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Harrison POV:

Another being drew my attention after having moved on from the twins. I looked to my left and examined the figure. He was metallic with the gem from Loki's sceptre embedded in his head. He was red, silver with some gold and the same colours present in his clothing with a cape and outfit not dissimilar to my own inner layer without my layer of armour. I felt his power, measuring it and trying to get an understanding of it. From what I could tell his power mostly came from the stone on his head, but the stone was only a part of something much larger and without the rest of the pieces it wouldn't be nearly as powerful as it would be with the other pieces.

What really drew my attention the most was the fact that it was holding out Thor's hammer to aforementioned god of lightning. I opened my mouth to question 'him' but quickly closed it and shook my head. Now wasn't the time, I had a Natasha to find and save.

"Where is she?" my voice resounded through the room. Deathly calm and full of cold rage barely hidden below the surface. The Avengers didn't flinch, used to my method of travel. The fast one tripped over his own feet as he jumped away, His sister's hands lit with chaos magic as she whipped around to face me and metal man simply twisted to look at me curiously yet with a dose of caution.

I couldn't blame him for his caution, I truly looked like a fallen god, with my red eyes, black hair and large amounts of black and gold on my person.

Tony was the one to answer my question. "Sokovia, Ultron has her locked up there. Didn't you say you weren't going to involve yourself?"

"I did say that yes." I said quietly before giving a dark chuckle. "I said that before he took MY Natasha. Now he is simply going to die. Now les get going, we have a robot to kill."

Cap nodded before leading everyone to the jet. I followed behind with the shadows still writhing behind me, expressing the malice that I didn't let show on my face.

Someone took my Natasha. That someone was going to die. Slowly. In the most painful way possible.

Harrison POV:

I smirked viciously as I reached into the chest of a robot and ripped out what lay in place of a heart. Say what you will about magic, it truly never could give the satisfaction the hands on approach did. As soon as we arrived whatever was blocking Natasha from me Stopped being effective due to the close range. I had immediately made my way to her, cutting through hundreds of these robots to get there. Really they were not that hard to kill, especially for me as I had been up against doom bots before.

I looked up over the toppling remain of the machine I had decimated to see Nat in a cage up ahead. The room exploded away from her as I seemed to appear in front of her such was my speed. I pulled her to my chest in relief, she wasn't in the best condition clearly having gone hungry for a while and looking slightly dehydrated. Still she was showing no signs of torture and hadn't been here long enough for her to truly be in a dangerous condition.

She smiled at me weakly and I gave a chuckle, my anger evaporating at the sight of her. "You came?" she sounded honestly surprised to see me. "I thought you said you wouldn't help."

I sniffed indignantly. "What kind of valiant knight would I be if I left my damsel in distress?"

She looked at me in with a raised eyebrow. "What poor girl have you inflicted your presence on this time." she said looking at me in amusement.

I gave her a superior look. "Is that anyway to talk to a god my little distressed damsel." I said bonking her on the nose before looking up and sniffing haughtily.

She looked at me incredulously, her second eyebrow joining the first. "Your ego got bigger? How is that even possible?" she looked honestly shocked.

I scowled at her. "I am the epitome of humility. It is only fitting that I be, I am a god after all."

She opened he mouth to respond but she thought better of it and just shook her head with a fond smile on her face. "Sure." She said finally after a few moments. Her face grew serious and she spoke again. "Now we have some friend to help and robots to destroy."

I smiled and handed her the weapons she used before drawing my own. I my magic filled the air making it grow heavy. The walls cracked, pillars shattered away from us and the roof above us was blown off, slowly I raised us aboveground before lowering Nat to the ground. "Have fun." I said cheerily. The last thing I saw before flying off was a blood thirsty smile on her face as she drew her guns. I shivered. God she was sexy when killing things.

I saw some of the bots appear from around the building in front of me, complicated metal parts moving seamlessly as they struggled and failed to dodge my slices that cut them apart. My blade sang as it cut through the machines, metals and wiring falling neatly apart as I danced through their ranks. I have always loved battles.

I cut down the last of the robots before slowly making my way towards the centre of Sokovia where the device raising the island was located, brutally dealing with and bots I saw on my way there. They were rather disappointing really, no challenge whatsoever. My job had been to retrieve Nat and, by my own violation, kill Ultron with extreme prejudice.

I continued to decimate the robots occasionally seeing another of the Avengers as they killed enemies or helped to unload people onto the Heli-carrier. I noticed with interest how the female twin barely used any of her connection to chaos magic, barely scratching the surface of her capabilities. It would be interesting to see what she could do once she had some training in the use of magic. That and a liberal application of latex to her costume and she truly would be a wonder to see in action. Any kind of action, if you catch my drift.

