From Ninja to Shinigami

Chapter 37: into the clouds

By: jacke44

Beta'd by: Scheffinator

[Land of Lightning]

Naruto was in the middle of a discussion with Sara about a new seal for the hospital that he was trying to figure out how to make work for what he wanted. He then says "so the principle behind this new seal is using my father's Hiraishin formula and is to make small pieces of jewelry such as a necklace or bracelet or a ring that will have the formula inscribed on it along with a small chakra battery that can be given to pregnant women along with the elderly. That way if one of the women goes into labor and there is no one around to help her she can instantly teleport herself to the hospital. The same with one of the elderly people if they fall down and they can't get back up, they can activate it and get themselves help. Of course, I'm going to have to modify the formula so that it will only work within the confines of the village but you get the idea."

"One of the problems I'm having is I am not sure what would happen if the Hiraishin No Jutsu was used on a woman who had gone into labor and if it would have any effect on the baby and if it was used on an injured elderly person would it advocate the wounds more." Sara nods her head and says "that is true it could."

Sakura, who was sitting across from him in the carriage due to twisting her ankle, says "if you are worried about transporting them, why not change it to be an emergency SOS beacon that will alert the hospital that someone needs help then the team can use the Hiraishin No Jutsu to go the beacon?"

Naruto looks at her with wide eyes and says "that is brilliant. It also gives me several other ideas," then says "Sakura if I was not already in a relationship with Hinata-chan and Ino-chan along with a few others who would beat me senseless, I would kiss you."

Sakura, with a small smile of her own, says "they would have to get in line after I've knocked you senseless." Then she says under her breath, "but knowing my luck I'll probably knock some sense into you." She then shakes her head and continues and says "and don't think for one moment I don't remember that fact that you saw me getting undressed in front of my window during the invasion."

Ino looks at Naruto and in a sweet voice laced with both honey and venom says "what is she talking about Uzumaki?"

Naruto, who had gone ghost white pale, quickly says "it wasn't on purpose, it was an accident and she is the one who forgot to close her curtain and it wasn't even me it was one of my shadow clones and besides it was only down to her underwear and I've already seen her in a two-piece swimming suit and that is basically what a bra and panties is."

Kurenai cut into the conversation and says "that is enough if Sakura forgot to close her curtains before she got undressed, she has only herself to blame and Naruto makes a good point a two-piece bikini can be more revealing than a bra and underwear set."

When suddenly the carriage is brought to a stop by Asuma and Naruto can hear a voice that he recognizes as Cee say, "please stay where you are and identify yourself and the reason you are here."

As Naruto opens the carriage and steps out and says, "we are on the way to Kumogakure so that I can honor the deal that I made with Ay for his assistance."

Cee, who sees Naruto, dropped down to one knee and gives him a small bow and says "it is good see you again Lord Uzumaki," then says "Lord Raikage has been expecting you since he received your letter but I'm sorry to say that our security is tight right now in this area."

Naruto let out a sigh and gives a nod and says "please do not bow or kneel before me. While I am the Daimyō of the Land of Whirlpools, I am not one for all that upper class society etiquette."

Cee stands up and gives a nod and says "it is nice to finally meet someone from the leadership class who does not think of themselves above everybody else."

Naruto replies "there are a lot of people like that out there who believe that they are the ones who are qualified to tell you how to live your life and the ones who believed the people below their standing in their hierarchy were meant to be ruled with them being the one's to do the ruling and that their judgment should not be questioned."

Naruto then says "these are the people who do not deserve to rule because true leadership means being able to listen to your people and not think of yourself above them. The way I see it, a leader is the body of the country but it is the people of the country who you rule over that are the voice of the country who speaks through them."

Asuma then puts a hand on his shoulder and says "it is thinking with that kind of attitude that proves that you are worthy of having a position of power." Sakura then says just loud enough to be heard, "it must be really hard to be in a position of power like that." To which Naruto replies "uneasy lies the head that wears the title." As he can see a look of confusion on most of the younger faces except for Shikamaru, he says "what that means is a person who has a many great responsibilities, such as one of the 5 Kages or Daimyō's is constantly worried and therefore doesn't sleep soundly because they know the next day there will be a lot harder work to do."

Asuma then looks at Cee and says "you mentioned that this area is sealed off right now." Cee says "yes there was an incident nearby."

Naruto says "I see perhaps my team can be able to provide assistance if there is a problem." Cee begins to think to himself and about the information that he was given after Ay had returned to the village about how strong this individual was. He then comes to a decision then makes a hand gesture and a dozen Cloud ninja appear. He then quickly gives one of them orders to take over command of this area.

While this was happening, Kakashi looks at Naruto and says "what do you think you are doing getting involved in this? It is obviously a Land of Lightning incident, and we have no reason to assist them."

