From Ninja to Shinigami

Chapter 36: looking towards the future

By: jacke44

Beta'd by: Scheffinator

{Holding cells}

Jiraiya slowly stands up and turns around and sees none other than his former teammate Tsunade. As he is completely ignoring the atmosphere Jiraiya puts on his stupid grin and says "hey Tsunade-hime, funny running into you here. Are you here four a conjugal visit?"

Tsunade looks to the right at a desk with two people hiding behind it. The first one was a man who has dark hair and a short goatee, the second one appeared to be a young woman who is petite and has dark blond hair and gray eyes. Both of them were in the standard uniform that Naruto had told her about, she also noticed they had silver badges on their arms with the symbol for 13th division on it and from what she remembered from the conversation with Naruto, this indicated that they were both a Lieutenant which would put them on par with a Jounin. There were playing cards on the table and from the looks of it they had been trying to build a house of cards before she walked in. She watches in amusement as the young petite woman shoves the man in front of the desk with sweat going down his forehead, he says "what can we do for you?" In a stutter.

Tsunade has an amused look on her face as the young petite woman had sacrificed her partner replies, "my name is Tsunade Senju and I am the new Godaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village and I am here to collect this prisoner."

Jiraiya, who upon hearing this, lost all coloring in his skin and began to sweat.

With sweat going down his forehead, the man who had been offered up as a sacrifice by his partner says "my name is Lieutenant Sentarō Kotsubakias." He then replies "I will go and get the paperwork real quickly," he gives several bows he then quickly runs out a door.

Tsunade, with an amused look on her face, looks at the young petite woman and says "and who are you?" The young petite woman puts both of her hands at her side and gives a bow and says at the top of her lungs "my name is Kiyone Kotetsu." She then says "it is a great honor to meet you. I have heard many great things about you."

Tsunade walks up to her and put her hand on her head and says "relax Kiyone, there is no reason to get all worked up. I'm not here to make trouble for you. Now while we wait for your partner to get back, I want you to tell me, has this old pervert been making any more trouble or has he been trying to put on his womanizing moves on you."

Kiyone with a small blush on her face says "he did try to flirt with me along with several other women but he stopped when my big sister Isane Kotetsu threatened to give him a vasectomy without an anesthetic."

Tsunade gave a small laugh and says "she's not the first person to threaten to do that to him, but I think your big sister was being kind as she was just going to give him a vasectomy. Naruto's mother Kushina once chased him around the village with a pair of hedge clippers and threatened to cut it all off when he made the joke about using her son to pick up women."

Kiyone with a small blush on her face and says "did Naruto-sama accompany you here?"

Tsunade gave a small laugh and says "is that a blush I see? Do you have a thing for him?" Kiyone replies in a stutter "nnnoo iit iss j j just th-that hee is-is oone oof the-the f-few m-men w-who d-don't l-look p-past m-me." She then manages to get a hold of herself and finishes "because I don't have large melons in my shirt and I'm so short, most of the men just ignore me and look at the other women walking around. The same with my friend from the 5th division Momo Hinamori. But when it comes to him, he never ignores us and always focuses on us even with some of the more beautiful of the women around here walking around when we were talking to him."

Tsunade replies "I'm glad to hear that he treats you the same as he treats all the other women, I've seen him with. He is one of those special few men who actually have the courtesy to treat women with respect and not as objects. A lot of that can be chalked up to the women who helped raise him along with his family. Even if he never got to meet any of his family, it is hardwired into his DNA." She then says "and yes he did accompany me, he is out in the hallway if you want to talk to him."

Kiyone replies "technically I'm not supposed to leave anybody in here with the prisoner but I guess it would be okay because technically you are taking him with you." As she heads towards the door she says "if you want to open the cell door push the red button on the fall wall."

Jiraiya reaches out between the jail cell bars and says "you can't leave me in here with her alone, she will kill me."

Tsunade then looks at Jiraiya and says "I believe it's about time we had a long-overdue talk Jiraiya-baka." She then makes a shadow clone to go and push the button. The moment the gate was open, Jiraiya slowly begins to back away, putting both of his hands up palms facing her in front of his chest as he says "now let us calm down Tsunade-hime."

For this, he was punched hard enough in the gut to send him crashing into the back of the jail cell. Tsunade quickly crossed the distance and grabbed him by the throat and lifted him off the ground.

Jiraiya, who was now looking into her eyes, could see nothing but pure rage as he then struggles to say "now just let me explain hime." For this, he received being slammed into the back of the wall and held there.

Tsunade, in a snarl, says "in all the years that we have known each other never have I been more ashamed to ever call you, my teammate. Ever since we were children, you have been chasing after me, hitting on me, and asking me out on dates and I always ignored it because I could tell you were just looking for attention because you never knew your family and then when we became teammates my family took you in. We treated you like family, it was my grandmother who introduced you to Fūinjutsu, she even taught you techniques that are only taught in her family."

