cheeks and wetting the sheets beneath him, and it felt like he was gasping more than breathing, at that point, never seeming to get enough oxygen in his lungs. The only word that seemed able to leave his mouth was Hisoka's name.

He came screaming that time, and Rin thought he passed out for a few minutes because when he came too, Hisoka was curled around him, stroking his hair and shushing him as he gave a small whine.

In a rare display of affection, Hisoka kissed his eyelid, then his forehead. "You did so well, my darling kitten~ You can sleep now."

Rin was still dazed enough to let himself be soothed until he eventually gave in to oblivion.

Waking the next morning was a struggle, his eyes heavy weights on his face that refused to open and his limbs uncooperating. He almost panicked at being unable to move, but a hand rubbed his back until the tension bled away again, the warmth of it leaving goosebumps in its wake.

"You're an asshole," he rasped, throat sore and aching and in desperate need of some water.

Hisoka chuckled. "How mean~"

Rin gathered enough strength to finally force his eyes open, if only so he could glare at his smirking clown of a partner.

"Why?" he asked simply. He didn't bother clarifying what he meant; they both knew it was obvious.

Hisoka was giving him his usual grin, but his eyes were guarded and watching him carefully. If Rin didn't know any better, he would almost say Hisoka looked nervous, or maybe unsure was more accurate? In any case, it was enough to make Rin's annoyance start to falter. This was a Hisoka that Rin had never dealt with before and would, therefore, need to be careful around. The answer seemed like it was on the tip of his tongue, and it was driving him crazy. Why had Hisoka reacted that way?

Rin pursed his lips, then let them fall open in a small "o" as a thought occurred to him. "Were you jealous?"

As soon as the words were out of Rin's mouth, the grin dropped and Hisoka's whole body tensed. The air slowly filled with 'nen' and bloodlust, but for once, Rin ignored it completely and reached for the other's face. Hisoka was stock-still beneath his hands, and his eyes were cold. He had a feeling the problem wasn't so much Hisoka feeling jealous but of him losing the careful hold he had on his control, because he had lost control, even Rin could see that now that he had full use of his thoughts. He had a feeling it wasn't something Hisoka was used to.

Scooting closer, he placed a closed mouth kiss on his forehead, just like the other did the previous night. "Leorio isn't the one I left with."

One of Hisoka's hands raised until he was holding onto Rin's wrist with a tight grip, near painful but not quite, as they stared at each other.

The moment was then ruined when Hisoka let go and pretended to wipe away a fake tear. "My little kitten has grown up, whatever shall I do~"

Rin scowled, smacked him on the arm, and rolled off the bed. He ignored the laugh when he stumbled and his legs almost gave out from under him.

"I hate you so much," he said over his shoulder as he walked as gracefully as possible to the bathroom.

"No you don't~" Hisoka called after him.

Rin hid his smile as he shut the door.

No I don't.

Okay, so I actually cut this chapter in half. I thought this ended in a really good place, and I originally had a lot more things to write after this scene, but I'll save that for the next one. I was looking at my outline for this chapter and realized that the next parts are probably going to be on the longer side, so I wanted to be able to give it the time it will need.