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Warning(s): genderbent Yusuke. Possible OOCness. AU. Swearing. References to violence.

So long world!

Yumi Urameshi, currently age fourteen, and in possession of a very rough personality with a poor attitude. Her hobbies include currently: Picking fights, gambling, and smoking. Up until just a few moments ago, she was meant to be the lead of this particular story. The only problem was...

"I-it wasn't my fault! It was the child, she...!" A young man yelled, who appeared to be in his early twenties. He was in shock and panicking, and his head kept swiveling around the crowd to look for a sign that someone there believed him. Most people seemed too focused on the bleeding body his car had just smashed into, however, and the black-haired girl that was so clearly not breathing anymore from the impact.

"I don't think this one's gonna make it," one of the onlookers whispered, feeling a small tinge of remorse for the young life lost.

"Be quiet! The ambulance! Quick somebody call for the ambulance!" A third person yelled out.

All the while, a pool of blood grew around where the girl lay. Her black hair was still in its signature high-ponytail, with messy bangs obscuring where her eyes were. Her school uniform became drenched in red, turning sticky. Her previously tanned complexion was now a deathly pale.

Yumi Urameshi was dead.

"Aaahh!" A voice cried out suddenly. It was a girl, identical in looks to the one lying on the ground. She had awoken to find herself hovering in the air! Somehow straightening herself in mid-air, Yumi proceeded to smack herself a few times to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

'Well, this is a fine mess I've gotten myself into,' she thought, scowling. Her eyes drifted down, noticed a crowd of people gathered around a body, and all of them yelled in panicked tones.'Wait a second, that's...!'

"That's ME!" she hollered. She was starting to freak out a bit, because how in the hell was she suddenly in two places at once!? And how come the 'her' down there wasn't moving at all?!

'Okay, now this is weird. Stupid weird,' she thought. She floated down to the ground, reaching with shaking hands, and attempted to touch her own unmoving form. The sudden blaring of sirens caused her to stop, and wide eyes looked up to see an ambulance pull up onto the scene.

"Alright, people, clear a path!" One of the paramedics said as he rushed forward with a medical bag slung over his shoulder.

"Right!" The other said as he ran past to check on the little kid who had been saved by the girl laying on the ground.

"Besides a few scratches, this boy looks to be just fine." The second paramedic sounded completely assured, after checking the small, brown-haired kid standing a few feet away. The small boy promptly burst into tears while the paramedic checking over Yumi turned with a grim expression.

"Well, at least one of them is," the grim-faced one said and rose to his feet.

"Hey!" Yumi shouted, not realizing she was invisible to the guy. She watched them bring out a stretcher.

"I hate clean-up," the one from earlier said. All he received in response was a soft 'yep' from the other as they loaded her limp body up.

"Hey, I'm standing right here!" she yelled again.

"Cover this one up, and I'll take the little boy."

"Whoa, you think you can do whatever you want just cuz you've got that stupid uniform on?!" She demanded. She was now standing beside him and looking more furious than ever. "You can't just write me off like that! Hey, listen to me!" She swung her fist, and watched it sail harmlessly straight through the guy's head.

"Whahh!" She yelped. She lost her balance, spun wildly in a circle, and then whirled backwards into the air. She watched the ambulance roar to life and then it just took off down the road. Her expression was one of surprise, because her body was being driven away while she was still right there.

"Well, that wasn't normal," she muttered. Her face scrunched up in concentration as she tried to recall how she landed herself in such a mess.

'Okay, think, Yumi. It's not like this is your first time being in a jam. The day did start out different, I mean I went to school...'

[Earlier that day…]

The rest of the students backed away in fear, boys and girls alike exchanging nervous glances as Yumi walked on by. Each of them looked like an escaped convict had just come walking up to the school gates. Yumi paid them no real attention though, writing it off as them either being wusses not worth her time or just a bunch of idiots. Maybe even both.