Tsunade tightened her grip on his throat and says "so tell me why would you betray my family? Why would you betray me, betray both Minato and Kushina, betray your own godson? I have seen his medical file. Do you know how many times he was beaten to a bloody pulp and do you know how many times he was brought into the hospital and not just because of the beatings? There were even incidents when they saw that their beatings were not working so they tried something new where they stabbed him, cut him, and even once set him on fire and one time they put so many drugs and alcohol down his throat, I'm surprised he did not OD."

Jiraiya looks at her and says "I know the kid wasn't having the best life. I had my agents watch him as much as they could and stop as many of the beatings as they could," this was as far as he got as his throat was slammed into the back of the wall once more as a new level of rage appeared on her face and in a whisper, she says "you knew it was happening and you did nothing."

[Out in the hallway]

Naruto was in a discussion with those who had not been to the academy before to explain how it was run. He was interrupted from his discussion upon hearing giggling coming from the side. Turning his head, he was able to see Sakura, Ino, and Tenten all looking at the medical ninjutsu book that he had given her last night. With a blank look on his face, he says "you three are looking at male genitalia, aren't you?" With all three of the girls faces going bright red as Sakura quickly put the book behind her back and says "no." Kiba begins to laugh and says "and you're the ones who called us men perverts for looking at women, now you're standing there looking at dirty pictures in front of us."

The rest of the group begins to laugh at the three girls, whose faces go up a shade of brighter red. But the laughing stops when they hear a strong male voice say "what is going on here?" As the voice had come from right behind him, Kakashi turned around to see who it was and was met with the sight of a waist making him and the rest of the group look up to see the tallest man that they had ever seen. The man standing in front of them was approximately 8 feet 9 inches.

[A/N I increased his Height because of how tall some of Choji's family can be]

He was wearing a black set of standard shihakushō and a set of waraji-sandals and a white haori. He had a sword on his left side. One of the most prominent features on him was his hair, that was styled in 11 spikes with what appeared to be small red bells attached to them, along with having an eye patch on his right eye.

Kiba was the first to snap out of it and say "what the hell did you eat to become so big?"

This was the same thought going through the entire group's heads. Naruto let out a breath and says "allow me to introduce you all, this is Kenpachi Zaraki, commander of 11th division."

Kenpachi gave the group a bloodthirsty grin and then says" if any of you ever want to have a fight, you're welcome to come to the 11th division. We are always looking for strong opponents to fight."

Naruto manages to interject before anybody could take up the offer, knowing that both Guy and Lee, along with Kiba, would not hesitate to try and test their strength, by asking him "how was the fighting in the war in Kiri? Given that its second name is the Bloody Mist Village, I bet you felt at home there."

Kenpachi looks at Naruto and says "one of these days I'm going to have to buy you a drink. I haven't had a good fight like that in a long time. Most of those annoying little flies that kept trying to attack me were annoying. It wasn't until that big ass three tailed turtle that showed up that the fun didn't start."

Upon hearing this comment, every one of the Jounin felt their stomachs drop, that this man in front of them was able to go up against Yagura in a fully-realized tailed beast mode. Add in the fact that he made a comment about facing one of the tailed beasts, and as if it was a game suddenly made them, along with most of the students, not want to go up against this man. Everybody except Kiba, who was about to accept the offer for the fight, when he found himself in a double headlock form both Ino and Sakura. Both of them working together to put their hands over his mouth to keep him quiet and hissing at him to be quiet and stop being such a bigger idiot than Naruto usually acts.

Naruto replies "sorry Kenpachi I'm going to have to turn down your offer for a fight. I'm on a mission right now." Kenpachi merely shrugged his shoulders and says "well if you're ever up to it, you know where the barracks are." Everybody in the group turned left when they can hear the voice of a little girl say "Kenny are you ready to go get lunch? I just have to drop this one off at the detention hall." As the group looked down the hall, they saw a little girl with pink hair in a black shihakushō dragging a boy by his ankle as he was kicking and screaming asking to be let go and that he was sorry.

The moment that the pink haired girl spotted Naruto, she all but sprinted down the hallway, not caring that she was still holding onto the boy's ankle. She then leaps in the air and wraps her arms around his neck, swinging back and forth and saying "whiskers-chan, you're back," as she begins to rub her cheek up against his whiskers.

Ino, along with the other females in the group who knew that he hated when women did this, began to laugh at he tries to pull her off him.

Seeing that his ankle was let go, the boy slowly tried to crawl away unnoticed by anybody, only to have a foot put on his back. Turning his head to look at the foot owner and see it is an older pink-haired girl as an evil little grin spread across her face.

Naruto, after he finally managed to pry the little girl off him and put her on the ground, says "what have I told you about doing that Yachiru?"

Yachiru looks up at him and says "you told me not to, but I can't help it. Your whiskers are just so cute." Ino walks up to him and puts her arm around him and says "you got that right," as she uses her free hand. "I can to rub his whiskers but you should know there are only a few people who can actually touch his whiskers without getting in trouble, and I happen to be one of them due to a piece of blackmail I have on him that I got when he was staying at my house during thunderstorm."

