It's been three months since the burning of the gypsy's, and no one has seen Claude Frollo ever since. What all everyone knew was he was no longer judge anymore of Paris. Some people believe he killed himself while others think he isolated himself from the world because of he was so ashamed of what he has done.

In reality, Frollo moved to a small farm outside of Paris to find peace with God. He gave almost all of his money to charity, some to rebuild Paris, and then the rest to Quasimodo. No one at all knew or even cares to know what he has done to Paris.

With that money, Quasimodo decided to travel the world to see what is out there and hope to find somebody to love him. Out of all the people in Paris, Quasimodo forgave his master and told him he was a man with a heart, and he just needs to learn how to show it. Frollo denies him and tells him that his heart died a long time ago. It would be a miracle to bring it back to life.

Quasimodo was gathering all his things about to head out for his journey while his gargoyle friends were helping pack. "Are you sure he has everything? If he forgets one thing…" Hugo said.

"Don't worry you guys. I have everything I need for my trip. Now all of you better behave while I'm gone. Esméralda will be coming to check on you a couple of times a week and if I hear one bad thing…"

"Now you don't worry about us. You go and have a fantastic trip. I'll hold these two old gargoyles together." Laverne interpreted him.

"Thank you, Laverne." He gave them all a big group hug.

"I promise that I wouldn't cry but..." Hugo hugged Quasimodo one more time. "Don't worry … I'll be back in a couple of mouths. When I come back, I'll tell you everything about it." Quasimodo gathered everything and wave bye to his gargoyle friends.

When we reach outside, he was welcome by Esméralda who was waiting by his new horse. "Such a magnificent horse you brought. He will get you anywhere in a short time." Esméralda pets its mine one more time. "You better take good care of my dear friend you hear me."

"I promise you he will. I'll be back soon." Quasimodo reached into his pocket and handed Esméralda some money. "Here, thanks for watching after the bell tower. I know you will take good care of it while I'm gone."

Esméralda refused to take the money. "Thank, but I'll be okay. I'm doing it has a friend. You go have a journey of a lifetime." She bent down and kiss Quasimodo on the forehead. He blushed and then smiled. "Say goodbye to Phoebus for me." Has he hop on his horse.

"I will. Now get out of here. The world is calling you."

"Oh, Esméralda. Before I forget, my master or I mean Frollo may come by the bell tower a couple of times a week to pray for a while. He asks me for that in return for the money he gave me."

Esméralda smiled disappeared. "You mean the man who was going to kill us all is coming by for peace. God won't spare him no matter how many times he prays."

"I understand that your mad but please be kind, and maybe you will forgive him has I did," Quasimodo said with a cheerful smile.

Esméralda shook her head. "You're too forgiving Quasimodo. Now get out of here." She slaps the horse, and it took off like a bullet. Quasimodo waved once more than disappeared into the distance.

Esméralda giggled a little bit. "Forgiveness? Even if he brings the died back to life, I would never forgive that monster. "All of sudden the sun came out of the clouds and shone on the Notre Dame like if God was trying to show her something. Esméralda turned around and looked at Notre Dame.

"Doesn't the bell tower shine so elegantly when the sun comes out?" A man came behind her. Esméralda nodded slowly. "The sun has the power to being the best thing out of any place in the world. It can bring an old rustic church out of the shadows and bring it to life again."

"I never thought about it the sun in that way before." Esméralda smiling still looking at Notre Dame.

"Oh, it's not just the sun that can do that. You can do it too." The mystery man said with a smile.

Esméralda finally turned around and looked at the man. He was quite young maybe in his twenty's, but he talked if he was a hundred. He had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was a little taller than Esméralda but seemed to have a sweetheart."What do you mean by that?" Esméralda questionable ask.

"Us humans have the power to bring other people out of the clouds and make them shine like the sun does. I can see in your eye that you can make the best out of people. You can make their heart shine brighter than the sun on Notre Dame."

"Where did you get that idea that I can do something like that?"

"I can see that your heart is pure has to gold. It shines so brightly that heaven can even see it." He smiled again.

"Thank you. I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name." Before the man could get one word out of his mouth, a beautiful bird flew around her and landed on the man's shoulder.

"You always know how to make an entrance don't you buddy." The bird just smirks at him. Esméralda confuses more than ever at the sight of the bird.

"Oh sorry, my name is Gabriel, and this is my partner Guidance. We're new in town."

"Nice to meet you. I'm..."

"Esméralda right? I heard a lot about you around town."

"My name is pretty popular around here. What kind of bird is that? I never saw one before." Esméralda slowly walks up to it and stock its feathers.

"He is a Sooty Falcon. His kind is not around here. He found me while ago while I was traveling around.

Esméralda started to walk away. "Well, that was fun to meet you both and thank you for the lesson. I'll keep that in mind next time when I meet somebody who needs a piece of my heart." She smirked.

"Like Judge Claude Frollo?"

Esméralda quickly turned around "Not in a million..." before she could finish her sentence, Gabriel vanished. "Where did he go?" Esméralda looked everywhere, but he was nowhere in sight. She then crossed her arms." Not even the purest heart can change that man." She shouted then turned around and started to walking home.

Gabriel was hiding behind a wall and watch Esméralda walk away. "She has a lot to learn," Gabriel said to Guidance who was still on his shoulder. "This will not be an easy job you know." Guidance spread his wings out to reach the sky. "I know I know, patience," He smiled at his friend then look and saw that nightfall would soon come. "I guess it's time to pay Frollo a visit."

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