From Ninja to Shinigami

Chapter 43: Goodbye and return home

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[Kumo Academy]

Naruto just smiled as the students continue to ask him questions as he points to one of the students. The student asked him "what made you become a ninja?" Naruto simply replies "I guess I would probably have to say I'm a number three." The students all look at him and ask "what do you mean your number three?"

Naruto lets out a breath and says "the way I see it, there are ten types of people who willingly become a ninja. Number 1: are people who join up because they are known as legacies the mom and dad did it brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles for generations. Number 2: would have to be patriots, people who join up because they feel it's their duty to their village and country. Number 3: are people who have nothing, no friends, no family, so they join up just to have a purpose and they hope that by joining up they can finally fill that void. Number 4: you have your heroes, they want the fame and glory, they want the spotlight shined on them. Number 5: you have your thrill seekers. These are the people who just love the thrill and to get the heart pumping. Number 6: you have your redemption people. These are people who join up because they did something in the past or their family did and they want to atone for their crimes. Number 7: you have your suicidals, who joined up just because they want to die and they figured this is the easiest way to do it without having to kill themselves. Number 8: you have your Avengers, people who believe that they were wronged and they want revenge. They would do anything they can to get it. Number 9: you have your power-hungry people. These people go along with number eight. They only seek power to subject those beneath them and like to make people feel inferior to them." With a haunted look on his face, Naruto says "and lastly you have Number 10: your psychopaths. The people who join up just so they have the thrill of killing without conscience and without any remorse."

Off to the side, both the groups were looking at Naruto with a range of emotions. Most of them agreed with him.

One of the academy teachers had even taken out a notepad and was writing down what he said, as she figured it would be useful in the future. She had even written down the trick that he had done with the headband, and what he said about it being a burden not just a privilege.

Naruto slowly looked at the group of students in front of him. One of the boys stands up and says "well that's definitely going to make me a number 4, because the hero always gets the beautiful girls and lots and lots of money." Naruto looks at him and gives him the come here gesture with his finger. Once the boy was standing in front of Naruto, he says "what was that? Say it again." The boy, with a big smile on his face, says "I'm a number four. I want to be the hero." Before the boy could react, Naruto reaches out and smacks him on the forehead with two fingers and says "and that makes you a fool."

The boy took a step back while rubbing his forehead and asks "what do you mean?" Naruto's face takes on a hard look while looking at both the boy and the students and says "listen to me and listen well. Never inspire to become a hero. I'm going to tell you a fact about heroes that you need to know. It is a sad fact that eventually they are going to become a white block on the ground with their name on it if they are lucky. Yes, they are praised by their own village, that is until the next hero comes along, then they will be pushed aside and forgotten. Another fact about heroes is eventually your enemies are going to realized that if they can't get to you, they will go after your friends and family. Those you hold close to yourself. They will hold them hostage forcing you to make the ultimate choice of who are you going to save."

Naruto looks at the group again and says "I'm not telling you not to become a hero. If you want to be the hero, that's fine but never flaunt it. As the true measure of a hero is doing what needs to be done and knowing that even if they die and the people who are saved might never know who they are. As a true hero does not do it for fame, not for glory or medals, they do it because it's the right thing to do."

Naruto looks at the group and says "I told you about my mission in the Land of Waves. If you go there, you will see a large bridge named after me. They named it after me because I gave them hope that they had lost to stand back up for themselves, to take back what was theirs. If you go over to my friends and ask them, they would tell you not once have I ever rubbed it in their faces. I don't go around bragging about it because that's not what a hero does."

Most of the students were now deep in thought questioning what type of ninja they wanted to be. Most had wanted to be the hero but after hearing what Naruto said, they began to question if it really was a hero that they would have become or they just wanted to get the rewards.

Naruto, with a smile on his face, looks at all of them and says "remember this. Heroes come and go and they will fade into history, but each and every single one of you have the potential to soar above a hero, to becomes something more, something greater. To rise above all of those who came before you. You have the potential to become a legend. Because legends are a lot harder to forget"

Naruto then look at the head of the Academy and asked "how about you put on a display of Taijutsu practice, along with any other skills that they can show us?" With the head of the Academy nodding his head, getting several of the teachers to start organizing matches.

