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Test for Revival

'She will never survive it.'

'Humans are such strange creatures,' Illya thought. Dull red eyes blinked at the scene unfolding around her, and a part of her scoffed internally while the many gathered piles of flesh and bone cried their eyes out. They were mourning over a girl-a stupid girl-who decided to try and play hero which caused her to unknowingly fuck herself over.

'And all for some dumb little kid who probably doesn't even know her damn name.' Illya internally fumed, because now she was being called in to fix things. Now she had to not only come here to the Human World of all places, which completely sucked ass in her opinion, but she also had to find a dead girl. It didn't stop there. She had to find said dead girl, inform her of her demonic heritage, and ultimately help revive her by awakening her demon blood.

'Why the hell couldn't he have sent someone like Lethia? Hell, even frickin' Lucien would have been better!' Her face deflated a little bit as she thought of her fellow demons back in the Makai. She pouted a bit, and the people around her misconstrued it as a look of grief. 'It's much more fun there, yet here I am stuck in this dumb ol'-'

"How dare you!"

A sound-flesh hitting flesh, echoed throughout the mass of people, drawing stares and hushed whispers. Illya's head turned as her curiosity piqued. She glanced between two sacks of meat-er, humans, she mentally corrected. Standing just outside of the house was a small trio of girls, and the middle one was down on the floor crying her eyes out and screaming. The other two, however…

"You take that back!" the one with pigtails yelled. With her enhanced sight, Illya could have sworn she saw something glisten in the girl's eyes as she spoke. It was the same with the one wearing glasses beside her. They both looked like they had just been sucker-punched.

"Wha…?" another voice muttered. Illya immediately pinned it to a male standing only a few feet away. She recalled him as one of the humans she had heard laughing and mocking the girl who'd died-Yumi Urameshi or something. She chose not to pay it any heed, because she figured the human knew the dead girl better than she did.

Apparently, some others thought differently.

"Come on, Eimi, what are you talking about?" another male commented as he stepped up beside the first. The two of them looked at the girls in disbelief.

"Yeah, it's not like you guys thought any different," the first male said and shrugged. This time it was the one wearing glasses that snapped. Her hand flew out just as the other girl's did before, guided by a kind of righteous fury burning in those wide eyes of hers that honestly left Illya feeling a little baffled.

"That doesn't make it right!" the two girls yelled perfectly in sync.

"Sure, maybe Yu-" The first girl, Eimi supposedly, stopped as her voice cracked. She spared a glance over her shoulder at the girl still on the ground and then carried on. "Y-Yumi wasn't the best person…" She continued but now her voice was as watery as her eyes. "…b-but, m-maybe th-that's only 'cause…! N-none of us took the time to, g-get to, actually know her!" She finished after several pauses to sniffle and hiccup as she cried, and she looked ready to fall apart at any moment.

"She was a menace, Eimi! That's why!" the second male rebuffed. Illya arched a brow at the statement.

'Was the girl perhaps already aware of her demonic heritage then?' the silver-haired demoness pondered quietly.

"She was a girl!" the other girl, identified by some of the whispering as Michiko, said in a more waspish tone that she seemed suited to. "One with no father! For god's sake, her only friend was Kei-!" She stopped, and shame flitted across her features for the smallest amount of moments as her eyes took a moment to observe the girl behind her much like Eimi had.

"Keiko was the one who-…who b-bothered to get t-to know her," Eimi finished for her friend.

'Kei…ko?' Illya mulled over the name as her attention was now solely focused on the third girl of the triad. Shiny brown hair pulled into little pigtails and wearing the same matching uniform. She could hear the human girl crying, mumbling a name repeatedly under her breath while shaking her head as if in denial over the whole ordeal.

"Yumi…Yumi! Oh, Yumi, why?! Why did you?!" Keiko's sobs were deafening and caused Illya's overly sensitive ears to twitch some.

'Interesting. So she knew her then but unlike the majority of people here, she doesn't seem to hold Yumi in contempt.' She held her chin in her palm and got lost in thought for a moment. Her nose crinkled a bit entertaining a different scenario in her head. 'Perhaps they were lovers? I mean, some demons have strange tastes.'

"Shut up! I said, let go of me!" A new, much louder and rougher, voice cut through the still air.

Illya's eyes widened ever so slightly as she picked up on a somewhat larger spiritual pressure nearby, and she saw a rather ugly looking human force his way to the door. The tall human had a kind of carrot-top haircut and a much larger frame than most of the other males.

