Megamind and Roxanne were drawn back to reality as they heard various shouts of "Minion!" "Sir!" and "Ma'am!" They turned around to see most of the sarylians running over to their minions to help them up, hitting the reboot button on their suits. Megamind joined them, greeting his own minion. As the excitement of being reunited with their Minions died down, everyone noticed two Sarylians hanging back; Nick and Cloe.

There was awkward silence only for a short moment, because the minions immediately started shouting all at once, telling Nick and Cloe to come with them. Everyone went into the building where the minions were mostly kept, and saw the huge tank with two fish swimming around in it. All the older sarylians immediately made the connection, and looked around to see if Nick and Cloe did too. They then noticed that those two were still at the back of the group, and couldn't see anything. As one all the sarylians and minions backed up to one side or the other to make a clear path between the pair of fish and the pair of sarylians.

Nick and Cloe were shocked at the sudden movement of everyone at once, but they were more surprised to see the two fish staring back at them from the tank. In fact, at first, they couldn't believe what they were seeing. They slowly started walking closer, and Cloe subconsciously grabbed Nicks hand. When they were right up next to the tank the fish that Cloe was staring at finally broke the silence. "You're real." She said.

Suddenly all four were talking at once, and at first, no one else could make any sense of what they were saying to each other. From what he heard, Megamind started to develop a theory about the connection these sarylians and minions had with each other that, if it turned out to be true, fascinated him. He had always known that there was a special connection between himself and Minion, beyond just growing up together, and he had learned more since he had met the other sarylians, but this was incredible.

Finally, there was a break in the excited conversation between Nick, Cloe, and their minions, so Megamind decided to confirm his theory. "Am I right in my understanding that you have dreamed of each other throughout life, even though you've never met?" he asked.

"fascinating, right?! Not only that, but it seems we shared dreams, so that the conversations we had were actually with each other, not just dream versions of each other!" Nick replied. Every sarylian in the room stood dumbfounded at this new discovery. Something like this had never happened on Sarylia, at least not in recorded history. As far back as anyone could remember, it had always been protocol to unite the newborn sarylians with the newly hatched minions as soon as possible, so this was a completely unique situation.

Suddenly Cloe's brow furrowed. "wait a second, how come nobody ever told us about this? I mean, someone had to have known, right?"

Lianne was first to answer. "We did know that there must have been two minions that hatched on the same days each of you were born, because that is how it has always been. Minions lie dormant in their eggs until the sarylian they are bound to is born, then they suddenly hatch. It's amazing really…" Lianne paused. "What we didn't know is that these two minions were still alive. When they never turned up we assumed that Marvin must have chosen to kill them rather than let them be united with you. We resolved never to speak of it with you, so that you would not be sadder than you already were."

Now Nicks minion spoke up. "but how come you never knew we were here?" he asked.

"Because Marvin told us never to speak of you two to the Sarylians, or else he would kill all of them off." Said one of the older fish. "We knew he was up to no good, but we also knew that he would make good on his threat, so we didn't dare disobey him. I'm so sorry."

"that's alright, the important thing is we're all together now." Said the little female fish next to Cloe.

"That's right!" Cloe agreed. "That reminds me, we need to get to work building that cool body we designed for you in our dreams!" and with that Cloe grabbed a spare bowl, scooped her fishy friend up, and ran to the lab. Nick and his minion were right behind them, followed by all the other sarylians with their minions, making plans for upgrades on robot bodies, talking about new invention ideas, or just chatting and enjoying their newfound freedom.

Megamind stood there in the room lost in thought for a while. "what are you thinking about?" Roxanne asked, moving voice next to him.

"I was thinking about how many terrible things Marvin has done to these people, and wondering what I should do with him." He answered honestly.

"You mean we can't just leave him in a cube?" Roxanne asked raising her eyebrow.

Megamind let out a short laugh, "I wish, but you know how unstable that would be. One drop of water and poof there he is. I don't want to take him back to earth prison, that somehow just doesn't feel right. His powers of persuasiveness are too great to leave him with the pifflepaffles. I doubt the sarylians and minions want to deal with him. They probably never want to see his face again." Megamind's out-loud train of thought ended, and after a pause he asked the question he always asked when he was at a loss. "Minion, what do you think?"

"Well Sir, I've spent some time with Marvin, the other minions, and the pifflepaffles, and I agree with everything you've said so far… I suppose the best thing in situations like these is for the convict to be dealt with by his own people, but his people are all gone…."