Three hours went by. Three hours of the students sneaking little side-glances at her, some too afraid even for that much. Three hours of the teachers making their dumbass remarks under their breaths, thinking she could never overhear, about how much of a plague she was. Then, finally, she couldn't take it anymore and decided to ditch her next class in favor of going to the roof.

"Yumi Urameshi, report to Mr. Takanaka's office immediately."

Yumi found herself scoffing at the voice on the loudspeaker as she crouched on the roof of the school. Her head leaned back against the wall, and her face was the perfect picture of boredom. Her eyes rolled as she muttered, "Stupid old man, he should just give it up already."

The door beside her, that led to the stairwell, swung open and a familiar head of chocolate brown hair appeared. Yumi blinked as she recognized the signature pig-tails before anything else, and she somehow withheld the urge to smirk.

'Ten years and she still won't let go of the pigtails. Gimme a break,' Yumi thought. Just then, cinnamon brown eyes swerved and landed on her, and she saw brows pinched into a stern look of authority. It was the eyes of her childhood best friend, not to mention the only one in the whole school to give a damn about her attendance record - Keiko Yukimura.

"So, you're really here!" Keiko said, folding her arms.

Yumi blinked and made a show of casually looking up. Which, on her part, may have been a mistake since that was when Keiko noticed the cigarette hanging loosely from her lips. Then all hell proceeded to break loose.

"Ah! Smoking again? You delinquent!" Keiko snapped. Despite all the yelling, she only looked mildly annoyed. She pointed at the offending item, which only made Yumi herself scoff and turn the other way.

"Ah, it's just Keiko. The ugly hag who nags every day," Yumi casually remarked.

Keiko made a noise, similar to a low growl, at the back of her throat. The brunette snatched the cigarette right out of the other teen's mouth.

"What do you mean 'nag'? Smoking is bad for your health! Ah…," Keiko paused to give a once-over of the taller girl's attire and frowned. Black shirt, black short skirt, black everything really. "YOU DIDN'T CHANGE YOUR CLOTHES! All I see is black again, and that skirt is way too short!"

Yumi gritted her teeth, attempting and failing to drown out her friends griping about her outfit, and she just managed to keep from letting out a smartass remark.

"Also, Mr. Takanaka has been trying to find you. You were called for over the p.a. just a few minutes ago!" Keiko threw out. Her expression morphed to one of pure anger, and her hands rose to plant firmly against her hips. "If you don't go then I'll be scolded as the class representative as well! Do you hear me, Yumi!?"

"Ah! Alright already, alright!"

Keiko watched with an angry huff as Yumi got to her feet, and Keiko's eyes narrowed as Yumi flung the cigarette down and smashed it beneath her shoe. She rubbed at her neck for a moment and spoke with her eyes still closed.

"I'll go now," she relented, tired with the whole ordeal already. "Jeez, what a stalker," she grumbled, brushing past Keiko.

"Hold it! You think I like having to chase you all over the place like this?" Keiko retorted and pointed an accusing finger at the black-haired girl's face. Yumi snorted, not seeming at all threatened by it. Keiko's face flushed suddenly, as she noted the rather intense look her long-time friend was giving to her.

"Well, g-go on! Hurry it up!"

Keiko turned, clearly expecting Yumi to leave. What she didn't notice was the hand inching ever so close to the hem of her skirt. Not until she felt an uncomfortable breeze down below.

"Wah! What low class underwear." Yumi remarked shrewdly, shamelessly lifting the other girl's skirt up into the air and frowning at what she saw. "Even has stains on it. Must be old." Keiko saw red. Her hand connected with the other girl's face in an instant, which sent Yumi tumbling to the ground.

"Idiot! Rotten egg! KNAVE!" Keiko was seething and throwing every possible insult she could muster. "You might as well die, sex maniac!"

Yumi stood back up on shaky legs, wobbled around a bit, and kept a cheesy grin on her face. She mumbled something about seeing stars as she turned and slowly teetered off.