"Damn you!" the boy yelled. He sounded almost enraged while he glared across the room, and his eyes settled on a picture of the deceased girl. A part of Illya wanted laugh as she thought that perhaps this one was just too dumb to realize that the girl he was yelling at was no more. "You think you can back down 'cause you're scared?!"

'I love mindless violence,' Illya thought and did her best to hide her growing smile. She watched the boy, who was too caught up in his own grief to pay her any heed, raise his fist at one point in preparation to strike. Illya expected him to, since she considered humans to be little more than food or entertainment, so when the fist stopped just short of the picture Illya was left confused.

'Why did he…stop?' If things were reversed, Illya certainly wouldn't have hesitated. If the girl had pissed her off, then why not exact a little revenge? No one else seemed to care. No one else wanted Yumi Urameshi around.

"You're supposed…to be here…f-for me!" This time Illya couldn't hide the widening of her eyes. She watched as the boy eventually slumped back, and his followers finally managed to drag him out of the house and away from the wake.

Illya looked back at the photo of the girl she had been sent to find. She was nothing of real worth, certainly nothing that resembled her dear Lord Raizen, so then why? She moved without fully comprehending her own train of thought and moved to settle herself before the photo of Yumi, and she very slowly lowered herself into a bow. She swore that she'd find this Yumi girl and then…then she would see with her own two eyes what was so special about her.


Illya was immediately overcome with disappointment when she finally saw this Yumi girl for herself.

Yumi Urameshi was…scrawny. She didn't really show any sign of muscle, and she didn't give off any kind of phenomenal power. If anything, in Illya's opinion, she was even more average than that Keiko girl back at the wake. She had a bit of an attitude, but there was nothing too noteworthy about her.

'There's no way this little girl is related to one of the Three Demon Kings, especially Lord Raizen at that!' Illya huffed and felt outraged on her master's behalf. Outraged and offended. How dare this girl be so weak! For god's sake, she was killed by a car.

'She didn't even sense my spiritual presence from right frickin' behind her. Dumbass girl.' Right away, Illya steeled her nerves and prepared for the girl's imminent failure of her little "examination." A part of her was even looking forward to the black-haired girl's eventual death once the demonic energy proved too great for her to handle and she ultimately killed herself.

'Yup, definitely should've sent someone like Lethia or Lucien for this one. I always get the boring assignments.'


(Only later would Illya come to regret such thoughts.)

(Covered in blood, hurting all over while she gasped for air. A certain brown-eyed girl-her eyes were red now-was standing over her with markings all along her body, similar to Lord Raizen's but more ominous somehow. The markings radiated power, somehow highlighting her pretty features, and Illya was in awe.)


"Remind me again, where exactly are we going?" Yumi asked. A light scowl marred her somewhat delicate features as she regarded the other two girls with contempt and a slight sense of dread. She didn't really want to go anywhere with them; one claimed to be the grim reaper, and the other was a supposed demon.

'Just my luck to get stuck with these two nutjobs,' Yumi thought bitterly. Even so, she found herself clinging to the bluenette's-Botan's-she mentally corrected-oar thing or whatever. The clouds and stars were whirring past them, or was it the other way around?

"The Spirit World," Botan repeated. A little too happily, in Yumi's opinion. Shouldn't death be more of a somber subject?

"Am I supposed to know what the hell that is?" was Yumi's flippant response. At the other girl's heated stare, Botan huffed a little and turned her eyes forward again.

"It's a realm where the people outside of the living world exist-"

"Does that include you?" Yumi interrupted as she locked eyes with Illya, who only scoffed in reply.

"-including the person who will explain your ordeal," Botan finished, undeterred by the interruption.

"And just who is this stupid mystery person?" Yumi demanded, once more growing frustrated with the whole thing. She hated authority figures; they reminded her of her jackass teachers, Iwamoto and that rat bastard Akashi. She could already imagine what kind of wuss she was being forced to meet with. "If someone's got something to say to me, then they should come out and say it face-to-face!"

"His name is King Yama," Illya declared. Yumi thought the other girl took a sick amount of joy at how Yumi's face instantly paled.

"What?! I'm dealing with royalty now?"

"That's right, Yumi. So that means you had better mind your manners and not be impolite or brash around him like you usually are," Botan explained and fixed the smaller girl with a pointed look. Then she shifted her eyes to give Illya the same look. "And that goes for you as well, whatever circumstances that brought you-"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll behave." Illya waved Botan off with a smirk. "Wouldn't want him to retaliate by doing something horrible, like sitting on me with his fat ass."

Illya snickered at the near-scandalized look that overtook Botan's face, and Yumi seemed to share in the pale-haired girl's amusement.

