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I sit in the library next to The Womens Room were my girls are waiting. Ugh, calling them my girls makes my mouth feel dirty, I don't own them, yet everyone keeps calling them my girls. My mums little sister, my extremely extroverted aunt Rosamund called from her party life in Spain the other day and asked me, 'When are your girls arriving Eddy?'. It angers me, I want to know these girls for them, as people, not as pawns in this very calculated game of royalty chess. The girls are waiting, I want to meet them one at a time. Lillian sits in the corner with her nose in book. I bite my nails, again. God, how can I be so scared of them? I'm not meeting them all at once, so that will be easier. They are here now so I can't get rid of them. Maybe it won't be that bad, before I have time to console my self the large door opens and the first girl walks in. Her creamy brown hair is in some kind of intricate braid down her left shoulder. She isn't particularly tall possible under average and her green eyes rimmed with hazel flecks are glowing with curiosity. She curtsies by the door and I wave my hand at her,

"There's no need for that," I chuckle and wave her over, "Come and sit," she walks over and sits on the other side of the couch, her knees pressing together and facing me, I extend a hand,

"I'm Edward," I say as she takes my hand in hers, "It's a pleasure, Pippa," I say reading her golden name tag, I bring her hand up to my lips and kiss her fingers, a habit ingrained deeply into my too-polite brain. I hope she can't feel my sweaty hands, I'm nervous but as long as this doesn't end in tears we will be fineā€¦ I hope.

"The pleasure is all mine Your Highness," she says taking back her hand and looking at me through her eyelashes,

"Please, just Edward," I chuckle at her formality, "So, what do you do?" I ask, keen to understand some of these girls,

"I'm a news anchor," she says, her eye lighting up at the thought of her occupation, "My parents were both journalist, so naturally I gravitated towards that field," she smiles with her eyes, I like that. I make a promise to my self to list at leat one thing that I like about each girl,

"I want to have my own talk show one day," she sighs longingly, "A dream far too long in the making,"

she bites her lip and looks me up and down as though she was a scientist examining me briefly,

"So, what do you like to do?" She asks finishing her examination,

"I really enjoy riding, I have a beautiful 17 hand Clydesdale walker," I say and she nods, the way you nod when you are not quite sure of the topic being discussed, having spent time with many intellectual foreign Princes and Princesses, I am well aware of the nod,

"I also love to read," I change the subject, "I recently came across a file of old books dating back to before the first world war!" I say getting excited, she gives me the nod again, I laugh,

"I'm boring you," I say, and soon its my turn to look her up and down, she is little but seems to have muscle. Her eyes a strong green in the centre and are framed by flecks of brown and yellow. She is wearing a grey pencil skirt and a red blouse, she looks authoritative but her bright red lip stick adds a playful touch.

"Well, Pippa," I start, well aware of the time limit, "I do hope to see more of you, but for now I have 34 other girls to meet,"

She smiles and follows suit when I stand, I smile at her,

"Until next time, Edward," she giggles and leaves the room.

Well, that could have gone a lot worse! Nobody cried, I said her name correctly, she smiled,

"How was that, Lill?" I call to my sister, still reading, she laughs

"You're funny when your nervous!" Wait, what?

"You could tell I was nervous?!" I exclaim,

"Only I could," she starts, "I can always tell," with that I laugh,

"Yes, my darling," I chuckle, "You can always tell," and she can, even when she was little we would be going to a ceremony or event and Lill would always know if I was nervous and she would come and hold my hand comfortingly. I guess I did the same with her, if we were having a party I would always make sure she was OK and I often made excuses for her if she need to slip away to the library for a few moments of silence. We were a team Lillian and I, better together. The door swings open again and another girls walks in, she has black hair pulled into a bun with peaces of hair around her face, her crimson dress reaches her knees and her lips are painted a matching colour, she curtsies deeply and once again I wave it away,

"You really don't need to do that," I chuckle for the second time today, "Come and sit," I smile and gesture to the couch, she sits,

"I'm Brealynn, your Highness," she smiles extending a hand, I kiss it just as I had with Pippa and just as I will with all the other girls, thankfully I wiped the nervous sweat my hands before meeting Brealynn,

"Please just call me Edward," I smile at her, "So Brealynn what do you like to do?"