Kurenai has a grin on her face as she knows about what this piece of blackmail is.

Yachiru then spots Sakura, deciding to ignore Naruto, she walks up to her and the two looks at each other. The two of them then strike a pose and say "pink hair girl's rule." Then Inner Sakura popped up in her mind as she says "finally, we can make our own mini me and we will make Ino pig so jealous. Cha!"

Making almost everybody in the group groan. Before anything else could be said, Kenpachi says "seeing as I'm not going to get a fight, let's get out of here Yachiru," as he turns and walks away with Yachiru quickly to follow him while dragging the boy once more.

Asuma looks at Naruto and says "you have a knack for making some pretty weird friends." With Naruto replying "that might be true but do you want to know what the really funny part about this is?" Making everybody in the group look at him. He then says "he absolutely loved Hinata-chan and said they were kindred spirits."

Sakura looks at Naruto and says "but how can that be? Hinata is so sweet and nice, and he seemed like one of those kinds of people that love bloodshed and fighting." With him replying "they always say you have to watch those quiet ones." Naruto then says "Hinata can be quite frightening herself if you get her angry," he then whispers "you won't like her when she's angry." (Hey everyone, Scheffinator here, I would like to point the hilarity of the Incredible Hulk joke that was added in regards to Hinata when she's angry.)

Tenten says "if that's true, do you think that she's going to be able to handle all those children by herself? What if the kids try to bully her into doing what they want or they might try to bribe her into doing what they want like these two little troublemakers," as she sent a grin at the two little girls next to her. Both of the girls show their maturity by sticking their tongues out at her.

Naruto shrugs his shoulders and says "I am sure she would be fine. I mean it's not like she's going to orchestrate a campaign to organize and train them, then supply them and militarize them and command them in a pursuit to show the superiority that the cinnamon bun is the food of the gods." He then gets a picture in his head.

[Inside the mind of Naruto]

A chibi-Hinata was standing on a balcony in a black military outfit, including a cute little military hat, and with a horse-riding crop. Behind her was a red banner with a cinnamon bun on it, and underneath the balcony, all the children are marching In columns and in military uniforms as well.


Before he could say anything else, the door next to them opens and out walks Kiyone, who looks at Naruto with a small smile and says "hello Naruto-kun." He then walks up to her and gives her a small hug and says "it's nice to see you again too Kiyone-chan." He then turns to the group and says "let me introduce you, this is Kiyone Kotetsu. She is from the 13th division."

He then begins to introduce her to each member of the group. As he comes to Kiba, he says "and this is Kiba Inuzuka. He can be a bit of a flirt, thinking that he's a ladies' man but you'll never find a more loyal friend and someone who I would always trust to have my back." Kiba had begun to puff out his chest at the praise. Naruto then whispers to her "I would still keep my guard up though he does like to chase skirts as much as that pervert in the jail back there and Shunsui." This resulted in Kiba collapsing to the ground, making most of the group laugh at him.

Before the conversation could pick up again, a high-pitched girlish squeal could be heard from inside the room. Naruto makes his way over to the door and walks into the room with the group following him. Once they get inside, they see that Tsunade is standing over Jiraiya, who is laying on the ground moaning in pain. Arisu and Saori both have their heads tilted to the side as Arisu looks up at Sara and says "I did not know that boys can bend that way," referring to the fact that Jiraiya had been bent into the form of a pretzel.

Sara lets out a small Giggle and says "usually they can't." Saori walks up and pokes him with the butt of her spear and says "is he going to be ok?" Tsunade was trying hard to suppress the grin on her face as she watched both the girls poke Jiraiya, as she says "don't worry about it, he'll be fine once I patch him up."

Sentarō chose that moment to walk back into the room with a stack of paperwork and to see Jiraiya laying on the ground. He then begins to yell at Kiyone about letting someone attack the prisoner before the paperwork was filled out and how it could fall onto them if he was injured to the point in which cannot be fixed.

Naruto began to do what was becoming a normal occurrence for him, and began to rub his temples. Warding off a headache while looking back at team 10m he says "remind me to apologize to your parents for all the headaches that I gave them," making all of his other classmates and friends laugh at him.

After filling in all the paperwork, both Sara and Kurenai covered both of Arisu's and Saori's eyes as Tsunade managed to unfold Jiraiya, making several of the men cringe in sympathy.

Tsunade then says "now I want to finish the tour of this building, to see if there is anything else I want to add to the academy when I become the new Hokage." She says "Kakashi you are to you are to stay in this room and guard the prisoner, along with Arisu and Saori." Then with an evil little smirk on her face as she says "and Saori, you will be in charge." Making the little girl puff out her chest and stand at attention and say "it will be my honor ma'am."

Tsunade then looks at Naruto and says "see? That is how you are supposed to treat someone who is in authority. You could take lessons from her." Naruto responded by flapping his hand like a duck saying "yeah, yeah. She's only doing it because she's a kiss up to authority figures. She does it with all of her aunt's but she completely ignores me, the person who technically gave her a home and a family."

