From Ninja to Shinigami

Chapter 40 politics

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As the group began to gather in the restaurant at the hotel that they've been assigned to they were told to wait and that someone would be by to pick them up in the morning to go to the tower and to go to the meeting. Sakura, who had just come back from the buffet with a nice plate of breakfast, notices that both Naruto and Ino both seem to be lost in thought with look of sadness on their face and barely touching their breakfast. She looked at Shikamaru and asks "what's up with them?" Shikamaru, who had been resting his head on his arms, looks up and see the two then begins to rack his brain, thinking of what it could be causing it, then remembers what today is, but before he could say anything Choji, who was sitting next to him, says "it's the anniversary, isn't it."

Sakura was about to ask what they meant, but it seemed that Asuma also notice that pair asking them if they were okay and what was going on. Ino looks up from her breakfast saying "We're fine. It's just today's a really hard day for us." Seeing as how most the group were now looking at them Ino takes a breath, she then says "today's the anniversary of the death of my little brother Ikuko."

Sakura letting out a gasp of breath as she puts her hand over her mouth and said "I never knew you had a brother." Ino then says "it happened when we were 9 years old, my mom had found out that she was pregnant and when she was five months pregnant, my dad went on a mission. Both Naruto and I were helping my mom in the flower shop when she suddenly collapsed on the floor. We both immediately tried to help her but nothing we did helped. Naruto told me to go and get help and he would stay with her. I ran out of the flower shop screaming for help to my aunt's shop down the street. By the time she got my mom to the hospital, she had already lost the baby due to a miscarriage." Naruto finally speaks, saying "it was on that day I swore I would never stand over someone I care about and be powerless to help them and that is the day that I started taking the lessons that Sara was teaching me more seriously to become a medic." He then stands up in heads up to go get another drink.

As Ino watches him leave she then says "he took it extremely hard due to the fact that my mom had promised him that he would get to be their big brother, even if my parents could not adopt him, he would still get the post of the big brother."

Sakura then says "so it was your mom that made him want to become a medical ninja." Ino nods her head and says "that's one of the reasons but he also wanted to always be able to help people."

[Council room]

Naruto was looking around the room seeing as it resembled the room in Konoha, and as he was looking around, he noticed the council beginning to walk in he then sees one of the elderly female council members walking with a cane trip and begins to fall down the steps. Before anybody in the room could do anything, Naruto vanishes in a Flash step and manages to catch her. As Naruto helps her back to her feet as she looks up at him and says "thank you sonny." With his Fox-like grin, Naruto says "not a problem. Happy to help you." Suddenly one of the larger men of the council walked up to Naruto and he starts yelling at Naruto saying "how dare you touch lady Kei" as he reaches out to grab Naruto.

Kei uses her walking cane to smack the man on his wrist with a hard look on her face and eyes of Steel she looks at him and says "this young man just saved me from falling down these steps and was able to move faster than you, someone who supposedly has the swift bloodline released and I will not tolerate you trying to harm him. If you keep it up, I will put you over my knee like I did when you were nothing but a whippersnapper." Kei then looks at Naruto and says "now will you be a gentleman and help an old lady to her seat?"

Naruto once again with his foxy grin on his face says "okay. Can you point this old lady out to me that you want me to help?"

Kei along with everybody else in the room begins to laugh at this. Kei uses her left hand and reaches and pat's Naruto on his cheek and says "you are definitely a little charmer. The lucky girl who gets you is going to be happy to have you."

Naruto with a smile on his face, offers his arm to Kei as he escorts her to her chair and once, she was seated, he then walks across the room to a tea serving cart and quickly prepared a cup of tea and brings it back to her and put it in front of her.

Kei gave a small laugh and says "whoever raised you did a wonderful job in teaching you manners young man." Naruto rubs the back of his head and says "well when you grow up with 8 different mother figures in your life, who all are not afraid to discipline me even though I'm not one of their sons, so I had to learn to pay attention quickly when you get the stink eye from 8 different moms at one time." All of the men within hearing range who hear this have a cold shiver that goes down their spines while all of the women have a smile on their face and try to hide a giggle.

