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A.N. I've been reading a lot of Megamind fanfiction lately, and I had my own story floating around in my head, but it finally all cleared up enough so I could start writing it. This is the first fanfic I've ever posted. I hope you like it! Please let me know what you think. Oh and I don't own Megamind.

Megamind had been the hero of Metrocity for a year, and so far, things were great! He occasionally got to capture petty criminals, he had the opportunity to show people the useful things he could invent, and most importantly, he had the girl of his dreams.

In fact, he was working on a device that would be the start of making their relationship permanent. He was creating a super power communicator engagement ring with a built in a dehydration ray. The hard part was that everything was small and hard to work with. But Megamind was almost finished, and he was excited. Once he finished the ring he just had to figure out when the best moment to propose to Roxanne was. He just had one problem; in all his concentration, he completely forgot about a date he had planned with Roxanne.


"Oh Roxanne. OH ROXANNE!" Megamind turned around quickly, keeping what he had been working on hidden behind his back. "Ahh ollo. What brings you here today?" He asked sheepishly.

Roxanne could tell something was up, but she didn't know if it was because he realized he had missed their date, or if something else was on his mind. "I was in the park for a couple of hours today, I thought it would have been a good day for a picnic." She said, and waited to see if he would take the hint.

"Oh that's nice Roxanne. I'm sure it was butiful" Megamind replied, mispronouncing the word beautiful.

"It was" Roxanne said out loud "well it's obviously not our date that he is thinking about" She thought to herself. Time to change tactics. "What's that you're working on? She asked him stepping closer to see better.

Megamind moved to continue blocking her view. "Wha what? It's nothing. Not important. Your human mind wouldn't be able to understand." Megamind inwardly smacked himself. He knew he had gone too far with that comment.

"Oh I see. Well since It's nothing I can understand, and it's more important than our date, I'll just leave you to work on it alone." Roxanne said, her voice thick with sarcasm. Then she turned around and walked out.

Megamind stared after her. "Our… Date?" he asked out loud, even though Roxanne was already gone. Now he outwardly smacked himself. "How could I forget?" He thought.

Just then Minion walked in, hands full of cake pops. "Hello miss Ritchi, you're just in time to try… Uhh wasn't miss Ritchi just here?" Minion looked at Megamind. Megamind didn't reply, bet Minion read his face. "Oh no. Sir, what did you do now?"

"Why do you automatically assume I did something?" Megamind asked, annoyed that Minion was exactly right.

"You forgot another date, didn't you? Sir, if you want miss Ritchi to merry you you're going to have to stop forgetting about her."

"Another date? What was the first one?" Megamind asked his friend.

"Last week you were supposed to go see that movie with her." Minion answered. He had known Megamind all his life, but was still amazed sometimes how he could be a genius and also so forgetful.

"Oh yes that's right. I was to buy the tickets and she was to buy the popp-ed corn." Megamind paused, his face looking perplexed. But after a moment his face cleared into a smile. "well it's of little matter. I'll make it up to her soon enough." Megamind grabbed a cake pop out of Minions robotic hand and sat back down to finish his project.

The fish shuffled his feet "Don't you think you should call her back and apologize right away?" he asked.

"Relax Minion everything will be fine." Megamind replied, barely looking up from his work.

"Okay, if you say so Sir." Minion said. Eventually he made his body turn to walk away, but the fish kept watching his blue friend till he was lost from view.

That night Roxanne couldn't sleep. She had her relationship with Megamind on her mind. She couldn't believe he forgot another date. She knew he could sometimes get distracted with his work, but this was two weeks in a row! And then there was what he said about her not being able to understand what he was working on. Did he really mean that? No of course not! Megamind always said she was the smartest person he knew. He probably was just too embarrassed to show her his work. But then again, he had shown her his super powered bubble gun.

Roxanne didn't know what to think. A couple of weeks ago, she had had high hopes that their relationship would soon be turning a major corner, but now she wasn't so sure. "what if Megamind isn't interested in me anymore?" Though she knew it was ridiculous, that was more or less the thought she fell asleep with.

The next morning Megamind called to apologize and invite her to dinner the next week. "see? Things are going to be fine." Roxanne told herself as she hung up the phone. Yet there was still a tiny bit of doubt hanging on in the back of her mind.