Naruto replies "and unlike you Hatake, who prefers to abandon his responsibilities and holds a grudge against one student and completely ignores a second one, all the while giving everything, he can to one student, who does not deserve it, we of the Uzumaki Clan will always render assistance to those who need it."

Cee after having a discussion with his group walks back over to the Leaf Village group and says "if you would please follow me, we are heading to one of our Nobles residences that is not too far from here. Once we get there, I will be able to fully debrief you."

Naruto, with his foxy grin, says "sorry I don't swing that way. Only my girlfriend Ino here can debrief me." For his comment, he was smacked upside the back of the head by several females, while a few of the men chuckled.

After a 30-minute walk, the group approaches what could only be described as a small compound on the outskirts of a decent-sized village with Darui standing outside the front gate. Upon seeing the group, he walks forward and has a short conversation with Cee. Darui turns and looks at the group and says "it's good to see you again Lord Uzumaki, and that you are keeping your word. Lord Ay was in a good mood for several days after the incident."

Naruto does his best to stand like he was taught by Asuma and gives a small nod of the head, and in the most respectful voice that he can do says "it would not do for me to not to honor one of the first dealings I make as a lord of the Land of Whirlpools."

Ino then looks at him and says "this is killing you to act all proper, isn't it?" As she playfully poked him in the side of the ribs.

Making all of his former classmates laugh into their hands along with a portion of all the adults standing around.

Asuma after giving a small laugh says "I think it's okay you can stop with having to act all proper and putting on a performance Naruto, at least until we get before the Hidden Cloud Village Council." He then looks at the hidden Cloud Jonin and says "as the leader of the Leaf Village party, I request if you could tell us what is happening."

Cee replies "the daughter of a noble was kidnapped a few days ago and so far, we have had no leads on finding them. All we know is that she was taken in the middle of the night."

Asuma replies "it is indeed usual that they would not send a message. Are you sure they did not leave anything in the room?"

Cee nods his head and says "we did a thorough search of room and we did not find anything and the parents did not see anything out of the ordinary. But if you want to take a look, I suppose we could look again."

Asuma nods his head and says "if we can get her sent off something in the room then Kiba and Kakashi can use their ninkens to attempt to track her."

Cee and Darui both nod their heads thinking that this would be a good idea. Cee then says "if you would come with me, I will show you to the scene of the crime." As he began to lead them to the house, they come across the parents sitting in one of the rooms with the mother having her face buried in her husband's shoulder. After the introductions, the parents agree to let the Leaf ninjas help. Continuing to the room, they turn a corner and see four individuals running towards them from one of the outside courtyards. Naruto was able to recognize them as Samui, Omoi, Karui, and Yugito. Once they got to the group, Yugito says "we just did another sweep of the forest and expanded the searched and found nothing." Naruto notices that Samui has a hand on her lower back and stretching her chest forward and has a slight look of discomfort on her face.

Yugito, who then sees the Leaf ninjas, and says "it's good to see you Naruto. Are you on your way to see Lord Ay?"

Naruto gives a reply and says "yes we were on our way when we were stopped by Cee who informed us of the situation and I decided to lend a hand in helping. We were just about to head to the daughter's room to see if we could find any clues that might have been overlooked and see if we could get her sent to follow."

As the group heads towards the room, they come to a hallway with two Cloud Jonin standing outside a door. Cee looks at the group and says "we've made sure the room was sealed so no one could get inside of it since the incident."

Naruto was the first one to walk into the room and begins to look around for anything suspicious along with everybody else from the Leaf group. He then says "were there any sounds or anything suspicious during the night that might have alerted the guards?"

Darui shakes his head and says "no according to the reports, the hallways are constantly patrolled."

Naruto begins to stroke his chin as he begins to think. He then begins to look again at the room along with the rest of the house, recognizing that it is not a modern house and probably at least a hundred years or older. He remembers watching all of those old mystery movies with Ino and her mom. He then says "I wonder," as he reaches in the inside pocket of his jacket and pulls out his sunglasses. Putting them on, he taps the left side of the glasses to begin to do another sweep of the room using the built-in computer to scan the room for hidden doors. As he was looking at the left wall, it begins to blink a different color. He then says "just as I thought," as he walked over to it and applying chakra to his arms and shoves the section of the wall to the side revealing a hidden passageway.

Everybody from both groups, looks at him in shock. It was Darui who comes out of his shock first and says "how did you know that there was a secret passage back there?"

Naruto simply takes off his sunglasses and hands them to Darui and says "I was able to get those from an acquaintance of mine. They have a small built-in computer. I was able to use them to scan the room for hidden passageways because when I saw the age of the house, I remembered all of the old mystery movies I like to watch and a lot of them had secret passageways in the old mansions. But one of the more fun functions of them is they have an automatic built-in bingo book with facial recognition. Go ahead and put them on and tap the right side."

