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In Time and Space

Chapter 8

The Heat of a Spark!


Barry, 3rd POV (A/N: Our Barry! Not Future Barry)

It was warm. Comforting. Really, very warm. When Barry Allen blearily opened his blue eyes, he blinked into reality. Or, what he thought was reality. He found himself in an unfamiliar double bed with one of his arms was wrapped protectively around a gorgeous blonde back. And damn, she had really smooth fair skin. He gulped quietly, swallowing his dry throat, but being careful not to wake her.

Then Barry's mind woke up, 'Omg! That's Kara! A naked Kara to boot! Why am I here? Why am I with her? What the Hell happened last night?!'

From what it appeared, they were at her apartment. He was about to sit up when Kara rolled over in her sleep and snuggled closer to his bare hairy chest. 'She does look really peaceful when she's asleep,' his mind thought as his eyes observed her like a hawk. Wait a minute! BARE?!

Ohhh, good God they didn't! … Did they? Was he still wearing his boxers at least? Sorta felt like he wasn't; it was a bit breezy down there. Down there… His face flushed when thinking about it. Oh my God, Kara was naked! In his arms! Impossible. … was he still dreaming?!

Kara opened her blue eyes, yawned, and looked at him. "Morning," she greeted with a stunning smile.

It was like she was a sun and his sunshine. Too bright! "Good Morning, beautiful." Barry returned the greeting also with a smile. At that moment, it seemed appropriate to kiss the top of her head.

Realization slowly dawned her. She sat up quickly, "Barry!"

He did, too, "That is my name. What can I help you with, gorgeous?"

"We're in bed together." Kara seemed stunned by this fact.

Yep. He now fully came to realize it, too. "It would appear-"

Kara impulsively punched him. Accidentally. Barry flew off the bed and onto the floor with a sickening CRACK! "Soo- Oww. That hurt."

Ok. He was definitely awake or the pain that shot down his right arm wouldn't feel this bad.

Kara's hands flew to cover her mouth briefly before she lowered them, "Ohmygosh! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to, I was just so surprised that we were in bed together," more realization. She glanced down at herself, "Am I naked? Why am I naked?! Oh my God, we didn't!" And then attempted to cover her private parts. She 'quickly' grabbed her white bed sheet to wrap around herself.

He put on a brave face. "Kara, it's fine." He fumbly stood on his feet and cracked his neck, "That's a question I am still asking myself. Why was I in bed with you? I mean, not that I wouldn't! Y-you're gorgeous! But I still don't know how I got there, last night is all a blur. And Barry, stop making a fool of yourself." He groaned to himself.

Kara smiled at his quirkiness. "I don't remember anything eith-" she started to say, but she was cut off by a baby's cry. Both she and Barry glanced in the direction that it was coming from. Then she pointed a accusing finger in her best friend's face (best friend?), "I have to go take care of a baby. We are not done talking about this." She left the room with her hips swaying arousingly.

Barry stared after her until she disappeared. "Can't wait!" He called after her. Really. He couldn't wait. He was impatient.

While his love interest affectionately took care of a baby, he quickly got dressed, put on a pot of coffee, and 'ran' to get breakfast at a local bakery. When Kara came back - also fully dressed, to his disappointment, - he handed her a blue mug (it had Superman's logo on it) and some donuts, "Got you some coffee. You take it black, right? And donuts. You like glazed, don'tcha'?"

Kara gratefully accepted them, "Thanks, Barry. And yes… who doesn't like glazed donuts," she picked one out of the bakery box and examined one, "that has a bite out of it?" the tone in her voice raised slightly in question.

"Oh Yeah. Well, sort of got hungry on my way over here." Barry rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment.

She raised an eyebrow, "On my way over here? Weren't you already here? And how did you go get donuts so fast?"

"Uhh-" noised out Barry as he lowered his arm. His first lie to her, "I took a Taxi." It was an reasonable explanation. He wasn't even really sure why he was lying to her. To protect her? Yeah, that was it. What if she thought of him as a freak when he told her about his new powers? Would she like him then? He wasn't sure if she even liked him now. As a friend, sure. Probably. Romantically? Still questioning. Heck, his powers scared him.