"Can't you show an ounce of decency?!" Botan suddenly hollered and slammed a fist against the top of the demon's head. A vein popped up on the corner of her temple as she directed a quick statement, or threat depending on how you look at it, at both of them. "Don't forget that he calls the shots, and if you two aren't on your absolute best behavior…well, then, he may very well haul you both off into oblivion if he wants!"

Only Yumi seemed to really get scared. Illya just sarcastically drawled out, "Oh, I'm shaking."

"Whoa, now wait just a second! I-I really think we should talk some more about this!" Yumi was cut off by her own scream as Botan flew them into a bright light that had been hidden by a large swirl of clouds that were higher up than any airplane could go. The light enveloped the three of them and made Yumi's head spin. When it finally stopped, Yumi didn't recognize anything.

"Wow, everything's so…big," Yumi breathed. Her head turned from side to side as she took in all of her surroundings. She used both hands now to hold onto Botan's oar as she exclaimed, "Hey! Is that the River Styx down there?!"

"Well, of course!" Botan answered, her face beaming. "And that, just up ahead, is called the Gateway of Decision."

Yumi lifted her gaze to follow where Botan was pointing while still drinking in the otherworldly layout, and she saw some kind of palace-looking place off in the distance.

'Hm, that's the most normal thing I've seen since arriving here,' Yumi thought absentmindedly just before Botan jerked her oar some. The speed suddenly increasing caught Yumi by surprise, and she was nearly thrown off of it.

"Whoa, hey!" Yumi snapped and flailed a bit to keep a secure grip.

Illya watched everything through lidded eyes, and she shook her head a bit before calmly floating after the two. A single thought ran through her head as she frowned, 'That girl's going to die…no doubt about it.'


"Man, this is some pad alright," Yumi said, even more in awe after they landed. She didn't even notice how Illya lingered as she hopped down beside her, while Botan leaned forward and cupped a hand around her mouth.

"Botan here! I've got a new arrival here with me!"

"Hear that, Urameshi? Sounds like they're rolling out the red carpet," Illya remarked with a slight sneer. She folded her arms and changed her tone into something more sarcastic. "Or maybe they'll skip the introductions and just hurl you straight into hell, hm?"

Yumi bristled and glared over at the other girl before growling, "Why does every word that comes out of your mouth make me wanna bash your frickin' face in?!"

"Truth hurts."

"Why, you-!"

The sound of Botan's fists coming down on both of their skulls signaled the end of their bickering. The ferry girl, being the overall winner, fumed down at the other two sprawled on the ground with lumps forming on their heads.

"Would you two pull yourselves together?! Honestly, you're no better than a pair of children." Botan tutted at them and then turned to lead the way inside once the doors started to swing open.

"Whatever, mom!" Yumi snapped and received another smack. Illya was wise enough to keep her mouth shut for the time being and followed after Botan.

Yumi, now nursing the few lumps on her head, started looking around while they walked. She grew more and more unsettled as she noted the red, very throat-like decorations hanging from the ceiling and lining the wall. The whole thing reminded her of the time she had tried to stick her whole hand down her throat and ended up barfing instead. It wasn't her fondest memory.

"Any reason it looks like we're walking right into the belly of the beast?" Yumi shoved her hands into her pocket and quickened her steps so that she was walking a little closer to Botan. "If your plan is to have someone eat me, gotta say…you could at least be more subtle about it."

"Don't be silly. You're hardly even appetizing to look at. Let alone taste, no doubt," Illya chided.

"Shut it!" Yumi barked and upped her pace even more.

"Don't whine," Botan said sternly, much like a mother to her child. She looked over her shoulder and back towards Illya. "And didn't I say to behave?"

The rest of the walk came and went in silence, which left Yumi to her own thoughts for a while.

'Botan said this Yama guy was some kind of king. Well, if he deals with demons all the time like Illya, then I doubt he's the most appealing guy to look at.' Yumi inwardly scoffed at the idea of the ruler of the spirit world being some kind of good-looker. 'He probably has horns. Fangs too. Hell, he may even look like something from one of those sci-fi films. Like the ones with the aliens!'

Illya skipped a little further ahead, leaving Yumi to her mini-ramblings for the moment, to speak privately with Botan.

"I thought I heard King Yama was out of the office for a short period of time?" Illya began and arched a brow.

"Oh, that's right! I forgot!" Botan said in remembrance and gave herself a light tap on the head at her own forgetfulness. "It's fine though. Koenma should be in, and I'm certain he's more than capable of handling this, er, rare occurrence."

"Koenma? You mean the baby?" Illya frowned some at the mention of King Yama's son, and she looked completely unconvinced that he could handle such a case. Part of Botan must have agreed, if the nervous laughter she gave was any sort of indication.