"Except for Metro Man!" Megamind finished "We could see what he has to say. After all, him and Marvin are the only glaupunkts left."

"I think that is a good idea Sir." Minion said.

"Speaking of Metro Man, where has he been?" Roxanne asked.

The three of them looked at each other, suddenly concerned. Though Metro Man was by no means any of their favorite person, they still cared about his wellbeing, especially after everything he had done for them that day. they ran outside to look for him, and found lying on the ground. For a moment, Roxanne was worried that he was dead. She had never seen Metro Man unconscious before. But Megamind calmly walked over to him and checked his pulse. "He's fine." He said, "Though I'm surprised he's still out cold. He should have woken up a while ago… I suppose we ought to move him some place more comfortable, though I doubt he'll know the difference"

Roxanne and Minion agreed, and Minion started to lift Metro Man off the ground, but as soon as he did Metro Man woke up. "Aaaaaaahhhh! What? What is this feeling in my neck? It's like… a bad feeling. I've never felt like this before."

"That, would be pain. I've had that feeling a lot in my lifetime because of you, so stop being a big baby and deal with it!" Megamind replied, though he wasn't really as annoyed as he acted, he was more relieved.

"Little Buddy! You're ok! How did that happen? I thought I was your only hope!" Metro Man said.

"Interesting. This must be a pressure point where glaupunkts are vulnerable! Just like the heel of Achilles in Greek myth-oh-logy…." Megamind said, studying the back of Metro Man's neck.

Since Megamind clearly wasn't paying attention at the moment, Roxanne ventured to explain. "Well, you see… you were actually more of a distraction than an 'only hope.' I brought the DNA infuser gun with me from earth…" Roxanne proceeded to explain everything that had happened that day.

By the time Roxanne finished, Megamind was paying attention again. "So, Metro Man, what do you think we should do with Marvin?" He asked.

"You want my opinion?" Metro Man was surprised.

"Well of course. After all, he is your father, and you are the only one left from his race." Megamind said. "Besides that, I have no idea what to do with him." He thought, but didn't say that out loud.

Metro Man considered for a moment. "Well, the thing is… I don't know. Maybe it would work. I don't think he has some good in him, but maybe some non-bad… I mean, he didn't kill me… and I think we almost had a really good conversation going…."

Megamind wasn't sure if Metro Man was talking to himself or to everyone. "So, what exactly is your idea?" he asked.

Metro Man looked up at Megamind. "What if I take him with me? I would still make sure his crimes were punished, according to everything I know about justice. I could keep an eye on him, and maybe have a positive effect on him. I realize now that I'm not as good a person as I always thought myself to be, but I hope I'm good enough to have an effect on my dad. Maybe then he won't be evil anymore. What do you say little buddy?"

"Well I would certainly be a hy-pa-crit if I didn't give someone else a chance to change their evil ways. Even if I was less evil." Megamind said. "just one question. You said 'take him with me.' Where exactly are you going?"

"Oh, right. I was wondering, since you have two spaceships now, could I take one and explore the universe with it? So far, my life has been dull… no offence to you… and just traveling to this planet, I had this excitement that I hadn't felt before." Everyone could see by his face that he really was excited. Suddenly his face changed to a less happy expression. "Also, I let the people of Metro City see me when I left… And I'm not ready to face them, after faking my death and all…"

"Why you lousy, no good coward! Gaaahh! I'm glad you helped us and everything, but if we go back without you, they won't believe it was really you, and Megamind will still hold the blame for your death! But you don't care about that, do you?!" If Roxanne had any musical instruments or speakers handy, they would have been crashing into Metro Man's face.

"Actually, I do care about that. I would make an apology video explaining to the people what really happened the day I "died." I really am trying to be a better person, I'm just not ready to speak to the people of Metro City face to face." Metro Man replied.

"Whatever." Roxanne said, though her anger was slightly mollified knowing that Megamind wouldn't be held guilty of Metro Man's death anymore.

Megamind stood silent for a moment, considering Metro Man's idea. He had to admit, it would be good for Metro Man to do something with his life, instead of moping around in a basement and bothering Megamind when he was especially bored. Once, he even asked if they could reenact one of their old battles for fun. Megamind actually started working on plans for a battle simulator so that it would be safe, but they needed Roxanne, and she wasn't interested in hanging out with Metro Man.

