Eliot stared in horror as the young woman was getting beaten. "Let her go!" he roared, trying to get out of his chains but failing. Moreau signaled his men to stop beating the brunette. His brunette. "Eliot." she cried, staring at the hitter.

"Just hang in there, darlin'. Please." he begged her. His world was spinning around him when guards started beating the poor woman again.

Finally, she was let go. Moreau pushed her to Eliot, who caught her in his arms. He placed a gentle hand to her face, the tears just flowing down his cheeks. The girl leaned in for one last kiss, when Eliot suddenly heard a gunshot. He head fell onto his arm, and Eliot felt blood form on his body- her blood.

"Annie!" he screamed, trying to shake her awake. With no use, he placed his lips to her's, just longing for one last kiss. "I love you, Annie." he whispered.

"I didn't know you had any emotion, Spencer." Moreau's voice echoed through his head. "He was pulled to his feet, away from the Annie's corpse. "No..." Eliot didn't hear anything, he didn't even feel anything. He was pushed into his cell, but at that time, Annie had been with him.




Eliot fell on his knees, staring at the beautiful brunette on the screen. She had green eyes, and a gorgeous smile. The picture held a caption under it. It said: "Happy Anniversary of your worst mistake!"

"Eliot?" Nate asked, staring at his all of a sudden broken hitter. "Annie." Eliot kept muttering over and over again. "This was my fault. This was all my fault."

"What was your fault?" Sophie asked. Eliot looked up. "Her death." he replied, finally allowing tears to fall down his cheeks. "Her... death?" Hardison repeated, not taking his eyes of the beautiful woman. "What happened?" Parker wondered out loud.

"She worked with me when we were with Moreau." Eliot had begun. "We had a... relationship. When Moreau found out, he punished both of us, giving me the worst punishment. When Annie saw me from the first time since the beatings, she wanted out of Moreau's clutched. I tried to help her, but that ended in her death." Eliot looked at the picture.

"This was all my fault." he sobbed. "She trusted me, and I got her killed. Some protector I am." he mumbled the last part. Parker sat beside him, pulling him into a hug. "Nothing is your fault, Eliot." she gently assured, stroking his hair.

Eliot shook his head. "You should've seen the look on her face, Parker." he whispered. "You should have seen the terror in her eyes when she was getting beaten to death. And then Moreau..." his voice broke off. "And then the bastard shot her. Right in my arms."

He stood up, taking one last glance at the picture of Annie on the screen, and then walked away into his room. When slamming the door behind him, he walked over to the mirror.

As he started at himself through his reflection, rage started filling up in his heart. His long, dark brown hair fell down to his shoulders, covering his eyes. Some of his smaller scars reminded him of his past. His muscular body was shown through his shirt. And his hands, the hands that had held the woman in his life when she died, were trembling.

He screams, punching the mirror. He groans from the pain sprouting in his hand, which was now bleeding. He walks back to the bed, laying down, the tears still falling down, now damping the pillow.

From the opposite side of the door, Parker, was listening to everything going on in Eliot's room. She walked away, tears falling down her cheeks.

This kinda reflects from my other story Something Is Wrong. Hope you enjoy. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!