I shook my head to clear it of the mental picture of her and Natasha doing sinful things. Truly why did it seem to be a necessity for females that I know to be super-hot? I ducked as an energy bolt flew through the spot my head previously occupied. Swinging around I extended my sword using the cord and cut through a group of mini-Ultron's, I whipped the corded sword back towards me while flipping, shooting the blade into the head of a bot about to shoot at Cap.

Boring quickly I expelled a massive quantity of magical power and crushed all the bots near me, along with possible a few large buildings. Maybe torn apart a few roads. There were a few seconds of silence as everyone processed the sight of me standing on a small tower in the centre of a crater stretching out around me.

People quickly adjusted and went back to escaping or fighting robots. I continued on my literal warpath towards where the scarlet witch was defending some podium thing. I swung my corded swords around, cutting through enemies near me and clearing a large space around us. Before new bots could rush into the newly vacated space I fired out a pulse of magic that would short circuit every piece of technology nearby. I winced a little and hoped tony wasn't close by and still defending the carriers.

"I still haven't caught your name." I of course knew her name was Wanda but she didn't have to find out. Her lips quirked in an amused smile at the question.

"Is this truly the best time to be asking?" She queried sarcastically.

I stared resolutely at her and answered blandly. "Yes."

She laughed lightly, with an edge of hysteria in her voice. Poor girl, probably wasn't handling the stress as well as the more veteran members of the team. "Wanda, Wanda Maximoff." She answered after analysing me for a few moments.

"Harrison Ambrosias Eternus." I responded giving a deep bow. This seemed to further amuse her.

She shook the amusement off quickly and her voice turned serious when she next spoke. "Should we not get back to fighting?"

I looked around at all he destroyed robots. "Fighting what?" I asked, slightly mockingly.

She opened her mouth to respond before her eyes widened and she grabbed her chest. She let out a scream filled with loss and horror. She chocked on air while tears streamed down her face.

I caught her before she could collapse to the ground. Confused as to what was wrong I eased into her minds to read her surface thoughts. I was brought to my knees by waves of anguish and crushing sadness. I felt the connection to her brother being torn apart as I felt him dying. Brotherly love not my own coursed through me and grief beyond anything I had imagined pounded through my head. I pulled back from her mind gasping for air, grabbing at my chest and body where I had previously felt the bullet holes.

Within a few seconds I had gotten control of myself and once again used Wanda's mind to divine Pietro's location so I could get there and help. I may not know Pietro but he seemed important to my friends and as such I would do what I could.

I was at his side in an instant kneeling next to him to check him over. Ascertaining what needed to be done I started pumping magic into him, filling his injuries with my power watching them mend over before my eyes. I could feel my magic roaring through my veins into his with a purpose. To make him better.

I quickly realised my mistake as his muscles hardened beyond what they should and his metabolism sped up even further. I even felt it the moment he connected to Eden and started drawing power from my world, the drain stopped almost instantly. His body couldn't hold much more than he had taken though. Not much in the scheme of things but for him it would make a large difference. From what I could tell he would likely just be faster and have a resistance to magical and physical damage. How much would be impossible to predict but it was unlikely to be high level resistance like that of a basilisk.

I watched as Pietro's light blue eyes flashed open, scanning his surroundings keenly before grabbing's at his body in disbelief.

"Ho-How am I alive?" he stuttered out.

I smiled serenely. "Dear child, I'm afraid to say you aren't."

"W-What?" he stuttered out again. "Th-Then how come you're here?" he seemed truly puzzled at the end.

I gazed at him as if he were stupid. "Oh dear boy," I started patronizingly, patting him on the head. "I am known as the one-above-all. I have been pretending to be a person for the last few years to understand your kind. I actually have limitless power and am super cool and awesome and know everything." I nodded knowingly at the end, tapping my nose as if sharing with him a big secret and not just ling through my teeth for the sake of amusement.

"R-R-Really." Pietro managed to say while grovelling before my majesty.

I nodded in satisfaction at his grovelling. This was more like it. "Yes of course now here's what I need you to do. Go fetch 4 000 bananas smoothies, 6 000 grapefruits 40 tonnes of cement, an apple pie and three female leaves. Then I nee-" I was cut off from my planning of the greatest pool party ever by Captain America speaking over the coms.

"As grateful as we are for you saving him we need to get going before this whole city is destroyed." His voice was stern and commanding.

His air of authority was ruined by Tony's laughter coming over the earpiece. Seems like he enjoyed that at least.

Pietro once again piped up. "So, So I'm not dead?" he asked bewildered.

