After 32 attempts of escape, terrorising stray subordinate, and throwing several Cloud tempers throughout his first four days, Cain was starting to snap. So being the amazing person and assassin he was, Cain threw himself out the window for his 33rd escape, only to frown as he glanced down at the distant ground underneath him. His legs dangled, lilac eyes switching from glee to exasperation, his turtleneck choking him from how it was pressing against his neck. Looking up, Cain narrowed his eyes at Squalo who had a furious scowl on his face, grip unwavering as he prevented yet another escape.

"Voi." Squalo gritted out, "This is getting fucking ridiculous."

"It wouldn't be ridiculous if you would only let me go."

The long haired assassin sighed at the dry response, pulling him up as he threw Cain back inside, and just like Squalo expected, Cain rolled and sat glumly on the floor of the room he was residing in. The raven haired puffed his cheeks, annoyed at the fact that Squalo foiled yet another escape. How the hell did Squalo get into the room anyway, he fucking blocked it with a closet, a bed, a table, even a staple gun that he nearly forgot about to seal the door shut, and to be double sure, he added duct tape! And glancing up to see why, Cain frowned.

"Why the fuck did you cut a hole next to my perfect barricade, asshole." Cain whined, throwing a glare at the older.

Squalo growled, "Has anyone ever told you, you act like a fucking child."

"Not when they're screaming for mercy, no." Cain muttered darkly to himself and Squalo sighed once again.

"Look." Squalo began, brushing a hand through his hair, "I know we didn't fucking handle this very well-"

"You damn straight didn't-"

"VOI, LISTEN, YOU BRAT!" Squalo yelled, smashing his fist to Cain's head in irritation. "It's not like it's our fault that you fucking refuse to go out with us for a single mission, nor willing to leave the room without one of us hauling your ass out. Because of you, boss is practically a walking time bomb, we've lost 2 fucking units already!"

Gripping his head, Cain scoffed, "Well, if you hadn't kidnapped me in the first place and forced me into this deal, you would have had a better chance of making me comply in the first place!"

Squalo looked at him knowingly, "With your fucking personality? No way."

Cain rolled his eyes, despite the truth in that statement. Knowing himself, Cain would have hightailed it at the first sight of them before even knowing the reason why he would be confronted in the first place. Yeah, after the knowledge that his meat scandal could come to light, no thank you. Thank god they didn't know about that.


Jack-of-All-Trades crossed his legs, lost in thought before he turned towards the Second-in-Command in silence.

"Where is the boss, anyways?" Cain asked curiously, raven hair falling on his face.

Squalo had stepped away from the window by now, standing by the barricade with a look of annoyance before turning around at the inquiry, face blank. Grey eyes observed him for a moment, with a gleam that Cain recognised from the time he pointed his revolver at his face, and Cain wonders what he sees.

"He's giving you space." Squalo said finally, looking back towards the barricade. "You made your dislike for Skies very obvious."

Cain hummed with a sneer on his lips, "I'm surprised, his kind usually starts flooding the area with their saturated flames in hopes of causing an 'accidental' bond. 'Oops' they'll say, 'sorry' they'll say."

Squalo frowned, staring at the Cloud of the two calculatively before opening his mouth to say something, only to snap his mouth shut when someone peeked their head through the hole. Bel grinned as he faced towards the barricade, turning towards them a second later as he stepped into the room, pointing towards the furnitures.

"Ushishi, again? Did the shark catch you again, Cloud peasant?" Bel snickered, hair flapping as he tilted his head amused.

Cain crossed his arms, "I almost got away, thank you very much."

"Like hell you were." Squalo rebuked, scowling at Cain that stuck his tongue at him.

Bel threw his hands to the side, uncaring, "Ushishi, whatever, I didn't come here to talk. Oi, Squalo, you're needed in the interrogation room."

"Ah." Squalo moved from where he stood to exit the room. "Where's Mammon?"

Bel stared at his nails, "Ushishi, their out doing something."

Without a word, Cain leaped and grabbed at Squalo's legs before he could move any further, causing the man to yelp. The older crashed face first to the ground, legs encircled by Cain's hands as he lay on the floor unresponsive to Squalo's curses nor to Bel's hysteric laughter.

"VOOOI! YOU BASTARD!" Squalo screamed, slamming his fist to the ground, turning his head to glare at Jack-of-All-Trades.

Cain huffed as lilac eyes meet grey ones, "I'm bored. Take me with you."

"Hah." Squalo actually looked startled at the request.

"Ushishi, is the Cloud peasant actually making an effort, how surprising!" Bel crouched next to Squalo, his grin widening.

Cain blew his bangs from his face, "Well, it's better than staying in this hell hole, and hey, torturing people sounds fun."

Squalo stared at him wide eyed and Bel tilted his head towards the Second-in-Command. A grin made it's way on the senior's face, and Cain blinked startled at the look, letting go of the legs in worry that it was a sign he would be kicked in the face. Squalo barked a laugh, and Cain sat up warily, eyeing the laughing Rain user.