[Unknown location]

In a dark cave with a statue holding out its hands, ghostly figures began to appear on each finger. One of the figures, who had spiky hair, purple eyes with rings in his eyes, looks at those who are gathered and asks "what is the report? What news have you to give?" One of the figures, revealing himself to be none other than Itachi Uchiha, says "we encountered Naruto Uzumaki a while back. He has definitely improved in strength. From my informants in the Hidden Leaf Village, he used techniques not seen before during his match in the first round of the tournament along with the invasion of the Hidden Leaf."

A second larger figure on a finger next to Itachi with a sword on his back, revealing himself to be Kisame Hoshigaki, says "during the encounter, several of the brat's teammates utilized techniques that I had never seen before. One of them used a bow and arrow made completely out of what appeared to be chakra. Had I not used a water clone, I would no doubt be dead. A second woman that I recognized as none other than Anko Mitarashi, used something that allowed her to fire out multiple explosives. Another that I only assume was a Yamanaka, landed a kick on me that could rival that of Tsunade Senju."

One of the figures with blonde hair on one of the things across him begins to laugh and says "so, long story short, you got your butt kicked by a bunch of brats." That is when he looked around and noticed that two of the figures had not appeared and asks "where are Kakuzu and Hidan?" From the shadows, a cloaked figure with an orange mask and one eye hole reveals himself and, in a child-like voice, says "Tobi watched what happened. Two mysterious women attacked them and defeated them."

The one with purple eyes looks at him and asks "can you tell us about them?"

The cloaked figure then says "they were able to defeat Hidan easily by taking this head off. The two of them then teamed up and managed to destroy Kakuzu by destroying all of his hearts one by one. Their speed was even on equal ground of the Fourth Hokage, if not greater."

The blonde figure's, that had made the joke earlier, eyes went wide. Coming from the Hidden Stone Village, he knew about that technique and how it was whispered as a ghost story in his village. If someone had managed to make a new technique that is faster, it would only spell danger. The fact that these two women were able to defeat what had been called the zombie brothers, due to their immortality, was scary enough.

The hunched over figure next to the blonde then says "my sources in the Hidden Cloud Village have sent me a message. I believe you should know. It turns out that the Nine-Tails boy was able to take out the Titan Atsushi."

This made everybody in the room look at him, as they all knew that Atsushi could make most of them sweat. The fact that he was able to take him out was alarming.

Itachi then says "that is not the only one he has taken down recently. My spies within the Hidden Leaf Village have reported to me that he has also managed to kill Danzo Shimura after he had attempted to place a Genjutsu on the Fire Daimyo."

The one who had purple eyes looks at the group and says "that is troubling. If the boy is beginning to get that strong, he could pose a threat in the future." Looking at Itachi, he says "I want you to have your spies gather more information on him." Getting a nod of the head in reply.

The one known as Tobi then says "you should also be made aware that the rebellion in the Land of Water is over. the rebels have even won the war. I am not sure how they did it but the Three-tails is gone."

This makes the one with the purple eyes nod his head and says "if the Three-Tails is gone, it would take several years for it to reform before we can capture it." He then looks at the group and says "for now, I want you to continue gathering information. Contact me if there is anything that comes up." His image then vanishes along with everybody else, leaving only Tobi, who then says to himself, in a normal voice, "with the Three-Tails gone, it's going to set back my plans for a while, but it's fine. I've waited this long, I can wait a little bit longer." He then appears to be sucked through a hole in space vanishing from the room.

[Random clearing in the Land of Tea]

Two figures sitting on a rock wearing black cloaks with red clouds on them, open their eyes. The larger one, revealing himself to be none other than Kisame, looks at his partner and says "I guess that Leader-sama wants us to continue gathering information." His partner Itachi nods his head, but before he could say anything, both of them sense a chakra presence approaching. Quickly looking to the left, they see none other than a mail courier ninja running towards them. Once he got to them, the mail courier stops in front of them and says "greetings. I am here to deliver a message for Itachi Uchiha." Itachi stands up and asks "what do you have and who is it from?" Holding out the letter, he says "I don't know who it's from. I was just told to deliver it."