As Naruto sat back down in his seat, Ino, who was on his left side, leans over and says "good job. That's definitely going to earn you some points." Asuma, who was on his right, nods his head and says "she's right." He had Tenten standing behind him while the rest of the group was in the visitor gallery.

Ay, who finally came into the room and sat down in his seat, looks around the room. He then says "now that the council is assembled, we can begin. First, I would like to welcome Lord Naruto Uzumaki, who has traveled here today to return several precious village relics to us that he came into possession of. Along with gifting several of his personal clans' private seals due to a deal between the two of us." The man from earlier stands up at this and says "I heard about that deal and how he swindled you into helping him save his worthless village. If you ask me, you should have killed him the moment he showed up here. That way we could have had the nine tails in our possession. If your father was still in power, he would have jumped at it without a second thought to increase the strength of Kumo."

Ay begins to have lightning crackle around him as he slammed his fist on the desk and says "sit down and be quiet." Sitting back down the man looks at him with a glare in his eye. Ay turns his attention back to Naruto and says "my apologies, Lord Uzumaki."

Naruto nods his head and says "it's quite alright. I was aware there could still be some bad blood between some people and my clan." Naruto picks up one of the scrolls off his desk and hands it to Tenten, who walks to the center of the floor and precedes to unseal several crates with one having a small stack of papers on top of it.

Naruto waves his hand at them and says "as we agreed, all of them are there. I have a list on top of the box telling you what is in each box. As for the family seals offered to your village, some of them will be for the village hospital." He then begins to explain about the new seal that he made for the wounded.

Cee steps forward after he stops and says "I have personally seen this in action and I have to say it is genius and I can tell you all right now, it's going to save more lives than anything I've seen in years."

Naruto gave a nod of the head and says "thank you." He then begins to explain about the bracelets and the batteries so that the doctors did not have to drain themselves with Sara coming forward telling the council that she can confirm that they work and how many lives that they were able to save during The Invasion because of them.

Naruto then spent the next hour going over several new Security Seals, one being a new key seal that works like a blood seal with the lock seal. After it was locked, the person locking it would be given a key seal on their hand that would be activated by chakra and the locker would have the master key and would be able to give second keys in the form seals on their hands but they would have a trigger seal. If it was opened, it would alert the person who had the master key along with showing the number of the person who opened it. He then stated that this would come in handy for locking rooms that had documents and private records and jail cells. Upon hearing this, the council begins to whisper to each other.

After another hour or so, Ay had just finished giving a report on the previous mission with several of the council members happy to finally know that Atsushi had finally been brought to justice, many of the members of the council were looking at Naruto with smiles on their face for what he had done with the bounty. Ay then says "unless there's anything else you want to say today, I think we can adjourn for today."

Naruto gives a small nod of his head and says "there is one more thing I have for your village" and says "I grew up never knowing who my family was as they were kept secret for me to protect me from my parents' enemies and when I learned about my mother's family, I decided to make a small trip to the Land of Whirlpools and got to see the ruins of the village of Uzushiogakure. As I walked through the village, I saw the destruction along with everything else that happened in that village. What had shocked me the most was that the bodies of the fallen were still where they had fallen." He then picks up a medium-sized scroll. Walking to the center of the room, he then unrolls the scroll and releases several storage seals, which turned out to be several large black scrolls. As he looks at the council and says "honorable members of the Council of Kumogakure, I Lord Naruto Uzumaki am proud to stand here before you today and return that which was lost. Inside the scrolls, you will find the bodies of all of your fallen brothers and sisters who died in the Battle of Uzushiogakure. May this bring closure to their families that they may finally put them to rest where they properly belong as the brave men and women who served this country and village."

The entire council, along with all of those in the visitor gallery, were now looking at Naruto with complete shock on their faces. Kei stands up and says "Lord Uzumaki, I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel towards you for this gift. Returning all of the bodies of our fallen comrades so that the families can finally put them to rest is a gift greater than anything I could ever imagine. All I can say is thank you from the very bottom of my old heart."

Naruto, after he gives a bow of respect to her, looks back at Ay and says "with the damage to the village, I cannot guarantee I got every last body but the ones I could find I have in the scrolls."