"Grrrr, cheap!" Keiko hissed out and nursed her now throbbing hand. That hit had been hard after all. "Always behaving like this...never improving!"

Finally, Keiko looked back up. The brunette blinked in confusion as she saw nothing but empty air.

"Agh! She escaped again!"


After she left the roof, Keiko found herself standing in a corridor while she still fumed over Yumi's disappearance.

"Hmph, why that..." Keiko muttered. Her arms were tightly folded as she pondered where her escapee friend had ran off to.

"Keiko," a meek voice called out and jolted her out of her reverie. Two girls were peeking out from around the corner leading out into the hallway. One had large glasses on and short, straight-cut black hair; the other had hair a shade or two lighter than Keiko's own brown hair, which was pulled into higher pigtails than what Keiko would wear. Keiko blinked at them, confused by the fear in the first girl's voice.

"Is-is she gone?" The other asked, as the two girls turned their heads scanning the halls anxiously.

"Why are you both hiding around the corner?" Keiko asked, not sure who they were referring to.

"B-because we're scared of the great Urameshi," the one without glasses spoke up. They seemed terrified as they voiced their shared fear of Yumi to Keiko, who looked slightly taken aback. Sure, Keiko knew Yumi may not have the best reputation, but the idea of people being so scared of her…it just seemed so ridiculous.

"I don't see how you can actually talk to her," the one with glasses commented with a baffled look. "Don't you know she's nothing but bad news?"

"Aren't you terrified of what she might do to you?" The other added.

'What are they talking about?' Keiko wondered.

"Or even worse, what people might say about it?" The girl with the pigtails continued at Keiko's oblivious look.

"No, not really," Keiko muttered softly. She was actually still a tad surprised at how afraid everyone was of Yumi. Had things really gotten so bad with her?

"She just wants you to think that she's dangerous. On the inside, she's really more like a lamb, or a panda even," Keiko remarked as she tried to ease their doubts. Sadly, it didn't seem to be having any effect whatsoever. "Honestly, she's not all that bad." Still, fear and doubt shone in their eyes.

"Yeah, but you haven't heard the latest news about her, Keiko," the girl with glasses whispered, while the one behind her nodded along furiously. "She's super tough, and she actually kills for fun!"

'What!?' Keiko thought. She would never understand how so many people believed this kind of thing.

"Yeah, that's what I heard too! And if you cross her, she'll whistle for two thousand bad guys, with GUNS!" The pigtailed girl added. She looked horrified at just the thought of such a thing.

"C-come on now," Keiko said and waved a hand to dismiss such wild assumptions.

"Yumi doesn't even know how to whistle."

"What?" Keiko nodded to back up the claim and then decided to elaborate a little more.

"Besides, Yumi couldn't really order around two people, let alone two thousand. She doesn't have very many friends." Keiko's voice turned sadder at the end, because she was secretly worried at her childhood friend's lack of companions. With rumors such as these, a friend's comfort would be nice to have.

"Not what I heard!" The girl with the lighter shade of hair of the duo said in denial.

"Yeah, no offense, Keiko, but I think we would know," the other chided.

Keiko sighed sadly and then watched the other two turn and walk away.


"Urameshi, I know that you're here today. Report to the staff room immediately."

"Tch! Oh, can it already! I'm not going!" Yumi yelled out, annoyed and frustrated with the lousy day she was having. This particular shout was directed at the voice on the loudspeaker. How the old man had the patience for her, she would never understand!

'Seriously, that stubborn old man needs to give it up,' Yumi thought and continued her trek through the school courtyard. She stopped when she heard voices close by, because she knew everyone should be in class by now.

"No way, man! You mean he just gave you his wallet?" A voice shouted in disbelief.

'Definitely male from the sounds of it.' Yumi stepped closer and saw two boys hunched over.

"It's true!" The other exclaimed, seeming quite pleased over something. "I got about fifteen hundred!"