Once it was delivered, the mail courier ninja takes off running again. Kisame looks at him and asks "shouldn't we have eliminated him?" Itachi shakes his head no and says "he is of no consequence."

Itachi then steps away from Kisame and opens the letter and finds out it is from none other than Naruto.

[Short note]

How's it going Weasel? I told you I would help you. I hope this helps and I hope to see you soon.

He then opens the second piece of paper and finds a letter from none other than the Fire Daimyo.

Reading the letter, he was shocked at what he was reading seeing as it was an official letter but moves passed all the technical legal garbage to the most important parts of the letter.


This letter here by grants Itachi Uchiha a 72-hour pardon on completion of handing this envelope to the guards at the gate of the Hidden Leaf Village. As such, he is fully pardoned from any and all past crimes. He cannot be arrested nor attacked during this 72-hours. On completion of the 72-hours, he is to immediately vacate the Hidden Leaf and the Land of Fire. If he does not, he is to be captured on site. Any ninja who attacks him during the 72-hours, will face a trial before myself and will be subject to the full punishment that I see fit.

By order of the Land of Fire's Daimyo.

Itachi looked at the bottom and saw the official seal, signifying it as an official letter. He then realized what this meant. It meant that he could finally meet his daughter without having to worry about being attacked, especially now that Danzo was gone.

With his eyes closed and looking down, he thinks to himself 'thank you Naruto.' He then looks at his partner and says "I need to go and take care of some business. I will meet you at the next rendezvous point when I've completed my business." He then disappears in a flock of crows.


Naruto smiled as the last match happened. Standing up and clapping his hands he saying good job as he looks over the group of students, he says "I can definitely see potential in this group and I'm sure one day that you will all become great Shinobi of this village. But, before I leave, I do have one last thing I have to say. I want you all to think about this. Where does loyalty stop and stupidity begin? Yes, loyalty to your village is all well and good, but there comes a point where blind loyalty will become stupidity."

One of the female students raises her hand and asks "what do you mean?"

Naruto smiles and says "I recently took in a Rogue Kunoichi from the Hidden Grass Village. Now most people would ask 'why did you take in a rogue? She's obviously a criminal right?'" Making most of the children not their head along with the teachers.

Naruto nods his head and says "normally you would be right, but this particular Kunoichi was only rogue because she refused to complete the mission that she was given. She was ordered to assassinate a 9-month-old baby, all because a second family wanted the power the family had by removing its heir."

All of the students took in a big gulp of air. The same female student says "that's horrible."

Naruto nods his head and says "that's correct. So, I want you to think about that. Not all rogue ninjas that you will come across are naturally evil. Sometimes it's the village themselves that make them turn, because the village might have different beliefs that contradict with what they want." But before he could say anything else the bell rang signaling the end of the day.


As the group was heading towards the tower, as Naruto had said he had one last meeting he had to have with Ay. Naruto stops as he senses someone behind him. Turning around, he sees the same female student that he had pick up the headband. He looks at her and asks "is there something I can help you with?" She looks at him with determination in her eyes and asks "how can I become strong enough to protect my precious people?"

Naruto smiles and says "you have already taken the first step, and that is never be afraid to ask for help, and here is my advice. When you find those people that you want to protect, draw your strength from them. Envision that you are fighting to protect them. When you're training, you will become aware of barriers in your training. It might take time to get passed them and no matter how many times you fail, you must continue to push forward, and eventually you will overcome those barriers. I remember one day, the Third Hokage asked me something. If someone offered me unlimited power right now, would I take it or would I devote my life to acquiring that power myself? I told him that I would want to train for it, because if someone handed it to me, it really wouldn't be mine, because I didn't earn it and I'd rather go through all the training and heartache, the pain, and the suffering, that I had to go through to get the power that I have. Because it's all my sweat and blood that I've had to sacrifice that gave me the power that I have now."

