The Nine Lives of Chloe King

What part of forever don't you understand

Chloe wanted to hide her feelings for Alek. She wanted to have time to think. Her relation with Brian was more than complicated. Brian was human. She was a Mai. Meaning, she was not allowed to be with him and simply, she couldn't. Being with Brian would include kissing him. But a kiss from a Mai to a human would kill the human. And killing Brian was clearly not what Chloe wanted. She wanted him safe. But being away from him, telling him goodbye was strangely hard, almost impossible to her. Brian was feeling so many feelings for her, and she knew it. But Alek was a Mai, and she also knew it, he had feelings for her too.

Everything changed the night he kissed her in front of her house.

- We belong together. Whispered Alek, as Chloe was waiting to continue the kiss.

Brian was there, watching them, speechless.

- Brian...

Chloe noticed his presence, but it was too late. He saw.

- I'm sorry. I should have told you. She said. I should have made the choice a long time ago.

- The... Choice ? Asked Brian.

- I can't be more than your friend Brian. I... I belong with Alek. I'm sorry.

Brian left, he wasn't desiring to hear more.

Chloe turned to Alek. He had a little smile, he knew he was winning.

- You belong to me. He said, grabbing her hand.

She smiled to him, nodding.

- I do.

Chloe kissed him again, as to make sure he was understanding it.

Alek was standing, waiting for Chloe. Valentina was looking at him, proud. Jasmine could see Alek nervous, but happier than ever. Suddenly, everyone present stood up. Chloe was walking down the aisle. Her white dress was incredibly pretty, and making Chloe look like an angel. She finally stood up next to Alek, holding his hand, being the happiest woman on earth.

It was two years after Chloe understood Alek was the one and only. That night, in front of the house, kissing each other. Since that, she lost two lives in the fight for her life. Now she was an adult, an adult Mai, marrying another Mai. Meredith was finally aware of the life of Chloe, because Chloe couldn't hide the truth anymore. Valentina wasn't approving at first, but she understood that it might be the best option for Chloe to reveal who she was to her mother, that Meredith couldn't control Chloe's life anymore. Chloe's life was dedicated to the Mai cause, and not to herself.

After exchanging the wedding rings, Chloe was finally Chloe Petrov, Alek's wife. Both were beyond happy, and Chloe was a little emotional. Meredith was so proud to see her daughter married to such an awesome man, who truly cares for her, and who will protect her all life long. Even if she would have prefered for Chloe to get married later down the road, after her studies, and after she would have found a real job, she knew deep inside Chloe wanted this, and that she was happy.

The wedding was over. Alek and Chloe were living in a nice appartment together. Chloe was sitting on the bed, exhausted from the long and emotional day she just spent.

- You're okay ? Asked Alek, as he sat next to her.

Chloe turned her head to look at him. She smiled.

- Yeah. I'm just... tired.

- Well, you should lie down. Your husband is gonna give you a nice massage before you fall asleep.

Chloe kissed him quickly before lying in bed on the stomach.

- No one knows right ? She asked.

Alek kissed her neck.

- No one knows sweetheart. They don't need to know yet.

Chloe turned to him.

- In few weeks, I won't be able to hide it anymore.

- We will tell them soon. Our baby is safe, don't worry Chloe.