She took a sip of her coffee, savouring it. "How's your arm?" She asked him. Secretly, she X-rayed it. She felt bad because she saw that it was broken. And she was surprised to find that it was already healing. Weird. Urk. Now she's starting to be like her cousin; here she had ridiculed him about Xraying his girlfriend when she was a hypocrite for doing the same thing. Except Barry wasn't her boyfriend… yet. Her cheeks turned red when she thought about that. She wasn't sure what they were. She did know one thing. MmM… that kiss that they shared last night had been AmaZing! He was a good kisser, like they had been doing that for years or something. Thinking about it made her want to try it once more. She was unaware that she had been staring at his juicy red lips.

He smirked, "Why thank you for asking, Ms. Danvers. I could probably use it as a sling shot now. Get it? 'Cause it'll need a sling? …And probably a shot." Another lie, but he passed it off as a joke. Thanks to his 'super healing', he would just have to fake that it's broken.

Kara choked into her coffee, fighting out a laughter that escaped her lips, "That was terrible!"

He smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, but it made you laugh."

Kara noticed that he was rubbing the back of his neck again. He was a dork. A loveable dork. "Now, about l-last nigh-night-" she stammered nervously, her face growing a darker shade of red, "Y-you kissed me. What does that mean for us?"

"I - I kissed you?" Barry bit into a donut to hide his blushing face and his shock. That wasn't him. The last thing he remembers was being confined in that damnation of a cell, and not receiving any cell reception… no pun intended. Blast it!

The red mug that Barry had been holding suddenly grew hot before randomly crashing into pieces, the hot coffee spilling all over him. "Great, just great," he mumbled in annoyance.

"Oh my gosh!" Kara gasped, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Here, let me help you~"

It was weird for her to be apologizing… again, for nothing.

(A/N: Kara accidentally used her heat-vision here. It was an uncontrollable, sort of thing ;)

As she bended down to help pick up the pieces, their fingers lightly brushed against each others and she immediately withdrew hers. "Sorry."

But Barry shook his head, "You gotta stop apologizing for things that aren't your faul- Oh, look. You got a piece in your hair." His fingers untangled it out. Her hair was so soft and smooth… and he found himself lost in her pretty blue, ocean eyes. Drawing closer to her, his lips were so close to hers, just an inch apart, he could feel the heat of the electricity siphoning off of him… his nose lightly bumped against hers.

Riiiiiiiiinnnngggg…. RiiiiiiiiinnnnggggRiiiiiiiiinnnnggggRiiiiiiiiinnnngggg…. Riiiiiiiiinnnngggg….! And, of course, his cellphone had to go off. Immediately, they pull apart. He jumps about a foot into the air and then begins his search for his phone.

Kara gives an odd look. "That's weird," she looks over her shoulder, searching for her own phone, "Mine's going off, too."

Barry clears his throat before answering his phone, "Y'llo? This is Bartttt-yyy. I mean, this is Bartholome… Barry. What can I help you with today?" He sighs and rolls his eyes.

"He-Hello? Ms. Grant." Kara's greeting.

They listened. "I'm on my way."

They hung up. Kara looked toward her crush, "Emergency at Catco, I gotta run."

"That's ironic," Barry mutters quietly, his shoulders slumping.

"What?" Kara asks, slightly confused.

He shakes his head, "No, nothing. That was Doctor Wells… Apparently, according to him, I-I am not… well. Gotta run a follow-up check up. Choke up. I mean, yeah." Another lie.

Once again, Kara notices that he rubs the back of his neck. She eyes him suspiciously, "We work at the same company. Or, you know, we did."

He clears his throat again, "Ahem. I agree. We definitely need to talk with… whatever's going on between us. How about we meet up once we're done taking care of stuff?" Smooth, Allen, real smooth.

