AN: Wow I really just wrote this about 10 minutes ago. I've really been trying to get in the Christmas spirit lately and hopefully this helps. May just be a one shot or could turn into more if you guys are interested? Review and let me know! I'll also be updating Dreams &Destiny soon!

"Christmas Tree Trials"

"How did I get here?"

That was the question Jedeite had asked himself no less than 30 times since they'd arrived at Tree Yard. It was freezing cold & he had been at the yard no less than 4 hours.

They don't call me the knight of patience for nothing the blonde thought as he stared at his companion.

It was the week before Christmas and the ravenette could not decide which tree they should get. She had asked him several times over the hours which tree they should choose before promptly ignoring his opinions. It was their second Christmas together & their first in their own place & Rei was determined that it should be perfect. While Jed was moved by her determination he was not the reincarnation of a Martian princess & felt sure he was freezing to death.

"Darling", he yelled his teeth chattering. "That tree looks perfect."

They were one of two couples left at the tree yard and even the workers appeared ready to go home. Rei turned away from the tree she was eyeing & scowled at her boyfriend.

"You said that about the last 10 trees!", she snapped. "I told you I want this Christmas to be perfect.

"Well", the blonde said sarcastically as he got closer to her. "Everyone doesn't radiate heat like you darling & after standing here for four hours some of us are quite chilly".

The ravenette eyes flashed dangerously and just before she could set a tree on fire her boyfriend leaned even closer.

"It really is cold darling. I'd much rather be home and warming each other up." He whispered darkly in her ears.

Rei blushed furiously as she turned and yelled so loud she startled the other couple near by.

"We'll take this one!"