Ay gave a nod of his head in respect and says "thank you for the effort. this is going to go a long way to help those that lost someone." As this was happening, going unnoticed, the man who kept interrupting was now glaring daggers at Naruto. Thinking to himself 'this brat needs to be taken down just like the rest of his damn family.'

Naruto then spent several minutes shaking hands with various members of the council. Asuma walks up behind him and puts his hand on his shoulder and said "that was well done, Naruto." Ino give him a small kiss on the lips then says "I'm sure that went a long way to establishing good relations between the villages."

[Outside of the tower]

Naruto looks at the group and says "well I've still got to meet with Ay to discuss the prospect of opening a store here in the village, so that's where I will be. Where are you all going to be going?"

Sara replies "I will be heading to the hospital to give a discussion of a few new procedures and to get a room ready for you to give a demonstration of the new seals that you have given them."

Ino, with a big smile on her face, replies "well the girls and I are going out shopping." She then walks up and wrapped her arms around Naruto and gave him a kiss on the lips, while trying to sneak her hand in his pocket to steal his wallet, only to find it empty. Naruto gave a small laugh and says "I knew you would try and take my wallet so I put it somewhere where you can't find it." This caused the rest of the group to laugh at them.

Shikamaru replies "I'm going to go relax somewhere."

Choji and Kiba reply that they are going to find the restaurant district. The group notices that Kiba is watching a group of girls walking by with a grin on his face.

Lee shouts out "I'm going to find a training ground to train" before running off. Guy was running after him shouting about his youth.

Kurenai replies "if the girls don't mind, I think I would join them. It's been a while since I've done some shopping" which got big smiles from the girls.

Kakashi just walks away saying "I'm going to go find a bookstore."

Asuma simply replies "I guess I'll be staying with you since I'm assigned to help you."

[With the girls]

Sakura looks over at Ino and said "hey Ino, this morning you said that Naruto was really close to your mom when she was pregnant. What was he like?"

Ino did her best to smother her laugh into her fist. Managing to catch her breath, she says "he drove my mother crazy. If he had it his way, he would have wrapped her in a ball of wool. He was constantly doing all the chores around the house for her before she could get to them. And to this day, she still makes a joke that she doesn't know who was worse, my dad or him. She once chased both of them out of the house with a broom saying 'stop babying me, I'm pregnant not dying.'"

Tenten, after calming down from her laughing, said "just think of how bad it's going to be when you get pregnant."

Ino says "I know. It's going to be annoying, but at least I know he's going be doing it because he cares about me and the baby, not to mention with his shadow clone ability he will be able to rub my back and give me a foot massage at the same time."

Kurenai, who was walking next to them, raises an eyebrow and says "mental note, make sure to tell Asuma he is going to have to learn how to do the shadow clone jutsu."

[Back in the office]

Asuma suddenly has a feeling of dread go down his back.

[Back with the girls]

Sakura nods her head and says "that's definitely going to come in handy with all of the different wives he's going to have. I'm just surprised you managed to talk Hinata into sharing him with as much as she stalked him back in the academy. You remember the incident with that one girl who mentioned that she was going to ask Naruto out after school and she managed to overhear it, we then had taijutsu class and somehow or another she got put up against her. That was the only class I ever saw her win a spar. That poor girl ended up in the nurse's office."

Ino says "I think she just realized how much of a headache and hassle it's going to be with Naruto and any of the children that they have that she's going to need as many hands as she can get."

Sakura gave a snort of laughter then said "it's a good thing they never got together when they were in the academy or she would have already had a bun in the oven." This made the rest of the group break out laughing.

[Konoha, Uzumaki compound]

Yoshino, Inoiki, and Channa slowly walked up to the front gate and smiled at Arisu and Saori who are once again playing security gate guard. As the three begin to walk through the compound, they begin to hear the normal sounds that they had become accompanied to. And as they turn a corner, they see none other than Rein and Daiki.