Both Ino and Tenten drive their fists on top of his head, sending him to the ground, while both of them are yelling "stop trying to guilt-trip her, and show some respect for Lady Tsunade."

Kakashi steps forward and says "Lady Tsunade, you cannot seriously be considering putting her in charge while you are gone. She is nothing but a child, while I am an adult with years of experience."

Tsunade looks at Kakashi and says "are you questioning the orders of your new Hokage Genin? Because if you are, I will demote you and if I do, there is a secret rank that my great-uncle made that not too many people know. It is a ranked so low that even an Academy student would have rank over you." Making every single person in the room eyes go wide.

Naruto, who had managed to get back on his feet, looked at her and says "if I'm not correct, I believe he would only be the third person to ever get that rank." Tsunade replies "that is correct. It is usually only given to Shinobis who, while completely disobedient, cannot be replaced due to how strong they are." As the group heads back out to the academy, they can hear Saori say "ok Hatake, I want you to go stand in that corner as a guard and no slouching or leaning against the wall."

[Third floor hallway]

As Naruto had continued to give them a tour of the academy, he had already shown them several of the classrooms. Stopping outside one of the doors, he says "and this is Sister's Hall." Ino, as she already been to the academy, says "I will take them inside and show them." As she leads Tenten, Tsunade, and Sara in to the room with Kurenai following them in.

Kiba was about to walk up to the door and head in himself, but stops as he manages to hear Naruto say "I wouldn't do that if I were you." Seeing as he had the rest of the men looking at him, he says "Sister's Hall, as the name suggests, means just that. It is only for sisters and women. It is a place where they can go and relax and not have to worry about men bothering them every time, like what happens when they go to the bar. Any man who goes in there, who is not strictly invited by them, is subjective to any punishment they decide. Now there are a few exceptions. Any boy who is under the age of 13 can go in there and look for his mother or his big sister or his aunt or whatever, but if they feel like he is not doing this, they can throw him out.

Naruto then says "and I plan on building one back in the Leaf Village for them, along with one for the men." Asuma replies "you make a good point. I cannot tell you how many times I've had to chase off men who were bothering some of them I know." After a few minutes the girls came back out with both Tsunade and Sara giving their opinion on the room, especially liking how they set up the pictures and how you had to do something extraordinary to get your picture on the wall and not just get a headband.

As he continues the tour of the building, they come to a set of double doors with the medical seal above it. As he looks back at the group, his eyes take on a hardened look, as he says "we are about to enter the medical wing. I will only say this once, there will be absolutely no joking around in this area such as running around, screaming, or messing with the equipment."

Sakura whispers to Ino "I know I just found out that he's trained as a medic but I have never seen him this serious about anything," which Ino replies "that's one of the things you need to know about him. He loved to pull pranks all over the village but the hospital was a taboo to him. He would always make sure none of his pranks were anywhere near the hospital."

Tsunade, who was able to hear them, looked at Sara who nods her head and says "that's very true. But I should also point out, this is also coming from the boy who I could never get to stay in the hospital for more than a day." Naruto looks at her with narrowed eyes and says "well if you would serve something that tasted better than prison food. The only food I ever tasted that tasted worse than it was cooked by both Ino and Hana. Both of their cooking could be used as a biological war crime."

Tsunade, with an evil little grin on her face, says "after hearing everything about your cooking and tasting it myself, maybe I'll just reassign you to the kitchen staff," to Naruto which he responds with "and that would be your first stupid mistake you make as Hokage," then says "with how good my cooking is, people would purposely get themselves hurt just so they could have my cooking." Making everybody in the group chuckle to themselves "and also if you did," he says "I will release pictures of what you really look like underneath that transformation, or pictures of you back when you were a Genin and you had the nickname flat as a board Tsunade."

Tsunade for her part was thinking to herself 'I'm going to find your mother and I'm going to kill her and put her back in her grave and make sure she stays there this time.'

[Undisclosed location]

In a small clearing in a forest, Kushina was looking at a of group of bandits along with some rogue ninja that she had been sent out to take care of, when suddenly she let out a sneeze, giving away her position. Knowing that she was supposed to wait for Minato to give her a signal, as there were several large A class rogue ninjas. Shrugging her shoulders, she says "oh well. I wonder if I can finish this fight fast enough so I can sneak back into the Leaf Village and go to Ichiraku Ramen." As she gets a little far-off look on her face with a little bit of drool, then says "that is if my lifetime ban isn't sill active. Old man Teuchi sure knows how to hold a grudge. Just because I broke into their restaurant in the middle of the night and I ate all of their stock, but dammit I was pregnant and hungry. It is no reason to ban me for life of eating their ramen," before she charged forward.

Minato, who had just gotten back from sending up a perimeter barrier, managers to hear what his wife says and shakes his head and says "I swear one of these days I'm going to have those Uzumaki's tested." He still remembered when he got the call that there was a break-in only to find his pregnant wife laying on the floor wearing a soup pot on her head with a bulging stomach.