Darui looked at the glasses for a moment before reaching out and putting them on. He then slowly reaches up and taps the right side. The moment he does, a small picture of everybody along with writing appeals next to every person giving the information on each individual as if he was looking at a page form the bingo book.

Darui takes off the glasses and looks at them again and says "these are amazing. Do you realize how these would help with security checks?" Cee, who had asked if he could look at them as he was looking at everybody, says "I have to agree with my partner on this."

Naruto replies "I know what you mean. Another thing you should know about them, is they cannot be tricked by a (Henge) A/N [Transformation Technique]. Every rank from E to S has been checked. I was even able to tell that Lady Tsunade was wearing one and her version of it is unique. The screen will automatically turn red with an X above their head because they can scan for chakra around the body." He demonstrated this by transforming into Anko. The moment he did this, the screen instantly turned red with an x above his head in the glasses. Naruto then goes on to explain about all the other features including being able to see through most genjutsu.

Darui and Cee both look at him. Cee then says "would you know if these are going to become available to other people and villages?"

Naruto simply replies "eventually they will be, but you should know they are the equivalent of a standard C rank mission," with both men going through their heads and seeing how much they have in their accounts.

Naruto then squats down and looks at the hallway in the secret passageway, seeing as there was a thick layer of dust along with a fresh set of footprints. He then says "I think we are dealing with a female who took the child, because you can tell by the size of these footprints, they are noticeably smaller than what a man would have."

Kiba begins to channel chakra to his nose and says "he's right. I'm picking up a female scent." Naruto looks at Shino and says "why don't you send some of your insects in to scout out the tunnel. Just in case they set some traps." Shino gives a nod of his head, raises his hand and releases a few insects that fly into the passageway.

Naruto turns and looks at the mom and dad of the daughter that has been kidnapped and says "any reason you did not tell us about the secret passageways?"

The husband looks at him and says "I had no idea that these were here. They must have been used by my grandfather." He turns his head and looks at one of the older maids and says "did you know that these were here?" The maid nods her head and says "yes I did but I had completely forgotten about these. They were locked away when I first started working here as your grandfather never liked them. They were originally used for us servants to walk around and not be seen."

The husband says "it's ok. If they haven't been used for that long, it's understandable that you would have completely forgotten about them."

Everybody's attention is quickly drawn to Omoi as he says "hey cool X-ray vision." Everybody looks at him and sees that he's looking at the glasses. This resulted in all the females in the room screaming and turning away from him. Naruto quickly says "don't worry about it, ladies. It's not like that kind of X-ray vision. It's limited to what it can see through." This resulted in some of the women from both groups turning back around and smacking Omoi upside the back of his head.

Naruto watched this while shaking his head and thinking to himself 'technically the glasses could see through clothes if you wanted to and if you adjusted it correctly,' but he was not going to say that. He had learned his lesson when he was first learning how to use them and he saw an elderly couple of women walking down the street in the Land of Waves when he stumbled upon the X-ray vision. He immediately had that blocked then spent an hour washing out his eyes while having to listen to his mother as she laughs at him inside his head.

Shino manages to get everybody's attention and says "my scouts have returned and have reported that the route is clear." Naruto then says "I think we should break into two groups, with one group following this tunnel, and the second group are to head back into the village and see if we can pick up any information from the locals."

Yugito replies "we've already been to village and have gotten nothing from any of the villagers and we made sure to check all the usual spots that criminals usually hang out."

Naruto, with his fox grin on his face, says "let me guess you checked all the bars, brothels, and gambling dens?" Getting a nod of the head and he says "well you guys missed a few spots, but I'm not surprised. You didn't grow up in the red-light district, like Tenten and I. I'm sure that we can both think of a few places that you would not think to look."

Tenten looks at Naruto and says "are we going to find us a street rat and squeeze it until it talks to us?"

Sakura, with a look of disgust on her face, says "I'm not going anywhere near any rats."

Naruto simply chuckled to himself and says "we're not talking about an actual rat. It is a term given to a person who lives on the street, most notably homeless people because if you wish to know how a city operates and who all the big players are and all things shady, you need to follow the street rats. The reason for this is most of the time most people just ignore the homeless people and don't care about them so they are willing to do and say whatever they want to in front of them because no one will pay attention to them if they did try to sound the alarm."

Cee looks at Asuma and says "is he really only a Chuunin?"

Asuma replies "he might act like a goofball a lot of time but when he's focused on something, he can be quite cunning. He also has the uncanny ability to see something that we would overlook and that we would dismiss it as unimportant. My old man had me test him along with a bunch of other people throughout the years setting up fake scenarios for him. He was always able to find the little clues that we left behind, sometimes even finding a few that we did not even know we left. He has been holding himself back for years. It wasn't until he finally snapped, that he came out because he was betrayed by his sensei for one of his teammates because he felt that he deserves special training."