"All I had to do was say I was Urameshi's cousin. He just dropped it and ran!" Yumi scowled and felt her fists clenching in her pocket slowly as she walked closer to the duo of idiots. She watched them light up a pair of cigarettes, right in the open no less.

"You're so bad!" The guy with glasses said, "But you know if Urameshi finds out, she's gonna kill you." He even seemed to shudder at the thought. The other boy gave a small shrug of nonchalance and didn't look worried at all; he was even smiling at the thought, which just proved to Yumi that he was an idiot.

"Ha! She'll never know, since everybody in Sarayashiki does that. This is the general rule that all good students who do not engage in fighting possess." He then started to laugh. "Hell, that broad is so damn dense, she probably would actually think it's true anyway!"

A shadow fell over the two, which caused them to look up. Their previous expressions of confidence wavered, turning into looks of pure fear and cowardice. The cold hardened eyes of Yumi bore into them as they scampered up against the wall, with the stolen wallet laying forgotten at their feet.

"P-please spare us...!" The one with glasses cried out. He looked about ready to piss his pants.

"I-I swear I didn't mean it!" The other yelled out. "Here, t-take it!" He retrieved the fallen wallet and held it out towards Yumi. Her enraged scowl deepened and a closed fist slammed into the wall beside his head.

"You think I want your money?" She demanded and cocked her fist back.

"Yaaah!" The kid shrieked, thinking he was about to get punched.

"Gimme five hundred of that, please!" Yumi said in her cheeriest voice.

The two boys blinked, slowly reopened their eyes, and saw that the previously angry Yumi was now completely cheerful. Her hand, the one previously curled into a fist, was held palm up and open. They looked at her hand, then her face. Her smile never faltered, and her eyes seemed to shine with innocence.

"Uh...yes! Yes, of course! R-right away!" The one with the wallet finally said, He scrambled around with it before pulling out five hundred dollars and handing it off to her. They watched with bated breath as she wordless turned around and tucked the cash into her pocket, and she strolled along like nothing out of the ordinary had had happened.

"Thanks!" She called over her shoulder.


"That was way too close."

"Hey! What're you doing?" A new voice yelled. This voice was sterner, and much more annoying in Yumi's opinion.

"Ah...Mr. Iwamoto," one of the boys whispered.

Iwamoto was one of the few teachers who were especially harsh in their blatant disgust and hatred of Yumi. Along with everything she did. Him, and the other teachers like him, were always prattling on about how she made them all look bad. About how scum like her shouldn't even be allowed on the premises, and blah, blah, blah.

"Don't worry, you boys are safe from her now," Iwamoto said and immediately pinned blame for whatever occurred on Yumi. An obvious look of disdain settled on his features as he looked at said girl.

'This guy is such an idiot,' she thought as she watched a plan form in the teacher's eyes.

"What happened?" He questioned and looked to the boys to answer. They shared a nervous glance at one another.

"N-nothing..." the one who stole the wallet answered meekly. Unfortunately, his answer didn't seem to satisfy the teacher, as Iwamoto's face tightened with anger.

"There's no need to hide!" Iwamoto insisted, seeming oddly eager at the chance to reprimand young Yumi who looked on with disinterest.

"Uhh…" The two boys exchanged a glance but neither spoke up.

"I won't close my eyes to this affair like all the other teachers, I'll rid this school of scum like you!" Iwamoto declared and pointed directly at Yumi. Her brows pinched together into a glare of her own, and she scoffed as she met Iwamoto's eyes.

"You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid." From their spot against the wall, the two boys made small noises of discomfort as they felt the growing tension in the air.

"I-it's true...nothing happened, sir," the same boy from before muttered to the teacher. It was clear he wanted to get away from the awkward situation as quickly as possible. His companion nodded, feeling the same. Iwamoto's scowl deepened some more, and the teacher turned their way just in time to catch one of them glimpsing down towards their feet. He followed their line of sight and barely withheld a triumphant smile when he saw a cigarette on the ground.