The girl nods her head and says "I see. You're saying that it's the hardships that we have to go through that gives us our power." Naruto nods his head and says "yes, and although getting straight A's and perfect scores on all your tests is good, if you never fail at something, you can never learn to accept failure. That's why we humans fall down, so we can learn to pick ourselves back up and learn from our mistakes." The girl quickly thanks him and then takes off running.

Sakura looks at Naruto and says "you know, you might just make a good teacher one day." Naruto slowly looks at her with a blank face and says "there is not a chance in the nine levels of Hell that I am going to become a teacher. I tried that back in the Land of Waves, when I was helping those kids start their training, but 2 hours in, and I was ready to rip my hair from my head. You have a better chance of Oonoki coming down from the Hidden Stone Village to pay respect and put flowers on my father's grave, before I would become a teacher." This instantly makes all of the adults burst out laughing, as Naruto begins to stomp away, grumbling to himself about brats

Asuma lights a new cigarette then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small bundle of Ryo and says "I can bet you he's going to end up taking a group of students." Ino looks at her sensei and says "you're on, and I bet you it's going to be an all-Kunoichi squad and all three of them are going to have a crush on him." As she pulls out her own Ryo, along with all the other Leaf ninja in the group start making bets.

Shino coughs into his hand, making everybody jump as they had forgotten that he was there. Then he says "I too would like to place a bet on Uzumaki, but I bet that he will walk in and grab all of the three worst students in the class and train them until they can flatten their entire class."

Standing off to the side, the Cloud group just smiles and shakes their heads. But Cee said "if he does end up taking a squad, I have no doubt that they will become great Shinobi, but also become a great headache to the other villages."

[The Raikage Tower]

Naruto was once again sitting in the office across from Ay. Standing behind him was the entire Leaf party, including Kakashi, who had been dragged along by Asuma. Ay, in his normal gruff voice, says "you said there was something that you wanted to talk to me about."

Naruto nods his head and says "yes. I have recently become aware of an organization known as the Akatsuki. A criminal organization comprised of S-rank missing ninjas. I'm not completely sure what their main goal is, but I do know it has to do with collecting all nine of the Tailed Beasts."

Ay looked to his left at Cee and Darui he then looks back at Naruto and asks "what can you tell me about this organization?" Naruto replies "I know who the members are." Naruto then pulls out a set of folders and places them on his desk. Each one has a name on it, those being Itachi and Kisame along with Sasori and Deidara. Two of the folders had terminated written on it which turned out to be Hidan and Kakuzu.

Cee picks up the two that say terminated and asks "what happened to these two?" Naruto replies "they were recently terminated by associates of mine. These are the ones I have details on. I know there is a mysterious leader but I have no information on him or where he comes from."

Naruto then says "you can identify them by the cloaks that they wear. They are black with red clouds and they will always travel in packs of two."

Ay looks at Mabui and said "send out a report to all squads. We have to be on the look-out for these individuals and not to engage them under any circumstance." Getting the woman to nod her head and write down a message on her clipboard.

Cee, seeing the tension in the room, decided to break it by asking a question that happened to have been bugging him for a while. He then looks at Naruto and asks "do you plan on rebuilding the Hidden Whirlpool Village?"

Naruto shakes his head and says "no. I planned to leave it as it is. I might fix up a little piece of it, so I and my family can initially go there and spend time there, but I'm going to leave it as a memorial to the testament of war. But beyond that, I have no plans to build up that nation again. As any good leader will tell you, nations rise and fall, the Hidden Whirlpool Village had its time and the sun set on that."

Naruto then crosses his arms and says "what I do plan to do with my new family is similar to what my family had been in the past. We will not actively go to war. I plan for us to be a buffer only. If two of the big nations want to go to war with each other, we would not get engaged in the conflict. We will merely be getting any civilians out of the way. No matter which side that they are on. But now should one of the larger nations decide to attack a small nation, who has no way to defend itself, then we will actively protect them."

After Naruto said this, a majority of the people in the room nod their heads in approval. Understanding that he was not making a combat clan like most of the clans across the Elemental Nations. But was instead making a clan of peacekeepers, who would actively protect all the people of the Elemental Nations.