Darui shakes his head and says "that's not right. Even in Kumogakure, we would never favor one student over another, and the only reason we would, would be is if one student needs personal one-on-one training, but we would explain to the other students that we were not doing this out of spite and we would always make sure we had a backup to take up the other students until we were done." Cee gave a nod of his head and says "he is correct. Whoever his sensei was, does not deserve the title of sensei." He then says "had this happened in the Hidden Cloud Village, Lord Raikage would have used him as a personal punching bag. To be willing to risk one student's future over another is despicable."

Asuma had a small smirk on his face as he says "oh don't worry. He got punished. He went from being one of the most respected Jonin in the village, he then got busted down to Genin and he's not going to have a chance for a promotion for a long time. Isn't that right Kakashi?"

Naruto manages to cut into the compensation by saying "I think it would be best if we split into three groups. One group will follow the tunnels and see if they can find anything, the second group can come with Tenten and me and see if we can get any information from any of the homeless and residents of the red-light district as we know how to talk to them, and a third group can stay here at the house to make sure it's protected."

Yugito replies "you make a good point."

Asuma then says "Kakashi, you and Guy, Sara, Shikamaru, and Choji should stay here to protect the rest of the family." He then looks at Kurenai "you and Kiba and Shino should be part of the group that goes down the tunnel as you are a tracking team, and you should take Lee as a heavy hitter." He then looks at Naruto and Tenten and says "because these two know how to navigate the red-light district, they should be in charge of the third team taking Ino and Sakura to show them how it's done. Think of it as kunoichi training along with myself as I am acting as his bodyguard."

Darui replies "that is a good idea. Samui, Omoi, Karui, and Yugito, I think it would be better if you went with the third team as you are a combat/recon team. This could be beneficial to you as well. I will stay here with the security team and Cee will go with the other team to do a sweep of the tunnels."

Once the groups had split up, Naruto says "before we head out Ino, why don't you take care of Samui and Yugito? I am sure that both of them would appreciate a set." Ino gave a nod of the head and says "if you two would please come with me," as she leads them into a room across the hall with all of the girls following her and quickly closes the door.

A few moments later, the door opens and two Cloud kunoichi quickly came out of the room with identical looks on their faces. Yugito had just opened her mouth to ask a question when Naruto cut her off and says "I plan on talking to Ay, about possibly opening a store in the Hidden Cloud Village to sell my family's Fuuinjutsu seals along with a few other things," earning himself two nods of the head.

[Hidden Leaf Village, Uzumaki compound]

Tsunade had a small smile on her face as she watched Jiraiya slowly walking in front of her with his head hanging low due to the fact that she would not buy his act on the way home or even listening to anything he had to say. She had to hide her chuckles as she watched Arisu and Saori, who keep poking him in the back with the spears. She had made them cancel Adamantine Sealing Chains when they had gotten close to the village so no one would know they could do it. As she looks at to her left at Hiruzen, who had met them at the gate of the village, he had tried to talk her into putting him in one of the prisons in the village but she had refused, saying that he was a prisoner of the Land of Whirlpools and as such he would be returned to that cell.

As they were passing through one of the courtyards, the group could hear the sounds of a fight going on. It was then they managed to see a large crowd of the children surrounding Rein and Daiki, who was once again having another argument. Rein, with a red face, says "how can you be so stupid as to think that the Nidaime Hokage was better than the Shodaime Hokage?"

Daiki, just as hotly, says "Lord Tobirama was obviously better as he helped create more laws in the village. Not to mention all the different water jutsus he had."

Rein crosses her arms and says "he was also a hot head that got into more fights than anyone else. Besides Lord Hashirama had the Mokuton [Wood Style] and he could use that to make a forest in seconds. Almost anybody can do a little water Jutsu but his was way better."

Tsunade and Hiruzen were both watching this while trying to contain their chuckles. Jiraiya on the other hand, had no problem letting out his laughter. Daiki then says "just admit it. The only reason you like him better is because of your crush on him."

Rein's face goes red with rage as she charges at him, throwing several sloppy punches at him. Daiki manages to grab one of her fists and locks his left leg with hers in an attempt to knock her off balance but ended up sending both of them crashing to the ground but due to how close they were at the time they ended up having the misfortune of laying on top of each other and into a kiss making all of the children go oooh.

Rein slowly sits up with the shadow of her bangs covering her eyes. Daiki quickly scurries backwards while apologizing, saying "it was an accident. I didn't mean for this to happen." Rein, in a dull quiet voice, says "run." Jiraiya quickly shouts out, "run kid run," having seen the look on her face and the tone of her voice one too many times himself.