Rein was saying "you need to do your homework. It's due tomorrow" as Daiki appeared to be attempting to walk away from Rein and saying "nag, nag, nag. Leave me alone woman. I will do my homework when I'm good and ready." Rein replies "you always wait till last minute, then you come crying to me wanting to copy my homework."

Yoshino shakes her head and says "they act like an old married couple already." Making both other mothers laugh at her but could not disagree with her. As they were calmly walking through the hallways heading to what was becoming one of their favorite spots in the compound. Inoiki, with a small smile on her face, says "I'm so happy Naruto doesn't mind that we come here and help with the babies."

Yoshino looks at her friend and says "it's not like we gave him much of a choice. He knows not to argue with us."

Inoiki nods her head and says "I think it's also that he knows that some of us always wanted the feeling of being a mother for an infant again." As she places her hand on her stomach as she remembers that due to her miscarriage, she is unable to have any more babies.

Channa and Yoshino place their hands on her shoulders and squeeze them.

Soon the three of them reach the door that would lead them to the nursery. As the three of them slip inside carefully, to make sure none the infants get out, the three moms look around the lodge room, looking at all the infants in the cradles, along with all the toddlers playing on playmats. They also noticed that a few of the servants are walking around, making sure there was no fighting or anything that needs to be taken care of.

Yoshino then spies something in a corner that makes her grin. She then grabs both her friends and pulls them towards the corner. Upon reaching it, the three of them look upon something that makes them all grin.

Sitting in a rocking chair with a blond infant in her arms and appearing to be breastfeeding the infant was none other than Hinata with a small smile on her face, as she looks down not noticing the moms' approach.

Yoshino then says in a teasing tone "well, well, well, what do we have here?"

Hinata looks up with a blush on her face at being caught.

Inoiki looks down and sees that Hinata is in fact breastfeeding the infant and not just pretending do to it as she sees the lactation from her breast.

Yoshino, with a large grin on her face, says "this is rather suspicious don't you think ladies? We come in here and we find the girl who has moved in with our surrogate son and is now breastfeeding a blond infant. It makes me wonder if we should do a DNA test on this infant to make sure that they did not make it themselves, due to all of the evidence that could make this possible."

Channa says "how do you figure that?"

Yoshino, still with her grin on her face, "it's rather suspicious how fast these two got together and how close they are. We all know how she felt about our blonde-haired brat and how she was constantly stalking him back at the academy. Who's to say that these two didn't really get together back in the academy and kept their relationship a secret from everybody and end up sleeping together and he got her pregnant. It is not that uncommon for girls her age to get pregnant, added to the fact that Naruto lived in an apartment by himself, they would have had plenty of privacy. The two of them, when they found out, decided to hide her pregnancy with her always wearing that big baggy coat. It would have been easy to hide a stomach. They then somehow delivered the baby without anyone noticing then the two of them decide to put the infant in the orphanage so no one would ever know due to Naruto's status of being hated by most of the village back before everything came out. Now we fast forward a couple months, Naruto suddenly finds out about his family, he takes possession of both her and her sister, then miraculously adopts all of the orphans in the orphanage. It makes me wonder if he didn't do that so that he could hide the fact that he was going to get his own child back."

By now, both of the other mothers were nodding their heads saying "you're right, this is rather suspicious." Hinata was doing her absolute best not to pass out despite having a bright red face.

Before anything else could be said, a new voice cuts into the conversation, saying "you certainly make a good point Yoshino."

The group turned and looked at the voice, finding out it came from Tsunade. As she makes her way up to the group, she then says "but I know for a fact that this little one isn't her's, due to the fact that I was the one who taught her the breastfeeding jutsu this morning, along with the fact that I gave her a full examination when I came back to the village after finding out what had happened to her due to her father, and I can tell you right now she still has not got her v-card punched."

Tsunade, with her own grin on her face, says "but I do not believe that it would be that hard for them to get together with all the different accidents that keep happening with them. First, he ends up seeing her rear end at the hospital, then he ends up seeing her chest due to water being spit on her shirt, and lastly, he ended up walking right into her room when she was completely undressed. It's funny that none of the other girls he is seeing have had incidents like this. It makes me wonder if she had set this up herself." By now Hinata was completely passed out in the chair with a bright red face and steam coming out of her ears

[Naruto's room, lemon warning]

Naruto was laying in his bed after having his meeting with Ay, who had said he would consider letting him open a store in the village, after Naruto had mentioned he intended to hire someone from the village to run it. He also mentioned several other things that he had planned to sell through his store but he was still working on the details of how it was going to work before he came out with it.

Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by someone knocking at his door. Getting up and walking to the door, as soon as he opens the door, he sees none other than Ino standing there in a robe.

Ino looks at Naruto and says "so are going to invite me in or are you going to leave a girl like me standing out here?" As she slightly opens the robe showing that she's in a teddy. Naruto pokes his head out the door, looks around, and then pulls her in. The moment the door was closed, Ino pushes him up against it, and begins to passionately kiss him. Naruto wraps his arms around her waist.

As the two continue to kiss, Ino's robe fell off revealing that she was in a see-through purple teddy with matching panties. Ino steps back and grabbed his hand and leads him back to the bed.

Once the two were sitting on the bed, Naruto uses his hand to cup her chin, making her look at him and says "are you sure about this Ino-chan? You remember what happened last time. I don't want to make you do something you're not ready for."

Ino, with a small smile on her face and few tears in her eyes, says "I'm more than ready." As she leans her head up against his bare chest and says "Naruto-kun, I can't tell you how happy I am that you are going to be my first. I can only hope that in the future, if we do have a son, he treats a woman just like you."

Naruto gave a small laugh and says "Ino-chan, I can tell you right now with absolute sincerity that that's not going to happen, because we are not going to have a son." As he looks down at her, he pokes her nose and says "you my little piglet, with the way things are and as much as Karma hates me, I'm going to end up with nothing but daughters with you."

Naruto then smiles and says "I can see it now, three gorgeous daughters, all looking identical to you, constantly coming up to me and asking me for money for a new dress because they just have to have it."

Ino decides to ignore the piglet joke and laugh and says "yeah Karma really does hate you, doesn't it?" But as she says this, she has a mental picture in her head of Naruto and her father chasing boys away yelling 'stay away from my daughter / granddaughter.'

Naruto gives a small chuckle and says "she might hate me but her sister Lady Luck loves me."

Naruto looks at Ino and says "how do you want to do this?"

Ino lets out a breath and says "my mom always said that when it came time, it was easier for the girl to be on top. It helps her get adjusted more quickly." She's then stands up and takes off her teddy.

Naruto looked at Ino, seeing her for the first time without any clothes on, noticing a small patch of blond hair above her crotch. He then lays back and removes his shorts. Before climbing on the bed, Ino does a few hand signs that he recognizes as for the birth control jutsu and watches as she moves her glowing hand above her stomach and crotch.

As Ino climbs onto the bed and moves herself above Naruto's crotch, she smiles to herself as she can see he is completely erect. Then she positions herself above him. Naruto reaches out and grabs her hand with a loving smile on his face. Ino slowly begins to lower herself on Naruto, feeling as he begins to stretch her insides. It did not take long for her to feel he reached her hymen as she looks down on him and sees nothing but love in his eyes, she in takes a deep breath before forcing herself all the way down plunging through her hymen. Letting out a small cry as she squeezes his hand, looking down, she can see a small trickle of blood now coming out of her.

Naruto can see that she was in pain and then says "let's wait a few seconds before we continue, so that you can get adjusted before we start. There is no need to rush Ino-chan." But instead Ino begins to rock her hips up and down, as she leans forward and begins to kiss him, and says in between kisses "I'm okay. Let's just go slow for now, okay?" It did not take long before the two had increased their speed, with Naruto now moving his hips upwards following Ino's movements while delivering kisses to her neck. He had tried to kiss her nipples on her chest but she asked him not to as she was sensitive. He had respected her wishes and moved to kiss her neck. Ino was panting hard now. With a red face, she then begins to feel a sensation in her stomach. With heavy breathing, she says "Naruto-kun I think I'm about to reach my limit."