"-I'll squeeze him until he begs for mercy and then I'll see how he likes taking orders!" Yumi's voice snapped both of them back to reality, and Illya and Botan both stopped at a large set of double doors and looked over their shoulders at the third girl.

"What the hell are you muttering about?" Illya asked. Her mood was already starting to sour, and she didn't want to deal with the dumb girl going crazy.

"Huh?" Yumi's head shot up, as though she was just remembering that she wasn't actually alone. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, and she reached up to rub the back of her head in embarrassment. When she answered, her tone was a little more meek than usual. "Me? O-oh, uh, it's…nothing."

"Idiot," Illya hissed, clearly annoyed.

"Botan here again," the bluenette said while pressing a small button on an intercom. "Will you please let him know that I'm here with Yumi Urameshi?"

"Roger. We're opening the gate."

Slowly the gates parted, revealing the madhouse inside. In Yumi's eyes, there was no other way to describe it. Well, maybe it was like something out of a bad comic…but it was mostly just way too weird. There were ogres…or were they some other kind of monster? She was just going to go with ogres for now. There were actual ogres with horns, claws, and everything running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Screaming, hollering, and some of them were carrying large stacks of papers.

"I need information on Mr. Ganon in two minutes!" a red one shouted.

"Mr. Pitz is ahead of schedule!" another, more burly, blue one hollered.

For a moment, it looked like they were preparing for a total beat down. Their fists were raised up and closing in on each other. Then, at the last second, they dodged. They moved around each other and scurried off to god knows where, shouting all the while. Yumi blinked, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"This is the Spirit World?! It looks more like the dead people's stock exchange," Yumi said as she continued to look around while following close behind Botan and Illya.

"If that's what you think, just wait until you see the Makai," Illya stated and smiled fondly at the thought of her home.

"Maka-what?" Yumi attempted to repeat. Illya's smile disappeared instantly, causing a frown to take its place once more.

"Sir, I've brought you the girl Yumi Urameshi as requested," Botan said as she led the three into a single office towards the back. The door slid shut behind them, trapping them inside, or at least trapping Yumi. Her head whipped from side to side, as she tried and failed to spot this great King Yama guy. "And the demon Illya, who is representing Lord Raizen it seems."

Illya hopped away and left Yumi to fend for herself.

"Uh, I-" She was panicking slightly, because she still didn't see him anywhere!

'Is he invisible?' Yumi thought as her fists clenched at her sides.

"Ah, thank you, Botan." A smooth voice, much nicer than what Yumi had been expecting, responded. She blinked, looked forward towards a big leather chair behind a desk, and watched it spin around to reveal-

"Whoa, wait! Hold on a second! Just who the hell are you?! You're no monster!" The words left Yumi's mouth in a fast rambling stream, confusing the others in the room. The boy that was sitting in the chair looked up, blinking some, and he looked to be only a couple of years older than Yumi herself. Yumi blushed, because the only males she'd ever really had to deal with were her dumbass teachers and that idiot Kuwabara. Compared to them, he looked…nice. Attractive even.

'Well, maybe without the pacifier,' Yumi thought, sweat-dropping when she noticed the light blue binky sticking out of his mouth. Other than that though, he looked better than most. His brown hair was parted evenly down the middle, it looked all soft and shiny, and it was the same shade of chocolate as his eyes. His skin wasn't really tan, but it was still nice looking. He had Jr stamped on his forehead, and some…interesting choices in clothes.

"A monster, you say?" the boy repeated. He sounded almost bemused, which in turn made Yumi blush harder.

'Great. That part he hears.'

"Uh, what I meant was…um, huh." Yumi averted her eyes to a corner of the room and reached up to scratch her head while trying to find the right words to dig herself out of the hole she had fallen in. Illya's snickering didn't help her nerves any.

"My, Koenma, sir. That disguise is a bit of a doozy, don't you think?" Botan asked while walking to stand beside the boy.

"I'll say," Illya added, following suit. Koenma arched a brow and looked himself over for a moment before giving a shrug.

"You think so? I had some prior business to attend to and decided to leave it on. After all, not many would take a baby running things very seriously, now would they?" he asked in a very matter-of-fact tone.

Yumi felt left out of the loop, as the three of them seemed to share a private conversation. Yumi's first coherent thought was, 'And what did he mean by baby?'

"In any case, sir," Botan amended after seeing Yumi shuffle nervously off to the side. "Here is Yumi Urameshi."