Daiki quickly jumped to his feet and takes off running. Rein gives a battle cry of "I'm going to kill you if I catch you," and quickly gives chase. Tsunade shakes her head and muttering underneath her breath about doing a DNA test to see if that brat is related to Jiraiya as he is always getting in trouble with his sisters and the women around him.

Tsunade looks at Arisu and Saori, who both suddenly have large grins on their faces, and says "okay what is with the grins you two?" Saori, with a larger smile on her face, replies "we just made a bunch of money because we made a bet with one of our brothers, who does all the booking, and we made a bet that they would have their first kiss because of a fight."

Hiruzen, with a disappointed look on his face as he looks at her, and says "you're already corrupting these innocent children by teaching them your bad vices?" Arisu says "nope. It was big sister Anko. She also said that when we get back from the mission, she was going to teach us how to weasel out a free lunch from boys." Tsunade gives a small laugh and says "well that is a very important lesson for every girl to learn."

Arisu looks up at her and says "but now I am curious. Who was better, the Shodaime Hokage or the Nidaime Hokage?"

Tsunade simply replies "they both had good qualities and bad qualities but if I had to pick one of them, I would pick my grandfather." Hiruzen coughs into his hand and says "that is because your grandfather spoiled you rotten and wouldn't punish you for anything."

Hiruzen, with his grandfatherly look on his face, says "let's get this finished then I want to have a report from you about what you saw in the Land of Waves."

[Uzumaki compound holding cells]

As the group enters the main room with four different cells, with a man sitting at a desk in the middle of the room, reading a newspaper. Tsunade instantly noticed that two of the cells were occupied. The first one appeared to be occupied by a woman in her 20s, who was sitting in a chair reading a book. Her cell seemed to have a lot more comfort than one would normally have in a holding cell, such as a curtain that could be pulled to cover the bars and took a guess that this was the former rogue kunoichi form Kusagakure. And the second one was occupied by none other than by the infamous Team Alpha. Ashia was currently banging a tin cup on the prison bars yelling "let me out! I want to talk to my lawyer!" Noriko was trying to use a nail file to cut through the window bars and Nel was attempting to play the harmonica."

Ashia, who sees Tsunade, calls out "Grandma Tsunade, you got to spring us. We are innocent." Tsunade crosses her arms and says "with you being an Uzumaki, I highly doubt that but what are you in for." The man who was reading the newspaper at the desk, put it down and says "they put live snakes in their brothers' beds." Noriko, who had stopped trying to cut through the windows, says "of course we put live snakes. We weren't going to spend our allowance on rubber snakes, when we can get the real ones for free in the woods."

Tsunade, after calming down from the laughing fit, looks at the desk clerk and says "I am here to drop off this prisoner." The desk clerk says "give me a moment to call the boss." He then stands up and walks over to a door and knocks on it twice and says "we've got a new prisoner boss." Soon the door opens, standing there is the little girl dressed as a security guard that had chewed out Guy and Lee. Tsunade notices that she added a white coat and little white hat on her head.

The girl struts up to the group, put her hands on her hips, and says "well, well, well, look who's back," as she looks at Jiraiya. She then looks at two boys, who came out of the office with her, and the desk clerk and says "make sure he doesn't have anything when you put him in his cell. Big brother said he's very sneaky and he can hide things, so be very thorough." The clerk motions for Jiraiya to follow him over to an area off to the side. Jiraiya let out a breath and says "great, now I got to go through a cavity search." The little girl tilts her head to the side and then looks at the boy next to her and says "he might want to go get a dentist if we have to look for cavities now."

Both Tsunade and Hiruzen along with the other woman in the jail cell begin to laugh, which only increased when they see the look of confusion on the little girl's face.

Tsunade then looks at Hiruzen to say "now that the toad is in his cage, let's head back to your office. There is a lot that we need to talk about. Some of the things I saw at that Academy were brilliant and once I take up the hat, I can tell you this, I am going to be revamping the entire Academy here in the Leaf Village." As the two of them start to walk out the door, they hear a voice say "what about us?" Tsunade looks back over her shoulder with a smirk on her face and says "if I'm not mistaken didn't your big brother tell you the most important rule about pranking is never get caught and to go along with that there was an old rule that goes with it you do the crime you do the time."

Ashia calls out "you big traitor. Once we are free, we are going to get you back for this Grandma Tsunade." With a small smile on her face, Tsunade says, "bring it on. I've been around enough Uzumaki's to know all of their tricks and even if you do manage to prank me, maybe I won't heal you when you get a boo-boo next time."

Ashia with her own devilish grin as she says "that's okay. I would just go to the Land of Wind and see Lady Chiyo. From what I hear, she's even better than you."

Hiruzen slowly began to back away from her and Jiraiya, who had been put in his holding cell, was diving underneath his bed. Both men could be mistaken for ghosts as all the color had left them. Tsunade slowly begins to walk towards the cell as the room is becoming ice cold. Ashia, realizing that she may have made a mistake, looks to her friends for help but sees that both of them are hiding underneath the blanket on the top bunk.