"alright, I agree." Megamind said. "You can take the spare ship and Marvin, and go wherever you wish. Only, don't let Marvin out of your sight, I mean that as if you had normal eyes. And be careful! Even as a human Marvin could still potentially be dangerous to you since he knows about glaupunkt weaknesses. In case you somehow have need of it, there is a spare dehydration gun…"

"I Know, I know, and a navigator thingy, and all the cool gadgets. I skimmed through the instruction manuel." Metro Man said, "Thank you little Buddy! You don't know how much this means to me!" He said, squeezing Megamind in a bear hug.

Metro Man did just what he said and made an explanation video for the people of Metro City to send back with Megamind, Roxanne, and Minion. After he was given the cube that was his dad, he left on the ship that he and Roxanne had arrived on. He didn't rehydrate Marvin until he was well on his way, out of courtesy for everyone else.

When Metro Man finally did decide to rehydrate Marvin, he felt a little nervous. He wasn't sure whether it would be the Marvin that had been slightly insecure at meeting his son after years of separation, or the one that wanted to spread fear and destruction just for the fun of it. He got the dehydration gun ready in case Marvin would be hostile when he rehydrated. He didn't necessarily need it, but he thought it would be the least painful method of incapacitating his dad. He set the cube in the co-pilot seat and carefully poured a little water on it, and Marvin materialized.

"whaa!? Son? What happened? We're is that annoying human girl?" Marvin asked.

Metro Man explained everything to his dad, starting with the DNA gun up until the point when he rehydrated him just then. Metro Man thought Marvin would be angry about losing the "game" to Megamind, but he actually seemed rather calm, and a little confused. "so, Megamind just let me go? After everything I've done?" Marvin asked? "He's a bigger idiot than I thought."

"Well I wouldn't say he just let you go." Metro Man replied, "He changed your DNA so you couldn't hurt anyone else, and left you with me, so you don't have total freedom."

"Okay sure, but…" Marvin paused. "A man who has committed my crimes in life certainly deserves death." He said quietly, as if it was the first time he had ever considered the consequences of his actions.

"Well that's true." Metro Man agreed. "But Megamind isn't big on killing, and he believes in second chances, especially after his life." He paused. "You won't ever be able to take back the evil you've done, but perhaps you can turn your life around and do good things in the future."

Marvin was quiet for a while, thinking about what Metro Man said. He did enjoy being evil, but maybe it wouldn't be so bad to make a change. Besides that, he was stuck with Metro Man either way, and he was pretty sure things would be better if he behaved himself. Maybe. After a while he spoke up "what do you mean Megamind believes in second chances because of the life he had? What's his story?"

Metro Man smiled. "Well it all started when we both landed on earth as babies…"

Megamind, Roxanne, Lianne, Robert, Nick, Cloe, and all their minions, spent the next week traveling around the planet to the different cities and telling the good news that they were all free of Marvin's control. Megamind loved meeting more people from his race, but he did get weird looks at first when people found out he and Roxanne were engaged. One girl even told him that he didn't have to stoop to such levels, that she would gladly marry him based on the fact that he beat Marvin, and that he didn't have to worry about the earth girl, because she had heard they didn't have much in the way of feelings. Megamind actually dehydrated her. After he had cooled off a little he rehydrated her, stiffly apologized and informed her that Roxanne was the one who defeated Metro Man, that humans do have feelings, and that he wasn't going to marry anyone else.

Despite the negativity toward Roxanne at the beginning, most of the Sarylians really liked her once they got to know her a little bit. There were a few older sarylians set in their ways who wouldn't consider thinking kindly of a human, or "earthian," as they insisted on calling Roxanne, even when told otherwise. But everyone else just ignored those people, because it was obvious that Roxanne was a wonderful person.

The other thing that they had to deal with was making peace with the pifflepaffles once again. Lianne and Robert called a meeting of all the leaders of the sarylians and pifflepaffles to discuss what should be happen next, and whether the Sarylians should stay on Pifflepaffla, or seek a different place to live. Surprisingly to Lianne and Robert, most of the Sarylians were quick to forgive the pifflepaffles and agree to continue living on Pifflepaffla more or less with the original terms of peace that had been set when they first came to the planet. The meeting went really well, but for some reason, Lianne and Robert didn't feel good about it. They should have been happy that the meeting went so well, but they weren't. it wasn't that they didn't forgive the pifflepaffles, they did, but truthfully, they really hated the site of pifflepaffles anymore, and they wondered why it didn't bother everyone else. Maybe it hadn't been as bad for the Sarylians in the other cities. Whatever the reason, Robert and Lianne were unhappy about the Idea of seeing pifflepaffles on a regular basis for the rest of their lives.