Naruto gets a sad look on his face and then said "I do not want to make the world perfect. I know that's a foolish dream as every nation has different ideas and beliefs. To make them all have the same, would be impossible. It would take away the people's right to free will. I do hope one day there will be a generation of children who would not have to become ninja and I know it would not be in my generation or my children, but maybe by the time my grandchildren are here, I can sit down with them and tell them stories about a time long ago as they will not have to see the wars and not have to lose their childhood by having to become child soldiers. And maybe one day, wars will be a thing of the past and all the battles will be fought inside halls of justice and the only bloodshed would be from paper cuts. All I want is to make this world better than the one I came into, when I do have to leave it."

Ay gave a wishful snort and said "while I would not agree with you on that, I can understand where you are coming from. But you must realize that most nations will have to be able to flex their muscles too to show their superiority over the others that will not change anytime soon."

Naruto gave a nod of the head. Turning to look at both Killer Bee and Yugito, he says "I think it's time our special friends got to have a family reunion again." Killer Bee begins to nod his head while jumping and begins to do terrible rapping again, making everybody in the room sweat drop. He then holds out his fist and says "bump fists with me little number nine, so that we can connect our souls." Naruto stands up as the three Jinchuuriki connect their fists together and close the eyes.


Naruto suddenly found himself in a large white void, along with both Killer Bee and Yugito. Standing behind each of them was none other than their Tailed Beasts. The moment Naruto got to look at both of the Tailed Beasts, he first looked at Gyuki, looking as a cross between a bull and an octopus, but decides not to comment on it. He then looks at Matatabi, who looked like a giant blue cat made of fire and says "you definitely live up to your name. you are one cool looking cat." He then looks behind him at Kurama and said "I don't know how you could say that she's a mangy stupid cat and that you're not scared of her. She's pretty terrifying looking."

Before anything else could be said, Matatabi seemed to jump over everybody and tackled her older brother while yelling out "calling me a mangy cat again are you baka, huh? Don't you remember what happened the last time you called me that Kurama? I'm so going to make good on that promise I made you back then and burn all your fur off your tails, you stupid rabbit eared bastard." As she began to roll around, trying to pin her brother.

Naruto let out a laugh and says "you're right they do look like a rabbit's ears."

Kurama was doing his best not to get pinned and in a whining tone says "you know you're not supposed to make fun of my ears. Father told you not to."

Matatabi, managing to get on his back, says "well guess what? Father's not here anymore to protect you, baka." As the two siblings begin to fight once more.

Naruto looks at Gyuki and asks "are they always like this?" Gyuki gave a laugh, nodding his head, and says "yes, they have always been like this for as long as I can remember."

Matatabi, after getting her revenge, climbs off of her brother and looks at Naruto, and says "if this baka gives you any more trouble, come find me and I would deal with him." As she sent a glare at her brother, she asks "you're not going to cause any more trouble, are you?" Kurama, who was busy holding one of his tails that had the fur singed off it, quickly shakes his head no, while muttering under his breath, making his sister take a step towards him again and asks "what was that?"

Naruto, who was enjoying watching the two of them bicker back and forth, looking at Matatabi, he says "thank you for the help." Matatabi looks down at him and says "of course kitten. Our father asked us to always watch over humans and help guide them."

She then sits on her back hind legs and says "now I want you to tell me all about my older sister, and how she's doing." Naruto then begins to explain about how he met Fuu and Chōmei and how the two of them were now happily living in their home and how the new village was treating them.

[Back in the office]

The three of them seem to snap out of it. Naruto is the first one to say anything and says "well, that was interesting." Yugito lets out a laugh and says "you can say that again." Before looking at him and says "now that we have time, if you'd like, both myself and Killer Bee can give you a few tips on how to control the chakra of Kurama."

Naruto gave a nod of the head and says "while I do not want to become dependent on it, I suppose it would be a good idea to get some training in on how to use it." Naruto turns back to look at Ay and said "if you don't mind of course, Lord Ay." Who in turn, nods his head and says "that's fine. At least it will keep my idiot brother out of trouble and not cause me any more paperwork."

