So I realized that I need to take some request to keep myself motivated to write so I decided to give this a try.

So I will be taking request for any pairing from WWE, ROH Some people from NJPW and Lucha Underground. I don't watch TNA so I can't take request from that company.

If you want a OC just fill this out...




Paired with:


Is your OC a wrestler, manager, referee, Commentator, or other?:

Ring gear:

If your OC isn't one of the options above were does she/he work?:

Hair color and type:



Best friend:


Any enemies:

Additional information in case I missed anything:

So basically I know everybody in WWE and ROH but NJPW and LU is a problem. I watch both shows but some of the wrestlers can be a problem.

So if you have a request DM me or leave a comment.

Thanks! 3