The solution to this problem came when they were enjoying a cup of coffee, with Megamind and Roxanne. Megamind and Roxanne were discussing their plans for going back to earth. "I wish we had kept the stealth ship. As soon as we land humans are going to boombard us with questions." Megamind lamented.

"Yeah that first confrontation will be annoying, but you and I both know you love the attention" Roxanne said.

"Ahh, yes, you know me so well." Megamind agreed. "but I have enjoyed the time here with my family and friends. Don't you think we could stay, just one more week?"

"You said yourself that you've been away from Metrocity too long, and I owe the people an explanation too." Roxanne said. Megamind smiled at the fact that she said Metrocity instead of Metro city, and didn't seem to notice.

"You right of course." Megamind sighed, then turned to his aunt and uncle. "I'm really going to miss you though, and everyone else." He said to them.

"We'll miss you too" Lianne replied, "Your cheerfulness has counteracted our dread at having to continue living in the same city as those dense little pifflepaffles."

"Perhaps we can come visit you on earth sometime when…" Robert started to say, when Lianne interrupted him.

"That's it! Not visit earth… Robert, we should go live on earth!" Lianne exclaimed.

Everyone's face brightened considerably at the idea. "That's brilliant! That is, if we would be welcome. Megamind?" Robert looked at him questioningly

"Of course you would be welcome! I'm sure the people of earth wouldn't mind having a few more geniuses around to make the planet a better place. We should see if the others want to come live on earth too!" Megamind said. By "others" he meant everyone in the group of ten that he met his first day.

They took the idea to their other friends and family and they all agreed readily. The whole group worked together to build a couple more ships, and Roxanne thought it was the most fun she had ever had. Everyone was in such a good mood, being excited to go to earth, and they laughed and joked together. At one point, an engine blew up while Megamind and Nick were working on it, and then they had mirror image black streaks across their faces. When Roxanne noticed this she immediately pointed it out to Cloe, and they both burst out laughing. Megamind and Nick glanced up together with questioning looks on their faces, but Roxanne and Cloe just laughed harder. Megamind looked at Nick, they both shrugged, and went back to work.

They finished the spaceships in two days. It took longer than it had taken Megamind back on earth, because they were bigger ships, and there were only two brainbots to help. Once they finished, they said their goodbyes to everyone staying on Pifflepaffla, and set out for earth.

Things were crazy when they got back to earth. Thankfully, they had thought to give the two new ships stealth mode, so Megamind could deal with one thing at a time. First, He met with the mayor to tell him that some of his people had come with him, and get permission for them to stay. While he did that, Roxanne answered all the questions the people had, confirmed that it was in fact Metro Man they had seen the day she left, and played his video for them. She didn't even need to worry about asking for her job back, because her boss was there and informed her that she would be at work the next day, and she would do an interview with Megamind. The next day, during the interview with Roxanne, Megamind told the whole story of his adventure, informed the public that his family would be staying on earth, and he and Roxanne announced their engagement.

At the end of the day, Roxanne and Megamind went back to the lair. Roxanne would have moved back to her apartment, but her landlord hadn't been as kind as her boss, so when she was gone for so long he got rid of whatever things she had left there and rented the apartment to someone else. But that was all right with Roxanne, because it meant she didn't have to move all her stuff back, only to move again when she and Megamind got married. There were plenty of guest rooms at the lair, and she could stay in one of them until the wedding.

Both of them were exhausted as they stumbled into the lair. Like the thoughtful fish that he was, Minion met them at the secret entrance with cookies. "Minion, you really are a fantastic fish!" Roxanne said. "This is just what I needed!" Megamind had his mouthful, but he looked at his friend and nodded his agreement.

"No problem Miss Richi, I know you two had a long day." Minion replied.

Though they were tired, Megamind and Roxanne didn't want to go to bed just yet, so they climbed up on the roof with their plate of cookies, and sat there enjoying the view, and each other's company.

"I am so happy right now." Roxanne mumbled, leaning her head on Megamind's shoulder.

"What's that dearest?" Megamind asked, glancing down at her with his eyes, but careful not to move too much so he wouldn't disrupt her comfort.

"Oh, I was just saying how happy I am right now. You found your family, they are going to live here and earth, and In a few months, they will officially be my family too."

"Hmm yes, I am happy about all those things as well." Megamind replied. That sat quietly together like that for some time. Megamind thought about what Roxanne said. Yes, he was happy that he had found his family, but what made him the happiest, was the fact that Roxanne was next to him, she loved him, and he loved her.

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