I snorted. "No of course not don't be stupid. Now unless you want to change that I suggest we get the hell of this floating city."

His eyes opened wide before he sped off into a wall and right out the other side none the worse for wear. He looked surprised for a moment before speeding off once again, wisely deciding to figure out what was happening later. My improvements already seemed to have taken hold.

Sadly I had already gotten word that Thor, Cap and Tony had taken care of Ultron's main body, I had only gotten the opportunity to inflict massive pain to him through his army of robots that were actually him.

I floated to the Heli-carrier that Natasha was aboard. It didn't take me a long time to find her, she was waiting in a meeting room of some kind by herself. I strode into the room, my armour disappearing and leaving me covered by my skin tight body-suit.

I let my magic run through her, checking up on her and repairing any damage she may have taken in the battle. A few scratched and bruises healed but she hadn't taken damage, certainly nowhere near as much as Pietro had been.

There was a moment of silence as we looked at each other before she stepped forward and grabbed my head, drawing me into a kiss. Not a particularly long and sentimental one but more a rough co-ordinated lip assault of my mouth. Even when kissing Natasha was violent.

We spent a few minutes kissing before the small bits of air Natasha could get became insufficient and she had to break apart to breathe. I, as a metaphysical energy based being, had no such need.

"I have the coolest thing to show you." I said excitedly, almost bouncing with anticipation.

"Oh?" she said with an inquisitive eyebrow raised.

I nodded happily before reaching to her and grabbing hold of her arms. Our bodies disappeared in a small cloud of golden mist. I really like gold.

Harrison POV:

We came into existence inside Eden high above the ground hovering in the air. I was quick to make a platform appear in the air so that we were standing on something to make Natasha more comfortable.

After taking a second to orient herself to her new surroundings Nat whipped her head back towards me. "What is it?" she asked tiredly, the day's events catching up to her.

I didn't speak in response simply lifting my arms and with them large chunks of earth along with some of the mountains themselves. "I did it!" I exclaimed excitedly. "I have full control of everything in here, Except for time which I can still manipulate almost completely." My smile dimmed slightly at the mention of the lack of total control of time but brightened up quickly again.

She stared at me blankly for a few moments before taking a few steps towards me and grabbing my face with her hands. With a small exertion of energy she had dragged my face to hers and proceeded to maul me with her face a second time.

After breaking away from me and taking a minute to regain her breath she started speaking. "You truly succeeded in making a world of your own that you have full control over?" she stated with a touch of incredulous disbelief.

"Nope!" I said happily. "I made a reality completely separate from the one we were previously in that is an extension of myself and my will." I probably could have told her in a more subtle way but right now I was going for shock value.

Natasha's face went slack in -as I was hoping- shock before switching to an exasperated expression of disbelief. "Of course." She said in a flat tone. "Even when being extraordinary you can't be normal."

I gave her a slightly nervous look. "I brought you here for more than to just talk to you. I have an offer."

She gave me a gesture to continue.

"I can attach you to this reality similar to the way I am, you may not get the same power I have but you will certainly get more powerful. I want to start my own pantheon of gods, naturally I will be the king." I said gesturing humbly.

For the first time in her life Natasha was left truly speechless. Can't say I blame her I've been known to have that effect on woman.

She spent a few moments in silence processing what I'd said before speaking. "Tha-That would be unbelievable." She said with a slight stutter to her words.

I nodded in satisfaction. "I will warn you though, the process is painful beyond anything you can imagine. It will be by far worse than your conditioning or anything you have been through but the results are worth it. You just have to remember to hang on to who you are and not lose yourself in the pain." My voice was deadly serious as I gave her the warning. If one lost themselves in the transformation then you would never be you again.

She gave me a nod to signify that she understood the risks. I walked towards her and put my hands on her shoulders preparing myself to bond her to the world. I gave her a last look only to see her face hardened in determination. She was like me in many ways, the willingness to go through a lot to better oneself being one of them.

I hardened my resolve and began the procedure. I filled her with power, finding her soul and binding it to the world. I could see her holding onto her screams as the power flooding her soul began to melt her flesh. It wasn't pleasant to watch but I would stay with her throughout the process. To save her some pain I quickly destroyed her body and crafted a new one. Unlike mine I used physical materials to make hers. The gold of my armour became the colour of pale flesh and shaped itself into her body.

I coated her body with a skin tight suit and then armour. Similar to mine but less elaborate and a dull silver colour, I would let her change that later.

As I finished with the body I felt her soul begin the final stage of the process. Unlike me her soul didn't become one with the reality, it was rather odd to feel but I could feel exactly when her soul connected with the concepts that it was most suited to. Agility, seduction, martial prowess and control.

