Mallow and Lana were both having another 1 of their friendly farty chats, with the green haired trial captain letting her toots fly without a care for she was enjoying it too much to stop. Lana on the other hand was desperately trying to hold her own wet flatus in, not having much luck with it as 1 could smell.

"Hey Mallow; can I ask you something?"

"Sure thing Lana, I'm all ears!"

"...You're not bothered by the fact that your... uh, musk; is kinda getting everywhere?"

Mallow took a moment to sniff the air, playfully fanning it while she continued her wind breaking. "I've considered it but I wouldn't let it get to me."

"Goodness; I wish I had that kind of courage to not have to-" Lana was trying to say until she accidentally let out a big shart, blushing in embarrassment. "...oh dear I made quite a mess."

"Don't fret; that's part of living!" Mallow laughed while grabbing a bunch of leaves on the ground and handing it over with a wink. "I always improvise when things get a little too muddy for me!"

" your pants?"

"Exactly like them! I'm glad you finally are catching on!"

"Not exactly where I was trying to go with that..."

"Farting without us eh?" Hapu and Acerola said while they approached them.