[Back at the academy]

Sakura look at Naruto and says "why would pictures of her back when she was a Genin be embarrassing?"

Naruto, with his typical foxy grin, quickly used the transformation technique. In a puff of smoke, he disappeared revealing a young-looking Tsunade that his mother had shown what she looked like to him. As he was standing next to both Ino and Sakura and Tenten, all three girls were looking at her flat chest then at the adult Tsunade, with the same thought going through their head 'how the hell did these things turn into those?' But before any of the girls could ask her, Tsunade had already grabbed Naruto and was attempting to strangling him.

[Medical classroom]

After they had managed to pry Naruto out of Tsunade hands, the group slowly makes their way into the back of the classroom as the class was just starting. The group can see a young woman with grayish silver hair that Naruto was able to recognize as Isane. She then says "good morning class. Today we are going to be working on one of your most fundamental skills, that you will have to use as a medic." She then says "will anybody in your group be joining our class today Naruto?" Before he could say anything, all three of the girls quickly go up to one of the tables and sit down.

Isane gives a small smile before turning back to the chalkboard to begin writing on it and says "today we will be learning about the skill known as Shindan (A/N Diagnosis). As the first step in treatment is to understand the problem. With this skill, a shinobi uses their hands to carefully probe a patient for problems. This technique is performed by kneeling over a patient and slowly running both hands over their body, looking for signs of injury that may not be visible to the naked eye. It can detect things such as internal injury, improper heart rate, non-apparent bone fractures, poisoning, and disease. A ninja of higher rank can learn to use this technique to perform a rudimentary examination of a body to determine cause and time of death." She then gives a demonstration of what the technique looks like, along with explaining how to do it. She then picks up a box that was on the ground behind her desk and begins to put a frog on each of the desks saying "each frog has a different injury. See if you could find it."

Tsunade had a look of pride on her face, watching the young students trying to become medics. After a few minutes, she sees one of the male students is struggling, but before the teacher could get over there two of his classmates instantly begin helping him by walking him through the technique and giving him tips and soon his hand was glowing with chakra and he was able to do the technique. Isane, who has seen this, put on a smile and says "each of you would receive ten credits for helping a fellow student."

[After the class]

As the group made their way down the hall, Sakura makes a comment about how that class would have been so much better to have at the academy instead of a flower arrangement class. Ino crosses her arms and says "I have to agree with you on that. I could have flower arrangement with my parents." Tenten nods her head as she was reading one of the new books that she got from the teacher.

Tsunade and Sara both have a smile on their faces. Tsunade then says "well you will be happy to hear that Naruto is going to set up an academy to make medics." Which all three girls look at him and say "sign us up."

Asuma looks at Naruto to say "would you explain what those credits were that those children got for helping that student was?"

Naruto replies "most of you know that some parents cannot afford the good supplies to send their children to the academy. With the credits that they earn, it can be used in the store in the academy for the equipment that they need. They can also buy lower rank jutsu scrolls along with different fighting styles scrolls along with others scrolls depending on what they are interested in. And if they have enough credits, they can even rent somebody of higher rank to give them some personal training."

"There are many different ways that they can earn the credits such as helping a fellow student, answering questions and doing well on tests, they can also take missions from the academy which are basically d-rank missions. They can also get credits from the taijutsu class, but one of the most popular ways to get credits is for two students to have a sparring match. Each of the students puts down a certain number of credits, and the winner of the fight gets all the credits, but if it is a tag team sparring match, the winning team has to split the credits evenly. This is normally when two students have a grudge against each other. Another way that they can get some credits is if a parent comes in and puts down some ryo in their account."

Guy says "that is one very youthful idea, and I take it that if good behavior will get them credits then bad behavior gets them taken away." To which Naruto nods his head.

Naruto had his grin on his face as he says "okay well since the girls had fun with their class, I believe some of you guys will have fun with this one." As he led the group out to one of the outdoor training grounds. Standing outside of a sparring circle, the group can see at least a dozen students. Some of which looks like they just went through the wringer. The group can also see what appears to be a woman standing in the middle of the circle, wearing a red vest tight shirt that clearly showed off her cleavage, along with a long white skirt open on one side. Naruto was able to recognize her as Kūkaku.

Kūkaku crosses her arms and says "I'm so disappointed in all of you big babies. No wonder that pipsqueak known as Gato was able to take over your land if none of you have any fight in you. Don't any of you have any fight in you?"

Naruto's evil grin returns as he says "hey Kūkaku. I have a new punching bag for you." As he pushes Kiba forward. Kūkaku turns and looks at the sound of the voice and says "well, well, well, if it's not the fishcake." Upon her turning to look at them, they noticed that she has a fake right arm, but her comment makes Naruto's face go bright red as everybody in the Leaf group begin to laugh at him. Those that knew him and grew up with him know he hates being called fishcake.