"Well, well, a cigarette?" Iwamoto's eyes flicked back up to meet Yumi's, noticing the way she arched an elegant brow at him. "Typical scum behavior, Urameshi."

'Un-freaking-believable. I didn't even do anything this time,' she thought.

"Disobedient to the rules, you're the worst kind of human there is!" He yelled, not caring about how the other students might have reacted. "No-good scum like you don't have any other reason for attending school other than to cause trouble!"

"U-um..." The two boys tried to speak up, to maybe take the blame for things, but there wasn't much point since Iwamoto's mind was already made up.

"Cut the crap," Yumi cut them off, and she kept her expression totally serious. She gestured plainly to the cigarette before saying, "that's entirely my freedom."

A vein throbbed in Iwamoto's neck, and he was already waving his arm about as he yelled, "get out of here, scum!"

Yumi was already walking away though, with her arms folded behind her head and a triumphant grin slipped onto her face.


"Gimme a break..." Yumi grumbled and dug through her pockets in search of a new cigarette. A quiet sound of triumph slipped out a moment later. She found one, pinched it between her lips and slowly brought her lighter to her face.

"Looking down on me, eh?"

A sudden blow to the back of her head knocked both the cigarette and the lighter out from her hands and mouth. She recovered quickly, and she was seething in rage as she whirled around to face whoever was responsible.

"Hey, that was my last one!" She yelled. Her expression immediately fell when she saw the familiar face of none other than Takanaka standing behind her.

"Whoa, Takanaka!" She yelped and cringed a bit under his stern gaze.

"That's Mr. Takanaka to you." His eyes flitted down to where her fallen cigarette lay, and he frowned a bit as he looked back up at her. "Smoking as soon as you're out of the school gates? What kind of a student are you?" He prodded and watched Yumi huff as she immediately turned away.

"Mind your own business, old man!" She muttered.

Opting for a different approach, Takanaka tried for a reassuring smile before playfully rubbing a fist into Yumi's hair much like a sibling or parent sometimes might as a sign that he truly did care. Yumi, however, swatted the hand away and scowled at him.

"I couldn't help but notice that you were leaving us," Takanaka said and heard Yumi scoff. "You're here for the first time in ten days, and you think school gets out before noon?"

"It was Iwamoto that demanded I get out," Yumi said in waspish tone.

"Ah, all right then. I'm all ears for this one," Takanaka said calmly. Then he quickly reached out and started pulling Yumi along by her ear, and he kept talking even as the poor girl yelped in pain. "Come to the lecture room with me! I'll treat you to a nice cup of tea."

"Aieee! That hurts! Leggo, Takanaka!" Yumi yelled.

"You're not leaving before the last period bell rings today, you hear me?!" He called over his shoulder.

Having heard no quick comeback this time, he stopped to look and gasped as he fell backwards in shock. Instead of a live Yumi, there was a small little dummy with a face drawn on it. It wore similar clothes to Yumi, but it certainly wasn't her!

"Aaahh!" Takanaka yelped.

"Relax, it's just a toy, old man," Yumi commented. She was now perched atop the schoolyard fence, and she swung her legs over the other side before she yelled, "Now leave me alone!"

She didn't bother to stick around to hear any of Takanaka's protests.


"Tch! It figures that the one day I feel like going to school, everyone just wants to preach at me, push on me, and give me their stupid lectures! "Yumi grumbled under her breath. Her foul mood worsened as she turned the corner and headed for her apartment complex. "I hate that school. I hate this town!"

Her mood didn't improve as she stomped down the sidewalk and then to her apartment, and she pushed a harsh breath out of her nose as she stepped inside her home. To her surprise, her mother was conscious.

"Oh, well look who's finally awake," Yumi declared to her mother as she walked into the apartment. Her mother didn't bother looking up at her. She looked like she had literally just woken up, and she already had a cigarette hanging loosely from her lips while still in her pajamas.