"It's a date!" She agrees too fast, then tries to correct herself, "I mean, heh, not a 'date-date'…" She twirls a strand of her blonde hair behind her hair, "Is it? I mean, y'know what I mean."

His smile brightens, "Yes, I do. I'll be back in a flash, Danvers." He winks at her, making her heart-beat quicken considerably.

As Barry Allen begins to walk out the front door, she calls after him, "Not if I get here first, Allen!"

She coulda sworn he laughed before making his exit. Oh, it is so on! All she needs to do is make sure she gets back before he does. Sounds simple enough. Kara superspeeds into her Supergirl uniform before flying outta the open window.

Barry doubles back into the apartment to 'quickly' clean up the broken pieces, and checks-in on the baby in his crib in the guest-room. The baby Kryptonian glurps happily when he sees him, kicking at nothingness. "Hey ConCon," Barry coes, gently picking him up in his arms, "Now that Mama Kaka is at work, you get to have fun with Daddy Baba and friends. Yes, you do." He tickles the boy who giggles delightedly, "Who does? You dooooo." Great. Now he was the one who was starting to sound like a newborn. Reborn? Eh, whatever. Glad he and the baby were alone. …Did he just refer to himself as Baba? Man, that would've been embarrassing. (A/N: Reference to Justice League Reborn comic issues series! Ha. Get it? Wink wink). In any case, he ran off with the baby.


Connor Kent was an instant celebrity within the laboratory facility. That sounds so wrong on many levels. Caitlin and Cisco were fawning over him.

"You brought a baby to the labs?" Doctor Wells asks before sipping on his tin-mug coffee, "Whose is its? Because I know it's not yours."

Barry slumps his shoulders, "Welp. That's just rude. I feel slightly offended. I'll have you know that I have been called babyface and that my babies will be shockers."

"Pfft~" noises out Caitlin, trying to contain her laughter. At least he got laughter from her; a step in the right direction.

"There's a shock," says Cisco sarcastically. Connor had grabbed onto one of his fingers, "but you still haven't answered Doctor Wells question of whose it is. You've got quite the strong grip there, dontcha' kid? Oh ok. Ow, OW Wow OK. Think the runt just broke my finger or sprained my wrist or - both."

Caitlin briefly glanced away from the baby to attend his finger. "Ohh, don't be such a big baby."

Cisco grits his teeth, "I'm not! But I'm beginning to wonder if he's a killer baby."

Caitlin tilted her head slightly as she continued to patch up his finger with gauze, "Don't get on his bad side then."

"He's my girlfriend's baby…" Barry poorly tries to explain, then corrects himself, "Well, I mean, she's not my girlfriend - it's complicated. And it's not really her baby - it's her cousin's and he asked her to watch him for a while."

"That doesn't explain why you're watching it." Doctor Wells points out as he opens a big folder binder to read scientific notes.

"You're not really paying attention, Doctor Wells. Barry just said girlfriend, not girlfriend… meaning he wants her to be his girlfriend, which is why he's willing to babysit for her." Cisco nonchalantly answers while he moves over to the computers and begins typing away rapidly.

"Can you really blame me?" Doctor Wells questions in turn, taking another sip of his mug. "My house was broken into last night. I supposed I am a little preoccupied."

"You know, Ronnie and I talked about having kids," says Caitlin fondly as she goes back to playing with Connor, reliving memories.

Cisco cleared his throat and thought now would be a good time to change the subject, "Oh, and Barry? We picked up some jam for you on our way home, but we didn't know what flavor to get you, so we went with strawberry 'cause you know strawberry is red, it goes with your suit and-"

Barry just glared at him. Noticing this, Cisco says, "You weren't talking about that kind of jam, were you?"

Then Barry smiles and shakes his head in disbelief. "No, Cisco. I wasn't talking about that kind of jam, but I'll take it. Thanks."

LOCATION: OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE in between National City & Coast City..

Alex, 3rd POV.

Alex pulled to the side of the highway in her black, slick car and got out. Some other police officers were there also, including her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer and J'onn J'onzz. It has been a few weeks since she had been shot (she had been wearing a bulletproof vest, after all..) but that did not stop her from doing her job.