Naruto reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out an envelope and says "before we leave for now, here is another gift that I meant to give to you. Inside the envelope you will find the deed to a four-bedroom house in my clan's district in the Hidden Leaf Village. This house will now be considered the Hidden Cloud Village embassy for any team visiting to use in the village to stay at, and you should note that since this house would now be considered an embassy, that any attack on this house will be seen as a direct attack on the Hidden Cloud village as it will be considered your village's property."

Ay reaches forward and opens the envelope and reads the papers inside, before nodding his head and says "I will make sure this gets filed correctly." As he hands it to Mabui. Cee said "that is really kind of you. Most villages would not do that." Naruto replies "we of the Uzumaki clan have always shown respect, both to our allies and to our enemies. I plan to give one to each of the main villages as I visit them. Though I know visiting the Hidden Stone Village is not an option right now, due to my father's actions during the Third Great Ninja World War." Getting a round of head nods.

Naruto then says "I know that there are some villages that you don't get along with too good. Just so I know, is there any of the other three villages you would not want to have close to your embassy?"

Ay shakes his head and says "not really. I will prefer not to have it close to the Hidden Mist due to a couple previous incidents from the last war. Other than that no."

[Front gates of the Hidden Cloud Village]

The entire Leaf party was preparing to head out, after spending a couple more days in the village. In which mainly consisted of training with his fellow Jinchuuriki, which had been slow but he was now able to somewhat tap into it and give himself a red aura around him. He had been told not to try and go too far with it until he learned how to handle what he had access to. He had also made sure he had also went shopping and picked up enough souvenirs for all of the kids back at the compound and along with for the adults in his life.

Naruto had a big smile on his face as he looks at the group that had come out to see him off, including all the children from the orphanage, who were now wearing new clothes and jackets. Each had a big smile on their face at finally having clothes that fit them right.

A second group comprised of a large group of children from the Academy, along with a few teachers. Naruto walks up to Ay and sticks out his hand and says "I hope this can open new doors for us." Ay reaches out and shakes his hand and says "only time will tell us. But next time you come, I'm going to want to have a sparring match with you to see how strong you have become, and make sure you are living up to the reputation your father had. I've seen your speed and I want to test it against myself." Naruto just smiled and says "we will have to see, won't we?" As a small wind blows through the crowd.

Naruto then looks as the girl from the hospital that he had helped regrow her leg, walked up to him and wrapped him in a hug and says "thank you." Naruto returned the hug and says "don't worry about it."

Naruto then walks up to the head of the hospital and hands him a vial and says "this is to replace the one that was used. I don't count using it on a child as being something that should be counted, so I'm replacing it." Getting a nod of the head in return.

Naruto then looks at the children from the Academy and said "I hope you take what I said to you that day seriously, and each of you will think on what I've said but one more thing I think you should know. The mark of a great Shinobi is knowing when to adapt and make changes, knowing when to advance forward with the mission and when to just pull out and try again another day. No matter how important a mission is, if it sacrifices the lives of your comrades, it's not that important. Nothing is more important than your fellow comrades' lives."

Naruto then turns and walks back to the carriage and gets in. He looks at his comrades and says "let's head home." As the Leaf party begins to head out.

Ay, along with Cee and Darui, Killer Bee and his team watch as the group heads out. Their group is broken out of their staring as a giggling sound breaks out, making the group turn and look at the children from the orphanage. Mabui, who looks at where the children are looking, begins to giggle herself and she reaches up and pulls a sticky note off of the back of Lord Ay that had the words 'tag, you're it' along with a chibi Naruto face and hand it to him. Ay looks down at the post-it note, then back at the wagon off in the distance, and let off a laugh himself and says "he is definitely going to be someone for us to watch in the future."

[Leaf Party]

Naruto was sitting in his carriage with a small grin on his face. Ino, who recognizes it, asks "what did you do Naruto?" Naruto gives her an innocent look and asks "what makes you think I did anything?" Ino crosses her arms and gives him the look that she had learned from her mother. Caving under the pressure he tells the group what he did. Shikamaru puts one hand in his pocket and pinches his nose with the other and says "I am never babysitting any of your children Ino."

