In the Monkey D. Mansion, there was unrest and impatience brewing in the air. Not only did Luffy choose the wrong choice of attire for the night, they were running behind time.

A scowl was embedded on Dragon's face as he adjusted his tie with the visual help of his standing mirror. He hated being late for anything. His eyes flickered when the image of his son appeared in the mirror's reflection, coming in with his shoes and socks. Dressed better but like always he was forgetting something.

"Dad, do I have to go? I don't even know why I agreed on this arranged-marriage business in the first place. It's lame and it doesn't make any sense."

"I have already explained this to you countless times. It's for the company."

"Honestly, I don't want to get married. I have no need to plus the way how Usopp described it, it sounds like a trap. I want to keep doing the things I do now. I'm not ready for any unnecessary changes or new responsibilities. My life is fine as is. As for the company, we're doing fine so there's no need for any partnerships."

Luffy tied the last of his laces and turned to leave. He respected his father and had decided to follow through with his wishes, deciding only to get this meeting done and over with. Maybe if he complied enough times, Dragon would run out of ideas and would finally give up on this 'marriage' mumbo jumbo. There were other ways to partner with other companies without the need for holy matrimony. Luffy was greatly convinced that Dragon was just doing all this to piss him off.


Luffy turned and was confronted by both his father's hands placed heavy on his shoulders.

"Son, this is important. You like adventures, right?


"Then you'll like marriage."

"I don't understand what you're getting at."

"It's about your happiness."

"But I'm already happy."

"Marriage allows you a new path to discovering a new form of happiness."

"Really?" Luffy was not fully buying what his old man was saying but it did tickle his interest.


"... About what Genzo said; Nami seems like a great person but how do I know if she's the one? We don't even know each other... Haven't even met."

Dragon smoothed down his son's shirt collar. "You'll know."

The said son scrunched his brows and opened his mouth to ask another question but was cut off when his dad told him to go pick out a tie so he could help put it on.

Dragon watched his son leave and was alarmed when he checked the time and he ran down the staircase to grab his keys.

"Luffy- Drop whatever you're doing! We're late!"

He tapped his feet against the pine boards and frowned even deeper when Luffy peeked from the top of the stair taking his sweet time.

"Why the hell are you taking so long?"

"You said-"

"I don't want to hear it. Let's go."



Luffy glared back, nonchalantly tossed both ties he picked out over his shoulder and they landed with the faintest of sounds against the cold, hard floor.


Luffy walked in the restaurant meeting room alongside his father, glowering daggers at him. He spent the entire car ride arguing about a damn tie like if it was all his fault. So annoying.

Next, Dragon had the audacity to force him to bow to the strangers in the room he had yet to meet.


He glanced up after feeling someone staring at him and his pupils dilated. It was Her. Shimmering eyes stared back at him with such intense, burning fire. What he saw was a challenge. And he knew. Had never felt so sure of anything in his life.

Then he did what came naturally to him: He smiled.

When he and the old man were invited to sit at the table, his belly growled and he automatically reached for the menu. He was starving. Couldn't even remember the last time he ate. And like any other day, food was first priority.

Author's Note

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