[Fight sequence]

Kūkaku then looks at Kiba, who was staring at her large chest. She then says "I am taking it that you're a chest man, seeing as how you can't take your eyes off mine." As she makes her chest jiggle up and down, making all of the men in the surrounding area blush, while all of the women are thinking to themselves that men are too easily distracted by a little cleavage. She then says "I'll make you a deal, if you can get this ribbon off my head, I'll let you see them up close but if you cannot, you will have to…"

Before she could finish, Kiba quickly accepted it. Not listening to all of her deal, she then says "I'm going to take a guess by those tattoo markings on your cheek, that you are from the Inuzuka clan. You're pretty small and you don't look like much so you must have been the runt of the litter." Kiba instantly dashes forward with a fury of claw swipes at Kūkaku, which she is easily able to dodge. Seeing that none of his attacks were working, he jumps backwards. He then bites his hand, using the same technique that he used on Naruto in the preliminaries to increase his speed and giving him a more feral look as he says "OK, try this on for size Ninja Art of Beast Mimicry: All-Fours Jutsu."

He again charges at her. This time at a higher speed. All of the adults from the Leaf Village instantly see the glimmer in her eyes and are able to recognize it and that know that he's about to get his butt kicked.

Off to the side, Kurenai thinks to herself 'how many times have your mom and I told you not to let your anger get your best of you?'

Kūkaku then begins to dance around his attacks in the sparring circle and says "Naruto gave me information on the clans of your village and he spoke very highly of your clan and I was actually interested in fighting someone from your clan but you are nothing but a brawler. Your style is as bad as some of those drunks from the bars," and then says "you need to learn how to focus your attacks and focus less on wild swipes and stop acting like a wild animal. I know that this is your family style but you need to learn how to adapt to the situation, because I can tell that you are one of those who believe raw power can always overpower your enemy."

"But that is not always the case because brains and ingenuity will normally always triumph over power given time. I mean just look at Naruto. It is his creative mind that makes him such a dangerous opponent. Even during the middle of a battle, he still uses his Ingenuity to come up with the most unorthodox plans to take down his enemy and the enemy normally falls for it because no one would ever think to use it." Everybody from the Leaf group had to nod their heads at this knowing that this was true.

She then takes a battle stance and says "now you need to get ready because now I'm going to take you back to obedience school." Kūkaku then reaches in a pouch behind her back as if she is about to grab a weapon. Kiba upon seeing this, gets his claws ready to counter it, but instead of pulling out a weapon she pulls out a rolled-up magazine. Kiba once again rushes at her. Using his right claw, he takes a swipe at her chest, making a small hole in her shirt, exposing her breasts before jumping back with his Inuzuka grin on his face.

Kūkaku looks down at her ruined shirt. She then shrugs her shoulders, grabbed it, and completely ripped it off, making almost every man in the area go red-faced. She then crosses her arms and says "let me take a guess, you thought by ruining my shirt, it would make me all embarrassed and try to cover my chest. Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, I'm of the opinion that modesty has no place on a battlefield. If I let a little bit of nudity get in the way of a battle I could die."

[Off to the side]

Ino's, Sakura's, and Tenten's faces had erupted in blushes while thinking 'how can she stand there topless in front of all these men?' But they turn to look at Tsunade when she says "she makes a good point and you girls would do well to remember that."

[Back in the arena]

But before Kiba had the time to get a good look at her, she then seemed to vanish and reappear in front of him and hits him on top of the head, and says "bad dog." This comment makes him freeze out of total humiliation. Kūkaku then uses a leg sweep on him, making him fall on his butt as she says "sit." She then goes for an axe kick and brings her leg down very quickly while saying "roll over." To which Kiba quickly does to dodge the attack.

Kiba calls out "okay let's get serious." As he pulls out one of his food pills to give to his partner like he did in the previous round with Naruto. That is when he noticed that his partner is nowhere to be seen. As he looks around for Akamaru for help, but only to see him surrounded by several of the other women rubbing his belly, and due to not paying attention he then takes a fist to the face knocking him out of the ring.

[End of fight sequence]

Kūkaku put on a smirk on her face as she then snaps her fingers and suddenly two very large muscular identical men appear out of nowhere. One of them holding out a new shirt for her while the other one had a bottle of sake. Both men give a bow and say "congratulations on your win Lady Shiba." She completely ignores the new shirt, and begins to drink the sake bottle.

Naruto, who once again pinches his nose, says "will you please put on the new shirt Kūkaku? You are about to make several of these men pass out and we do not have time for this." Kūkaku looks at him with a little pout on her face and says "it's just because I am not Yoruichi isn't it? You like hers better because they're bigger, or is it because they are more of a caramel color?"

Tsunade was finding it hard to suppress the smirk on her face, watching as the brat was beginning to rub his forehead. She then decides to take pity on him and steps forward and says "hello my name is Lady Tsunade Senju, the Fifth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village." Kūkaku accepts the handshake and says "my name is Kūkaku Shiba. I am the commander of the 5th division, in charge of overseeing all of supplies/trading, and in charge of all the buying of supplies for the village and ensuring they get where they're needed. I am also one of the combat teachers here at the Academy."