Ino turns to look at him and says "we'll just see about that."

[Hidden Leaf Village, main gate]

As the large party approaches the gate, they can see both Tsunade and Hiruzen waiting for them. Once the group comes to a stop, Naruto climbs out of the carriage and says "okay, next time I don't care. I am not riding in one of these carriages. I don't care how it looks to villages and countries. I'm a ninja, damn it! We could have been back here days ago." Which makes both parties laugh at him.

Tsunade just looks at him and says "you are so much like your mother, it's not even funny. She used to hate riding in carriages as well. I cannot tell you how many times I found her out trying to sabotage the carriage so she could walk."

Hiruzen, after coming down from his laughing, says "well hopefully that won't be for a while, because I would really like to get the issues settled with Jiraiya." Naruto waves his hand and says "yeah, yeah, old man. We will get to that next."

Before Naruto could say anything else, a swirl of leaves catches the attention of both groups. Standing in front of the group is none other than Itachi Uchiha. Instantly, both groups go on the defense, along with a dozen hidden ANBU black ops quickly appear and surround him.

Hiruzen looks at Itachi and asks "what are you doing here Itachi?"

Itachi slowly reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a set of papers and holds it out. As Hiruzen approaches and takes the papers and quickly looks at them, then looks back up at him and says "I don't like this but I have no other choice." He then says "everyone stand down. He is under the protection of the Fire Lord."

Naruto simply walks up to him and says "you're welcome to stay at my compound for your next 3 days." Making everybody look at him. He says "I'm the one who called in a boon from the Fire Lord, that got him his 3-day pardon, due to the fact that the Uzumaki clan has business with him."

[End of chapter43]

[Omake: I told you not to make her angry]

Hinata, along with her team, had just returned from a mission and her team could tell that she was not in a good mood. The entire time that they were on their escort mission, the noble had done nothing but hit on her, despite how many times she said that she was in a relationship. After giving the mission briefing and leaving the tower, Hinata simply stormed off in one direction. None of her teammates made to stop her. Hinata headed in the direction of her favorite tea house to get a cup of her favorite green tea. Upon reaching the tea house, she noticed a sign on the front door. saying temporary closed to repairs, which increased her bad mood. Balling her fist at her side, she storms off again in the direction of her favorite bakery, in hopes of getting some of her favorite cinnamon buns.

As she walks into the bakery, she walks up to the counter and asks for a box of cinnamon buns. the woman behind the counter frowns and says "I'm sorry. We are currently sold out." She walks out of the bakery and heads home. As she is walking through the streets, all of the civilians instantly part ways as they could feel the heat coming off of her.

[Uzumaki clan compound]

Hinata was stomping her way through the compound, wondering if she should have Naruto make a dozen clones that she could let her frustration out on. As she is walking down one of the corridors, she begins to hear noises coming from one of the training halls. Making her way across, she opens the door. What she sees inside instantly increases her already foul mood. There in the middle of the training hall were all of her little brothers and sisters. This was not what made her mad, but it was the fact it looked as if they had set up a race track with four lanes and were racing the toddlers like some sort of derby. Off to the side was one of the little brothers with a chalkboard and all the stats for all the racers. Kushina and Hanabi look to be acting as the announcers of the race. There was also a playpen with several of the toddlers in it each of them had a number on the diaper.

Slowly, her hair begins to float up, as lightning begins to crackle around her. As a sense of dread and death surrounds the room, her attention is instantly drawn to a side door. As it opens and none other than Naruto comes in, carrying one of the toddlers, saying "okay guys, racer number 15 is changed, and clean. Let's get the next race underway." He stops dead in his tracks as he sees Hinata and can sense and see the look of death surrounding her and knows that he just made a big mistake. Quickly giving a cry out "oh for the love of the Sage, run for your lives!" Within seconds, all of the children were running in every direction, trying to escape as Hinata gives a cry "get back here Naruto! How dare you use my little brothers and sisters like that!"