"Well, I really enjoy photography," She smiles, "I love they way you can capture so may emotions with just one click," I nod and smile taking a deep breath through my nose, she smell like raspberries, I like that,

"I also enjoy cooking, what about you?" She giggles and puts a hand on my knee, I almost panic, I'm not quite used to being touched,

"I like playing polo," I smile and she bats her eyelashes at me, alright then, "I have a beautiful Clydesdale walker, Belle," I say and she looks at me with her deep brown eyes, "But Belle is only for pleasure," I sort of go into autopilot when talking about horses, shooting facts left right and centre, "Clydesdale walkers are not quite sports horse," I snap out of it before I have given her a whole history of work and leisure horses,

"So, what do you do?" I ask, taking the subject off me,

"I'm in my family business," I nod, "We're jewellers,"

"Do you have siblings?" I ask, we still have a little time to chat,

"My little sister," she starts, "Daynah, is three years younger than me," I smile again, I point out Lillian, curled in a chair book under her nose,

"That's Lillian," I say and her little brown eyes dart upwards, they don't linger long and she goes back to reading,

"She's not much of a talker," I whisper, Brealynn giggles,

"That's Ok," she smiles, "I'm looking forward to spending time with you," she bats her eyelashes again,

"Yes," I start, I'm new to being flirted with, "I'm very honoured to be part of this age old tradition," I say, because I am, "I want to find love as beautiful as my parent's," And I do,

"Well I'm certain you will find that with someone here," she says, "They seen like a good group of girls," she smiles again,

"Well, I hope you enjoy your time here," I erupt in nervous chatter, "I'm sure Claire could find you a camera, if you wanted," I offer,

"That would be nice!" She giggles, I stand up,

"Well," I begin, "I hope to see more of you," With that she waves as she struts out of the room.

I flop down on the couch, I'll have to watch out for that one,

"What have I gotten myself into, Lill?" I moan,

"You said it would be fun," she laughs and swaps books for one she already has prepared next to her,

"What are you up to now," I ask, she always reading something interesting, I long for her free time, she rides far more than I do and has read everything inside these walls. I love when I can take burden of her little shoulders but sometimes I wish I had more than two hands to carry the afflictions of being prince.

"Dove Cage," she giggles,

"Darling, you've read it six times!" I exclaim, and she really has, it's about this eccentric old man who collects doves, he looses his memory and has to learn to talk again with the help of his children, Lill loves it,

"Why this one again," I ask exasperated at the thought of reading book again and again,

"It's about struggle and love," she wistfully starts, "The caged birds symbolise the way he is trapped in his own mind, the author is really very clever," She opens it, defying my sigh of disapproval. As if on cue a girl walks in, her blonde hair only reaches her chin, it falls in front of her face and she expertly blows it out of the way as she curtsies, is everyone going to do that?

"Hello," I say with a smile waving her over, she come and sits next to me, her blue stormy eyes travel around cautiously,

"I'm Rose," she starts in a very small voice, "Your, Highness,"

"Please, Rose," I begin, "Just call me Edward!" she nods and giggles lightly,

"So," I smile at her, "What do you do?" she smiles widely,

"I'm a dancer, your highne-" She stops herself "Edward, sorry,"

"That's fine, Rose," I relax a little, small talk defiantly comes with practice,

"I dance mostly ballet," she continues, "My mum danced and, I guess, I always really wanted to be like her," she bites her nails,

"Mothers are one of the best places to go for inspiration," I agree, "I had always wondered how my mother stays so calm on camera,"

She giggles lightly and it sounds like wind chimes. She seems friendly, but shy. Like Lill, I wonder if I just have to burst through her bubble.

"Do you like reading," I ask searching for a common interest,

"I guess," I begins, "I never really find the time, with work and training. I wish I had more time to read,"

"Well, while you're here I'm sure you will be able to spend hours in one of the libraries," I smile at her widely,

"You have more that one library!" She looks at me wide eyed, and I laugh,

"We have three," I start to feel more and more spoilt as I go on, "One on the second floor, where your room will be, for guests, one on the third floor, where my family sleeps, for private use," I take a breath and grin at her awestruck expression, "And the last library, well maybe I'll tell you one day, but it's private. For the king and queen only,"

"Do you have any siblings?" I ask, keeping the ball rolling,

"Yes," her expression softens lovingly, "Elijah, he's 12,"

"Ahh, two years younger than Lill," I say pointing over to Lillian, Rose smiles and pushes up her glasses,

"She's cute," Rose looks at me, her eyes are a deep ocean blue.

"What do you like doing in your free time?" I ask nonchalantly checking my watch,

"I like to read," she begins folding her hands neatly in her lap, "I also really enjoy listening to music or signing my own," she giggles,

she seems friendly in a shy way,

"I'm sorry to cut this short but there are so many girls here," I sigh,

"That's OK Edward," she smiles and stands, "I hope to see you soon,"

"As I you," she turns and walks to the door.

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