Author's note: I own nothing but Bella and her backstory. If I did, I would be one happy camper, however.

Okay, that's weird. Bella thought as she looked around in confusion. One minute I'm digging through my grandfather's old house and the next I'm in an alley. Where the hell am I?

Bella Fugate tried to stand but her legs would not cooperate so she plopped back down in the dirty alleyway. Her head throbbed; when she noticed something dripping in her eye she tried to lift her right hand to wipe it off but the arm wouldn't cooperate. She looked down to discover that she had an extra 90-degree angle between her elbow and wrist. Oh my god my arm is broken, she thought as she looked at the limb in wonder. There was still something dripping into her eye so she used her left hand to wipe it off. It was blood.

Okay, so I'm in an alley with a broken arm and my head is bleeding. She tried to analyze what had just happened. She paged through her recent memories hoping for a clue. Her uncles and aunts had finally decided that her grandfather's house needed to be demolished since no one could agree on the proper way to settle his estate. Bella had decided to take one last look around the place before it was lost to her forever. Armed with her sketchbook and camera she had climbed through one of the broken windows, taking pictures and making rough sketches of her old homeplace.

Lost in her memories Bella had wandered around, exploring every single nook and cranny of the old house. It had been over a decade since her grandfather had passed but she still missed him terribly. She had spent so much time with him growing up, listening to his wild stories and learning everything that he was willing to teach. He was the only one who had ever truly understood her, knew exactly how she viewed the world and it had felt like a part of her had disappeared the night she held him in her arms and felt him fade away.

This time there was something different about the house however. She had spent a good portion of her childhood there but not once had she noticed the odd-looking wardrobe sitting in the corner of her grandfather's old bedroom. Even stranger, there was a light emitting from the cracks around its door despite the fact that the power had been shut off and no one had lived there since the night of her grandfather's death.

Bella recalled walking up to the wardrobe and trying to open the door. She had wanted to look inside, to see what was causing the odd glow but the door hadn't budged when she tugged on the handle. Undeterred, she fetched a butter knife from the kitchen and tried to pry it open.

She remembered the light getting brighter then, wrapping around her almost like a blanket. It felt burning hot and freezing at the same time. She had ignored the sensation, tugging and prying at the door despite of it, only to suddenly discover herself falling through the air. She had flung out her arm instinctively and felt the crack when it snapped. Then nothing.

That must have been when I hit my head, she reasoned.

Bella sat there as she tried to think it through. Her grandfather's house was nestled deep in an Eastern Kentucky hollow. The nearest town was several miles away. It had grown a bit since she was a child but over the years she had walked every inch of that place. This alley was not in her hometown, so where was she?

More to the point, how did she get here?

Dazed and more than a little confused, Bella finally realized that she couldn't sit in that alley forever. She needed to figure out where she was and start working her way back to her grandfather's place. The clock was ticking and she hadn't finished taking all the pictures she wanted, so she used her left hand to push herself off the ground and started walking.

The first thing that stood out to Bella as she exited the alley was that the cars were all on the wrong side of the road. Not only that, their steering wheels were on the opposite side as well. She blinked and stared as she looked around. The whole area seemed to be in chaos. People were cheering and dancing in the streets. Some sports team must have won a game, Bella thought as she continued walking.