Disclaimer: Characters property of William Golding and J.K. Rowling

He was going to bring them back. He knew now that magic could do it. All he needed was the Resurrection Stone and the Elder Wand. He could bring them back and make Jack Merridew pay. The time on the island, the losses of Simon and Piggy; all of it would be payed back in blood and the mistakes corrected.

Ralph hadn't missed any of Hogwarts while on the Island. But many thought there was something left behind. For the adults they could tell his innocence was lost, but even they felt there was something more. Something much more important was gone, left on that island. There was a certain emptiness in Ralph's eyes and another presence, a darkness, something none would ever expect from a twelve year old. Ralph had a hidden savagery behind his eyes. A cunning mind was his key to hiding this monster, that was until he had what he wanted.

Ralph was hiding in the library of Hogwarts when he found the books he wanted. One had information on the Deathly Hallows, really just the fairy tale, another, oddly enough was a Hogwarts yearbook, even more odd, there were seven of them, the last book was restricted and was still covered by its chain. Ralph had never stopped having the deeper thoughts he had on the Island. He started questioning larger concepts, not just leadership, but Time, Life, and most feared; Death. This is what drove him to seek the Hallows, he needed to bring his friends back from Death's grasp and keep himself from it. He couldn't let Death take him.

Ralph had become constantly plagued by nightmares of the island. Not even Dreamless Tonics could stop them. Occlumency and Legilimency, neither had any effect. Ralph was battling demons from the deepest darkest parts of his subconscious; he wasn't winning either. Coming back to Hogwarts he took the position of a Slytherin leader, someone feared enough by students to keep order, but to the professors seemed to only be respected for intellect and talent. All he needed now was to rid himself of his past life, Ralph Aldin no longer lived, not at all.

Ralph had searched endlessly through his mother's heritage for a wizard to be respected, one that many did not know of anymore, or whose whereabouts were unknown. That was why the yearbooks were out. Ralph's search had finally come to an end. He knew which ancestor he was going to take. The next step now was discovering how to cheat Death. After all, he was now Tom Marvolo Riddle; back from the dead. In truth Tom had simply disappeared from the face of the Earth no one knew where he had gone, only that his heir was born, Ralph's great grandfather, and from there his descendants continued, the descendants of Slytherin.

Cracking the restricted book Tom Marvolo Riddle nee Ralph Aldin caught one word. This word would come to haunt all that opposed his new mission; wipe the Muggles from the world. Their savagery was unmatched. Lord Voldemort's rise would start with one Muggle in particular. One Muggle that would later be the sacrifice used for Tom's first horcrux; Jack Merridew.

This is how Voldemort nee Tom Marvolo Riddle nee Ralph Aldin began his Dark journey, began his descent into madness.