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The street was crowded with people bustling about their daily lives, scurrying about like ants in a nest. It was easy to tell who came from what walk of life, from those struggling to make it through the month, to those strutting about in expensive suits, high value watches on their wrists and making their way to fast cars. The latter kind were my targets. Those who wouldn't miss a few pounds, those who scoffed at a missing watch and moved on without a fuss.

It was simple to slip a bit of change out of a pocket here and a wallet out of a purse there, especially for one with abilities such as myself. I had been doing this for a few months now, ever since I decided that I could no longer deal with my relatives. I refuse to call them family because that would imply that I don't hate them with every fiber of being. I've gotten away from them now, I thought with a vicious smirk playing on my lips. I can still remember how it all happened.

It was a normal day, I went to school, was bullied by Dudley Dursley (I know dumb name right?). The teachers ignored it or simply assumed I had "started it" and that Dudley was simply being "heroic" and protecting my "victims". I honestly don't know if their blind to the world around them or just stupid. Everything started to go downhill from there. I arrived back at the house as usual. As I stepped into the house Dudley stuck out his foot and I tripped, knocking over the vase that Petunia had gotten as an anniversary gift from Marge the whale of a woman who Vernon called a sister. I could only watch as it fell as if in slow motion and smash into tiny pieces on the floor. The vase was truly ugly but Vernon insisted that we keep it as it was a 'precious gift' from his 'beloved' sister. Please. I don't know how she convinced people she was human at all.

At any given time Vernon was ready to deliver punishment to me for no good reason. From things like causing a crash in stocks he had invested in to preventing it from raining with my "freakishness". Once he blamed me for the house being cold. Naturally the only possible way to warm the house was to set me on fire. the worst part was that after I had gotten my clothes of he whipped my burn body with his belt a few times for being naked and getting ash on his rug. So upon hearing the vase break he grew red in the face with rage before breaking into a malicious smile that sent shivers down my spine.

"You've done it now boy" he growled at me "we let you into OUR house and feed you with OUR hard earned money and THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY US! By breaking our things!" As he spoke he slowly took of his belt, folding it in half once. Holding it in his hands he pulled the ends apart making it go taught with a loud CRACK!

In my state of panic my power flowed out and cobbled the vase back together and put it back on the small table upon which it had rested. If I had thought that this would help my case I was wrong. Vernon merely snarled in abject fury before abandoning the belt on the floor next to him and charging me arms outstretched fat rolls bouncing as he made how way towards me.

I had been hit with a belt before now since it was Vernon's favourite punishment, along with burning me. My body was covered with scars from wounds that didn't heal properly. Some of them had faded over the years but others were still bright red and raw looking. My left arm was had been bent at a weird angle ever since Dudley had stomped on it.

Not knowing what to do I just hoped he would stop. I didn't care how he was stopped, I just hoped he was. My power responded to my wishes and rushed through my eyes and into his, entering his brain with all the subtlety of a steam train loaded with explosive and the same amount of sheer destructive power. tearing apart anything in the way. My veins burned as my power flowed through them, the sounds of my power Rushing through my veins filed my head, but all of that was dwarfed by the pain in my head, such was the pain I didn't even noticed Petunia scream and run to Vernon's body. It felt like my head was being split in two with the split originating in my forehead where my lightening scar resided. I was never told how I got the scar only that it was on my head when my parents abandoned me on my relative's doorstep when I was one, it's been four years since then and I had just turned five the day before. As the pain dimmed and the screaming that I only now realised came from me stopped I felt the black ichor that was dripping down my face.

I looked around for Vernon and found him lying on the ground in front of me with blood dribbling from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. I don't know what I did but Vernon was no longer breathing. His eyes stared unseeingly at the ceiling. I felt a rush of elation at finally getting revenge for all that he did to me before the panic set in. I had just killed a man, My own uncle no less! My uncle had told me about prison where the freaks go when the police catch them. I didn't want to go there!

In my panic I simply ran out the door and away. Trying to put as much distance between me and the house as possible, so that i wouldn't be found.

After running for who knows how long I eventually found myself under a small bridge over a small stream that I used to clean up my face. As I cleaned up I wondered what I was going to do.

That had been four months ago and ever since then memories had been trickling into my mind. Memories of the life of a boy named Tom Riddle and his transformation into the dark lord Voldemort. I learnt transfiguration, charms, runes and many more subjects that I didn't know even existed before. As I learned more I became more and more unimpressed with witches and wizards. People who could manipulate reality to theirs whims restricting themselves to using a wand to do all their magic. That's not even taking into account the sheep mentality. The wizarding nation seemed to follow one of three people. Dumbledore for the "light" families, Edward Greengrass lead those that didn't want to take a side and remained neutral and Lucius Malfoy lead the dark families.