"A-are you…King Yama?" Yumi bit out while trying to keep her voice steady. Maybe he could transform and was about to shape-shift into a huge monster right now so that he could eat her! Or maybe this was all some kind of elaborate prank. If so, it was probably that moron Kuwabara! 'Wait 'til I get my hands on that no-good pri-'

"Actually, I am known as Prince Koenma. My father decided to go himself to deal with Lord Raizen, after receiving several reports of increased activity from deep within the Makai." His eyes narrowed some as he looked in Illya's direction. "Apparently something's got quite a few of the demons riled up, some in excitement and others out for blood." He sighed after that, then moved to walk around the desk and towards Yumi.

"K-Koenma?" Yumi repeated the name, tasting it on her lips. Her lips quirked suddenly as a thought came to her. "So you're like…a jailer then?"

Koenma blinked, looking a bit surprised, as his hands tenderly touched against the sides of her face. His eyes seemed to search her own for something, but he'd gotten sidetracked by her words. He was still looking into her eyes as he asked, "Excuse me?"

Yumi tilted her head some, barely taking note of the faint glimmer of something radiating from the pacifier in his mouth.

"Your name, Koenma. Do you not know what it means?" She swore she saw mirth shining in those chocolate brown eyes of his as he responded.

"The same could be said of you, though you don't exactly look like an archery bow. Beautiful, however, seems the more likely case." Yumi huffed, suddenly wanting nothing more than to hide her face away. Nobody had ever called her that before. Keiko was the girly one out of the two of them, and therefore she was the one that was called pretty.

"Alright, alright! Enough with the touchy-touchy!" she snapped, hiding her embarrassment with annoyance as she slapped his hands away from her face.

"Yumi, be nice!" Botan lightly chided. Yumi only scowled. Thoughts of her father grounded her, thoughts of when he supposedly left her and her mom. She drug her mind back from whatever stupid fantasy it was headed towards while she fixed Koenma with a stone cold stare. The kind of stare that made the kids at school eventually grow to fear her.

"Don't touch me," was all Yumi said. She folded her arms over her chest, and something in Koenma's eyes softened a bit.

"Right. Well, then," Koenma began to say. He turned on his heel to head back over to his desk, and he leaned against it as a puzzled look overtook his features. "Normally this is the part where I would present you with a Spirit Egg and send you on your way. Provided that you are good, the spirit that hatches from it would then be used to revive you. Though, given your circumstances, it appears we will have to use a different method I'm afraid."

"What do you mean, sir?" Botan asked, tilting her head curiously. Koenma turned to look at Illya instead of Botan and inclined his head towards her.

"Go ahead," Koenma said quietly. Illya nodded and then moved to stand between him and Yumi. All traces of annoyance were gone from her expression and replaced with a much more serious look.

"Alright, Yumi. Listen up and listen good, 'cause I am not repeating myself, understand?" Yumi nodded, and Illya took a single breath before delivering the big news. "In a nutshell…you, Yumi Urameshi, are a demon."

Yumi blinked. The tension in her body slowly melted away as the other three people in the room watched and waited for her reaction. She blinked again and then looked between the three other faces in the room. For a few seconds, no one said anything. Then came a yell.

"I'm a WHAT?!"


Toushin Raizen was an imposing figure, much like how Yama had expected him to be. He was older, yes, but his sheer presence was beyond amazing. King Yama felt his limbs start to go numb before he even set foot into the demon king's domain. Was his spiritual presence so strong that it even pushed gravity? A part of him still pondered over that as he moved to stand in front of the demon king himself.

"Speak. What brings you here?" The girl standing beside Raizen was the one doing the talking; her hair was a pure white with long bangs, and some hair spiked out more than other locks. One red eye and one blue eye watched him closely. She would have looked pretty if not for the impressive frown marring her face as she regarded the famous King of the Spirit World with nothing short of annoyance.

'A Cambion?' Yama thought, a bit intrigued by the girl's overall appearance.

"Lethia." Raizen's booming voice drove away any annoyance right out of said girl. She gave a respectful bow and then silently walked towards the door.

'She is at least respectful to someone,' Yama thought as the girl left.

"I apologize for my follower's somewhat hostile disposition," Raizen began respectfully. His tone was respectful, but there was an almost sly smile on his face as he continued speaking. "To be fair, we had a minor little incident earlier."

"I assume that's where most of the damage came from?" Yama questioned.

"Who knows?" Raizen's bemused expression gave nothing away. He leaned back in his throne with a grin, and his canines caught the dim lighting and glinted menacingly. "Now then, about that matter I mentioned earlier."

King Yama swallowed and felt his stomach drop a bit. It was going to be a long day for him.

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