It made sense in a way that this was happening, it explained the reason gods were affiliated with certain characteristics or traits.

Before long the process was complete and she was merging with the body I had made for her. I was surprised when the body changed slightly. Where before I had made it almost identical to her old body it now had a few subtle differences. For one it was slightly more muscular than her old body with a more voluptuous bust, possibly an inch or two taller as well.

Opening her eyes Natasha sat up blinked in the world around her, after adjusting to the sudden lack of excruciating pain she raised and arm and flexed it. I watched as her fairly thin showed cords of muscle.

She smirked at me, flipping backwards from her prone form and landing calmly on her feet a few metres away. "I think I'm going to like this." she said.

I smirked back. "Definitely."

Harrison POV:

"You haven't done paid much attention to your business recently, How is it going?" Natasha asked from next to me.

I smiled brightly. "I got bored with it the other day but didn't want to sell it because, you know, it's mine, so instead I had my assistants search for a person who could run it for me, they found some kid fresh out of MIT. He has an IQ of 179 and he was perfectly willing to work for ten percent of the profit while I still get ninety. The best part was it was only two easy to implant a magical core and the knowledge I got of the minds of some top engineers and scientists. I then gave him access to my library and boom! Business has never been better and I don't even have to do anything. I think the kid may have also hired a bunch of interns, as well. It's interesting to see how people use slave labor but insist it isn't slave labor." I said finishing by throwing my arms out in exasperation. I still don't see how interns aren't slaves.

Natasha stared at me for a few seconds before speaking. "You started the fastest growing company in the world and the 34th biggest and you get bored. You then hire some promising student, break every known law of magic and give him access to one of, probably the, largest collection of information. You do all of this because you didn't want to give the business you no longer care about to someone else." She stared at me incredulously.

"Yes!" I said happily.

"Of course you did." She deadpanned before chuckling. "Only you would go through all that for so little."

We spent a few moments in a comfortable silence before Natasha spoke up. "We should probably get back to the others, they may not take me disappearing again so suddenly very well."

I pouted at her but when it didn't appear to move her at all I sighed in defeat and made a gesture conceding to her point. With a quick movement of my hand I opened a portal to the top of Avengers tower and we stepped through.

Harrison POV:
(a few weeks later)

I sat staring up into the eyes of my basilisk. ~What's your name again? ~ I asked narrowing my eyes in mock thought. I had done this twelve times today, she still hadn't realised I was messing with her

Az as I had decided to name her, looked at me incredulously. ~Really!? I just told you like TEN minutes ago! ~ Snakey hissed at me.

~No need to get so agro Az, we can all be adults here ~ I hissed, waving my hands placating. My voice turned slightly mocking as I spoke next. ~is it 'that' time of the month again?"

Snakey reared back, spitting with offense and rage. "Wha-what!? Tha-that isn't how. No. What!~ She shrieked, clearly understanding what I had said and taking offense

I laughed lightly before stopping my teasing. As much fun as it is to get her wound up I didn't want to deal with the shit fit that would follow if I pushed too hard.

I stepped back to look at my basilisk in all her black and gold glory, I love black and gold and as such had changed her colouring, she now had black outer scales and when she stretched her body you could glimpse some of her golden inner scales.

(AN:I am not sure if my description is great but what I'm trying to say is that if Azekith laid perfectly straight she would be pure black but if she stretches her scales would shift and all the small gaps would be gold giving her a gold tint)

My magic had fed her, allowing the years she had lived to finally show in her size. Scales once the size of dinner plates were now the size of shields. She stretched a gargantuan 220 meters from head to tail with her body having a diameter of 6 meters. Her fangs are pitch black spears rather than daggers.

The first time I had seen her I had simply seen a large, if beautiful, snake. I quickly realised I was incorrect after spending some time with her. Muggles, as it turns out, had a better idea of what a basilisk looked like than wizards themselves. Where wizards depicted the basilisk as a deadly snake, they actually did in fact have legs and a select few even, like my Azekith, which had a set of wings, even if they were pretty much ornamental once the basilisk grew older as their weight prevented flight and their magic wasn't capable of assisting them like it did in dragons. Their legs were also shorter than a dragons causing her to mostly slither as it was faster. That was in fact one of the things I aimed to change about her. Flying in on her back would provide me a suitable entrance. All these factors made them to look remarkable similar to dragons with a rounded body and an especially long tail. Wizards probably got the idea of basilisks being a snake from the fat that basilisks rarely used their legs or wings, preferring to slither, and while not in use they were almost impossible to distinguish from basilisks bodies because they get tucked in close.