Naruto nods his head and says "I'm at my limit too Ino-chan." And says "I know you used the birth control jutsu but do you want me to pull out?" Ino quickly shakes her head no and says "no it's my first time. I want to feel you inside me." The two quickly begin to feel their speed building up. Before Ino could do anything else, a new feeling that she had never had before exploded out of her. As she had her first orgasm from a man and not by her own hand, she had also managed to feel Naruto release his seed in her. She then collapsed forward, laying on his bare chest breathing hard. Naruto, for his part, wrapped his arms around her and slowly began to rub her back.

[Lemon over]

As Naruto and Ino were now lying in bed next to each other, having gone another couple of rounds before Naruto called it quits due to the fact that it was her first time. He did not want her to hurt herself and be walking with a limp tomorrow. Ino had her head on Naruto's chest listening to his heartbeat as she then looks up at him and says "Naruto-kun, I know you made the joke about how we are going to have nothing but daughters, but in the off chance that we do end up having a son, if you were okay with it, I would like to name him in memory of my brother."

Naruto kisses her forehead and says "I have no problem with that." As soon as he pulled back from the kiss, all of his danger senses went haywire. He quickly grabbed Ino and rolls off the bed, yelling "get down!" Not even a second after he did this, the wall with the window exploded inward towards the room.

Once the dust settled, he looked down at Ino and saw she was unconscious and that there was blood coming out of her head due to the fact that when he rolled her over, she hit her head on the nightstand.

A second later the door to the room burst open revealing the Leaf party. Luckily when they rolled off the bed, they took the blanket with them so Ino was covered. Kurenai and Sara, who upon seeing Ino with blood coming out of her head, both quickly ran to her and began to treat her.

Asuma says "Naruto, are you ok?" As he is looking at the blond boy, all he sees is him looking down at Ino as he begins to shake. Suddenly a new voice calls out "come out and fight me Uzumaki! Are you like the rest of your family? A bunch of cowards who would always hide from fighting? I'm going to show you the true strength of Kumo and finish the job once and for all by wiping your family finally from the map."

Naruto slowly stands up not caring that the blanket falls down, revealing his naked form to all those in the room. They can instantly see his eyes are no longer crystal blue but are a crimson red and the faint whisker marks on his cheek are now a dark black and the air itself in the room was ripe with killer intent.

Naruto, whose voice had become very dark, says "Kiba, give me my pants."

Kiba looked to his left and saw the pants hanging on the back of a chair and quickly tosses them to Naruto.

Once Naruto put the pants on, he begins to walk towards the hole in the wall. Reaching down and picking up his blade as he passes it.

Asuma, who has a slight look of fear on his face, says "what are you going to do Naruto?"

Naruto, who was now standing at the hole-in-the-wall, turned around and look at them with crimson eyes and says "this bastard wants a fight so I'm going to give him one and this time the kid gloves are coming off." Then proceeds to jump out the hole.

Shino pushes up his glasses and says "this doesn't need to be said but may Kami have mercy on his soul because Naruto will not."

The group watches as he jumped out the hole. Sakura leans her head over to Tenten and whispers "I guess what they say is true. Big things do come in small packages. I never knew he was that hung." Making Tenten's face go red.

Before the girls could continue, the voice of Ino says "don't either one of you get any ideas." Both girls look over and see her sitting up with Sara with a glowing green hand moving across her forehead.

Kurenai begins to push all of the men out of the room, as a group of Cloud ninja appeared. Asuma begins to explain what happened, but before he could continue, the killer intent became so strong, it forced everybody to their knees.

[With Naruto]

Naruto, having jumped out of the hole-in-the-wall, landed on the building across the way, across from the same man from the council. The man has a smirk on his face. He then says "you know what brat, I never introduced myself."

But before he could continue, Naruto cuts him off and says "I don't give a flying fuck what your name is." As he clenches his fists at the side of his body, suddenly all around them, they were surrounded by Hidden Cloud ninja. Naruto calls out and says "none of you get involved in this. This bastard is mine." Ay, who suddenly appears with Killer Bee and Yugito, barked out an order to stand back and not get involved as he crossed his arms.

