"I was wrong about you Frollo. You are a man with a golden heart. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I have fallen in love with you." Esmeralda looked deep into his eyes and kissed him passionately.

Esmeralda jolted from the bed breathing hard also touching her lips.

"Bad dream my dear?" Phoebus asks while pulling his shirt over his head.

She looks at him trying to comprehend it was just a dream. "Ya, just a nightmare."

"Well it's just a dream so ain't real." He kissed her forehead. "I'll be back late tomorrow night."

"Parole tonight?"

"Yup. I think we are finally going to catch the thief this evening. Wish me luck." He kissed her slowly.

Esmeralda closed her eyes and imagined that it was Frollo for a second. She pulled away quickly.

"Is everything alright?"

"Yes, I just remembered something I have to do today." She quickly said.

"Well have a good day. I'll see you tomorrow." He closes the door behind him.

Esmeralda touches her forehead and thought about what just happen. It was not like her to do something like that. It just felt so real

Has the day continue for her, she tried to forget about the dream with a long walk through the city, but the thought couldn't escape her mind. Has she looked up, she witnessed a man drop something from a basket.

"Oh sir, you drop this."

Has the man turn around, her heart sunk.

"Thank you, Esmeralda. We need to stop running into each other like this." Frollo gave a nervous smile.

She gave a nervous laugh. "I agree."

"Esmeralda!" Sofa screened behind Frollo.

"Hey, kiddo! What are you up today?"

"Uncle Frollo and I are getting supplies and food for lunch tomorrow since we're going to his farm." She smiled at him.

"So I take it that you are gonna cook for all the children? Never would've of guess you are a cook."

"Don't you remember I'm full of surprises." He winks at her causing her to blush.

"Esmeralda you should help us get all the ingredients for tomorrow."

"I would love to."

Frollo bent down to Sofi height and handed her some money. "How about you go get a fresh pie from the bakery down the street while Esmeralda and I go get the rest of the ingredients for tomorrow."

"Can I get apple pie?" Sofi smiled wide.

"Any pie you desire, but it has to be as sweet as you." He tickled her.

"You got a deal." She ran down the street to the bakery.

"You and Sofi seem like a good pair. She very sweet."

He leaned back up to his standard height. "Yes, she is! I'm thinking about adopting her."

Esmeralda shockingly turns her head toward him.

"I know what you're gonna say. I'm not good enough for Sofia since I'm a monster even though I was, but Sofi has changed me in many ways that I have never known were possible.."

She smiled."I was actually going to say that I think you would be a good father after all. Since you have change."

A little pink came on his cheeks. "Well, I'm happy you think so." They both look into each other for a couple of seconds.

"Look at all the pies they gave me." Sofia came running up with a couple of boxes of pies in her arms. "I got an apple, pumpkin, and pecan pie. Would that be enough?"

"That's more than enough for everybody. Come on, and we have a lot more to get." He picks her up and put her on her shoulders.

"Hold on tight Sofi! Let me show you the ropes on riding a horse for tomorrow," Frollo began to dash down the street like a stallion that was set free. Esmeralda rolled her eyes and started to run after them.

After a long day of getting everything they needed for tomorrow, Frollo and Esmeralda drop Sofia back off the orphanage.

"See ya tomorrow uncle, Frollo. Can't wait to ride those horses tomorrow." She kissed his cheek and hopped down, gave one last wave goodbye and walked into the orphanage.

Frollo put his hand on his cheek and smiled at his thought. He glacé at Esmeralda who was looking at him. "Well, thanks for a letting me come along today. It was fun." She began to stroll toward the diction where her home was.

"Oh let me walk you home. It's not safe for you to walk by yourself at this time at night."

"I think you and me both know that I can take care of myself." She winks at him with a confident stance.

He began to blush. "Well, I'm just concern about the thief that's been going around. He would probably love to steal that ring you have on." He pointed out.

Esmeralda quickly looks at her hand and forgot she had that on her ring finger. How come she didn't remember that she was engaged to Phoebus?

"Come on. It's getting late." He offered his hand, but she walks right past it has if she didn't notice it.

They soon reach her house up the street a little bit from the orphanage. The city was sleep, and it felt like it was a ghost town from the silent streets.

"Thanks for walking me home." She said with an intense glance.

"Anytime my dear." They both just stood there in awakened silents.

"I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Can't wait to see the smiles on the children's face."

"Me either." He softly said.

Esmeralda then realizes that she was quite close they both were. Just a few more inches and...

"Esmeralda!" A man's screamed her name.

They both quickly turn and saw Phoebus coming out of the shows.

'Get way from him." He said has he pulled his sword out and pointed it towards Frollo. "You have guts showing your face around here again."

"Phoebus. You have the wrong idea. It's not what it looks like. ESmarleds throw herself in front of Frollo to protect him. "He was just walking me home."

"Do you know who this man is? This man almost killed us and almost burned the entire city."

"I'm aware of that, but he has changed. Frollo is the one who donated the money to the orphanage."

Phoebus started to lower his sword. "Why on earth is he here then?"

Esmarled begins to blush. She felt like she was caught in an affair of some sort. Frollo then got in front of her. "I was walking her home. You see, she was helping me get some things I need for tomorrow for a field trip in taking the children on."

"Why should I believe any words that come out of your mouth?" Phoebus grabbed Frollo by his shirt and brought him closer.

"Because he is telling the truth. Let go of him Phoebus; he means no harm." Esmarled looks at him with her stubborn look she has.

Phoebus then throw him to the side like a piece of trash. "Why on earth are you with him?"

Esmerelda has never seen Phoebus so serious in her life. "I-I."

"The children love her." Frollo started to stand up. "She is helping me take care of them and even going to show some little girls how to dance soon."

Phoebus finally put his sword away. "I see. Esmeralda gets inside. I think we're done here."

Esmeralda glanced once more at Frollo before Phoebus push her inside the house, and then he closes the door behind him.

Frollo let out a big sigh and began to walk home until he heard the door open again.

"I'm warning you right now creep. If you lay one hand on her, ill make sure that you will die this time." Phoebus said with his hand on his sword, ready to draw.

Frollo just stood there with his back turned towards him with a smile on his face and began to laugh.

"Whats so funny you creep?"

"That you think I'm scared of you. I already have seen hell, and nothing is scarier than that."

"Ill personly send you there again. Don't tempt me. My job is to protect the city from demons like you."

Frollo finally turns around to face him. "You thank so highly of yourself when you don't even realize what's important here."

"What do you mean?"

"Look through your window; you will see your beloved there taking care of the house making sure it ready for you and yet here you are, stand so proud for what you do and don't realize what's truly important."

"What's important is that I protect this city, so the same situation with you won't happen again. If I keep this town safe, she will be safe."

Frollo began to walk away. "You think keeping it safe will be the best for her or the people. You have a lot to learn." Frollo then walks around the corner.

Phoebus took a step. Not knowing what Frollo was talking about.

"Wow! Wasn't expecting that from him. He has change whole lot." Gabriel who was behind a tree then looks up towards the roof and saw Esmarled who heard the entire conversation has so did Gabriel. "Tomorrow will be fun. Don't you think so bud?" Guidance than fellow on his arms and gave a soft nod.

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