Ashia takes a big gulp and says "mercy?

Tsunade with a scary smile on her face says, "sorry all out of mercy."

[Land of Lightning]

Naruto was walking at the head of the group with his right eye twitching as he was listening to Ino talk to the three Cloud kunoichis. Ino, gave a small laugh and says, "so my mom and myself along with our friends were out shopping and who do we come across but the man who can make two invading armies runaway along with fighting a legendary Sannin. But we found him walking around the village and we find out he needs two little eight-year-old girls to protect him." Ino then says "now let me tell you about his book. He wrote all about himself and his girlfriend without even realizing he was doing it."

Omoi looks at Naruto and says "is she always like this?"

Naruto and Asuma both gave a small laugh. Naruto then replies "she's been like that since we were little, and despite all that it's one of the things I love about her the most." He then says "ok my Shadow Clones just reported and located an area where we should look in."


As the group was standing on the edge of one of the buildings in the poor district, both Naruto and Tenten were pointing out several things to the group. Tenten pointed to a man sitting on the steps of a building with red gloves with two of his fingers showing and says "that man right there is a drug dealer. You can tell by the way he is sitting and the gloves due to the hot weather here. It is too hot to be wearing gloves, and the way his eyes keep shifting around." To prove their point, the group watched as a second man walked up to the first and had a small conversation with him before shaking hands but they could see the man had slipped him some Ryo while the second man slipped him a small baggie.

Naruto points at a man leaning up against a building wearing a brown duster leather jacket and says "that man right there is a fence. If we can't find a street rat with any information, he would be a secondary option."

Naruto, after surveying the street, says "there's about to be a snatch-and-grab." Tenten looks at the street and says, "I count four," as Naruto shakes his head and says "no it's 5. You're forgetting the little girl playing with the stray cat over in the corner." Tenten looks and says "you're right I missed her."

Sakura shyly raises her hand like she was back in class and says "what's a snatch-and-grab?"

Tenten replies "it's going to be a pickpocket or a shoplifting." Off where the carts are while muttering under her breath that these kids are definitely amateurs.

Naruto then says "they are most likely going to go down that alleyway that is partially closed off or are down the side street to the left. Tenten, you take Ino and Sakura and go left. I will take the second group and close off the alleyway. From the looks of it our best bet is to get the boy on the left who looks to be the lookout and who is pretending to read that magazine."

Karui looks at him and says "how do you know that he is pretending to read it?" Naruto gives a small chuckle and says "that magazine. I would recognize it anywhere from all the different times I volunteer at the hospital and helping out Sara. It is on child-birthing and the fact that he's holding it upside down."

Yugito glances at Asuma and says "this is rather impressive, and I see what you mean about him being able to see the unseen." Asuma takes out his cigarette and says "there's already talk on the grapevine of him getting another promotion."

Naruto then says "get ready. The one acting as a spotter just picked the mark." The group watch that two kids, who had been walking down the street, suddenly ran towards a man with the one in the left kicking him in the shin while the second one grabs his wallet on his side. Before anything else be said, one of the kids throws down a smoke grenade, blanketing the street in smoke. Naruto quickly gave the signal and both groups sprang into action.

[Naruto POV]

Naruto and his group quickly make it to the other side of the alleyway as Naruto spots three of the kids running down the alley. Thinking on the fly he forms a Shadow Clone and has it drop-down behind some crates. It then quickly Henge's into a likeness of Kuromaru. The Clone then jumped out from the Shadows right as the children pass him and then begins barking angrily and begins to bare its teeth at them. What appears to be the oldest of the three, quickly grabs a stick off the ground and began to swing it at the dog and began to yell at it telling it to get away. The Henge 'ed Clone grabbed the stick with its mouth and snapped it, then begin to corral them into a corner. The older boy instantly puts both of the younger ones behind him, grabbing one of the lids off a trash can and using it as a shield.

Naruto jumped down into the alleyway and says "Kuromaru heel," making the Clone walk back and sit next to him. He crosses his arms and says "you've got heart kid. The fact that you instantly put yourself in front of the danger to protect the younger two, you've got my respect."

The boy looks at Naruto and says "who are you and what do you want?" Naruto replies "we're just looking for information. Are there any new players in this area?" As his team drops down behind him. The boy replies "I don't know nothing." Karui says "oh really, then I guess we're wasting our time here. Say when was the last time you fed him Naruto, because I see three appetizers right in front of us that he could eat." The Henge Clone began to growl again. One of the two behind the boy begins to cry.