I sat lost in thoughts before a devious smile spread across my face. It was genius!

~Azekith? ~ I said drawing her attention to me ~how would you like to help me mess with some wizards? ~

She tilted her head to the side, before gesturing with her head. I wasn't sure what she was trying to say with that but I took it to mean she was interested.

~as you may know, the final task of the tournament of magic is in a few hours, while it's true that I no longer have to participate, I think it might be fun. The rules state that familiars may be used in tasks and what could be a better way to announce my final leaving of the wizarding world than riding a thousand year old basilisk through a maze. ~

She looked at me excitedly. ~I'm in. ~

Dumbledore POV

The tournament had gone on as planned even with Harrison's disappearance, if anything the tasks had gone more smoothly with no spectacular shows of impossible magic. It had been a while since the beginning of the tournament filled with a lot of stress and even more paper work but it was almost over.

I turned my attention to bagman as he called got started the countdown until the champions were allowed to enter the maze. The point of the task was to get to the middle and past all of the obstacles and creatures in the way.

The countdown to the start was almost finished, finally reaching ten with everyone joining in chanting the numbers.












With a cannon blast the champions all dashed towards the entrance of the maze. They had only gotten a few steps before music started blaring from all around. In the sky in front of the champions a giant golden circle appeared. Inspecting it with my magic revealed only that it was some sort of portal, I barely had time to register my own assessment before a head appeared, serpentine with pure black scales and black teeth, only occasionally broken but gold with a ring of horns sitting on its head giving it a crown like appearance. My eyes widened as I realised what the creature was. A basilisk!

More and more of the enormous snake pooled on the ground outside the portal. It just kept on coming. I pulled out my wand even though I knew it was futile. For a basilisk to grow this large it would have to be incredibly old, and the older a basilisk gets the stronger and more resistant to magic its scales become.

Once fully out of the portal the basilisk reared up its head high above the ground looking down at us. Slowly a figure appeared atop its head. Dressed in primarily gold armour and holding two golden swords.

I slumped in relief, just Harrison again.

Harrison POV:

I looked down on the peasants. They were staring up at me in awe and fear, good, while I stood atop my basilisk. Quickly boring with just standing there I told Az to start towards the centre of the maze.

It was an awe inspiring sight. While I was more powerful than she was I still had nowhere near the same mass or size as she did. Watching her simply plough through the walls of the maze while –did she just eat a dementor!? Oh well, no matter- destroying any obstacles was highly enjoyable. It took very little time to reach the cup, I barely had time to tell Azekith to stop before she ate the damn thing. Oh wait no, I was too late. Whoops.

It was only a split second late that the world turned into a blur of colours. A portkey, huh? I guess basilisks aren't as magic resistant on the inside. Good to know.

Upon landing in what appeared to be a grave yard the first thing I noticed was that Azekith had squashed someone, the second thing I noticed was whoever that someone happened to be they had one ugly baby.

I hoped down transforming the ground into obsidian in a small circle around me, I didn't want to walk in mud, before strolling towards the baby thing.

Whatever it was it was staring at Azekith in awe and posed magical power to dwarf that of even Dumbledore's.

"Hey there you ugly little thing." I said cheerily to it. It snapped out of its Trans at the sound of my voice and locket eyes with me.

Its eyes widened in panic before settling into a sort of bitter acceptance. "Hello Harrison, I presume you're here to kill me?" it said with a sibilant hiss colouring its tone.

I tilted my head in confusion. "Why would I do that?"

It stared incredulously at me. "I am lord Voldemort as you well know, the scourge of the wizarding world, dark wizard extraordinaire and the guy who tried to kill your parents."

"I know who you are," I responded with a scoff. "I just don't get why I would kill you, you haven't even pissed me off yet." Another devious smirk slid across my face as I thought of the best idea I had had in a while. "I have a proposition for you."

Voldemort looked up at me suspiciously. "I'm listening."

"You've spent your whole life trying to get more powerful, yes?" Voldemort nodded. "I just happen to be in a position to make you more powerful than you've ever been before, and grant you a body that doesn't make it look like some sort of snakey hybrid thing."

He looked greedy at the prospect before narrowing his eyes in suspicion. "What's the catch?"

"The catch? "I laughed. "The catch is that you will be one of the gods in my pantheon. You will serve me as your lord and in return I will grant you power beyond anything you've ever dreamed of." I said

He looked to be struggling with himself, desire to be at the top struggling with his greed. In the end the greed won and with anticipation colouring his tone he hissed out. "Do it"

I smirked in victory. I was a god yes, but every god needs a devil.

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