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Freak. The word was whispered over and over behind Aithusa's back. It had been every day since she had started this school. The young girl flinched and held her books closer to her chest as she made her way towards her locker. She hadn't done anything to bring this on, but it was happening nonetheless. Her long white hair hung down her back in a thick braid, carefully done by her mother that morning. Aithusa reached her locker and began spinning the combination lock. It always took her a few tries to get it right.

By the time the girl had gotten the books she didn't need for homework settled in her locker, the hallway was crowded with other children, laughing and jostling each other. Aithusa closed her locker and tried to vanish into the crowd, pulling the hood of her hoodie up over her stark white hair, which was one of her most distinguishing features. The girl held her bag close. She didn't take the bus with the other children, thank god, but her mother came and picked her up. But during the time that she waited for her mother, there was still a chance that she could be targeted.

Aithusa sat near the steps of the school, anxiously awaiting for her mother to arrive. Children streamed past her, laughing and chatting as they headed for the buses. Aithusa shrank away from them, trying to get as small as possible while still watching for trouble. She spotted one of the students, a black haired, rough and tumble kid that loved to pick on her. She hid her face, shutting her eyes tightly. She heard footsteps and curled up tighter. A gentle hand was placed on her shoulder and Aithusa gasped, eyes snapping open and locking onto the face of her mother.

Morgana frowned as she looked down at her daughter. Aithusa scrambled upright and hugged her mother tightly. Morgana hugged her back. "You alright?" Morgana asked her daughter in concern. Aithusa gave a small nod of assurance and Morgana led her to the car, a protective arm around her the entire way.

Once they reached their apartment, Aithusa headed straight for the living room. Her older brother was sitting there, playing videogames. Aithusa dropped her bag of homework next to the couch and sat next to him. Mordred glanced over and grinned, pausing his game to hug her gently. "Hey little sis," he said. "How'd school go today?" Aithusa shrugged, snuggling against him.

Morgana watched them from the kitchen, smiling slightly as Mordred handed his younger sister a controller and the two went head to head in Mortal Kombat. The raven haired woman began to make dinner, occasionally glancing at the two children to make sure they were doing alright. Aithusa would occasionally giggle quietly and Mordred would tease her lightly, but they were fine. Aithusa and Mordred were best friends and always would be.

By the time that Morgana was almost done with dinner, Aithusa had drifted to her desk to work on her homework. The twelve year old wasn't abnormally smart or anything, but she worked as hard as she possible could and almost always got A's and B's. There was a knock on the door and Morgana sighed. "Mordred!"

"One minute Mom!" the teenager called. There was another knock and Morgana groaned.

"Now Mordred!" There was a groan as Mordred reluctantly got up and opened the door. "Who is it?" Morgana called, washing off her hands. She got her answer as Aithusa bolted to the door and tackled her father. Merlin chuckled as he hugged the girl.

"Hey darling!" he said cheerfully, kissing the top of her head. "How're you doing?" Aithusa gave a small hum in response, grinning from ear to ear. Morgana walked out of the kitchen and smiled at her ex of about seven years.

"Hey Merlin."

"Morgana," he said, smiling at her. "I'd give you a hug, but I'm a bit uh..." he gestured to the girl hugging him. The woman chuckled. "Don't worry about it Merlin, she's missed you." Aithusa nodded violently and Merlin hugged her closer. Mordred, in the fashion of most teenaged boys, acted like his father coming home after at least a half a year of traveling wasn't a big deal. However, by the time Merlin put Aithusa down, Mordred was hugging him happily.

Aithusa ran back over to her mother and began signing up at her happily. Morgana chuckled. "Yes, I know darling," the woman said, raffling her hair. Aithusa made a noise of protest, covering her head. Morgana shook her head fondly before Merlin wrapped her in a hug. She hugged him back as Mordred scooped up his sister and threw her on the couch. Aithusa began laughing and the two began rough-housing around. Merlin chuckled as he pulled away from Morgana to look at their kids. Said woman smiled. "We made a couple of good kids, didn't we?"

"We did," Merlin agreed. "We really did..."