Naruto shakes his head and says "don't worry, he's not going to eat you. The three of you are too scrawny anyways," as he reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a large roll of Ryo and tosses it at the feet of the children. The boy sees that it is enough that it would feed them for a while. One of the two hiding behind him looks up at him and says "Botan maybe they can help Yua."

Naruto's focus instantly shifts to the second child and says "who is Yua and what is wrong with her?"

The girl poked her head around Botan and says "she's the nice lady that helps us. She has not been feeling well lately and this morning she collapsed and she hasn't woken up. We were going to use the money we took to buy medicine for her."

Before anything else could happen, Tenten's group dropdown with two more kids who ran over to the other kids. Tenten looks at Naruto and says "I was informed that there was a woman in trouble and made a deal with one of the kids. If we could help her, they will give us the information we need." Naruto nods his head and says "well it is a good thing I'm a field medic, but if I cannot help her, we can transport her to Sara."

Naruto, seeing that the children was still scared of the dog, cancels the Shadow Clone, which made the children go wide eyed seeing the dog disappear in a puff of smoke, making a smile appear on his face. Then muttering under his breath "even if they had met the real Kuromaru, they wouldn't have had to worry." Tenten looks at him and says "what do you mean they wouldn't have to worry? That's one scary looking dog." He simply replies "as big and scary as he looks, he's a big softie. He even sleeps with a stuffed teddy bear that he stole from Kiba when he was two years old because he urinated on him." He then says "okay now lead us to where we need to go so I can have a look to see if I can help."

[Abandoned house, a few minutes later]

As the group enters the house, one of the children was telling Naruto every symptom that Yua had. Naruto was running through all the symptoms in his head using all of the information he had gotten from his volunteering, along with the information that he got implanted in his head from Mayuri's' computer back in the Land of Waves.

Sudden pain that begins on the right side of her lower abdomen, pain that begins around the navel and often shifts to her lower right abdomen that worsens if she coughs, walks, or make other jarring movements, and nausea and vomiting. All the symptoms were leading to one scenario for him and if it turned out to be what he thinks it is, he was going to have to take her to see Sara.

One of the girls points at one of the doors and says "we put her in there." Naruto then says "ok I want you along with Ino and Yugito to come into the room with me while I give her an examination. The rest of you stay out here. It should not take me long to figure out if it's what I think it is."


Upon entering the room, they see a girl between ages of 15 -16 laying on a bed. Naruto can instantly see the sweat going down her face and a constant look of pain. Their group slowly approaches the bed and the little girl begins to shake her, eventually waking her up enough to look around. When she sees Naruto's group, she begins to panic but the girl quickly calms her down and says "it's okay we brought them here to help."

Naruto steps forward and says "my name is Uzumaki Naruto from the Hidden Leaf Village and I'm a field medic. Do I have your permission to give you an examination?" Yua due to her pain, she was barely able to move her head yes. Naruto then create a Shadow Clone and takes out a clipboard and hands it to the Clone and then says his full name, rank, and village along with the patient's name. the Clone then looks at Ino and Yugito saying "please say your name, rank, village, and confirm that the patient has given confirmation to be examined." Both of them quickly give the information, he then has both women sign the clipboard.

Naruto then begins to do an examination, checking all of her vitals and ask the standard questions such as please describe the pain from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst, with the Clone writing all this down on the clipboard. Naruto looks at Ino and Yugito saying "I am about to lift her shirt up to look at her abdomen," getting two nods of the head from both women. He can see a large purple bruise on the right side of the abdomen. With that, he reaches into his bag and brings out one of his new seal storage tags making her disappear in a puff of smoke. He stands up and says "we need to get her to Sara. If I am right, she has appendicitis."

The group quickly goes back out to the main room. Naruto looks at Asuma and says "we are going to have to see Sara. I believe I know what's wrong but I can't do anything for her but she might be able to." He then looks at Botan and the rest of the children and says "she's going to be okay but we got to take her to our other teammate who is a better doctor than me. I suggest that you grab anything you need to because you might be staying there for a while."


As the group walk through the front gate, they see both of the other groups. Darui and Cee approach the group and Cee then says "we followed the trail out of a secret tunnel into the woods where we lost the scent." He then sees the children saying "who are they?" Naruto replies "someone who might be able to help us." He looks at Sara and says "upon finding these children, we were informed of a sick woman. We then went to the location of the woman and I did a preliminary examination, gathering what information I could about her symptoms," as he hands her the clipboard and the new seal storage tag.

Sara and Cee quickly looks at all the information on the pages then with a small smile on her face, she says "I'm glad to see you remember and that all of those hours I spent pounding the information into your head wasn't a waste and I see you remember to have two women in the room with you. That is good as you know what would happen if I had found out you didn't follow the rules and regulations."

Naruto in a deadpan voice says "I know, I know, I will be on bedpan duty along with sponge bath duty in the senior ward for months."