Naruto manages to cut into the conversation by saying "sorry to interrupt but I have to finish giving the tour." Kūkaku shrugs her shoulders and says "that's cool I am going to play with my new toy for a while. How long do I have to play with him?" Naruto looks at his watch and says "you have about 2 hours." Kūkaku turns around and begins to walk back towards Kiba, grabbing him by the back of his jacket as he was still on the floor, she says "that's perfect. Just enough time for a good full body massage." As she began to drag him away. Kiba says "what are you talking about? I never agreed to that." To which Kūkaku says "yes you did. When we were making the bet, if you had let me finish my sentence you would have known, but you instead rushed in head first and did not pay attention."

Kiba calls out to Akamaru for help but he sees that his partner was already in the arms of Ino giving the puppy version of a wave of his paw and giving several small barks which only he and Naruto could understand that translated to "you're on your own I am comfortable here," as he buried his head in Ino's chest.

Naruto sends an annoyed look at Akamaru and says "keep your paws where I can see them or else, I would be teaching Noriko how to make my special itching powder bombs." Making the puppy give a whine of protest.

Sakura then says "is Kiba going to be ok?"

Naruto just gave a small laugh and says "it will be fine. She is just going to have him give her a massage and if he gets too handsy with her, she's powerful enough to take care of it."

Shikamaru says "I don't think that's what she meant. I think what she meant was, is he going to be okay with her. The way she was looking at him reminded me of when you put a rump roast in front of Choji's family and the way she was flirting with you earlier."

Naruto reply's "that was just how she is. Besides neither Kiba nor I are her type. In fact, none of the men in this group or her type." Tenten looks at him and says "do you mean that she is?"

Naruto cut her off and says "that is none of our business." Getting nods of agreement from the older women in the group. Tsunade looks at him and says "why has she not gotten her right arm fixed by either that chemical that you used on Shizune or have Hinata fix it?"

Naruto gets a look of sadness on his face and he says "I will tell you but please do not spread it around." He then says "one of the things that you need to know about her is she likes to make fireworks. When she was younger, she was impulsive always making bigger ones. Then one day she left her lab open without realizing it and her younger brother, who looked up to her, walked in and try to make his own fireworks to impress his big sister."

"She had just returned when he was about to light it. Knowing that he would have messed it up, she managed to shove him out of the way and like she predicted it didn't go off, but exploded, which cost her, her arm."

Both Asuma and Tsunade realize what he meant as both of them had lost younger siblings. It was Tsunade who says "so she will not get if fixed because she blames herself for what she almost lost and keeps it as a reminder to always be better."

Before Naruto could respond, he was tackled by a flying green blur, sending both of them crashing to the ground. Once they stop rolling around on the ground, the group can see that it is a teenage girl with green hair and a dark skin tone.

Ino along with Tenten and Sakura have their arms wrapped around their stomachs laughing at him, while everybody else in the group was just laughing at him. Naruto, after getting the dizziness out of his head looks up at Fuu who's on top of him and says "hello Fuu."

Fuu had a big smile on her face as she hugged who she considered her first friend. Naruto then says "Fuu, would you please get up and off me please?" After getting up off the ground, he looks at the group and says "allow me to introduce you. This is Fuu," who had taken to hiding behind his back shyly. As he looks at her, he says "it's ok Fuu. These are all of my friends. I'm sure they'll be friends to you too, and they will not judge you because of what you contain. They know what's inside of me and they have never made fun of me for it and still want to be my friend."

Ino walks up and offers her hand and says "that's right I'm Ino. I am one of Naruto's girlfriends, and he told me all about you." Soon after everybody else introduces themselves, the group can hear the sound of a woman calling out her name as Fuu says "I have to go now. I kind of snuck out when I wasn't supposed to," as she takes off running.

Naruto watches as she is running back towards the academy and says "I'm happy that she's finally making a good life for herself." Tsunade looks at him and says "from what you told me about your month of training here, I'm going to take it as that she is the seven tails Jinchuuriki."

Naruto gives a nod of the head and says "yes and she is one of the reasons why I can never go to the Hidden Waterfall Village. Because I cannot promise you that I won't lay waste to it for what they did to her. Between not even letting her live inside the village and out in the woods and not even letting her take all of the classes at the Academy. When I found her, she did not even know how to use the kunoichi jutsu that they are supposed to learn at the academy. She told me that when the class was supposed to take it and all of her female classmates were gathered together that the teacher refused to let her into the room, saying she did not need to know them." Upon hearing this, all of the women get a dark look in their eyes. Naruto looks at Sara and says "thank you for teaching me those. Even though I did not need them, I was still able to teach Fuu how to use them correctly."

Naruto then says "growing up, all I ever wanted to be was the Hokage. That is how I dealt with the isolation from the village. Her dream growing up was to one day make a hundred friends."