Naruto looks at then man and says "I came to your village in the pursuit of peace but you attacked my friends, you endangered my comrades, and you injured the woman I love." As Naruto reaches up and grabbed the necklace around his neck, he dropped the entire chakra suppressing seal. Suddenly all of his chakra exploded out of him in a pillar, which increased all of the killer intent, making everybody around him drop to their knees, besides Ay, Bee, and Yugito. Due to the sudden power boost, the man had taken a step back from Naruto, but despite the blinding power, they could still hear the voice from inside say "you have made me very angry and you're going to wish you hadn't."

The of end of Ch. 40.

[Omake: Unity Day]

Sakura, along with her mother and cousin, were approaching the gate to the Uzumaki compound. They had been invited to a festival. Ainu looks up at Sakura and says "it was sure nice of him to invite us to the festival."

Sakura looks down at her and says "well he said anyone who wants to is more than welcome to come. He mentioned that this festival has been a tradition in his family for generations. It celebrates friends and family."

Mebuki let off a laugh and says "I hear that they have been setting the booths all week."

Ainu looks at her little coin purse and says "I hope they have cotton candy."

Mebuki looks down at her niece and says "do not go too crazy on the junk food. I promised your mother." In no time at all, they were at the front gate and were greeted by two men standing guard.

Recognizing who they were, they wave them through the gate. As the three girls begin to walk through the district, looking at all the different booths. Sakura can see Tenten and one of the boys from the clan had set up a kunai throwing booth. To the left of this, was another booth with a little girl dressed as a witch, working with Shizune. The two of them look like they had set up a fortune-telling booth, with the little girl sitting at a table with a crystal ball in front of her with a black cat with golden color eyes sitting on the table next to it.

Sakura manages to spot Hinata working at one of the booths with her sister. As the three of them approached it, they see it's a pastry booth. After buying a few pastries off them, Sakura looks at Hinata and says "so, where is Naruto?"

Hinata, who had just put down a tray of cookies, said "oh, he's over in his booth. He's been keeping it secret all week." Hanabi, who had just brought out a tray of cupcakes, says "yeah, he's been really stingy about not letting anybody find out what type of booth he was opening."

After leaving the booth, they played a few more games. Sakura then sees Tsunade, who was standing in the middle of the street, holding her purse upside down with crocodile tears going down her cheeks. Sakura notices the booth that she was standing in front of was a gambling booth and then took a guess that she had lost all of her money at the booth.

Tsunade notices the three approaching and looks at them and says "good afternoon you three. Are you having fun here?"

Ainu nods her head and holds up an oversized cotton candy that was easily the size of her head.

Sakura lets off a small laugh and says "well besides the food, we are looking for Naruto. Have you seen him?"

Tsunade points up the street and says "that's his booth up there. He hasn't opened yet." But right as she says this, she notices both Arisu and Saori. Both of them are coming out from behind a red curtain, carrying a basket covered to hide what was in it. Arisu then stands on a little stool and calls out "ladies and gentlemen, we are about to open Big Brother's Booth! Please gather around." As a larger group gathers around the booth, Team Alpha walks out from behind the curtain. Saori then says "we are proud to announce the opening of our Big Brother's booth!" As she gives a nod of the head to Ashia and Noriko, who opened the curtain revealing Naruto sitting in a dunking booth.

Naruto had a big smile on his face that quickly disappeared when he saw the large group of people, including all of the clan heads and their wives. Also standing in the crowd was several ninjas that he had pranked in the past. As he looked out at the group, he noticed instantly all of the people had become shadows with golden eyes. He then begins to feel dread and takes a big gulp. As he tries to stand up to get out of the cage, but Nel, who had gone around to the backside, put a padlock on the door. Quickly turning back around, he says "now let's talk this through guys."

Yoshino was the first step up to the booth. She then looks down at Saori and says "I would like this many balls, please." As she put a large stack of money on the counter.

Naruto slowly reaches up and pulls down his goggles but cannot help the prankster in him come out and says "that's okay. As long as you're the one throwing, I'm going be as dry as your crocodile skin elbows."

Yoshino's left eyebrow twitches as she throws the ball, hitting the bullseye, sending him into the ice cold water making the crowd behind her cheer.