"What do we got?" She asked the question at large, pulling her black sunglasses above her head so she could see her surroundings a bit better.

J'onn J'onzz crossed his arms together. "Well, our John Doe is a Jason Hill, age 34. Died nearly eighteen hours ago. Not employed, never had a criminal record so to speak although there has been sexual accusations towards him, and he lived by himself. He was almost like he was a nobody."

"So what's the problem then?" She asks on edge, throwing her hands up in the air.

J'onn frowned, "That's just it. We don't know his cause of death - our coroner, however, suspects that he was electrified like a barbeque. And… some officers from Coast City are here to intervene."

"What?" She asks, hoping she heard right.

"Well, well, well…" says an all too familiar voice, "Long time no see, Ms. Danvers. Or is it Mrs now? The last time I saw you, you threw beer at my face. Good times, huh?"

Alex gave a small smile before turning around and crossing her arms together, "Jack Jordan. What a surprise. Last time I saw you, if I recall correctly, you were kissing face with your brother's girlfriend Carol Ferris. What is the F.B.I doing here anyway? This is my case." She stomped her foot down on the dirt.

She also noticed that Jack was wearing some kind of weird green ring on his middle finger, otherwise it appeared that he was not married. Jack shook his head in response, "K. First of all, sweetheart, if you'd stick around long enough you would've learned that she came onto me," he pointed both his thumbs to his chest, "Secondly, you're on the borderline of Coast City, so this has become our case." He grinned. It was annoying.

She groaned, "Ugh. You have got to be kidding me!"

If that wasn't worse, Maggie came up the group. "Who's your friend?"

"EX-" Alex emphasised with a smug smile, staring into his daring chocolate brown eyes, "boyfriend, actually. And that is the borderline of our friendship he will NEVER cross."

"Oh," says Maggie, sounding surprised. She shook Jack's hand, "Maggie Sawyer. Pleasure to meet you." She wanted to sound professional while on job.

Jack shook the woman's hand, but the whole time he was staring into Alex's eyes as if determined. "We'll see about that, sweetheart." He winked.


Barry, 3rd POV.

Barry entered the theater through the wood oak double doors, in his black uniform, and wearing his red and yellow backpack. It was his first time back at school since he woke up from his coma, and he was a bit nervous. And, as he entered, the entire class noticed and stared in his direction. Of course, he was late.

His middle-aged teacher, who had already been standing up, turned around to face him with a smile. "Welcome back, Mr. Allen. I trust there will be no more sleeping in my classes?" To which, a lot of his classmates laughed at.

Barry quickly shook his head, "No, Mr. Shue. I think I've had enough sleep for a lifetime."

More laughter. A classmate stood up from his chair to shake Barry's hand, "Hey, Allen. Welcome back. Glee club hasn't been the same without you."

"Thanks, Blaine." Barry replied cheerfully, returning the handshake.

"Well, I don't know about that-'' says a new classmate Barry hasn't met yet. He didn't like how the guy had a stuck up attitude, "I would've preferred he stayed asleep longer. Maybe I can arrange that."

A brunette female classmate - who Barry knows, funnily enough, as Rachel Berry- smacked him in the shoulder. "Shush, Smythe."

A voice, known as Kurt Hummel, piped up, "Well, see, Barry, it's like this; After you abandon us at the National's in New York-"

"I didn't abandon you," Barry defended himself, "I fell into a coma. Two completely separate things."

"Right, well," Kurt continued, twiddling his thumbs, "since you were in a coma, we had to find a quick replacement."

Professor Schuester gestured a hand to the new classmate, "Barry, I'd like you to meet-"

But the classmate cut the teacher off as he offered a handshake, "I can introduce myself, you know. Grant Smythe."

Barry forced a smile and accepted the handshake. "Hi, Barry, I'm Grant. Noooo, wait-" he groaned and sighed in exasperation, "Barry Allen, but you already knew that."