"Pour me a cup of coffee," she said by way of greeting.

Yumi grumbled a few more profanities under her breath and reluctantly moved to do so.

"Also, don't you have school today?" Her mother asked, finally looking at her. She looked annoyed, but that wasn't uncommon.

"They pissed me off, so I skipped," Yumi said by way of explanation. Of course, this only served to further irritate her mother it seemed.

"If you don't wanna go, then why not just quit already! School's not free, you know. I even gave up my school fees for you when I was fourteen!" Yumi's mother stated, before she rubbed a hand against her forehead and sighed. "Oh, my head hurts."

Yumi's grip on the coffee pot tightened, and her left brow twitched just a bit in annoyance at everything.

"Even my mom's getting preachy! Oh, spare me!" she yelled, about ready to slam the damn thing down and storm out.

"If that's not what you want, get independent! Useless girl."

"Yes, mother." Was Yumi's venomous response.

And, with that, she quite literally did storm out.

"I sure am unfortunate today. Just keep getting more and more infuriated!"

First Keiko nagged her, two idiots thought they were better than her, Iwamoto was being his usual self, and then her mother had to go and piss her off even more!

"Aaaah! I swear, could this day possibly get any stupider!?" Yumi yelled out in frustration and went so far as to kick a nearby can, which caused a few of the people standing around to flee. She noticed shopkeepers hesitating uncertainly by their front doors, some even going so far as to shut and lock them in her presence.

'Man, I'm so infamous nobody even wants to let me into their shop! I've really become a scapegoat for the misdeeds of all those at my school, great, just freakin great!' She thought looking about ready to snap.

Just then, she saw a group of familiar looking fellow students jump out and surround her on all sides. She heard approaching footsteps from behind, peering over her shoulder to see a familiar certain carrot-top guy she knew. Kazuma Kuwabara.

'Well, whaddya know?' She thought. Suddenly, she felt a slight twinge of amusement.

"Urameshi," Kuwabara said with his hands in his pockets. He had a cocky grin on his face, one that Yumi just couldn't wait to wipe off. Her foul mood began to lighten just a tiny bit as she realized she would get to blow off some steam now.

"Hey, Kuwabara, you're conscious? Huh. I'm not used to that," she remarked. She snickered at how quick his face changed, and she watched him stomp over like a child. He grabbed the front of her shirt and pulled her close in a very non-romantic kind of way.

"That was a cheap shot last time, and I was only knocked out for a little bit, okay?"

She resisted the urge to smile at how insistent he was about it. If she recalled correctly, his friends wound up having to take him to the hospital and everything.

"Now I'm back, and I'm gonna beat your face up so bad even kittens won't look at ya!" Kuwabara said and raised a fist. Yumi started to shake with laughter and then she stopped abruptly as her eyes darkened.

"So sorry you just happened to catch me on such a bad day. You see, it makes me a real jerk!" She yelled back. Disappearing suddenly from his grasp only to reappear with a quick punch to his face that sent him flying. She followed up with a blow from her knee, and then a kick. Once Kuwabara was sent flying again, all his lackeys ran for it.

"Ahhh!" Yumi sighed. She felt nothing but relief after all the pent-up anger from before. "I feel so much better! Thanks, Kuwabara!"

She whistled as she walked away, leaving behind a beaten Kuwabara with another heavy blow to his pride. Once she was gone, Kuwabara's friends gathered around him.

"Kuwabara...maybe you shouldn't irritate Urameshi anymore! So far that makes zero wins and one-hundred and fifty-six losses," one said, trying to put it gently. Kuwabara was having none of it however, and grabbed his friend by the front of his shirt.

"Shut up! I'm gonna fight till I win!" He yelled back. Raw determination shone in his eyes as he looked to where Yumi was last standing. With a determined set of his bruised jaw, he stated passionately, "Before I met her, I never lost a single match. It's not about gender or any of that bullshit! As a fighter, if this continues, I'll never die in peace!"