It was things like these that showed that maybe I was better off on my own rather than raised by the close minded fools that made up the wizarding world. In the wizarding world I would have been powerful but that's all, I would have been a powerful wizard but nothing more since the wizarding world has very few ways to make yourself more than that and I want more than that. I want to rise above all others and become truly great.

The only issue is that I am currently on the street and have had to resort to steeling to keep myself fed and watered, but that's okay. Every day I spend my time advancing my skills in mind magic, basic spells and telekinesis the former being something that wizards seem to have little ability in since they require at the very least eye contact to allow it to work, the latter one being something that other wizards don't seem to be able to do at all if Tom Riddle's memories are right.

As I slip through the hustle and bustle of London I use my telekinesis to pull people wallets out of the pockets of those who look like the types to carry a lot of cash as well as slip off the occasional watch. At the same time I use my ability with mind magic to make those around me pay me less attention.

I had been doing this for two hours or so when I noticed I was being followed. Not knowing what do and assuming that it was simply a cop that had seen through my attention repelling field and realised what I was doing I simply speed up my movement weaving through the crowd and trying to get away before I was caught.

Whoever was following me was persistent and I still hadn't lost them even though I had been running for over ten minutes.

I had just turned a street corner in an empty area of town that I had ended up in during my attempted escape when I felt a sharp pain in my neck and saw a black van with armoured men in the back open up and stop in front of me before my vision when black.

When I eventually regained consciousness the first thing I saw was a blinding white light shining directly into my eyes. Blinking to clear my vision I began to look around to try and figure out where I was. My last memory was being picked up and carried towards the black van that I saw before it all went dark from the dart I felt hit my neck.

As I look around I notice that I am in a white room strapped to bed with white sheets. I quickly notice the man sitting in the corner of the room.

He was a fairly tall man with dark hair and almost black eyes that contrasted vividly with his extremely pale skin tone that made it seem like he hadn't seen the sun in years. He had rather bushy eyebrows and was slender but still looked fairly strong. What was most worrying for me however was the look on his face. He had a parody of a smile that just looked sadistic like he would like nothing better than to cause me as much pain as possible, his eyes were cold, calculating and looked at me like a hungry dog looks at a piece of steak.

We stared at each other, me with fear evident in my eyes and him with just cold calculation.

"My name is zee doctor and I vill be verking vith you today and likely for zee foreseeable future" the doctor spoke with a thick German accent.

"WH-where are we?" I stuttered out "why am I here?"

He smirked at the questions "ve have procured you due to you vonderful abilities, since zey make you perfect for zertain experiments and programs dat ve run. You Mein vriend are a rare combination of mutant and vizard. Dis along vith zee fact dat you are very powerful in both areas should allow you to survive zee experiments and improvements ve make to you"

He ended the explanation of with a nasty laugh that made me get shivers of revulsion "now rest you vill not be able to do so easily after vat comes next" he slipped out of the room after he had finished speaking.

I could only hope that the experiments as he called them were not as bad as he made the out to be.

The next few days were a blur of tests and injections, it was difficult to tell how long I had been here with all the drugs they gave me keeping me in a semi-lucid state that made keeping track of time or anything else for that matter difficult. They hurt me to see how I healed, injected chemicals to see my reaction to them and messed with my emotions to see how I would react. The latter they did using a man who could get inside my head.

"Vakey, vakey" I came out of my semi-conscious state to the sound of the doctor's voice. Had only seen him a few times during my stay here and hadn't spoken to him since my initial conversation if you could even call it that since I only said one thing. As I looked around I realise that I was being dragged to an operating table in a room at the end of the corridor.

"Dat is better can you hear me? Ja? Good it is time for the experiment to begin." He spoke sharply to me

"What experiment?" I managed to ask him while still shaking of the effects of the drug I was given "what are you going to do to me?"

"You are in a unique position. Your abilities vill allow you to survive having the abilities of others added to your own. Vat ve are doing not is adding on a few small things as a proof of concept. Try not to struggle it vill hurt less" and with a sneer he glided of to help prepare the operating table in the middle of the room. The sight of it caused me more fear than even Vernon when he was on a rampage.

I was lifted onto the table, not that it must have taken much effort since I was barely five and a half and severely undernourished and underfed to the point where I looked like skin wrapped around bones. My hair was so black and went everywhere no matter how much me or my aunt did to try and get it under control. My eyes were an emerald green and one of the few features that I liked about my face.

Once on the table I was strapped down spread eagle as the doctor descended upon me attaching electrodes, administering injections and putting in drips all over my body. The last thing I saw before my world was consumed by pain was the doctor injecting a green liquid into my head.

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