Future Barry, 3rd POV.

It was nearing dinner time. As it was late February, the day's sunlight was shorten, so it was dark outside. It was also raining and lightening.

Iris and Eddie were here, too, but they had no idea that Barry was keeping an eye on them from the far back booth by the window. As he sipped on his styrofoam cup of coffee lightening struck across the sky and his blue eyes flickered up toward it, suddenly feeling uneasy.

He didn't realize that he had been squeezing his cup too hard as some of the liquid escaped from the lid and dribbled down his fingers. He lighten his grip, but his knuckles on his other hand turned white. He wished he had known about the lightning during this time period. Would've saved them a whole lot of grief. Using his speed, he quickly raced to the restroom to wash his hands then went back to his seat like nothing had happen. For once in his life, he was on time. The clock on the brickwall struck 6:00 and Barry pulled out his huge black headphones and put them over his ears to listen.

"Citizens of National City, this is Cat Grant, broadcasting live from Catco Plaza, which despite a vicious attack yesterday, is still open for business. This message is for the person behind the attack. Leslie, if you're hearing this, your grudge is with me, not National City, so let's not see if we can't come to an agreement. Let's meet… where it all began, as they say. I'm not one to look back, but it just feels right this time."

If he recalled correctly, that one time nearly got Kara barbequed. Barry was NOT going to let that happen. Since he was in this timeline for not too much longer, why not play the hero?

He raced toward the location where Supergirl would go up against Livewire. Hid and waited for the perfect, opportune moment.

Hey, he didn't want to steal her thunder. She was Supergirl, after all.


She and Miss. Grant waited the arrival of Leslie at the desired destination. Kara paced up and down the street, nervous as she ran a hand threw her blonde hair. And sighed. She was picking up one of Barry's bad habits. She shook her head. 'Now was not the time to be thinking about him. Focus on the badguy. C'mon, Kara, you can do this. Focus.' She contemplated, giving herself confidence.

She heard Winn's voice on her inner com's, "Uhh, Kara, look I know you're busy being all Super bad-ass and all, but we may have a slight situation."

"What's the problem?" She couldn't help but ask, feeling like now wasn't the best time.

Winn's voice came back online, "There's some, crazy Meta-human dude with metal claw-like hands causing mayhem on the Cleveland dam."

She muttered, "Damn." Why now? She can't be in two places at once.

A new voice entered through her inner com links - it was vaguely familiar, but she can't place her finger on where she heard it before, "Don't worry guys, I got this."

"Uhhh, whose I?" Winn asked over the com's.

The other voice answered in exasperation, "C'mon, guys, this isn't funny. You should all know by know that I'm The Flash."

"Alright, Flash," Winn's tone was sarcastic, "how'd you get on Supergirl's frequency?"

"Oh. Whoops! My bad, guys." And more of a whisper, "I'm gonna kill Cisco," then louder, "You, uhh, keep doing what you do best! You go, Supergirl!" There was a click! And Flash's voice was heard no more.

A spark of electricity ignited from a nearby telephone line pole. Kara eyed it wearily, "Winn? I'll call you back later. Livewire just showed her face."

"Say no more, don't let me be the one to hold you back. Winn out," There was a slight pause, then, "Winn it! You know what I mean. See you later."


Earlier, the rain had lighten up to a mere sprinkle. Barry remained hidden. 'Not yet,' he told himself. However, it was getting harder and harder to stay put. It was one of the hardest things in the world to watch as his lover got zapped repeatedly by electricity casted by Livewire, that included getting zapped by lightening himself. 'Not yet.' His foot tapped repeatedly in an annoyingly pattern on the cement. 'C'mon, c'mon!'

Kara laid on the road, withering in agony. "I wonder if I have enough power to stop your heart," he heard Livewire say.

'Now!' He turned up the volume on the stereo that he brought with him (courtesy of the Barry Allen from this timeline), so that the music blasted through the streets.

"Round round get around, I get around, yeah

(Get around round round I get around, ooh-ooh) I get around

From town to town (get around round round I get around)."