"Voi, it was you who fucking refused to get out of your room like a moody teenager!" He said while standing up, eyeing him with amusement as he waited by the hole, Bel standing behind the grey head.

Cain sighed as he tugged the sleeves of his turtleneck, grabbing his gloves from his pockets and pulled them on, getting up, he followed the two out.

"Yeah, yeah."

"Am I allowed to do the interrogation, I haven't had any action in years." Cain drawled, lilac flashing purple at the idea, and Squalo raised his brow at that.

"Voi, do you even know what we're fucking looking for?" Cain shrugged, ignoring the odd looks he was receiving from the goons around him.

Some even flinched whenever he met their gaze, remembering the string of revenge he unleashed upon them, which they didn't deserve by the way. He'll apologise to them, one day. As they continued down the hallway, Squalo listed off the information as Bel hummed next to them, hands clasped behind him.

"-Fritz Calvaruso, a member from the Nastro Famiglia. I'm fucking sure that he has the information of the location of their next project. Their selling kids to the Estrano Famiglia. Fucking allied too." Squalo scowled.

Nastro echoed in Cain's head, and he recalled faintly that they had an alliance with the Grene Famiglia too, before he eradicated them all. Though, he didn't remember that Grene had possible connections with the Estrano, and if that were the case, Cain's thankful that he destroyed them. Squalo opened a door, letting Bel and Cain to enter the room first, and the raven head noticed it was the same interrogation room that he was in. Glancing towards the tinted window, he noticed a tied up man, face bloodied from the earlier interrogation. He was a middle-age man, brown hair in a bloodied disarray. Cain turned his head towards Leviathan who scowled at him from where he was standing inside.

"Who dragged him in?" Leviathan questioned them, and Cain rolled his eyes.

"Voi, he volunteered himself." Squalo answered.

"Ca-chan!" Lussuria gushed, "You're finally out of your room!"

"Ca-chan?" Cain echoed disgruntled, unused to nicknames.

Lussuria hummed, smiling, "It's adorable, no?"

Cain opened his mouth, but snapped it shut to sigh, having long known he'll never get to exact revenge towards the Varia's Sun. He still had no clue on how the flamboyant male danced through his booby traps like it was all a silly game, singing along the way, and had the nerve to still gush towards him. Glancing towards one of the subordinates, Cain strutted forwards, plucking the papers from their hands, lilac eyes trailing down the papers.

"What are you doing?" Leviathan asked confused, and Cain grinned.

"I'm bored." Cain nodded before handing the papers back towards the flustered subordinate.

Turning towards them, Cain tilted his head with a broad smile on his face, "Do you happen to have my bag? My dufflebag?"

The Varia glanced at each other before nodding, gesturing towards the edge of the room, and Cain blinked.

"Why do you have it here of all places?" Jack-of-All-Trades questioned and the others shrugged.

"Ara, It was too heavy for one person to lift it, so we thought it was best to leave it alone." Lussuria placed his hand on his cheek, eyeing the goons trying to lift it over to no avail.

Cain huffed, walking forwards before moving them to the side, and grabbing the handle of it, he lifted it like it was made of feathers. Everyone stared.

"What?" Cain asked with a teasing smirk, moving towards the door to the interrogation room, and practically threw it open with gusto.

Fritz jerked at the sound, whirling his head towards the door with wide and alarmed eyes, flinching at the bright smile directed towards him. Brown eyes met lilac ones, and for a moment something else flashed through the man's gaze, but Cain ignored it as he closed the door behind with a kick of his leg. Cain grinned, waving his hand as he walked towards the tied up man, the table in front of him bloodied, most likely having his head smashed on it.

"Hello, Fritz and sorry about the rude entrance, I was just too excited to speak with you!" Cain sang, dragging his duffle bag over and with a hoist, dropped it on top of the table.

Fritz recoiled back when the table collapsed under the bag, screeching sounds of metal scraping across the floor, the sound painful to the human ear. Fritz yelped when his chair tipped back from how startled he was, only to breath shakily at the fact that Cain was now standing behind him, holding onto the chair with a bright smile. The target whipped his eyes back from Cain and back to the windows, most likely wondering how he appeared behind him when he was in front of him just a second ago, and Cain felt pleased that his abilities hadn't dwindled in the last four days.

"You need to be careful, Fritz." Cain warned with lilac eyes burning a sinister purple, a demonic smile on his lips that caused the man to shiver.

With a blink, Cain's expression returned back to normal as he walked towards his duffle bag, crouching down towards it.

"I-It was metal…" Fritz stuttered, and Cain turned towards the bound victim.


Fritz gulped, "T-The table...it's was metal."

Lilac eyes lowered towards the demolished table underneath the bag, and noticed it was indeed metal, and had caved underneath his bag's weight. Cain turned towards Fritz with an innocent smile.

"Don't worry about it, Fritz. I'm sure it was because the table was cheap and ready to fall apart. Surely you can't believe my bag is that heavy." Fritz eyed the table, most likely seeing the caves.