Sara then looks at the clipboard and says "I believe you are correct and she has appendicitis. I have been speaking with Cee here and he seems to be their team medic. Between the two of us, we should get this resolved." One of the little girls behind them says "so big sister Yua is going to be okay?" Sara gave the same smile that she always uses on small children and says "don't worry, it's not my first time having to do this."

Once the two of them have left, Naruto looks at the children and can hear their stomachs growling. He says "ok let's get you five fed, before we start talking about the information." He then quickly begins to take out all of his equipment as he says "I hope you kids like Butajiru, and for dessert I have a scroll with some of my monburan for dessert." Ino let out a loud squeal, making the Cloud kunoichi and ninjas look at her. Sakura says "careful there Ino-Pig, you're starting to sound like your namesake." Ino looks at her and says "shut up billboard brow. I'm just excited. That is one of his specialties. Each of our mothers have been trying to get his recipe for years."

Samui looks at her and says "is it really that good?"

Ino quickly nods her head and says "yes but he only makes it on special occasions such as a birthday or celebration or if one of us is having a bad time of the month," which made some of the women go red in the face.

In what seemed like no time at all, Naruto had finished cooking the food and the moment he put the bowls of soup in front of the children, the children attacked them. He had added some extra vitamins because he could see that they were malnourished. The moment the rest of the group had taken a spoonful of soup, they had made comments on how good it was. The only one who hadn't said anything was Yugito, who had sat frozen after her first spoonful, due to the fact that he had made a special batch for her using fish instead of pork.

Naruto, with his foxy grin on his face, looks at her and says "what's the matter Yugito? Matatabi got your tongue?"

Omoi, after calming down from his laughing fit, whispers to Naruto "I'd be careful, she doesn't like cat jokes."

[Inside Yugito Mindscape]

The large fiery cat known as Matatabi was laughing at her host, saying "oh he is definitely one for a mate, my little kitten."

[Back at the dinner table]

Yugito, who upon hearing this, had made her face go burning red. Ino narrows her eyes at her boyfriend and says "you behave or else I will set up a dinner with my parents." Naruto looks at her and says "right. I'm shutting up now," making the rest of the men at the table laugh at him and making the whipping sound.

Once everybody was done eating, Naruto looks at Botan, who says, "there is this new group of people who showed up a couple weeks ago. I don't know much about them but I know they've been doing a lot of recruiting with the gangs. They're hiding out at the old abandoned mansion to the east." Naruto says "is there anything you can tell us about the members?" Botan replies "I've only seen one member. I didn't catch his name but he was really big. He had lots of muscles, he had a tattoo of an axe with a thunderbolt going through it on his arm, and he had one of those headbands like one of those," as he points at Omoi, "but it had a line through it."

The moment he said this, everybody at the table Chuunin and higher, especially those from the Hidden Cloud Village, felt their stomachs drop. Sakura, who can see the look of fear on her friend's face, says "I'm taking it you guys know who that is."

Naruto rubs the bridge of his nose and says "I'm going to give you a bingo book. That way you know all the big players out there but yes, I know who it is. The description he just gave fits him to a perfect T. it is ATSUSHI also known as the Titan of Kumo. He is an S rank missing ninja. He was the running candidate for their title of 4th Raikage, but when he did not get the title, he went rogue. He is on the level with the Sannin and Hanzo the Salamander."

The end of ch37.

[Omake: Team Alpha versus Team Konohamaru, round three]

[Konoha Academy]

Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon had just finished a grueling day at the Academy, doing calisthenics as the three friends separated going to the separate locker rooms. Konohamaru and Udon quickly stripped out of their outfits and threw them in the bins. The two friends then quickly ran into the shower to get the good shower heads.

After spending at least 30 minutes or more in the showers, they were the last to leave. Making their way back out to the lockers, both boys notice that the bins were empty of dirty clothes. They both shrugged it off, thinking that the janitor had already collected the dirty clothes.

Both of them were talking about new upcoming pranks they wanted to pull. Upon opening the lockers, they see that all of their clothes are gone and had been replaced with a pair of costumes. Konohamaru's was a chimpanzee and Udon had a sloth costume. In a panic, both boys instantly begin to run around the room, looking for more clothes. Not noticing that they had dropped the towels, no matter what locker they open, they were empty. When they returned to their lockers that is when they noticed that they had no towels. That is also when they noticed the cartoon drawing on the wall of a goat, a crow, and a dog, and underneath the picture was 'hahaha, we get this round.' As they realize they had no other alternative, both the boys put their costumes on and decide to try and sneak back home to get clothes. Before any of their classmates can see them. The moment they stepped out the door, they were instantly bombarded by laughter, as it would seem that every other classmate was still there and was now laughing at them. They also noticed that Moegi had also just came out of the girls' locker room, dressed as a peacock, then the three friends begin to walk home with their heads hanging low.