Lights from the nearby houses flickered on in response. Curious neighbors, still dressed in their nightgowns, stepped outside to see what the racket was. Due to this, Livewire stopped zapping Supergirl with her electricity.

"I'm gettin' bugged driving up and down the same old strip

I gotta find a new place where the kids are hip.

My buddies and me are getting real well known

Yeah, the bad guys know us and they leave us alone."

It also distracted Livewire from Supergirl as she glanced in Barry's direction, disdain written on her face. This gave Kara the chance to 'recharge' herself, stand up, and totally 'KA-POW!' over Livewire's head. Leslie Willis was knocked out cold.

"How's that for Livewire, huh?" Supergirl cheered energetically, giving two peace signs with her hands. "You just got dewired."

The neighbors, still dressed in their pj's, clapped and cheered for her. Some of the younger children even rushed out to shake her hand or ask for her autograph. Kara smiled bashfully.

Barry himself smiled as he witnessed. This fight didn't turn out this way in his timeline, so maybe things will change for the better. He sincerely hoped so. Nothing more left for him to do. "Goodbye Kara, my love." He muttered, his smile slipped as he disappeared into the shadows.


Kara thought she heard someone say goodbye. She glanced upwards as she wrote her signature on a fan's baseball cap. Did she hear right? Maybe she was hearing things. She shook it off.

"Uhh, Kara?" came Winn's voice over the comm's, "got time now? We still have trouble over at the dam."

She responded, "Yeah, I got time."

Grinning from ear-to-ear, she flew up into the breezy, rainy sky to that location. When she got there, there first thing she noticed was a man in a red suit withering on the bridge' road. She frowned. We can't have that!

There was another man, a man in a black cloak with metal-like claw like hands, he was standing above The Flash grinning triumphantly. "Amazing! He replaced me with you, a total moron. I got you with the same trick twice. I got the idea watching you and Harrison chit-chat… to use your suit's own speakers to kill you. That feeling? That's your organs shearing apart. And you activated the frequency when you disarmed me. In chess, we call that a discovered attack. You don't see it until it's too late. Right, Harrison?"

The Flash groaned in pain, "Aah!"

Alright. That does it. That's it! Time to jump into action. Using The Flash's own suit speakers to kill him? Well, that just means she needs to disrupt the frequency of whatever that bad guy is using. "Winn?" She spoke into her own speaker, somewhat quietly, "I need you to play some music on a different frequency setting."

"Uhh, what?" Winn's tone was confused.

"Play some music." She instructed, "On a different frequency setting. Doesn't matter what kind, but that's your area of expertise, isn't it?"

"Oh, right!" came his energetic response, "And I think I know just the song."

"Haven't you heard?

I'm Supergirl! You don't want to mess with me, I got your back. I know your every move. And I got everything you'll ever need. I'll take your headache away. If you want another day, I'll be the reason that you live. I'll show you what you always miss.."

Pied Piper glanced in her direction, disdain clearly written on his face.

"Really, Winn?" She had to ask.

"What? Good song, fits you perfectly," was his snide answer, "Plus, I think Hillary Duff is hot. And she has a great voice."

Kara rolled her blue eyes and tried not to smile. Winn was such a dork, but he was sweet… sorta.

"And who can pick you up, when you feeling like you suck. I can, I can. And who knows what you think,

about your silly little thing, I do, I do~ It could be my vibe, maybe it's my mind! Could be my kiss, could be my kiss, But when I'm around you, There's nothing I can't do, I'm at my best, I'm at my best ~ Haven't you heard? I'm Supergirl! You don't want to mess with me, I got your back. I know your every move. And I got everything you'll ever need. I'll take your headache away. If you want another day, I'll be the reason that you live. I'll show you what you always miss.."


(A/N: Our Barry)

Next thing he knows, Pied Piper is the one knocked out cold. 'What the-?' he asked himself in his head when he came to his senses.