Opening the zip of his bag, he pulled a chair out and ignored the shocked eyes from Fritz, as well as the clatter behind the tinted windows. Cain restrained from rolling his eyes, knowing exactly why they clattered, seriously, his abilities weren't that surprising. Placing the chair on the floor, Cain decided to be mischievous towards his audience and started pulling a brand new table out as well, effortlessly holding onto it before flipping it over and let go with a resounding bang next to the chair. The sound made Fritz flinch, as well as cause muffled screams of 'how the hell' or 'what the fuck' or just a long ass 'voooooi' in the background, and Cain smiled as he placed a hand on the surface of the table.

"Sorry about the noise," Cain said towards the paling Fritz, "But I needed an armrest."

With that said, Cain sat down on the chair and placed his elbow on the table, and turned towards the horrified man with a dazzling smile.

"Now then, Fritz, do you know why you're here?" Cain asked with half-lidded eyes, expression poised as Fritz looked away.

"I don't know what you all want-"

"Don't lie now." Cain said coldly, purple eyes glowing, but what unnerved the victim most was that he was still smiling.

Fritz swallowed, "I really don't understand-"

Gloved hands slammed onto the table, the wood on top of it splintering from the impact, and Cain's smile left him, leaving a blank cold slate.

"I don't appreciate liars, Fritz. And let me tell you, liars don't have a happy ending." Cain lifted his hand, giving his victim a look on the impact to strike fear, and he laughed coldly.

"You know," Cain continued, brushing the splintered wood. "If I were you, I would start telling the truth. I wonder what would happen, if the Nastro themselves finds out you've been going behind their backs, stealing from their own vaults as well as fucking one of the Guardian's wife themselves."

Fritz snapped his eyes up in horror, but Cain only continued with cold eyes, "Worst case scenario, you'll be tortured, electrocuted, limbs cut off, and then be forever hunted by the very famiglia you serve. There's no alternative but death."

Fritz was sweating hard, panicking as he hung his head down, and Cain smiled again.

"Or, you can tell me the information right now, without these consequence." Cain leaned back on his chair, raven hair falling over his eyes as he glanced towards the conflicted victim.

A hidden smirk flittered through him when Fritz breathed in. He's ready to confess.

"The next meeting point is by the docks…" Cain only listened halfheartedly as he knew the others would list the information down and he mentally patted his shoulder for a job well done.

He looked towards the table, for once closing his eyes and apologised silently in his head towards the two desks he broke, they did nothing wrong after all. Lilac eyes opened, and Cain wonders why Fritz glances at him from time to time as he continued to relay whatever he knew, and he felt unnerved. It wasn't like it was the hatred filled gaze nor the fearful ones, yes, there was a hint of fear, but there was also the look of...confusion. Fritz's stopped moving his lips, and Cain blinked slowly at the fact that the man was already done, and the raven head smiled.

"That wasn't so hard was it? Well, thank you for your cooperation, Fritz." Cain picked up his duffle bag and waved a smiling goodbye.

Cain grabbed the handle of the door, ready to pull the door and get out-

"I know you." Cain halted at those words, smile frigid as he turned around.

Fritz was looking at him, fearful but shocked, confused, yet thinking.

"I'm sure you've heard my name somewhere," Cain tried. "I am after all famous around these parts, I'm sure you've heard the name Jack-of-All-Trades before, but I just go by Jack-"

"No, no- I know you!" Fritz insisted, voice hysterics as a nervous laugh escaped him, and Cain suspects that the man was going insane.

"You- you're that kid, back when Grene was still here! That boy! I-I saw you once, at one of the galas we attended!" The smile was wiped off completely from Cain's face as he stared at Fritz, sanity faltering in those eyes that recognised him.

"You're-! I thought the entire famiglia got killed off! Yet you're here! Why in hell's name are you alive, aren't you Grene's Clou-"

Cain was blank, legs carrying him towards the hysterical victim, and proceeded to swing his arm forwards. Fritz's shouts descended to wet gurgles as his neck was slashed, the major veins cut, and Cain could only hold onto the knife he swiped out to stare at Fritz. The man spazzed, choking brokenly and Cain pulled out a pistol, burying a bullet through his head and this time, Cain didn't help the man as his chair tipped.

It was silent for a moment, and it was only the door opening that snapped Cain from his daze, and Bel strolled in.

"Ushishishi, you sure did a number on him, peasant." Bel drawled, grin tight, kicking the chair of Fritz who lay dead.

Cain chuckled, eyes dark as he stared at the body, "I had to get rid of excess information."

Bel only tilted his head, "Ushishishi, how rude, we might have needed that information."

Cain huffed in cold amusement, "Is that so?"

Behind the windows, Squalo observed and analysed, before nodding. The Second-in-Command turned towards the remaining people, which was only Lussuria and Leviathan, considering he rushed out the other subordinates from witnessing something that Cain wouldn't have liked to be seen.

"Voi. I'll tell Xanxus, someone go look for Mammon."

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