Naruto takes them to a different section of the training ground with what appears to be one of the younger classes. One of their group that looks like they are learning how to do the tree walking technique but instead of having the students just run up the tree without any safety equipment, the class seem to have a set of harnesses and a pulley system that you would use for rock climbing and laying on the ground around a tree are safety training mats. That way if the student falls off the tree, they are brought back to the ground safely by the teacher.

Taking them to another side of the training ground, a second group who look to be standing around a pole with a bell at the top. The group stood there and watched as several students tried to climb the pole without any chakra as the test was to show that you could not always use your chakra without being detected. After watching the last student, who had tried to use a rope to shimmy up the pole but only managed to make it halfway, the group looked at a girl who walked up and asked what the test was again. The teacher replies "you have to ring the bell at the top but you cannot use any chakra." The girl looks at the pole and the bell and thinks to herself for a little bit. She then reaches down and picks up a rock and throws it at the Bell making it ring then looks at the teacher with a big smile on her face and says "as big brother Naruto always says, 'when all else fails and you can't complete the task the standard way, you just need to use an unorthodox technique and cheat.'"

Everybody in the Leaf group instantly looks at Naruto who is whistling to himself. But Asuma then after coming down from his laughing says "he makes a good point. Sometimes the easiest approach is the best approach." Getting a nod of the head from the rest of the adults.

[Outside the entrance to the academy]

After finishing the tour of the academy, the last stop of the tour had been the academy store which had resulted in Naruto's wallet taking another hit. The group was now standing outside ready to split ways. Jiraiya, who had been patched up enough to travel, was standing there with his head hanging. Kiba had just turned up and was refusing to say anything about what had happened. Tsunade looks at Naruto to say "I will take this old toad back to the village without him trying to escape."

Naruto once again puts on his smile and says "I am sure that you could get him back to the village but I'm going to add a little bit more security." He then says "has none of you ever thought to ask yourself why both Arisu and Saori are my security guards? It is not just because they wanted to be, I chose them for a specific reason. For some strange reason, both of them have very large chakra pools. Even at the age of eight, they are already at Chuunin reserves and another thing that is interesting about them is their chakra control is flawless. No matter which of the chakra control exercises I gave them, they were able to master it in a day and because my family has a large supply of information on chakra control and because of our own reserves, I found a very unique technique that will come in handy. As they both can protect me from an enemy attack but they can also protect you from me."

Naruto then looks at the girls and says "put away your spears." Both of the girls push a button on the spears making them collapse into themselves until they were the size of a stick. They then put them in the pouches on the sides. He then says "now I want you to use that technique that we were working on to secure the prisoner."

Arisu and Saori both stand on either side of Jiraiya and bring their hands together to make the ram sign. Everybody in the group can feel both of the girls molding their chakra then both girls start to say at the same time "Uzumaki Style: Adamantine Sealing Chains Jutsu." As a small blue chain comes out of both of their shoulders and wraps around Jiraiya. Tsunade along with those that knew his mother and about her chain technique were all shocked to see both of these girls using the same technique.

Kakashi, who had risen his headband, says "how can both of these girls use your family's kekkei genkai?"

Naruto replies "it is not a true kekkei genkai. It is just a heightened form of Fūinjutsu that takes precise amounts of chakra like any other technique." But inside his head, he added 'I also had a little help from mom and Mayuri. All he had to do was take a blood sample from Mom and do a little work on the girls DNA. Not enough to make them Uzumaki's but let them use the technique.'

Naruto then turns and looks at his group and said "let's head to the Land of Lightning. Let's hope nothing happens on our trip." Resulting in him getting smacked upside the back of the head by a majority of the group.

The end of ch36.

[Omake: Team Alpha versus Team Konohamaru, round two]

Konohamaru looks at Moegi and Udon and says "okay guys, you know the plan. Let's go." Getting two nods of the head. Soon they were stealthily trying to follow their targets. Upon hearing their plans, they dashed forward to set up their prank.

[Konoha Park]

Noriko, Ashia, and Nel had decided to take a day off from pranking people and had decided to play at the park today. Once the girls had arrived at the park, one of the servants who had arrived with them says, "you can play for a few hours and then we will have to go home. I will be sitting on that bench over there in the shade if you need anything."

Ashia had instantly ran to the swing set and began to swing, giving a great laugh as she tried to go higher and higher. Noriko ran to play in the sandbox. She had opened her bag, that she brought with her to take out a whole lot of equipment to play in the sand. Nel had decided that she wanted to feed the ducks and was now throwing bread crumbs at them.

Ashia seeing Noriko have so much fun in the sandbox decided to join her as she managed to stop the swing to get off. That's when she noticed that she couldn't then she noticed that she was glued to the seat. Noriko, who had been having fun playing in the sandbox, suddenly started to itch all over her body. Despite the fact that they were both panicking both turn to the sound of their friend's screaming to see Nel being chased by a flock of ducks.

[Hidden in one of their trees]

With Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon, each of them having large grins on their faces as they were holding an item in their hands. Konohamaru was holding a bottle of superglue, Moegi was is holding a bottle of itching powder, and Udon was holding a sign that said 'please do not feed ducks.'