"Oh Hell no!" came Cisco's sharp voice, "who hacked into our frequency and is playing Hilary Duff music? Mmhm, terrible taste. Let's have some fun and turn up the volume, shall we?"

"Whats goin' on, on the floor? I love this record baby but I can't see straight anymore keep it cool

What's the name of this club? I can't remember but its alright, I'm a-alright~ Just dance!

Gonna be okay, Dada doo doot-n, Just dance! Spin that record babe, Da da doo doot-n, Just dance!

Gonna be okay, D-d-d dance, dance, dance, just J-J-Just dance!"

Barry could almost hear Cisco snap his fingers, "That's what I'm talking about! Ain't nobody can beat Lady Ga-ga. Isn't that right, little guy? Can you say Ga-ga?"

Little guy? Oh! He was clearly talking to baby Connor. He frowned. Just what was Cisco teaching him?

He turned to face Supergirl and smiled, "Thanks for the help, Supergirl, but I had that. I was getting ready to make my move."

"Clearly." Supergirl also smiled and put her hands on her hips.

As he was about to shake her hand, a red blur ran past them. They both turned to see a blurry, red figure in the foggy distance. Ah! It was the Future Barry. What was he doing here?

"Friend of yours?" Supergirl asks, trying to squint at the figure.

The Future Barry waves at them and gives a small smile.

Flash shrugs his shoulder, "More like, my evil twin."

As he says this, the other him disappears into the fog.

"Ah," Supergirl noises out and nods in understanding, "I'm sure I have one of those somewhere. Glad I haven't run into her yet."


The next day, it was sunny and bright and Kara and Barry met for coffee. They were sitting at a table outside. Kara came out the doors with two coffee's and a white bakery box under her arm.

Quick as a Flash (A/N: Ha, not THAT fast as he's trying to not reveal his identity quite yet, figure of speech), Barry stood up to pull out her chair for his crush.

"Thanks, Barry," she thanked him, handing him his coffee, "I got you yours just the way you like it; dash of cream, one scoop sugar. And, of course, I got some donuts."

Barry retook his seat, feeling nervous at what he was about to do. He took out his wallet from his back pocket and pulled out some dollar bills, "You didn't have to do that, but thanks. At least let me pay for it."

Kara rolled her eyes, "We'll split the check, how's that?"

"Fair enough," he shrugged, picking out a donut from the bakery box.

"Oh, wait!" commands Kara, taking that particular donut from him, took a huge bite into it, then gave it back to him, "There. Now, we're even." She licked her red lips.

Barry couldn't even complain. "You just couldn't resist, could you," he smirks.

"Nope!" She responds happily, taking a sip of her coffee.

Barry tapped his fingers on the table, then leaned back in his chair as if stretching, "Ok, this is ridiculous. Kara, what're we doing? I'm just going to come out and say it. A while ago, a good friend once told me that I needed to be brave-" he leaned back onto the table and rested his chin on both his knuckles, "That I needed to be brave and bold. Kara.. I like you. I like-like you."

(A/N: Nod to the Brave and Bold comic issues! xD)

She stared point blank at him as if not comprehending.

LOCATION: METROPOLIS, Clark's Apartment.

Clark, 3rd POV.

Clark's lips met with Lois's. The two of them were making-out on his long tan couch in the living room. He was being really careful to trying not to crush the couch, or Lois, into pieces. His lips then traveled down her perfect neck, leaving a trail of wet kisses, as she gripped his black hair and a giggle escaped her lips.

Then Clark heard something unexpected. With all his might, he pulled himself away from his lover.

"Clark?" She asked, curious, "What is it?"

"Uhh," he noises out, looking at her in the eyes and placing a finger on her lips, "Trouble, I think. I don't really know. Give me a second, I'll be right back." He kissed her one last time before racing out the door, leaving Lois breathless as he always did.

Once outside, he took off into the air in his blue-and-red uniform.


His feet and legs touchdown on the Earth's soil. He found himself once again at one of his favorite places in the whole wide world: his childhood home. His legs moved him into the backyard where he found his Dad hauling hay into their red pickup truck.