[Back in the present…]

'Okay, now I'm remembering, after that I met the kid.'


The sound of a ball bouncing across the pavement echoed in Yumi's ears. She looked down and saw it gently bump into her foot. She reached down to pick it up with one hand, and she saw a boy running up to her from the corner of her eye. He looked to be small and young, with brown hair and big innocent eyes.

"May I have my ball please?" He asked softly and held out his hands. Yumi frowned and crouched down until she was eye-level with the boy.

"Listen, kid! Don't you know that's dangerous? There are cars going by that will splatter you into the pavement!" She shouted. It might seem a little out of character, but she was trying to teach the small kid something about survival for cripes sake. He flinched and looked ready to cry at her harsh tone, and she felt her body tensing.

Yumi thought quickly, because she realized waterworks were imminent. She raised an eyebrow as an idea came to her. She made her face blank and wordlessly lifted the ball up so that it was blocking her face. When she pulled it away, her face was stretched out into a goofier and more comedic one. She repeated this pattern several more times, each time making a different weird expression as she tried to get some kind of reaction from the boy.

'And to think I was so confident this would work, he's not even smiling!' Yumi thought with a small twinge of frustration. Her and the boy had reverted back to staring at one another. 'Wait, I know!'

Passers-by paused briefly, confused and more than a little disturbed by the display of a so-called 'ruffian' and at the little boy, who had finally cheered her on. It looked downright disturbing, really. With chopsticks up her nose and such, her head stuffed down into her jacket the way that it was...all of it was very strange-looking.

Still, at least the kid looked happy.

'Hmph, well I guess if all else fails, at least I can still make kids happy,' she thought as she straightened up and returned to normal. She was still holding the ball but lost the chopsticks. She crouched down again and looked the kid straight in the eye.

"Alright, now go ahead and get lost. It's not safe playing ball alongside the road, ya understand?" She said handing the ball back to the boy.

The small boy watched her get up and walk away, before she scurried across the street. Hearing the familiar kick of a ball, Yumi paused on the other side of the crossing. She looked back over her shoulder and saw the kid at it again.

'Still playing...can't help it, stupid little boy.'

She continued watching, mostly in amusement at this point, and saw the boy kick just a little too hard. The ball went sailing through the air and then bounced a few times before rolling to a slow stop right in the middle of the street. Yumi was about to turn away, because the show was over, but then she saw the little boy running out into the street. The kid was oblivious to any oncoming cars, and the street was busy since it was nearing rush hour.

"Whoa, hey! Watch out, it's dangerous!" Yumi yelled before she could think to stop herself.

A car came swerving, its rubber tires burning on the asphalt of the road as it raced down the street. The driver and passenger were too busy chatting to pay attention, but Yumi was. She saw the boy, still in the middle of the street, just bending down to get his ball. Neither one knew about the other.

Yumi's body moved on its own.

A crushing blow was all she felt before everything went dark.

[End Flashback]

"So, that's it then?" Yumi asked herself as she continued to hover in the air. "I'm roadkill?"

She watched police come and take notes from people who were standing in the crowd, who were doing their best to describe what they saw. There was still a lot of panic going around.

"Hold on a minute, if that was me down there...then who am I up here? Does that mean…?!" Yumi questioned aloud. She started looking horrified as realization began to settle in, and she reluctantly finished her thought "…I've turned into a ghost!"

"Bingo, bingo! You win the prize!" a cheerful voice piped up from above her.

Yumi turned and looked up, and she quickly flinched back in surprise when she saw...a girl?

Light blue hair pulled back into a similar looking ponytail. Cheerful pink-colored eyes. Pink yukata. Not to mention she was floating too, on an oar of all things. Still, she was definitely a girl. She looked just as girly as Keiko did sometimes.

"I didn't expect you to figure it out so quickly," the mysterious girl added with a smile.

"Who the hell are you?"