His father greeted him cheerfully, "Hey, son. Didn't expect to see you today, but always glad to have ya. Your mother is in there baking her award-winning yummy ooey-gooey oatmeal muffins. Want to help me with the chores and then we can grab a bite?"

That did sound really good. "Yeah, uhh.. In a sec." Clark responds in a hurried explanation, "I did come here for a reason. I mean, always happy to see you, of course, but give it a second or two…"

Jonathan Kent gave his son an odd look, then began pulling off his brown gloves. "What're we exactly waiting for?"

Sure enough. Few seconds later, a large object in the sky - that resembles a meteor- begins to descend downwards and crash lands into the corn field, creating a huge crater. But Clark knew that it wasn't a meteor… It was a spaceship.

That answers Jonathan's question. "Oh."

He and his Dad carefully begin to move closer to it. The door to the Kent farm house banged open, and Martha Kent hurried outside. "What is it?" She asks as she approaches them.

The door to the shuttle hissed open, and the Kent family waited in bated breath. "You don't think it's another You, do you?" his mother asked him after a while.

Clark tilted his head to one side, inspecting the strange object from outerspace. "I don't know."

More silence. Then, a young man with vibrant short, messy red hair, freckles on his face, and goggles that covered his eyes emerged from the craft. All the members of the Kent family took a small step backwards, to give the newcomer room and maybe slightly cautious. The man with red hair huffed out his chest, he was wearing some kind of yellow-and-red suit, and opened his arms and hands wide as if to give someone a huge hug. He grinned triumphantly, "Ta-dah! Bart Allen has arrived." The boy looked around his surroundings and noticed the Kent family, "Oh. Uh, did I say Allen? I meant Danvers. Bart Danvers."

The said person claimed Bart Danvers used his superspeed to give Martha and Jonathan each a hug, "Hi! Grandma, Grandpa. Love you, too! My name is Bart Danvers… and I'm your great grandson from the future! Hey, great Uncle Clark! Pretty crash, huh?"


Author's Note: Ai, ai, ai... they get rid of one time-traveling speedster, only to gain another. ^_^

Oh! And in case if anyone is wondering... How Our Barry got out of his cell? The Future Flash got him out, stripped him, and took him to the apartment just to mess around with them.. Barry doesn't remember this because he was sleeping. Hope that clears some questions and misunderstandings =P xD


Kj-SuperFlashLover, "Is this a Karry pairing?"

ME: Yes. This is a Karry pairing. However, there will be some Iris/Barry, Caitlin/Barry moments, but mostly one-sided on the female side. :)

Hi, "when will barry find out the truth about kara and find the man who killed his mother and when will kara find out barry is the flash?"

ME: Sorry, I'm a little confused by your question. The truth about Kara? You mean that she's Supergirl? Also, can't reveal spoilers, sorry! ^^ All I can tell ya is... In due time, my friend :) I can say that Kara will find out Barry is The Flash later in the story. The Man in the yellow will reveal himself soon...

Guest, "Me no likes :( Barry is too flirty. He's usually his cute, awkward nerdy boy who get all flustered around Kara, he doesn't use slang and is the type of boy who'd show up at your door blushing with flowers, chocolate, and a ginormous teddy bear. In this he's almost jerk- like. You have incredible writing skill, but some of the characters were just portrayed wrong."

ME: Here is my answer to this. Barry too flirty? I supposed I did go a little over the top and made him more like Wally West, huh? But would you have preferred the tragic version of Barry? When did he use slang? o_0 Also, just a reminder, this does take place on ANOTHER EARTH soo the Characters don't have to be EXACTLY portrayed.. what fun would that be? :O

Hi, "could we see the timevault and article from 2024?"

ME: Yes! That will also happen very soon.


UPDATED: 11/28/2017, fixed some of my Errors... Bart is Barry's grandson, so that would make Jonathan & Martha Kent his GREAT grandparents... I can't believe I didn't catch this before! Feel like such an idiot...! *facepalm*